Krieger Working Clouded Titles with Quiet Title Lawsuits


From Dave Krieger, working as a paralegal with the attorneys in the following situations:

For those of you in Phoenix, two quiet title actions have been filed in the Maricopa County Superior Court and another is pending and should be filed shortly.

Four quiet title actions have been filed in Washington State; two in Missouri; two in Texas; there are 4 attorneys in Florida (Tampa, Orlando, and Miami areas) that have now taken an interest in bills of quia timet and 1 attorney in Savannah, Georgia.

You can have your attorney email us with further contact information and matters relating to your specific case to You will need to get certified copies of all documents at your county courthouse starting with the General Warranty Deed, forward, as counsel will want to review these.

I have been retained by several attorneys to do chain of title assessments and pleadings for the above cases. I am working under their attorney privileges. I do not do pro se pleadings … sorry.

NEW INFORMATION UPDATE: A judge in Kansas City, Missouri has accepted a title company declination letter as evidence of chain of title disruption and uninsurability of title … on the record! (Jackson County Circuit Court).

The funny thing about quiet title actions? Even though you think not that many attorneys know about how to do a quiet title action … think about the foreclosure mill attorneys and trustees that are getting served with quiet title actions … they don’t know anything either!

For more information, get the book CLOUDED TITLES … at

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  1. Hello,

    Can someone provide me an attorney contact or a law firm in orlando florida who does quite title action for foreclouser cases. I really need this information urgently I cant find a attorney who has a know how on quite title action in forclouser cases. Thanks much


  2. Dave I can’t buy the book till the frist of the month, things are that bad.

    pat the rat

  3. Do you know of any lawyers in Missouri that are willing to help me on my house in Callaway County. The lawyers in the County will not respond. My title is clouded with Ace Mortgage Funding LLC the lender I refinanced with Feb. 2008 and is still on the lien. They are no longer in business. B of A is claiming to own my note on the MERS website as the lender and servicer with the same Feb. 2008 date which is false. They are not on the deed of trust, Ace Mortgage is. Before all the issues with the notes, I believed B of A was my lender and spring of 2010 was in a short sale process. B of A transferred my note to their HUD department, totally screwing my buyer over, who walked. The HUD department informed me I can’t be in my home unless I pay them rent. I moved out prior to the short sale, to Arkansas and had my home up for sale. I don’t know what I can legally do… move back in or not! I am still legally responsible for the upkeep and taxes on the house and I don’t want it to be stolen from me. I NEED HELP AND MISSOURI LAWYERS DON’T SEEM TO CARE OR WANT TO HELP! I have not been foreclosed on and am still receiving monthly statements, only they come in the middle of the month. B of A will not get a dime from me unless they prove they have my note I signed with Ace Mortgage Funding LLC and they won’t! CAN YOU FIND ME A LAWYER WHO IS LICENSED FOR CALLAWAY COUNTY AND WILL HELP?

  4. DAVE KREIGER: I have been trying and trying and cannot access your web site. Anyone know what is going on or how I can access the book and its information?

  5. mary Wyatt

    MERS is legal by whose definition??? Not the courts — few have condoned. Need to get to Supreme Court of the US. But, those in control will block before it gets there — they will settle — to silence.

    Works for Citibank? And says MERS is legal? Of course, the banks OWN MERS. If she did not say this — would be out of a job — and facing foreclosure like other victims here.

  6. My sister works for Citi Bank getting the lost paperwork on mortgage loans together she told me that MERS is legal and it is up to the counties to get the filing fees from the banks not the homeowners problem.

  7. Does anyone know anything about Delutch bank /Saxon-Ocwen Mortgage and did they use robo signing and or MERS?? I live in Maryland ..Are there any attorneys in Maryland handleing these cases?? I hear all about fla Georgia New York and California. But nothing about Maryland. Is there any information on this state at all??

  8. Dave,
    Do you know of any examples of this QT approach working in Colorado? Know any CO attorneys versed in your process? Thanks.

  9. For those of you with questions about declination letters … buy the book. I’m not going to explain the entire process on this website, when it’s in the book.

    I have been criticized for selling this book so cheap. The information that is in this book took two years of my time to put together. Since then, even attorneys have spent countless hours doing research to supplement my work.

    In order for a debt to be discharged (or settled … which this may lead to as well), the rightful claimant has to be discovered and proven in its position in the chain of title. I did not make this stuff up. I did the research on it. Your county courthouse records bear out a ton of clues as to how badly messed up your chain of title is.

    If my research resulted in more loose ends than reality checks, I would never have published the book. Quiet title is an action in equity, quasi in rem, that is allowed in all 50 states … yes, even in California. They have a huge amount of info on QT in California. I’m surprised at the comments to the contrary.

    I did speak with a bank attorney while writing this book and asked him whether or not a chain of title can legally be “reconstructed” or “reverse engineered” and he told me ABSOLUTELY NOT.

    The banks will soon come to realize that they too should have preserved their interest in perfecting their liens in the county courthouses all over America instead of relying on an electronic database, which has no legal force and effect at law, much less in equity. Judges understand agency and they understand contracts.

    As in every time of “new thing” that is ever proffered by anyone, I expect that the quasi in rem actions are going to at least the appellate level, if not the Supreme Court level of the states, to test the limits of agency and contract. Is one of the elements of a contract “consideration”? Without consideration, can there be a valid contract? How basic can we get here?

