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  1. If I had said “Rich racist white people are trying to force us all into slavery. Look at all the bankers they all appear to be ‘white'”. More people probably whould have agreed. How is stating apparent facts of coincidence make me a racist or an antisemite?

  2. Louis B.,
    What makes you think I’m White? You incorrectly implying that I’m a white supremist and an antisemite just shows how ignorant you really are. Rabbi Yosef was actually reflecting from one of Judaism’s main holy books the Talmud and evidenced in practice in the jewish dominated Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. I mean look how narrow minded so many Americans have become to think that only white people can be ‘racist’. God forbid someone points out that Banking/Housing, the Media and even the White House and Congress (AIPAC etc..) are largely jewish dominated and there appears to be an overall agenda which finds its racist ideological roots in Judaism’s Talmud and even in some parts of Christianity.

  3. Modern Banking is the enemy…. whomever owns it and cover ups Ponzi debt numbers.

    10,000 to 1 of Enron! ($600 Trillion v. $63 Billion).
    12,000 to 1 of Bernie Madoff (600 T. v. $50 Billion).

    Banking, not based on worked-for (real) money has been the bane of civilization for millennia.

    ‘Fractional Reserve’ Banking keeps the rulers in power by spending endless amounts of counterfeited money in general circulation to abet wrongs and wrongdoers forever and ever.

    Banking is the real cause of our lack of rest and family time for us producers, and endless useless wars for all.

    Liquidate ALL modern Ponzi Federal Reserve banks. Cancel the MBS for fraud & nullity. Give any remainder to pension funds and depositors. Go backed to intrinsic value money.

    Then both Gentile and Jewish ‘owners’ and agitators, will then automatically regret backing it against their honest producing neighbors – both Gentile & Jewish.

    Expose and thwart Modern Banking every day. It is not ‘capital flows’ as it pretends. Its evils are British and American and Asian too. It is simply Treason, needing mass prosecution very soon.


    Otherwise centuries of slavery will result by allowing them to cover it up, and the dead Bill of Rights a quaint pined-for memory.

    Peace to you all.

  4. “A report by the Post today discloses that Bank of America, haunted by ongoing pressure in both the robosigning/fraudclosure scandals, and demands by the likes of Pimco and the New York Fed to putback billions of paper to the bank due to misrepresentations, is rapidly trying to dump $1 billion worth of toxic paper.”


  5. Why even humor him? There’s plenty of white supremacist and conspiracy sites where Dying Truth can go and spout his antisemitic and racist claptrap.

    Or is this the sort of site where believing in one conspiracy makes it okay to believe in them all? Or maybe livinglies is okay with being a platform for DT’s Protocols crap.

    And, seeing as how Yosef’s quote is purported to representing the global Jewish slaveholder’s mindset….what are we to make of this?

    “he American Jewish Committee condemned the rabbi’s remarks in a statement issued Monday.

    “Rabbi Yosef’s remarks — suggesting outrageously that Jewish scripture asserts non-Jews exist to serve Jews — are abhorrent and an offense to human dignity and human equality,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. “Judaism first taught the world that all individuals are created in the divine image, which helped form the basis of our moral code. A rabbi should be the first, not the last, to reflect that bedrock teaching of our tradition.” ”

    Hmmm. Guess it must just be more of that good old “DISINFORMATION & PROVOCATEUR PROPAGANDA!!!” Eh, DT?

  6. Dee,
    If you read a little bit of the Talmud, you might understand me a little better. But the picture you paint of me is as if I had said that all white people are racist nazis and getting rid of all of them would make everything better, because I think they don’t fit in with us. But that’s not true, they keep themselves seperated from us, not the other way around. I used the word ‘halfbreed’ because a lot of jewish people are VERY SERIOUS about maintaining their racial ‘purity’ and most often think less of someone who is part non-jewish. I don’t but that’s honestly the way some of them think of mixed persons. I could have used less poor words I will admit, but they weren’t used to be insulting or misleading.

    THE A MAN,
    Once again, you jump quick saying I’m hateful (without the courtesy of saying why you say that) and to say there’s something wrong with me. Really? And what’s wrong with me? Do we not suffer the same oppression? Is anything I said false? Have I expressed any desired misfortune towards anyone? I consider myself having more in common with you than any of the bankers, but it’s obvious where I stand in your opinion.

    Regardless though, if you think something’s wrong with me, then tell me what and how you think I can be “helped”. Go ahead I can take constructive criticism. That is if your capable of doing more than just insulting me (which I believe you are fully capable of).

  7. Nay, not racist, but am against racist oppression. By stating certain facts how does that make me racist? Look, if it were the Palestinians occupying the israelis, I’d be sticking up for the israelis. the same thing goes for if, let’s say white people were orchestrating all this and manipulating everyone else to take the fall and instigating internal conflicts among citizens based on ethnic differences causing us to divide (like obama has been doing with the whole illegal alien thing). Now, if I see what the problem is I’m not gonna keep quiet because someone might jump to conclusions and call me a racist like you just did, I’d be just as outspoken if it were anyone else with the same modus operandi. I’m not saying that every single jewish person is the cause of all our problems, look at THE A MAN he’s one of us and suffers like us. There are in fact more white people causing most of the havoc out there, but they’re like slaves to the megabanks, which for the most part is almost a jewish monopoly. When observing key actions to find out what the overall agenda is and what might be driving it, it makes more sense to analyse the person ‘driving the car, not the car’. You want to talk about racist, a well respected sephardic rabbi publicly stated “Yosef: non-Jews exist only to serve Jews.”
    Now you may feel comfortable with that statement (and apparent status quo), but I’m not. And I don’t think that anyone was born to be a slave, let alone say something like “hey we should make jews be our slaves” or something stupid like that. What makes any of them better than anyone else as to not be subject to open and honest criticism? Am I supposed to just sit here and act like I have no idea who’s responsible for the destruction of our country? When I think of nationality, I don’t think of skin color or religious beliefs, I think of all of us as Americans and how we can and should all be and stay united not divided which is how they (the government) maintains its stranglehold over us. Now if you want to call me a racist because I’m saying that the jewish bankers are racially motivated but will even sacrifice their fellow jews because it helps their overall agenda, then that just shows that you don’t give a damn whether or not it’s true, you probably aren’t TOO concerned that all of us as Americans may soon be forced into slavery and you are content with the path you have taken and will continue “LivingLies” until it’s too late.

