Many people on Wall Street on going to find the envelope empty, or maybe a greeting. It’s not that there wasn’t a ton of money grabbed out of the system, it’s just that it is difficult to describe theft as profit. And the bonus issue is massive PR nightmare so they raised base salaries and cut the bonuses. Still the Wall Street players are crying over the loss of massive bonuses absurd by any metric.

But here is the good news. In other countries at other times in history, your heads would have been removed from the rest of your body. That didn’t happen. That’s a bonus, isn’t it?

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  1. Not a bonus for us. I’d kinda like to see their heads get cut off.

  2. Thanks for laugh!!!! Your last sentence – Neil!!

  3. I think this will be last year for big bonuses at the top of Wall Street. The system is about to crash and burn. China and Russia are sick of the almighty dollar running the world’s currency. When the dollar crashes, big bonuses won’t help you either.

  4. My heart bleeds purple piss for then ‘Excuse my French”

  5. Hell, it should be a good bonus to still have one of those “non” jobs, shouldn’t it?

    After the fall perhaps.

    You do a great job reporting for us, Neil.

    Carry on!


  6. I almost feel bad for them (the secretaries, janitors and lower level employees who will not be getting the bonus). I’m sure the trash at the top will get theirs. No, I really wish they WOULD “get theirs”.

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