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While looking for something else I discovered my notes from a seminar I gave in July, 2009. Besides some obvious spelling errors, there are numerous items that remain as relevant today as they were when those notes were prepared. It also provides a sketch for those who would give seminars to Lawyers or Laymen, on the items to be covered. If you want to give seminars of this sort write to me at and perhaps we can work out something where livinglies promotes your seminar.

But I think this is a good checklist too for those preparing to challenge anyone on the issues highlighted in this blog. And I think it gives a good overview at a glance of the complexity of some of the issues, which is why I make the point, “don’t try to become an expert.” You need to become conversant in the terminology and meaning of various documents, terms, provisions, statutes and common law. And remember, just because you are right about the law doesn’t mean you win. Presentation is very important, and knowing the venue and the Judge is critical to deciding which points you are going to emphasize.

I think I would be remiss in saying that neither this checklist nor the materials on the blog are any substitute for attending a practice seminar and I don’t know of anything better that the ones given by Max Gardner. While we provide seminars that provide you with the detailed understanding of securitization and foreclosure defense strategies, Max gives a no-nonsense approach that even a novice can follow if he or she is otherwise knowledgeable in the Law.

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  1. Neil,
    I have seminars presently running and would like to forward you a copy of such.

  2. How many people have one cases using what they’ve learned from these seminars?

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