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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is going to happen for many municipal, county and state government obligations, having a far reaching effect as people awaken to the severity of the current economic crisis and the fact that this time is different from all other times. Officials in those government do their constituents a disservice by failing to pursue damage actions and seizing personal and real property of the perpetrators of this fraud. We here at livinglies can show you how if you can’t figure it out for yourselves.

The moral question is whether the short-term benefits of support from Wall Street outweigh the long-term effects to your career, your life and the lives of those whom you care about and the lives of those who are depending upon you to do your job.

State Budgets: The Day of Reckoning - CBSNews

Steve Kroft reports on the growing financial difficulties states across the
country are facing.

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  1. is should be stated in your “closing documents” -” NO COPIES OF THE SIGNED DOCUMENTS” – so there should NOT be a copy of the initialed or signed note .
    it is clear we are a dual law system,those that can afford consul shall NOT be held to the same law[s] , and that equity is an expense “the middle-class can not afford at any cost!

  2. Literally, the Wall Street paradigm is that money is more important than people, in fact, more important than anything else in the world. That paradigm is a very big mistake. Once you bankrupt and kill the golden goose (the middle class), that is the end of the money stream. You will have to move to another country to try and do the same scam on them. Except, they will probably be too well informed for that same ole scam. We have to crack open this scandal and reveal the maggots beneath the rock. I do not think the majority of the AG’s are going to help you. They have been co-opted as well. Also, I do not know what threats have been aimed at some of them or their families. It is going to require a cohesive group of millions of Americans to get this done.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eva Miranda. Eva Miranda said: STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT WILL START DEFAULTS ON BONDS IN MID …: Her daughter is real estate agent Guadalupe … […]

  4. Its so strange even spooky how even in the media all this is silent or in back pages in a little corner America has been sold and nobody knows or no one cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. In previous posts, I have omitted the following… the initiation by of foreclosure by an “unknown Party” results from a “deemed” albeit false, default on two muni bond issues in which false and misleading information was presented to various Courts and now has infected the Office of the United States Trustee….very disappointing a Chapter 7 Trustee can compromise and stipulate to such fraud regarding a public trust…in order to obstruct the system of justice and public trust.


    (To prevent further retribution to our family, I post this information under a pseudonym.)

    1) In 2001, I closed on a refinancing loan, with XXXX Mortgage Company “A” (“MCA”).
    2) “MCA” immediately thereafter assigned the loan to Bank of America (“BOA”).
    3) According to the “journey” of the Note as indicated in the endorsement stamps (the Note was just produced last week, yes last week) and a recorded assignment – “BOA” assigned the NOTE to Residential Funding at some point within the immediate 12 week period following the “MCA” assignment to “BOA”.
    4) At the time of the assignment “BOA” was paid by Residential Funding.
    5) Residential Funding then assigned the NOTE to Bankers Trust Company, as Trustee, also at some point within the 12 weeks immediately following the “MCA” assignment to “BOA”.
    6) Residential Funding was paid by Bankers Trust Company, as Trustee
    7) Additionally during the same 12 week time frame, “BOA” also assigned the same aforementioned NOTE to Bankers Trust Company, as Trustee.
    “BOA” at the time of that assignment, was also paid by Bankers Trust Company, as Trustee for the same NOTE.
    9) Four years later, “BOA” returned a payment to me as “Misapplied Funds”.
    10) I then received correspondence from Litton Loan Servicing indicating the servicing of the loan had been transferred from “BOA” to Litton Loan Servicing.
    11) Litton Loan stated they were servicing the loan for “GMAC- RFC”.
    12) I had never heard of either Litton or GMAC-RFC.
    13) Two months after “Litton Loan” becoming involved, I received notice our home was going to be foreclosed by “Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas”.

    [Confused does not begin to state my concern as to whether our payments were being properly applied.]

    14) I was fortunate to obtain a reinstatement of loan after payment of over $28,000 to the law firm representing “Deutsche”.
    15) The attempts to obtain clarification were not successful, and the foreclosure advertisements continued.
    16) In order to protect our home, I was foreced to file a Chapter 13 “pro se”.
    17) The case came to be converted to a Chapter 7.
    18) Our family came to be evicted (despite our request to pay the first mortgage, which was denied) from our home by a real estate agent reportedly acting with the same power as vested in the Chapter 7 Trustee. The Chapter 7 Trustee sent me an email stating, “A failure to cooperate with her is the equivalent of a failure to cooperate with me.”

