22 Arrested in LA Foreclosure Protest at Chase

22 Arrested in LA Foreclosure Protest at Chase

Police arrest 22 people protesting foreclosures outside Chase bank offices in Los Angeles

The Associated Press
By JACOB ADELMAN Associated Press
LOS ANGELES December 16, 2010 (AP)


Police arrested 22 demonstrators who blocked entry to a downtown Chase bank branch Thursday to protest what they said were unfair home foreclosures.

Alvivon Hurt smiles as she is led away, among other people who had lost their homes to foreclosure,… Expand
Alvivon Hurt smiles as she is led away, among other people who had lost their homes to foreclosure, or have been battling banks over loan modification, and their supporters, in a protest outside a Chase bank branch in downtown Los Angeles Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010. Police arrested 22 protesters who blocked the doors to the bank in acts of civil disobedience. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon) Collapse


The demonstrators, which included homeowners facing foreclosure, community advocates and labor leaders, silently allowed officers to bind their wrists behind their backs with plastic restraints and guide them into a police van.

Dozens more demonstrators chanted and marched on a nearby sidewalk holding sighs that said “Stop Bank Greed, Save Our Neighborhoods” as the 12 men and 10 women were taken into custody.

Detective Gus Villanueva said there were no injuries to police or protesters. All the demonstrators were released by late afternoon after all but one of them received citations for trespassing, he said.

Villanueva did not immediately know why the one protester had not been cited.

Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment member David Mazariegos said the demonstrators hoped to bring attention to the plight of people who were unjustly losing their homes.

He said banks’ failure to modify many borrowers’ loans puts them in violation of the Home Affordable Modification Program in which lenders agreed to participate as part of the bank bailout.

“The banks are not helping anyone stay in their homes,” Mazariegos said. “It’s highway robbery, what they’re doing to these people.”

ACCE director Amy Schur said the groups were singling out JPMorgan Chase & Co. because most of the borrowers whose foreclosures and evictions they are contesting are serviced by that bank.

Chase spokeswoman Eileen Leveckis disputed that the bank was denying help to distressed mortgage borrowers.

“Chase is committed to helping struggling borrowers remain in their homes,” she said in a statement, stressing that the lender had completed more than 250,000 modifications since early 2009.

Before the protesters blocked the doors leading to the Chase branch, homeowners at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure used a microphone to tell of their difficulties getting help from Chase and other banks.

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  1. The police and the da office said call ya brother and talk to him , this crazy man said they crazy he don’t work for the bank the cops fraud , and I’m saying to my self , I better dig dipper , so I had my friend to ckeck and she said ya talk to ya brother , but in a good and nice way . So the cops was rite , but what got me going is , why is the brother hideing everything , and playing like he don’t no nothing , we mite need a mental doctor here . If he don’t no he’s running the banks , he’s tring to kill everybody , that me and the pulblic , and he don’t now he doing it , jpmorgan – 2 death on property address 1460-62 . Memorial dr atl ga 30317 , the brother and the ceo of chase don’t even no that , and that they family , that passed away their , and the ceo of chase should no where the owner parents pass away . That nuts and need a doctor to get them out of their .

  2. U should have saw that little girl mom running with her kid when the bank vault locked up on the child in atl ga , what if the bank would have killed this little girl , want that thing locked down u can’t open it back up onto next day . Bank italy -bank banca – central banca ,bank of new england , royal bank of scotland , irelbank , sovran bank , central bankshrares ,continental bank , norwest bank , wellsfargo ,jpmorgan , chase bank , I sent police report to fdic for fraud . Bank of america and all its division are stolen , pnc bank ,

  3. This is a huge. Amount of bad luck that a take place , I call on the fdic to close my banks down all of them , I thought a person was born with rights human right citizen rights and birth right , and if they running the banks off a lastwilltestment my dad , did in 1998 , they can throw that in the trash , if its still their , that things should have been out dated in 2008 . Close case on what ever he put on it , its 2011 , people need the real owner help , that is born to bank and finance .and will love to do it , u can tell when their no love at mers , when the sole executor never ask u how you doing , u need a meal for 2day or can I give u a ride somewhere I no u broke ,elected president owner , so can I help u out or do u want me to help somebody out that need a hand , these people don’t ca3e nothing about me or yall my clients . Start making your complaints to the state of ga , everybody

  4. I wasn’t referring to June’s link, I was referring to the group she mentioned, their link is not working but June is on it.

