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THIS IS PROBABLY ANOTHER “PLANT” PIECE TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL GUILTY ABOUT DEFENDING THEIR PROPERTY AND THEIR LIFE STYLE SO DON’T TAKE IT ALL TOO SERIOUSLY. But it does present a teaching moment for virtually all homeowners who secretly harbor the idea that this whole mortgage mess and their own mortgage mess is their own fault. We have all developed a sense of being moral persons and paying our bills is one of the ways we demonstrate our morality. So if we don’t pay our morals are low and if we DO pay then our morals are high. Right?

BUT WHAT IF THE BILL IS WRONG? ARE WE IMMORAL IF WE CONTEST IT? What is it about the Banks that because they say something it is presumed true? I find the same people who are angry about the bank bailout in 20028 (Bush)-2009 (Obama) are the ones talking about the morality of paying your bills and presuming the bill for these scrambled mortgages is correct. They are the same people who vote for candidates who keep the bankruptcy code as is — if you own an apartment building you can force the amount due to the value of the property — but if you own just one apartment, you can’t. Both seem to be moral in their eyes. You would think that if it is immoral to seek relief or defend a foreclosure action against one living unit that the immorality would be multiplied by doing for multiple living units.

Apparently not since Chapter 11 allows the owner to cram down the “bill” to a lower amount than the amount he borrowed but Chapter 13 doesn’t allow the “bill” to be corrected by falling market conditions or even fraud.

So my answers are shown below in bold, and your comments are invited.

Here is the data on the person who submitted this comment on this blog. Go to work folks!


Submitted by FEDup on 2011/01/17 at 9:46 am
I’m fed up too. It is obvious that the rug was pulled out from our economy by these banks who kept getting paid for the same thing over and over again. Sorry to introduce actual facts as opposed to random ideology.

I have done my very best to try and understand where borrowers are coming from in this day and time, but it’s getting so out of control, I can’t take it anymore. If you really studied what actually happened instead of just reading ideological blogs and media, then you would have no trouble understanding where these people were coming from. You might disagree but you would be able to see their point. They were given fraudulent appraisals by an entity posing as a lender when the real lender was hidden from view. They were given the fraudulent misimpression that underwriting standards were being applied to their loans and the “experts” had approved their loan on the basis that yes there is a high likelihood this transaction would work.

We live in a country full of “entitlement”. Everyone wants to point the finger at someone else and NO ONE wants to take responsibility for their own actions. Yes like you and whoever hired you to write this piece. Misdirection is the hallmark of the bank strategy. They want us to look at these terrible borrowers who all woke up one morning, all 20 million of them, and had a secret meeting to bring down the finance world using sophisticated “innovative” financial products which Alan Greenspan even admitted he didn’t understand. The Banks point the finger away from their own fraud and negligence and refuse to take responsibility for the mayhem they created.

Did it ever occur to you people even once, that the reason your homes are getting foreclosed on is because YOU DIDN’T PAY YOUR BILL? But people attitude now a days is that they shouldn’t have to pay their mortgage to remain in their home. Well, isn’t that a sweet deal! Actually yes it did occur to all of us that we weren’t paying a bill and we suffered over the decision that we couldn’t do it, since the information we had was faulty and the assumptions were wrong, all of which was known to everyone except the borrower. And NO people are not out to get a free house, they are out to clean house — straighten out the title that got messed up by the expert bankers, and find out how much is really due UNDER LAW and the identity of the person(s) to whom they owe an obligation UNDER LAW. But it seems you don’t have any respect for the law, you want these people to pay anybody who asks for money whether they are the creditor or not. If you like that system, in the future, please send your car payments to your next door neighbor, he needs the money more than the finance company.