    Any party interested in reviewing partially redacted copies of the Note and BOA assignment showing the transfers to confirm this story or any other comments or suggestions can contact the writer at

  6. Hey Angry,

    How’s it going..? What I find so hypocritical here in MD, is that the AG & GOV have no problem with tossing a family to the street for missing a utility bill (water, etc) or “oh-my” they get behind on property taxes – and heck those families are tossed to the street for a few 100 bucks or even a few 1000…

    Big-dog-Lenders evade 10s & 100s of MILLIONS of DOLLARS – “deliberately” REFUSE TO PAY their required TAXES & FEES – and what does the Gov do – ZIPPO and then HELP them HIDE it from the PEOPLE…

    Robo-Signers get CAUGHT forging assignments & affidavits – committing Fraud on the Court – and the Appellate Court has a “special” hearing and allows the thieves a DO-OVER… Oh, and they FIRED the NOTARY’S that did what their LAWYER BOSSES told them to do…

    I find it strange that NOT A SINGLE NEWPAPER has interviewed ONE of those FIRED notaries…? Hmm, now I wonder, ya think they might have gotten a little kick-back – slide a few to keep quiet and go away…? OR did the arrogant crony law firm threaten to prosecute those folks because those were the bottom-feeders…

    Strange though – I thought for-sure the local papers Washington Post or Baltimore Sun would have attempted to find out the NOTARY’S side of the story… but the Foreclosuregate probably PAYS much better than the other illegal-gates… What’s a boy-to-do…?

    I found a copy of our Note the other day that didn’t have our initials on it? I thought that was odd – because the one the bank sent us had our signatures & initials along with the bank’s stamp (without recourse) – I just can’t figure out how our INK-SIGNED INITIALS faded off from our copies – go figure… 😎 I’m kind-a looking forward to going to court and asking the judge if they might know cuz I don’t remember those initials and they certainly don’t look like OUR signatures… but a bank wouldn’t sign for us – would they? Or maybe we forgot and they were just helping us out…?


    Just thoughts a-rambling..

  7. david
    \What are the odds that these foreclosure mills claiming to represent the trust are merely hired by the Servicers to COVER-UP the default?

    this is precisely who & [why] is a much longer laundry list of fraudulent ,abusive,usurious,UNREGULATED, debt collector practices that for years have plagued OUR country by vampires.parasites ,subhuman species called BANKSTERS!



    Three Members Of One Family In Jail For Mortgage Fraud
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    Monday, December 27, 2010
    By Herman Thordsen

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    On Dec. 8, Maria Quijada Ramirez of Bakersfield, Calif., was arrested at the home of a relative joining her husband and real estate agent daughter who already are in custody and awaiting trial. She was wanted on a $1 million arrest warrant in connection with an alleged $4.1 million mortgage fraud scheme.

    Her daughter is real estate agent Guadalupe Ramirez, and her husband is accused of being a straw buyer. The male is identified as both Augustine and Agustin in court documents, and on some property records he is listed as Agustin.

    The father purchased five homes between November 2006 and January 2007 and each time indicated he planned to live in the place, according to a criminal complaint filed in March in Kern County Superior Court. Owner-occupied homes are eligible for more favorable loan terms.

    Father and daughter are accused of conspiring to obtain inflated appraisals on homes, and lying to sellers to get them to make what amounted to kickback payments that were not disclosed to lenders, according to the allegations listed in the complaint. The homes went into default immediately.

    The daughter, a Bakersfield real estate agent, was missing for months but eventually was arrested in July in Las Vegas, where she had just been hired at a realty company that said it had no idea she was wanted by authorities. The father was arrested in November in Apple Valley. (bkrsfldcal12810)


    This one has some Lulu morals for those of you that remember the comic strip and comic book.

    1. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and so are these people.

    2. The family that commits fraud together if convicted gets to stay together (in prison that is).

    3. Indicating on the 1003 for two or more loans submitted close in time that you intend to occupy both as a primary residence is a felony.

    4. Taking or giving a kickback without the lender knowing is a felony.



    On Dec. 17, Melissa Villegas of Sacramento, Calif., pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Edward J. Garcia. Three other defendants pleaded guilty in the case earlier this year. Rick Villegas pleaded guilty to mail fraud on Dec. 14. Kathleen DeLapp pleaded guilty to misprision, or concealing knowledge, of a felony on Dec. 9. Robert Martinson pleaded guilty to mail fraud on Jan. 8.

    The defendants schemed to defraud mortgage lenders by submitting fraudulent loan applications in the names of straw buyers and other investors.

