About 30% of the inquiries I get are for lawyers to represent them. We have a network of lawyers who follow the blog or who have been trained in our seminars but the ones that are taking cases at any one time is constantly changing because their caseloads fill up pretty quickly.

So as a reminder of the announcement I made about a month ago — You can also go to and either join or start a group for this purpose. People are finding it useful to send the link to lawyers whom they think might be interested or should be interested. You can also connect with other people seeking lawyers and perhaps get some referrals that way.

ANYONE CAN START A GROUP OR JOIN A GROUP: So whether you are a lawyer looking for new business, a forensic auditor, expert witness, or homeowner go to that site and make it work — for you and for me.

WARNING: I have very little time to even look at much less moderate that site. So DON’T assume because a lawyer or forensic auditor is on the FINDLAWYER SITE that they are good. Exercise caution and make sure you get references.

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  1. To Bernard Conway, I hope you pleaded 3rd party beneficiary, otherwise, no “private right of action”in HAMP

  2. Class Action filed against Wells Fargo in Illinois for failures to process HAMP applications
    Crowley v Wells Fargo 10 cv 07256 N D ILL

  3. We certainly do need to get homeowners and attorneys together. Hopefully, more attorneys out there will be getting educated about helping homeowners in the field of foreclosure.

  4. Any attorneys looking to cut their teeth on quiet title actions?

    The new soft-cover edition is available by emailing for more info; or buy the eBook online!

    Clouded Titles author Dave Krieger videos on YouTube.

  5. This is what we need is more attorneys. The more Attorneys we have the more influence we have on the Judges. The judges rely to a certain extent on the Lawyers.

    Look at what BofA is up too. They are buying nasty domains as a defensive move.



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