let me let you in a little secret…YOU sat down at the attorneys office for closing and read over your mortgage, outlining the loan amount, terms of the note, and YOUR OBLIGATION to repay the loan. If you chose not to repay the loan, you SIGNED an agreement the mortgage company could take possession of the property to secure their interest against the note. Oh now I see the light. What a secret! Except that first, even if they read and understood every word of what was presented to them, they would not have known the deal — the rest was being hidden. Second, nobody reads every word of the documents and nobody understands them. I have facts — actual surveys of hundreds of people including lawyers who closed on their own homes and for clients. Out of more than 500 people surveyed exactly one person, a mortgage broker had read his documents, and no, he didn’t understand them. Third the LEGAL obligation of the LENDER who was not disclosed to present all the facts in a good faith estimate (GFE) and Settlement Statement is a condition PRECEDENT (i.e., before) the obligation arises. Gibberish you say? OK next time you go to a car dealer and they say they have a car for you and that the charge will be $40,000 see how you feel about it when they refuse to tell you anything about the car until AFTER you paid the $40,000.

What likely happened is you took out a loan far too large for your income, based on what you anticipated happening in the future, i.e. raises, new job, increased income, increase in property value, etc…and when it didn’t work out the way you planned, you are not grown up enough to accept YOU made a mistake, NOT the lender or anyone else. That’s the problem with this country, no one owns up to their mistakes. Instead they start crying “the lender loaned me too much money, it’s not my fault they loaned me more than I could afford.” Here’s a wild thought, TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS. Instead of crying that the lender is in the wrong for allowing you to borrower too much money, how about owning up to the fact that YOU took out a loan that YOU couldn’t afford. nice try! Now try some truth and facts.

Or another of my favorites, i see this mostly in bankruptcy cases, ” Motion to value collateral – my property isn’t worth as much as I owe on my loan, therefore i don’t believe i should have to pay the entire loan, and i want the court to make my lender reduce my balance to the current market value.” Are you **** kidding me? Please try to call the NYSE and tell them that your current shares of XYZ Corp are less than what you bought them for, and you don’t believe you should lose money, so you want them to either raise the price of the shares so you can get your money back. PLEASE so that, and then tell me how fast you get laughed off the phone. Purchasing a home is an investment just like a stock, it may go up or down in value, thats the risk you take when you sign the mortgage. You do not have the right to cry about your investment decreasing in value and now you want your lender to reduce your obligation so that you’re even again. Wow, I;m at a loss for words, thats all I can really say without sounding obscene. Well then you ought to go march on Washington because anyone who owns a multi-unit apartment building can do exactly what find so disgusting UNDER LAW. Single family homeowners want the same rights but can’t get it. Which do YOU think is more disgusting?

And finally, the article above…Wells Fargo “duped” me into a loan mod to stop foreclosure. You are so correct on this one. Your lender cared enough about the American homeowner that they doubled, and sometimes tripled or more their loss mitigation staff in order to try to save borrowers homes. I’m sorry if it offends anyone, but you people make me sick physically. Your lender has NO OBLIGATION to offer you any type of loan modification. In my personal opinion, if this is the thanks they’re going to receive I wish all lenders would simply stop offering mods, and start foreclosing on all you deadbeats who don’t want to take responsibility for your own actions. This part is what clearly identifies you as a paid heckler for the banks. First Wells Fargo never owned the mortgage so their attempt to distract everyone from that fact and the fact that the mortgage, note and obligation are hopelessly obscured by the action of who? Wells Fargo, that’s who! The longer they strong out the borrower, the more money they make at the expense of anyone who has a pension and anyone who could afford that house if the appraisal had not been fudged and if the loan terms were not so tricky. You now how many types of mortgages there were in the 1970’s? 4-5. You know how many types of mortgages were offered by an army of sellers (thousands of whom were convicted felons for economic crimes) in the time leading up to the mortgage “crisis”? Over 400.

