EDITOR’S NOTE: I DON’T KNOW THIS GUY, but then again, there are a lot of lawyers who have entered this field that I don’t know. I like what I heard in the interview because THIS GUY understands that the real action is at the level of the investment banker and that the borrower’s right to claim damages is NOT limited to the now bankrupt loan originators. He’s not buying into the appearance of “bankruptcy-remote” entities and he’s saying that he is winning cases.


Are your Home Mortgage Documents NULL?

Webster’s Definition of of NULL is
“Having no legal or binding force: INVALID”

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9 Responses

  1. I can’t believe this blog. This is seriously bad to post a glowing endorsement, encouraging people to “share”. The State Bar of California has closed down the law offices of Kramer & Kaslow and siezed their records. The California BBB, Attorney General are among those who have issued warnings about this guy Kramer.

    This blogger has got to have a connection with Kramer. My client was scammed by Kramer and the Bar does not shut down law firms without really good cause.

    Serious bloggers never post this kind of endorsement without checking.

  2. I’m thinking of joining Mr. Kramer’s lawsuit but am a little worried after reading some of the comments.

  3. why do you quote Philip Kramer on your site ? you even quoted him as recently as 10 or 12 days ago in one of your articles, yet you condemn his mass joinder lawsuit and say it has no real chance of working.

  4. Hi Esther,
    I too am waiting on a response from Kramer, I signed up 2-20-11. One of my friends who signed up after me also through Mass Litigation Alliance, has been listed on the new Mass Joinder Kramer has with GMAC.

    My Pretender Lender is AHMSI originally American Broker Conduit, who went bankrupt in 2007. Deutsche Bank National Trust took our home 2-24-11, we moved out 3 weeks ago and are still trying to stop their bogus Eviction, even though we are not living in the house anymore.

    From my understanding Kramer has not started a Mass Joinder for AHMSI yet, however as with every other program I have been a part of to stop the foreclosure and now to get into this Mass Joinder Lawsuit, there is a terrible lack of communication between the company and the clients. I did hear from a processing company last month who said they are putting people into Kramer’s system. Nothing since then although I have tried to communicate many times, I don’t get anywhere either. At this point I have no idea if we are actually in Kramer’s system of not.

    I hope this helps you, I certainly understand the frustration of giving thousands of dollars that seems to fall into a black hole in the hopes that someone can actually assist us in getting this banking fraud figured out. It has been over 3 years that I have been trying to stop the fraud on 2 houses, both are gone now. I need Kramer to focus on this so I can heal my life and build new assets.

  5. mr kramer has my $5000.00 since 1-31-2011there have been no services rendered and he doesnt return any calls, e-mails-or faxes. i am in the process with the cal state bar,andattorney general

  6. This link to the six-part interview no longer works, apparently.
    Any way I can listen to this elsewhere?

  7. Refreshing to hear an Attorney speak with confidence and conviction. My experience with several phone interviews in the past weeks with local Attorneys has been discouraging, forcing me to go it alone, also discouraging.

    I’ll be contacting this one. Thanks Neil!

  8. How does this defense hold up in states, such as Oklahoma, whose appeals court held that it is not possible to split the note and mortgage, as the two are inextricably entwined.

    The way I understand Oklahoma’s interpretation of bifurcation (and Carpenter [Supreme Court 1873]), is that if the assignment is made separate from the note, then the assignment is a nullity, not the enforceability of the mortgage.

  9. I think it’s time to go for the proverbial
    jugular turn up the heat put the pressure on and get really cross. This is truely where to place the blame but they all played their roles and thus truely is Goliath we are fighting we need more Julian s. There’s nothing in Arizona papers telling the truth about the banks they are gagged already

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