    The truth will out if you seek it.

  10. Read the book. And then — read it again. The first time I read it I read it for myself and was busy searching for what I wanted. The second time I read it more casually and listened to what Dave had to say. If you’re new to this topic, things will get a lot simpler for you if you start here. I would have saved 500-1000 hours in haphazard research if this book would have been out 18 months ago. I was surprised at how many of the references in the book I had also printed and read.

    I still spend an inordinate amount of time trying to digest every post on this site and have finally realized that sitting through a good book can convey complex issues faster than trying to paste together theory from a bunch of separate comments. I’m still a LL junkie, but Dave’s book has filled in most of the gaps in my general domain knowledge.

    I am personally having some preliminary success with my two rental properties using local counsel Jill Smith with Natural Resource Law Group, in Seattle with Dave’s paralegal support. Matt Hale is another good litigator who “gets it” and works with Jill and Dave. Even though both of my properties are under-rented, I will have covered all my legal expenses with just the delay I’ve enjoyed using this legal team so I can honestly claim some preliminary victory. Both Karen Pooley and I are waiting for responses from the banksters and we’re not getting any – probably because they don’t know how to answer !!! Things are looking good so far.

    Please, for your own sake, do not attempt this pro se.

    I have owned two businesses, and have 3 engineering degrees from big West Coast Universities. I do not fear hard work, complex subjects, the big bad bank, public speaking, or even a judge, but I’ve been around long enough to know my limitations, and recognize that I can learn all the legal theories and case law, but I cannot learn the legal procedural stuff without being a lawyer and putting in the time.

    Your goal should be to keep seeking a lawyer who’s willing to read and use Dave’s book. He/she will probably be with a small firm, be bright, and perceptive enough to sense this method as the most elegant way to counter-attack the banksters.

    Happy new year everybody!
    (except you bankers reading this – you’re gonna have a rough one)

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    a. Woe to those who devise iniquity: All sin is bad before God, but premeditated sin is worse. Here Micah speaks plainly to those who devise iniquity – in this case – those who oppress others through their greed and covetousness.

    b. At morning light is ironic. Typically thieves practice their work at night, under the cover of darkness. In the ancient world, law courts opened for business at morning light because the rising sun demonstrated light dispelling darkness. Micah sees the corruption of Israel’s law courts and shows that they practice their theft and evil at morning light, when the courts open.

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    b. Nor shall you walk haughtily, for this is an evil time: Micah rebukes the pride among God’s people and announces that in the evil time to come – the time of judgment coming on God’s people – they will be brought low and will no longer walk haughtily.

    c. To a turncoat He has divided our fields: In the coming judgment – in particular, the judgment coming on Israel by the conquering Assyrian Empire – will leave their land in the possession of strangers.

    B. Though they sin against His Word, God promises restoration to His people.


    Love you, Man!

  13. Do we know what case this is? I’m in MO and we are fighting BOA and GMAC.

  14. THE MORE ATTORNEYS that come on board the Better all of our Odds are.

    While I do appreciate the Pro Se’s. That is the way the system works.

    The Judges rely on the Attorney’s in many ways. It is like a Guild. That is also why the Banksters were winning. Now that the Attorney Generals (who are attorney’s) Are coming on our side we will prevail.


  15. iclude the title company and insurance firms in the lawsuit.

    Let the finger pointing beguin.

  16. for those in deed of trust states, it is imoortant to realize that most case law does not apply to securitized mortgages. Your lawyer must understand that and most quiet title actions ever filed in those states have never been exposed to the facts of securitization.

    how can you discharge a debt from a creditor you have no idea of who they are, when you are a victim of fraud.

    That is why when case law is mentioned, it needs to be challenged.

  17. opps type-o. Knew no (new)


    IF a Lender admits in Court Admission filings that;
    1) they new the borrower could not make payments as agreed
    2) New the borrower did not have the ability to repay the loan
    3) with this knowledge the lender still used ballon notes and held the borrowers hostage, raising the paymetns from $1600 to $3500 per month.

    QUESTION #1- Does this admission make the loans Null and Void or Unsecured?

    Question #2- if the lender seeks a judgmetn, isi t unjust enrichement?

  19. Quiet Title suits are the least cost way of acting to find out if a valid lien exists. Any attorney that wants to lead you away from this path may not “get it”. Get Dave’s book, you will learn a lot and it has a great roadmap.
    A QT action forces the other side to provide proof. They will either ignore it and you get the house, or have to put up the proof that your attorney can shape. If they have denied the proof to you after your written requests, your judge may be suspicious as to why they are able to provide it now, as you should be. As Neil says, object to anything they want to provide the court, because it forces them to submit to expert examination and further discovery.
    The chain of title is broken. if they try to fix it, you will find where they attempted to weld it. It leaves a mark.

  20. To Dying Truth, actually, it is good news that we have attorneys focused on foreclosure, something that has been slow to come.

  21. This isn’t good news you idiot, this is pro-attorney advertising.

  22. would QT work against a claimed Fannie Mae Owned loan.

  23. I’m in California too. Information on this state is sparse.

    Also how does one go about getting a declination letter from a title company? And which title companies are known to typically issue these letters?

  24. QT not an option for most in CA:

    A borrower cannot quiet title to a mortgage lien without discharging the debt. (See Aguilar v. Bocci (1974) 39 Cal.App.3d 475, 477.)

  25. This is great news. What about California?

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