Just a little fun fact for you who think that your mortgage companies are evil and only want to take the poor american’s home away and laugh while doing so: The average delinquency of a property foreclosed on by Wells Fargo was 16 months behind in payments. That means, on average, Wells Fargo gave homeowners 1 year, and 4 months to either complete a loan mod, pay their mortgage current, or sell the property before foreclosure. Let’s look at it another way, Wells allowed the average borrower who lost their home to live in their property free for 1 year, and 4 months before FINALLY giving up and foreclosing. I’m sure you wacko’s will find a way to spin that to the negative as well, so whatever. This also identifies who is paying you and who probably wrote this for you. Wells Fargo posed as the LENDER when they never had a nickle in the deal. They posed as the creditor at auction and “bought” the property with a note payable to someone else. And the reason for the time delays was sheer volume — the decision to take the house and the homeowner think they were in modification or settlement process was merely a ruse to get large payments that would have otherwise brought the mortgage current but for the ridiculous and fictitious fees, interests and costs attached. Why? Because of someone actually paid every nickle, and many did try to do just that, there was nobody who could sign a satisfaction of mortgage. Why? Because nobody on Wall Street knows or cares who has any rights, if any, under the obligation, note or mortgage.

Last fun fact…your mortgage company does NOT want your house back. banks are in the business of lending money, not flipping real estate. This is exactly why Wells Fargo gives the avg foreclosure 1 year, 4 months to work something out before taking the house. THEY DON”T WANT YOUR HOUSE! What they do want….is for your to take responsibility as an adult and PAY YOUR BILLS. But that’s clearly too much to ask of the average american homeowner now a days. AGAIN, I SAY YOU ARE A SHILL FOR THE BANKS! “your mortgage company” is neither identified nor consistent. The note and mortgage were passed around amongst a dozen people feeding out of the trough, including the taxpayer trough where more money was given to them than any default or collection of defaults. The entity you identify as a mortgage company is a sham entity without any authority, ownership or anything at risk. THEY DO WANT THE HOUSE but your right, they don’t want the house BACK because they never had any right to it in the first place.

instead, you look for every single little random detail and try to pick it apart an exploit it to your benefit. Guess what Pick-a-payment customers, you knew that choosing the least amount you could pay was not going to satisfy your mortgage, that option was meant to HELP YOU OUT IN A BIND if you came up short one month, (again bad, bad, evil lender for offering borrowers some help in a bind) but instead of using it the way it was designed, YOU chose to pay the lowest you could every month, likely because you took out a mortgage that was too much for you, and based your ability to pay it back on what the lowest amount you could pay every month without going into default. And then when you noticed you’re property value going down, and your payment going up (because you haven’t even been paying the interest amount each month), you start crying unfair lending practices. Boohoo. How about you take responsibility for the fact that you took out a loan too big to handle, and made a bad decision. BOO-HOO? You trivialize the fall of Wall Street as though we don’t have an effective unemployment rate of 20% like a Banana Republic. The ones who over-leveraged, as it is agreed by every economist financier, finance pundit and expert in trading exotic instruments were the banks far more than any homeowner. THAT is what caused these problems. And the way they they used leverage was by taking a piece of property worth $100,000, jacking up the appraised value to $200,000 and then selling it 5 times in different ways for $1,000,000. You can if you want to, you would cry to if it happened to you. If borrowers knew that 12 people were feeding off their transaction and it was disclosed what figures were being exchanged, they would have assumed correctly that they could get a better deal elsewhere. If investors knew the true facts and had not depended upon their appraisers (rating agencies) they would never have parted with a cent — so there would have been no money to fund mortgages.

Just wait for the day when lenders stop loaning money to anyone without an 800 credit score and never missed a single payment, and the mortgage payment not to exceed 20% of their income. That’ll just give you cry babies something else to cry and sue about. Good Luck.

When all else fails, scare the shit out of them. When lending standards tighten up, make sure it is the borrowers who are blamed not the banks. Ah FEDup, if you really want people to take responsibility for their actions, the risks they take etc. I suggest you start with yourself, selling out to the highest bidder so that your country can continue to suffer. Come clean, and we’ll back you up. Don’t come clean and we’ll expose you.


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  1. Clown

  2. RIGHT NOW, I am almost speechless. Let me say I rarely watch tv because my tv is one of the “old-fashioned” ones now that needs a decoder box and between that and my being in a “red and blue zone” and need a rooftop antenna, (so much for that easy transition).