    Martinson ran a branch of MAC Real Estate Services out of a gym on Watt Avenue in North Highlands, which he owned but operated under his wife’s name and license. Martinson purchased dozens of homes throughout the Sacramento area as investment properties and placed title to them in “Sheryl’s LLC.” In 2005, as the housing market began to slow, officials said, Martinson unloaded properties from Sheryl’s LLC using straw buyers.

    DeLapp was a loan processor for MAC Real Estate Services and an account executive for Aegis Mortgage. She processed some of the loans for Martinson’s buyers. When DeLapp could not process the loans through Aegis, she, for a fee, assisted Martinson in facilitating real estate loans with other lenders. DeLapp processed loan applications from Martinson that contained inconsistent representations to the lender about occupying the property, officials said.

    Co-defendants Rick Villegas and his wife at the time, Melissa Villegas, were mortgage loan officers working out of their home under the license of Landmark Realty Co. In 2006, their firm brokered six home loans that contained materially false representations concerning the borrowers’ income, employment history and intent to occupy the homes as the primary residence. Melissa Villegas assisted on two of the loan applications, knowing that the applications contained false declarations of primary residence, false employment and false income information. Rick Villegas signed one of the applications as the loan interviewer, knowing that the interview never occurred and that information on the loan applications was false.

    Melissa Villegas is scheduled for sentencing on March 11, Martinson on Feb. 25, and DeLapp and Rick Villegas on March 4. (sacbe121710)


    Now you can see the federal prosecutors are working on the 2006 loans. Remember, it is safer for you to retain your attorney before you are contacted by law enforcement in order for the attorney to be more effective.



    Pamela Williams of Darien, Ill. and the former owner of a Wheaton title company, suspected of funneling more than $6 million from clients into personal accounts, is to be tried on Jan. 18, 2011 in DuPage County Court. She along with Patricia Johnson of Naperville allegedly orchestrated the fraud scheme through PLM Title Co. Williams owned the company and Johnson was a silent partner.

    They were indicted on 55 counts related to theft charges, according to the DuPage County State’s Attorney Office. The charges range from theft of more than $300 to theft of more than $500,000. Both women pleaded not guilty to the indictment. An investigation into Williams and Johnson’s dealings began when an attorney of one of victims contacted the Wheaton Police Department according to the State’s Attorney Office. From November 2007 to April 2008, the two women allegedly used PLM Title, a home purchasing and refinancing company, to funnel money that clients paid into escrow accounts toward their own personal and business expenses. (wheatonptch12310)


    Watch who you hire and be careful to keep reconciling the accounts yourself. Remember, ultimately you as the owner will be held responsible.



    On Dec. 14, an indictment was unsealed and a verified civil complaint was filed against ANTHONY J. DEMARCO III and his real estate companies, DEMARCO REI, INC. AND OPM GROUP, LLC, alleging a mortgage fraud scheme involving more than $30 million in loans. The civil complaint seeks a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against defendant. It also seeks to forestall foreclosures against the victims. The indictment charges DEMARCO, MICHAEL RICHARD ROBERTS, SEAN RYAN MCBRIDE, AND ERIC BASCOVE with conspiracy; charges DeMarco, Roberts, and McBride with mail, wire, and bank fraud; and charges DeMarco with money laundering. DeMarco and Roberts were arrested on Dec. 14.

    DeMarco, who operated the real estate investment firm DeMarco REI, Inc., headquartered in Center City, Philadelphia, employed Roberts and Bascove. DeMarco’s business claimed to be able to assist homeowners facing imminent foreclosure. McBride was a title agent at SETTLEMENT ENGINE, INC., in Pittsburgh. According to the indictment, from June 2008 through December 2008, the defendants would scour public records filings to find homeowners in financial distress and pitch a “SALE-LEASEBACK” ARRANGEMENT to them. The pitch was that the real estate company would buy the homeowner’s house, the homeowner would remain in the house and pay rent to the real estate company, and when the homeowner got back on his or her feet financially, the homeowner could buy back the house. The defendants further claimed that if there was equity in the house at the time of the sale to DeMarco REI, then DeMarco REI would put that money into an escrow or rent reserve account for the homeowner. Instead, the defendants allegedly used fraudulent documents to obtain mortgage loans from lenders and stole the equity in the homes. It is further alleged that DeMarco and his employees would solicit straw purchasers for these properties, providing them with the down payment for the mortgage and telling them that the real estate investment firm would make the monthly mortgage payments. The result of the scheme is that the mortgage lenders were stuck with loans that are in default, the “straw” purchasers own houses that are going into foreclosure, and the original homeowners face eviction from their own homes once the foreclosures are complete.

