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  1. Please….keep Michael Moore out of this at all costs. Any true patriotic American who saw the 911 movie he made was affronted beyond description. There was nothing funny about what happened that day, nor did he point to the true perpetrators. Let the truth be told over all risk, and keep enemies like MM far away.

  2. gah, why can’t anyone believe there are documentaries not made by michael moore, esp. considering most other documentaries involve film makers that aren’t super-rich phonies?

  3. You guys need to set up a link to get contributions.

  4. Any help with with showing you my escrow closing docs, I’d be glad to help.

  5. I want MM in the film as an interviewee! To me he’s one of the true patriots… and courageous as hell.

  6. i suggest you get michael moore involved–he is the only american director who has th balls to do this and the money–why don’t we ask???? ive seen everyone of his flicks and they are great and right on target

  7. This is the film by the Pro Se litigant with a reputation for driving BONY crazy! We’ve been filming since fall 2009. Once we get funded we will be able to get to the East Coast and Midwest and interview the other American heroes of the foreclosure defense movement, and put out a film that will make a difference.
    The tide is beginning to turn! Meanwhile, I’m in court on Wednesday the 19th in Phoenix. This is it BONY! Let’s look at the “original custodial file” and your sworn certification that it has not been altered since the Trust closed on August 1, 2007. No fabrications, please! Stay tuned!

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