    As such, I guess I am behind the times, but I just came across a video and some print material that confirms what I have feared. As much as I suspected it, actually seeing it put on the TV as though it were nothing. I cannot decide what I feel, anger, rage, contempt, disgust,

    Maybe everybody else in TV land has seen this already but you have to check this out.

    I know posting a link here requires the post be checked by the mods so I am going to try to do it once without the links and once with as I really need some feedback from others.

    It is clear that, as I suspected, Obama was saber-rattling, putting on a big show for the serfs and plebes, when he said he would use sanctions against those in the financial market who do not do what they promised to do when they were bailed out, i.e. home loan modifications.
    NOT ONLY is this person I will no longer refer to as president not using sanctions. HE IS URGING THE FORECLOSURES GO FULL SPEED AHEAD.




    October 12, 2010
    As Fraud Scandal Grows, White House Opposes National Moratorium on Foreclosures

    A coalition of as many as forty state attorneys general is expected to announce Wednesday a joint investigation into the recent revelations that major lenders may have committed fraud while forcing thousands of people out of their homes. While senior congressional Democrats have joined the calls for a national moratorium on foreclosures, the White House is arguing against punishing the industry. We speak to Democratic Rep. Ed Towns of New York. [includes rush transcript]

  3. FedUp

    Bite me. Your gang of banksters deflated my property
    and turned my neighborhood into Obama’s newest ghetto. Next time you ignore the underwriting standards, design loans to fail, take out default swaps, hide money in SPV’s and use the taxpayer’s hard earned dollar to pay for your bonus then you should be jailed.

    I can make the mortgage payment but Do not expect me to pay for your crime A$$HOLE.

  4. […] SEE still-dealing-with-fictitious-moral-issue-why-dont-you-pay-your-bills-deadbeat […]

  5. Sorry folks … but this article is just an uninformed rant.

    It’s basically a (poorly) paid blog entry by someone attempting to create argument and attention.

    Anyone who knows anything .. and I mean “knows” … about the epidemic of foreclosures also knows that it is NOT homeowner instigated and is CLEARLY rampant fraud and greed on the part of the banks to quickly profit.

    ‘Nuf said.

    Do the research … then open you mouth … or pound your fingertips as the case may be.

  6. This is allowed to continue in the false hope by the financial industry that they can cover up their illegal,constitution-bending,unconscionable securitized mortgage experiment. An easy way to get a grasp on how large and devious the scheme is- the Fed and Treasury have pushed the cost of the bailout and stabilization to over 27 trillion dollars,and things are actually getting worse. In other words,the 27 trillion didn’t really do anything due to the size of the problem.

  7. I agree, WHY give these bankers aka liars aka thieves who have been caught red-handed forging documents, drafting them over and over again until they finally get a good enough fraudulent document to find some judge to foreclose based upon it.

    Why is this allowed to continue?

    Could it be that our government (and thereby we, however involuntarily) bailed out these hucksters because we were told they were too big to fail.

    They should have failed. If you don’t follow that you deny evolution. If only the weak survive then you will grow a community that will fall to the first deadly disease that comes by. Nature rewards those who succeed. These banks failed the test. They failed the test of morality and they failed the tests of finance and accounting and record keeping and honesty. So to nurture these sick pretenders is to promote failure.

    It’s amazing that OUR government has found that common ordinary citizens who make things work, all the little people leading ordinary lives doing mundane jobs, the people who finance this government machinery …. it finds us expendable at the same time it nurtures these bottom-feeding banks that have brought this country to the brink of collapse.

    And you know what, I think they did not save this country, I still think its headed for a collapse, the bottom is going to fall out because our money and our economy is based on a shell game.

    There is no real money, its all being shifted from over there to over here and back over there again. But eventually the shell game has to stop and then those in denial will see there is nothing. Our economy is based on nothing.

    All courtesy of the well-paid men in suits on Wall Street, all the shysters and hucksters and snake oil salesman pulling in big bonuses and top salaries are bringing this country down.

  8. FedUp

    You have no idea what you are are talking about.