    I received some information a while ago that another tactic Chase Bank may be using is to purposely file a foreclosure action in an adjoining county to throw off a homeowner who is trying to track a court action.

    If the homeowner lives in one city, but Chase files a couple cities over, the homeowner may not think to check a court that is farther away from their home. It’s just an allegation that I read about so I am not stating it as fact.

  5. Hi June, I googled your group and your website address does not seem to be working.


  6. As we came to soon learn from our recent foreclosure experience in Palm Springs, Chase Home Finance, LLC is the culprit that instructs California Reconveyance, Deborah Brignac “Vice President” THE “Trustee” on record to foreclose on the properties.

    Our associates have uncovered thousands of false, fraudulent documents filed with the San Diego and Riverside County Recorder’s Office(s). We are planning to “gather-in” to join us at the SAN DIEGO CITY HALL (date TBD) about 1,000+ homeowners to lodge complaint with the California State AG Office not necessarily specific to topic JP Morgan Chase Bank but includes all other foreclosing banks.

    If you, your neighbor and anyone you know has paperwork or experiences similar please contact the National Alliance of Homeowners for Justice 858-361-2399.

    This matter has been brought to the attention of City of San Diego State Attorney General and the Courts.

    Please pass this information on about the upcoming event to help homeowners stay in possession of their homes. Suggestions and ideas are welcome.

    Start gathering your paperwork folks and have it ready to show the (San Diego) State AG who has expressed an interest in meeting with everyone that have a mortgage-fraud related issue.

    WE hope to bring solutions to the table at this event and not just talk about the current problems.


  7. Well, since my previous post got hung up in spam and by the time it is found this article will have been read by most of the regulars, here goes a shorter version.

    ACCE is the California ACORN group.

    I don’t like ACORN because I think they cheated in the democratic caucus contests in 2008, giving us Barack Obama instead of a much more resourceful and serious home foreclosure fighter in Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton had advocated a 90 day foreclosure freeze while a useful solutionj was found.

    I also don’t like that ACCE, aka California ACORN, did not reach out to the blogging community before their Los Angeles Chase Bank protest event.

    I have several chase bank protest blogs and a simple google search with the words Chase Bank Protest would have resulted in at least one of my Chase Bank Protest blogs appearing on page one of google.

    This just tells me that ACORN is about community activists, and unions, and screw the rest of the country.

    However, 22 homeowners were arrested, and they probably were not all union members or community activists. ACCE, aka California ACORN OWED it to these homeowners to do SIMPLE google searches for bloggers that might be sympathetic to their cause and might publicize their event.

    Instead, ACCE, California ACORN chose to ignore the blogging community, and I find that repugnant, arrogant, and elitist.

  8. Ironic, isn’t it? the thieves are enjoying their millionaire bonuses this Christmas, which they made off of stealing from the very people being arrested here for protesting being robbed, and the thieves are not only enjoy OUR money but also their freedom, somehow the order of the facts doesn’t add up; What has happened to our beloved America, are we turning into a third world country?

  9. Glad they picked Chase. Can’t agree that protesting will work.
    100.000 lawsuits from WAMU homeowners and criminal investigations into WAMU’s takeover by Chase is a far better way to go.

    National WAMU Homeowners Support Group

  10. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!

  11. When will the police start to realize that the banks are not there to defend. They need to defend the homeowners. I know some Sheriffs in other states have refused to evict people, because they know it is not right. I hope there will be more demonstrations. http://www.challengingforeclosure.com Sirak@challengingforeclosure.com

  12. meant to say article, not comment.

  13. Neil, I spent close to half an hour on a reply to this comment. I assume I tripped the spam filter because I put several links at the end of the post.

    I neglected to make a copy for myself. Should you decide not to use it, could you please send me a copy?

  14. Awesome! Thank you ACCE!!! This is how you create REAL change.

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