    The indictment alleges that DeMarco used the proceeds of the scheme to pay his personal and business expenses; that McBride conducted fraudulent real estate closings as part of the scheme; and that the defendants created fraudulent mortgage documents.

    The verified complaint seeks novel relief that will bring all the individuals and entities that have a stake in the properties (the homeowners, the “straw” purchasers, and the mortgage lenders) before the court to create an orderly process by which the damage caused by the defendants’ alleged fraud can be mitigated. The goal of the process is to have the parties work towards finding a solution other than foreclosure—perhaps a loan modification, perhaps a forbearance agreement, perhaps a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. The orderly process sought by the filings is the best way to ensure that the greatest numbers of original homeowners have an opportunity to save their homes.

    If convicted of all charges: DeMarco faces a maximum possible sentence of 200 years’ imprisonment, a $5 million fine, and a five-year period of supervised release; Roberts faces a maximum possible sentence of 150 years’ imprisonment, a $3.75 million fine, and a five-year period of supervised release; McBride faces a maximum possible sentence of 230 years’ imprisonment, a $6 million fine, and a five-year period of supervised release; Bascove faces a maximum possible sentence of 60 years’ imprisonment, a $2 million fine, and a five-year period of supervised release. (usattyedpa121410)


    So you think you want to do mortgage foreclosure rescues. Well I recommend you get a good lawyer first that knows what he is doing or you to may be looking at possible prison terms of 230 years in prison. Must be nice to have that kind of longevity. Remember, see your attorney first that understands mortgage financing laws first. Or you may be seeing the attorney for criminal representation later.



  9. I spoke with a director within our County Gov. He is willing to present a report to the states attorney and commissioner’s office – IF I can hand him something credible representing obtainable funds via taxes, fees, etc.

    This is a very good opportunity, if I can put it together. He has spoken with them already – they are willing to look at this as a viable option to help curtail further deficits.

    I would greatly appreciate any help to put something like this together in an orderly professional report. I am willing to do the bird-dogging & leg-work to get it done.

    IMHO – I believe this could be a tool to eventually help persaude the courts that their current foreclosures are seriously flawed. Tax EVASION is a CRIME – to my knowledge – especially when it involves 10s or 100s of millions of dollars. Doesn’t that equate aiding & abetting a criminal – violating RICO – & – REMIC Provisions – and technically it violates the PSA because they bypassed the proper recordation requirements PER CONTRACT and LAW. Can a lawyer practice with a felony record..?

    Different Topic Question…
    What are the odds that these foreclosure mills claiming to represent the trust are merely hired by the Servicers to COVER-UP the default? This-way, the Servicers are not required to show the default on their books and wouldn’t they then pocket those funds while shuffling another loan in its place.

    This would cover-up any potential Servicer Abuse, Fraud, or other illegalities, without alerting the nervous Investors or the FED? Borrower simply takes the lumps and gets tossed anyway..?

    Just wondering…

  10. Problem is easily solved!

    Start Taxing ALL STATE/FEDERAL PENSIONS by 65%!



    Cut State/City/Federal Payroll by 50%!

  11. No surprise here….

    Unfortunately, that “government” is led by carrots of control which simply will never take a bite out of their pimps paycheck. Once it an error begins to make profit, will profit, it spreads like gangrene because it works on a principle of basic human nature; greed, denial all working through layers of remote removal and control. You no longer have a government, you have people managing piles of “wealth” they did not truly earn (theft), and their pleasures of power and obsessive monetary seizure will lead to the true misery of many, and it’s all pre-legislated, geeeeez. You can give it your best shot, but remember, you are talking to a gradient of lucid to greed/power demented human beings, and apparently the overall scale of the gradation, leans HEAVILY towards the narcissistic sociopaths in high places. Right? Let’s all open our eyes…

    Hate to be the doom and gloomer, so I’ll let James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees Moog tell you about it in their 1992 book, “The Great Reckoning”.

    Funny, the mechanism specifics these authors could not, of course, reveal, but the basic abstract patterns laid down in that “conspiracy theory” book, are all around us in glaring fashion, and like they said, it might take twenty years, back in 1992, but it WILL unwind in devastating fashion (remember these guys are business investment forecasters and a high level Brit politicians, not Jim Mars and Jeff Rense, sorry guys, my bad!).

    Has anyone just searched the eco-bubbles yet to burst (upon the scene?) 2011 will be noted historically, as the real beginning of an end, IMO.

    Gee, maybe the Jehovah’s Witnesses are right?… hmmmm

    Like Ed McMahon used to say, you are correct suhhhuuurrrr

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