    I am NOT in default, not delinquent, not in foreclosure — and you have NO idea as to what is really going on. NO IDEA.

    Who do you think you are kidding??? You really think there is any validity to the racketeering, solicitation, fraudulent origination, and bogus securitization of loans promoted by fraudsters so that they could earn big bucks??

    Why did this happen? — deregulation that allowed shysters like you to make a buck by whatever means you could. And, that included fraud, more fraud, and more, more fraud!!!!

    Wake up — your game is over. No more big bucks for you. It is over for you.

    Karen — agree with you — have same kind of “friends” — but have traced them to investments in distressed debt mortgage loans. Friends?? do not think so.

  9. A MAN,. TRUTH, love you guys!
    FKA. great job. Now get a street address and we can send these people boxes of dog shit!

    I think I’m on to something………………………

  10. anybody ever notice those “shill” articles for the banks from “Red,White, and Blue Press”? Google Wells Fargo, and there’s always a RW&B Press article that pops up in the fist page about Wells, Citi, Chase, pushing modifications. And comments are always closed. No kidding. Don’t want any “reader opinions” popping up there.

    That’s another outfit that needs a beating.

    The media is protecting these bastards.

  11. yeah, I sent the obligatory obscenity laced e-mail this rotten motherfugger deserves. I know he (she) is laughing, but you know what? I feel better.

    I asked if he was in loss mitigation.

    I also reminded him (her) that when somebody starts driving around and blowing up Wells Fargo branches around the country, he will have the blood of the innocents on HIS hands, as a purveyor of the misery sown by his company, the largest supplier of capital to the subprime originators, WELLS FARGO.

    Let’s take ’em down, people.

  12. Mr. “FedUp”‘s little more info:

    E-mail IP:
    ISP: Microsoft Corp
    Des Moines, IA



  15. I see that Wells is putting those employees who were supposed to be working on loan mods to good use! lol

    Posting BS to blogs. That’s a good use of taxpayer money. If we thought the government would do anything about it we should send them this post and the IPLookup info.

  16. There is only ONE FedUpUSA ( ) and we have been around since 2008, exposing the fraud and corruption every single day. We often feature articles from this site and others like 4closureFraud.

    This is clearly a thinly veiled attempt to discredit what we do and what we stand for by someone associated with or employed by Wells Fargo. I wonder how Mr. Wells Fargo feels about lawyers?

  17. Dear FedUp, I appreciate your insight into the moral or immoral complexities we all face as a nation. I am also trying to understand your need in pointing out my “moral” financial shortcomings in this ongoing economic crisis as well. I am not entirely sure why you would take such a position as you have. Let me give it a try, however. As a “Union” negotiator for many years, I have witnessed the “CHAMELEON” first hand. The “Chameleon” is the rank and file member, a company man, the team member, the management labor advisor, the turncoat, the management snitch, the Union snitch, the fence sitter, the “Core Member”, the instigator, for and against the cause–need I go further? The “Chameleon” has an ulterior motive. “WHAT CAN I DO FOR ME”. MR. FedUp, you’ve been “SETUP”. So many times I have seen the “Chameleon” get axed and I’m sorry to inform you that “Your Days are Numbered” with whoever it is your blog represents. What you fail to understand is that “THE MONEY” is much bigger than you will ever imagine or become. At the drop of a hatpin, the “Big Money” will send you down the road where you belong. Soon thereafter, you will look back and remember this blog and realize now that you are the unemployed, the discouraged, the humble, the divorced, the ill, the underpaid, the homeless, just to describe a few of the enormous problems we as Americans face daily. I am sure this blog was circulated and you are next in line for a “Certificate of Appreciation” mounted in the office for the world to see. In closing I wish you much success in your endeavors but needed to caution you to watch your back. I hope your “blog” gets you a promotion however, I wouldn’t count on it. The reason, any intelligent supervisor, (and there are many) can see through your smokescreen that you are lacking in “Moral Character and Judgement”. That is, why would you post such a contoversial blog “NOW”, when the banking institutions are trying desperately to “PROP UP” their images in the courtrooms and communities across the nation? I hope in all of your “infinite wisdom” your blog wasn’t sent from company computers. Why, imagine your blog being used in court to portray your companies attitudes of us Dead Beats! Mr. FedUp, you have failed your company miserably.OOPS!

