Leaked document shows Lee Co. judges tried to fix foreclosure error

A 4 In Your Corner investigation reigning in Lee County foreclosure judges? Judges not requiring banks to show how much homeowners owe…even though they’re supposed to.

Now, a leaked document has surfaced…showing Lee judges trying to fix their error.

Fighting foreclosure, Scott Shinneman and his lawyer Todd Allen realized there were 4 mortgage payments unaccounted for on his loan.

Scott: “They don’t know what our home’s worth; they don’t know how much we owe, we don’t know how much we owe. I can’t get an answer as to what we owe.”

So Allen asked the court to make bank Wells Fargo attach documents showing what his client owed… As the court’s own rules require.

Then came an order stating – in black-and-white – Lee County is not requiring banks comply with Florida rules.

Well that document went viral – posted on foreclosurehamlet.org, foreclosurefraud.org and 4-In-Your Corner’s story appearing in a national finance magazine.

Allen: “It’s dated December 20th, which is ironically 2 days after a second story was published.”

That’s when Allen received this corrective order from Lee County Courts in the mail.

Allen: “The judge is saying I’m going to take what I signed off the record because I’m not going to admit in public that I’m not going to require these people to follow the rules.”

Judge James Thompson writing, “the statement doesn’t reflect the court’s ruling or position,” but then falls short of ordering the bank to include the financial records.

“What he’s not saying in the order is that they have to comply with that.”

An attempt to save face, says Allen, with no real teeth.

“I would have been able to see the records and see the book and be able to review them and possibly find those 4 missing payments and possibly save Scott’s house.”


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  1. Levy County Florida Judges are known as the Guardianship Mafia (read Daniel L Bennett Story) stealing homes, 10 Million dollar lawsuits from innocent disabled, elderly, and low income people in our state. They are in bed with the Big banks and the Attorney General who only cares about prescription drugs. Doesn’t do much good if you do not have a home to go to….God Bless Them All!

  2. LEE COUNTY’s court room is like the Old West. Corrupt judges like this JAMES THOMPSON should be indited on FRAUD & CORRUPTION CHARGES!

  3. Our Judge is guilty of the same. Ma state laws were ignored and the Judge ignored the facts of law. Is there a site you can go on to check into your Judge and if there is a conflict of interest. Please let me know

  4. I think the judges feel if they follow the letter of the law, most of the foreclosures would be denied, and massive stress on there pensions, “as is already happening in Calf and NJ” would occur.
    And having the mega banks fail and wall st having to buy back the worthless junk they sold to the world, might just collapse the fake economy we have built since the creation of the FED.
    They should just follow the law, regardless of the result. But most just don’t like the idea of some one getting a free house, and are unaware of the facts of the situation.
    But I would like to ask Judge James Thompson if they are other rules of law that he is not going to enforce? And if he knows a good reason why he should not be removed from the bench???

  5. Today I was listening to NPR and the Dallas, TX District Attorney was being interviewed regarding the DNA controversy that is going on in Texas and other states about the people in death row that are being set free because the DNA collected in the crime scene did not math their.

    That is a wonderful analogy or parallel. Let us do the opposite here. We do have the DNA of all the fraud and all the misbehavior, criminal activities, forgeries, concealment, collusion and other illegal activities that were inflicted against the American home owner in the last twenty years and our District attorneys just refuse to prosecute the criminals, just because they do have the money to defend themselves.

    For all those prosecutors and judges is much easier to go after those who are poor and have no real means for a defense, than go after those bankers, wall street thieves that destroyed and bankrupted millions of Americans along the way .

    Why don’t they flip the coin, if they were elected to protect and defend the constitution and the people of their states, why are the sleeping with the enemy and telling all of us to go and dig our own graves.

    This just puzzles me, it is all positioning for their careers and not really doing what is right for the people who pay their salaries.

    Sad state of affairs in this country.

  6. Federal judges are appointed — same occurs in federal courts.

  7. Judges are no different than politicians. They have to run for office to, which means they must raise funds to mount a campaign. Who do you think has the money to help them get re-appointed each time?

  8. Again, why are judges across the country behaving with such bias?? Is it their pensions?? Is it orders from some government agency/administration? Is it personal bias? How is this happening??

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