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  1. leapfrog,

    Courts do not like anyone telling them what to do — will see what happens.

  2. K.I.S.S. – If a “bank” wants to engage in business practices in any State, then it must submit to the jurisdiction and laws in that State, including the State’s legislative and judicial requirements.

    So next, their argument will be that federal law does not generally apply because they’re regulated globally; and then universally.

  3. Each state needs to revoke their banking license..

  4. Seems like desperation breeds contempt…Big banks tell NJ Court to Stop Bugging Them.

    “Most of the banks’ briefs then argued, with varying degrees of aggressiveness, that the court doesn’t have the power to impose a foreclosure moratorium or appoint a special master because that would break court rules, violate New Jersey’s Constitution and the U.S. Constitution — including the banks’ due process rights — and overstep the judiciary’s role. They also claimed it was generally wrong because the banks were regulated federally.”


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