  18. hey fed up
    maybe you never own a house in your life or maybe your income was derived from these pretender lenders in order for you and your family to survive. well, whatever you do in your life to get paid by wells fargo & company to berate us is none of my business, but it is my business to tell you that earning a living to feed your family with this kind of crap is just feeding your family with poison. i am getting too personal here, because you” fed up” is getting too personal in attacking the homeowners. in criminal case a person is innocent until proven guilty, so, what’s wrong if we homeowners exercise that right in civil court to challenge the pretender lenders, trustees, and debt collectors?. it doesn’t mean if we don’t pay our mortgage we are ” deadbeat” homeowners, can you explain that pls?. if i bought a diamond ring in a store in good faith and later on i found out it was fake, isn’t that i have to go to store to dispute the fake ring? and if the store refuse to accept back the ring, then lawsuit is the alternative. that’s what the homeowners did, challenge the pretender lenders, the homeowners found out that those ” promissory note” we were signing are fake. Why? here’s why FED UP the following reasons:
    1. the original loan number on all promissory notes were deleted and were giving a new loan number. why would the banksters delete the original loan number of this important negotiable instrument ( promissory note) secured by the deed of trust recorded in the county of where the property is located while the original number in the deed was never deleted. so, why would i pay a promissory note which original loan number were deleted and change while my deed was not? if we say negotiable instrument, it stand for real MONEY. so how the hell these banksters were able to pull it off delete the serial number of the real MONEY. if i will change the serial number of a dollar, i will be in jail now. did you realized that FED UP’ do not blame the HOMEOWNERS if they challenge your “LORDSTERS” why would we pay a promissory note that is fake? now if you know the answer of this question, let us know, we are willing to listen.
    2. why would your “LORDSTERS” create, manufactured and fabricate the documents and use the so called robo- signers” to sign all those documents?
    3. if you cannot answer this simple questions you might as well resign from your job for being a ” ROBO- BLOGGER’ cause you don’t have enough knowledge about what your blogging about.

  19. This is a plant from Wells Fargo (the post came from their IP block) and has ZERO affiliation with FedupUSA, which posts over on my forum as well as on their own blog.

    Needless to say I’m in contact with them on this and I suspect the owners of FedUp (I’m not an officer, but they are!) will be dealing with this shortly.

  20. So called “forclosure relief” attorney MICHAEL T. PINES WAS DEFEATED YET AGAIN (no surprise here).

    Michael T. Pines just had ANOTHER of his own foreclosed properties taken away from him days ago. Michael T. Pines lost his law firm office building. FORECLOSED. BANKRUPT. EVICTED. BYE-BYE NOW.

    That’s right, egomaniac Michael T. Pines keeps getting kicked off the soapbox and pedestal he’s put himself on by judges and COMPETENT lawyers (you might want to hire one of them, Pines).

    Michael T. Pines was EVICTED from his office building on 1.14.11.

    Good Riddance! Say the neighbors and tenants of Michael T. Pines, as well as: “Don’t let the door hit you on the rear on your way out of Encinitas” you blow hard.

    Pines, you’ve been taking money from the tenants and RENT SKIMMING for almost 2 YEARS! Hey Pines, you should know this as an attorney, and LISTEN UP STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA: THAT’S A VIOLATION OF California Civil Code 890 (a) and 890 (b) and 892 (a).

    Oh, and 1 more interesting fact. WHY isn’t Michael T. Pines breaking into his own foreclosed properties as he’s advising his clients to do? There are 6 to choose from.

    Sounds like Michael T. Pines is a bit of a hypocrite (or wimp). He’s advising clients to break into THEIR foreclosed homes and squat, but Michael T. Pines is NOT willing to break into his OWN recently foreclosed office building which held his law practice and squat there — AND THE QUESTION IS: WHY?

