Iowa CCI: Iowa attorney general, CCI and other national groups to hold press conference, meet with foreclosure victims Dec. 14

Iowa CCI: Iowa attorney general, CCI and other national groups to hold press conference, meet with foreclosure victims Dec. 14

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Iowa CCI to take action at banks unjustly forcing people from their homes

Des Moines, Iowa — Iowa’s Attorney General, Tom Miller, who leads the 50-state investigation of the robo-signing foreclosure scandal, will have his first meeting Tuesday, Dec. 14 with foreclosure victims and community groups from across the country who are leading the fight to stop the foreclosure crisis. Victims and community leaders who represent hundreds of thousands of Americans are flying to Iowa to meet with Miller because a strong settlement is the best hope for millions of homeowners to avoid foreclosure and to get our economy back on track.

Victims of foreclosure, along with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, clergy and other advocates, will hold a press conference at 12:45 pmTuesday, Dec.14 at First Christian Church, immediately following the meeting with Tom Miller.

WHO: Foreclosed and struggling homeowners and community leaders from Iowa and 12 other states, including Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, clergy and labor advocates.

WHAT: Press conference following meeting with Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller on banks’ foreclosure abuses, as well as a bank protest in Des Moines.

WHEN: Press Conference at 12:45pm Tuesday, Dec. 14. Immediately following the conference we will take our message directly to Wells Fargo.

WHERE: First Christian Church, 2500 University Ave., Des Moines, IA

WHY: Foreclosure victims and community leaders will take their message directly to the Big Banks who caused the crisis and call on them to fix their mess. These banks are preparing to hand out oversized bonuses to their executives this holiday season even as they continue to foreclose and force families from their homes. The representatives will call on the banks to agree to a meaningful settlement with Tom Miller.

A meaningful settlement will require banks to dramatically increase the number of loan modifications they are doing and include principal reduction as a first line tool before any foreclosure proceeding is initiated and include remedies for homeowners who have already lost their homes unlawfully.

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement is a group of everyday people who talk, act and get things done on issues that matter most. With thousands of members from all walks of life — urban and rural, black and white, immigrants and lifelong Iowans — CCI has been tackling tough issues and getting things done for more than 35 years.

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  1. I sure wish we had someone like this in Maryland fighting for us . I called a lawyer Pro Bono recommended by my congress man and they have yet to call me back Only because Maryland is a NON JUDICIAL

  2. ANONYMOUS- well said, that robosigning is a red flag that something is very wrong. Here in Pa., last week’s revelation that a Philadelphia foreclosure mill, Goldbeck,McCafferty & McKeever, testified under oath that they had low level employees signing as the attorneys,while verifying nothing, and all, of course, notarized. Robosigners were producing fake docs, while here we have fake attorneys. This seems to be a serious matter, unauthorized practice of law. Everyone should check their “attorneys’ ” signature, it appears as if this kind of conduct may void the whole proceedure. This article has been picked up by AP and hundreds of others, check out the suit, there is alot of additional info in this suit.

  3. Please tell these people that this is not just about Robo-signing. Believe they have right motive in mind as to principal “correction” loan mods. But, unless the true creditors are being identified — which they are not – any loan mod is invalid.

    This is not just about Robo- signing. Robo-signing is the red flag that something is very wrong.

  4. Now I’ve thought about it. If we, the people, sign new agreements with the pretender-lenders then we are agreeing that they are our new lenders. Thus, Congress can make the banks settle things by giving lowered principles and interest, but we don’t have to go along with that program by signing new agreements. Sound right?

    Let’s say the banks don’t want to settle. That will force the AGs to sue them.

    Further, it sounds like the ones who have already been foreclosed upon, if we can prove it was unlawful, we will actually have more recourse than the pre-foreclosure guys. Hmmm.

    Not sure any of this type of legislation would preclude people from suing in any case.
    Fraud is fraud not matter how you cut it.

    If investors come back after banks for stealing “their” loans then banks will get sued anyway.

    What a nightmare!

    I think each homeowner will just have to get their situation resolved as soon as possible in the best way possible.

  5. Points above layed out to the us atty general. They know they can’t say they don’t know too late to put a Lid on pandoras box all we can fo is keep trying keep hammering on the court house doors

  6. What the hell is a “meaningful settlement”? And “meaningful” for whom? The banks?

    Sounds like another load of you-know-what!

  7. I like the post about clearing the debts off the books completely and letting the homeowner live in his house. Some people are having a hard time with the “getting a free house” stuff. Losing all the money you put down, the repairs, maintenance, and/or remodeling costs, debt servicing fees, taxes, insurance, loss of value and equity do not equal a free house. Another point is that no matter whether YOU CAN pay your mortgage and have always paid or whether you own your property outright, you have lost your equity. The loss of equity is happening every day of the week. ALL OF US LOSE IN THIS NIGHTMARE except the mega banks and their criminal banksters. Just give the houses free and clear to the homeowners. F%$k the banks. We all know they do not care if you die in poverty, or your children get sick and die. So, who cares if somebody gets a house for less, not for free.

  8. Geez….you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, vegasdude !!
    Great commentary.

    How do we resolve this mess, then, if nearly every home is unsecured and unenforceable? Perhaps the higher powers have to step in and make a blanket ruling and wipe out the alleged debts…sort of like wiping out the national debt and starting over….I forget the name of that rule.

    It will be MUCH cheaper in the long run.

  9. Great news.
    I hope people don’t wimp out and settle for less than they deserve.

    Stand strong, people.

    Banks should jump up and down for joy if they don’t have to pay triple damages and go to jail.

  10. But….the banks don’t own the loans, right? How can they “modify” or “reduce” the principal, interest, or anything else regarding something they don’t own?

    And….the Notes have been separated from the Deeds of Trust, right? Aren’t they unsecured and unenforceable when that happens?

    Isn’t that what this website is all about? What happened in the loans AFTER they were signed?

    If we allow them to modify the existing loans like this, aren’t we admitting that it’s acceptable that they defrauded us, misrepresented things and breached contracts, stole our identities, were paid handsomely (albeit unconstitutionally) via bailouts, TARP, TALF, CDS, etc., foreclosed without authority and unlawfully threw millions of families out on the street….and on top of this, we’re going to empower them do it AGAIN?

    There MUST be a better solution than this.

    If Justice is to be served, then it seems to me that posturing ourselves to accept such an unfair settlement is equivalent to buying into the lie that the borrower is trying to get a “free house” when, in fact, it is the other way around. The parties who had nothing at stake and became unseemly rich at our expense now would just become richer because of our “guilty conscience” of getting something, not for “free,” but simply for LESS.

    Why should the ordinary citizen keep taking it in the shorts all the time while the “inner sanctum” we keep hearing about keep raping us with impunity? Isn’t this just like the thief who takes everything you have, but wants applause because he gives you back your underwear?

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