    Oh, do tell, Pines.

  21. They all have nothing to loose at this point either, so they will try every s**t tactic there is, because time is limited .

  22. Karen Pooley~All I did was copy the ip address into Google! You too can catch Banksters lying Over morning coffee 🙂


    Karen, that “friend” it’s an actual hazard to you, run away as if she had an infectious disease!!!!; ’cause you know what? she might!!!!!

  24. FKA-thanks for backtracking that email,Wells Fraudgo must be staffed, for the most part, by imbeciles. To think that an institution can get money for nothing, lend it at usurious rates,and go hundreds of billions of dollars into the red? What morons. So on top of getting money for nothing, lending it at usurious rates, losing half a trillion dollars, they have to LIE in order to try to earn their keep by defrauding home buyers? I wish I had the energy to start a bank or credit union, I could beat these mongoloids at their own game by paying 1% more on deposits and charging 1% less for loans. Well,on second thoughts,I would probably annoy prospective customers by insisting that they didn’t really need to borrow the money, and they would be better stashing silver coins in their basement, and so on.

  25. when they take the time to make posts like this you know they’re scared!

    Also, not real smart either using a public IP. I also ran a reverse IP lookup and found it is registered to Wells Fargo in Iowa.

  26. You cannot convince sheeple who’s heads are so far in the sand or somewhere else thier not supposed to be.Not only that you can tell that this is someone who is paid to sit around and do this as they must really need the job,the really terrible part about this is sooner and not later they will be right here with the rest of us,whether thru strategic default or layoff’s,illness or what have you.Pity the haters because thats all they have.

  27. @Charlie,
    I have a very intelligent friend who thinks EXACTLY like FedUp. Every time I talk with her, I think, “Really?” But, this is her stance as well.

    She understands about all the bank fiascos, but is reeled in by the banking propaganda. Their “free house” propaganda works quite well.

    It has caused a riff in our friendship.

  28. Nice to know that Well Fargo Sucks too. That is a total lie that they wait 1 year. In most cases three months late and the paperwork is at your door. Also legally they have a obligation to help. They signed documentation to do so from the Treasury dept. When they got there billion dollar checks. Nobody handed me a hand out. If the United States would have handed that money over to the people. Instead of the banks or mortgages would have been paid in full. So Wells Fargo can kiss my you know what.

  29. this person who ever it may be either works for the banking industry, or he is a officer of MERS and or maybe working for the servicing division of one of the banks, Not every one is behind on there payments, and not every one is underwater, and not everyone knew what they were signing. my question to this person, is what if we all made our payments on time per the contract we signed, what if the bank, or servicing agent took it upon themselfs to change the contract. What if the bank, or servicing agent does not and will not or cannot show any documents that were signed at closing showing what the payments would be, and what the interest rate would be, and then change them. what if the bank, or the servicing agent knew what the insurance payment and tax’s were and what the exact escrow payment would be, but then they said that we are going to double your escrow papyment and if you dont like it we will also take out an additional insurance policy to cover us. what if you signed a mortgage/note for $100,000.00 and a year later after making your payments on time and in the amount per the mortgage, now your payoff is $247,000.00, but they have no way to show you how this came about, but they still know how to report this to the credit reporting agents.

  30. Thanks for looking after us Neil; The funniest thing about this “post” from “fedup” which really should be “FIXEDUP” it’s that one would have to have an 3rd grade education and have lived out in the jungle for the last 20 years to not know better, this “guy” clearly made a buck or two off of this shameful try to get us scared. I must admit though, right now I am so scared and ashamed of myself that I am considering starting to post bogus and full of crap “posts” like that to make some extra $ to pay my bills, bad american bad american!!!! why don’t you let me take advantage of you!!!???
    THE ONLY PERSON/ENTITY THATS REALLY SCARED HERE, JUDGING BY THEIR CHILDISH AND SO UNFOUNDED ASSERTIONS IT’S THE THIEVES THEMSELVES!!!!! Boo-Hoo!!!! yup the only boo-hoo I hear here is the one coming from the scared crapless THIEVES!!!

    I don’t know about you folks but to me this is actually a great sign, how? it means to me that they are running out of “options” they are running out of tricks, their assess are being exposed and they don’t like that, now coming from one of the worse and shameless “gang-banksters” in America today, I’m not surprise at all, and I will say that if fighting for my rights and for my home makes me a DEADBEAT, today I am a proud DEADBEAT and will always be!!!

  31. @FKA,
    Good work.
    I wish I knew enough to “go fish” like that.

    Damn, Wells Fargo. They are right behind BOA with their shit tactics.

  32. probably one of the stiffs in loss mitigation at Wells Fargo. Criminals all.

  33. Writers can really be cruel, especially when they are writing about something they know nothing about. Most people definitely want to pay their bills and their mortgages…the question here is WHO are they supposed to pay…WHO actually has a right to the payment…The homeowner has a RIGHT to know WHO legitimately OWNS the debt. I for one do not want to pay a ‘pretender-lender’!

  34. @ Deb

    The perfect example of the manifestation of greed and addiction is found watching Wall Street transactions. Those people look like druggies: out of control, screaming, running, shoving, eyes popping and arms waving…what won’t they do for a high!

  35. Citi got bailed out deadbeats

    Citi Weekend’ Shows Too-Big-to-Fail Endures: Simon Johnson

  36. Dying Truth they are using the same hate “blood Libel” tactics you use.

    By the way I agree with your latest comments.
    And lately you are not using hate propoganda in your comments.

    The only ones who are deadbeats are the Banksters and the Government Employees who defend them.. They are the only ones that got Bailout money from the deadbeat taxpayers.


  37. More of the same. Twenty million Americans woke up one day and said, “I am going to stop paying my mortgage in order to go after the banks/servicer.” The absurdity of this is really hard to ignore. I spent some time (2 months) trying to convince someone that it was not the deadbeat borrower, it was the pretender/lenders. It took a while, but he finally got it. He is blown away with the size of the Ponzi scheme and realizes that even though he has been paying his mortgage, his house is worth about 30% less than last year. Everybody is taking a beating because of this gigantic fraud.


  39. It’s a fundamental flaw ( excuse the pun) in humans. I see addiction everyday in my job there are many kinds and it ” owns” the man he allows this for whatever payoff the addiction started out as is now a cancer throughout his being his soul.., he is lost … The cure…. Drying out maybe in a bad jail until he/ she is enlightened …. Not sure that will ever happen Greed is an insatiable disease
    not that it’s an excuse but there’s just no accounting for it ( again excuse the pun) but I ask you …. How much can you eat

  40. Wow.

  41. Hilarious the tactics the greed obsessed money grubs use to shift the blame from their outright, pre meditated theft, to an attack, also on a condition of economic woe, they are partly responsible for.

    This is the kind of national rot we have become, that would even make Steven Tyler, and Johnny Rotten, and Dillenger and Capone, shake their heads with total indignation, and a jaw dropping laugh.

    Because that’s the only way to take it, with a laugh, what our established economic core has become: Glaring, Hypocrites and Thieves.

    Truly, the saddest days so far, in all American history. It makes doom, cosmically necessary, LOL.

  42. Searching the ip address…It IS a Mole! IP address location & more:
    IP address [?]: [Whois] [Reverse IP]
    IP country code: US
    IP address country: United States
    IP address state: Iowa
    IP address city: West Des Moines
    IP address latitude: 41.5650
    IP address longitude: -93.7623
    ISP of this IP [?]: Wells Fargo & Company
    Organization: Wells Fargo & Company
    Host of this IP: [?]: [Whois] [Trace]
    Local time in United States: 2011-01-18 06:37

  43. There are at least 4 Bloggers on Twitter that post things under the account “FedUpUSA”…These Bloggers seem to be beating the same drum as we are…maybe they need rent money??
    I have been posting things that need to stay in the light of day and have been receiving “Get
    Paid for Blog Posts” adds several times a day!
    I don’t have a Blog…

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