    May God Bless and look after all of you, when or if the hour falls late and the people who seek to do us harm have succeeded in keeping us from banding together. I’ll still want good things for everyone (equally) regardless of what you may call me.

  8. Dee I was being sarcastic. i agree with every word you wrote.

    dying truth has a disease called hate. he needs medical attention.


    You are NOT amazing! You sound like a racist!
    Why don’t you leave words like “halfbreed” and
    “a jew” out of the equation? You may be knowledgeable in many areas, but you sound ignorant when you choose those words. This web sites is made up of many subscribers who find your choice of words so disgusting.

    A-man? thanks a lot for being a cheerleader for this person….yuck!

  10. C’mon now! Let’s NOT blame Obama. YES, he should have done more. However, I have been fighting to remain in my home longer than President Obama’s presidency. This problem started LONG before he became President, and although, I am disappointed that he didn’t come in and make right all of the wrong that has been going on for some time, It is So unfair and biased to balme him. You don’t know what kind of puppet he is and to whom? Look at all of the opposition he is facing. I think he does bear some responsibility, but to throw him under the bus is just WRONG on so many levels, and I am not going to sit quietly and let people continue to bash him.

    He doesn’t know about all of the true corruption that is and has been going on since this country became united. He does now, and it’s no picnic. You have to be skilled and in the know as to how to manipulate, scheme, lie and do it successfully in order to be the top dog. He should have NEVER been the president. He doesn’t know how. He thought he knew, but now he does, and under the bus he goes. You tell me….who was a true blue honest to goodness corrupt FREE president?
    Perhaps Lincoln and Carter….anyone else?

    Like everyone else, I too have an opinion, and I can’t stand by and read on as people OBAMA BASH!
    Just say, he should have never have been our president and that’s good enough, but blaming him for crap that started BEFORE he took office, and then shooting down his bills left and right??? you tell me, does he REALLY have any power? He is too naive, inexperienced, nice, and NOT seasoned to play in this “BIG DOG” game. So, throw your tomatoes at me now…..I am ready!

  11. Dying truth you are amazing

  12. To confuse you even more
    Dec 10 Bank of america to resume foreclosures


  13. The trustee Sale date for my Condo in Mesa, Az. has been potponed for the 4th time.; to jan. 13th. I still have to pay the da– HOA dues of $180 per month. What Legal right do they , (Recontrust,CTC Real Estate, and Landsafe Title of Washington (?) Have to keep putting this off? They told me they were going to sell it! Don’t they have any Legal issues with not sticking to “their” word? “WE DO!”) Is there a point where i simply own the place? Any help or guidance welcomed.

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by USA Advocate, alan baron. alan baron said: BOA: "Bend Over America": http://t.co/hyzo5wf Anyone that still has account needs to leave , go smaller banks & credit unions now. […]

  15. Oops, almost forgot. Bin Laden wasn’t responsible for 9/11. Go here> http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten/usama-bin-laden at the FBI’s website to see what Bin Laden is wanted for (not 9/11, which he denied 4 times right before he was murdered in December 2001)

    Oh yeah, and Bin Laden’s mom was, guess what…. JEWISH. That makes him jew-ish (halfbreed scapegoat). Apparently so is Gaddafi.

  16. THE A MAN,
    Key point B of A bought Countrywide (therefore Countrywide not a Megabank, same thing with Wamu which JP Morgan bought).

    John G. Stumpf
    Chairman, President and CEO (but not the owner, or one of them) They always use half-breeds for the piñatas, just look at obama (jewish mother). If sh*t hit the fan they’d have no problem with hangin’ him out to dry (because he’s not jew-ish enough). That’s one of the problems I have them, they’ll turn on or even sacrifice their own in a heartbeat.

    Angelo MOzillo is his alias, his real name is ERNIE from SESAME STREET (he’s really just an orange puppet…. What, you couldn’t tell?) And once again, not a mega bank, just a mega prank.

    Who owns Litton Loan…. Oh yeah, Golden Smacks (aka Goldman Sachs), and where was Litton before Blankfound him? Bankruptcy, waiting to get flushed down the toilet. But what do you think Goldham would do if somone in government had the balls to actually go after Litton for EVERYTHING they did (not civil settlement BS, but criminal charges)? My guess is they would use Litton for why they were hired in the first place, SCAPEGOAT. And then Goldman would take his Sachs and be Splitton quicker than a servicer could say “we’re reviewing you for a modification”, “whup, sorry your house has been sold”.

  17. Guys…

    Why pick the lessors of evils, like we do at voting time?

    They’re all scum….

    Don’t bend over…..

    Boycott ALL these big ones!

    Take out most your money, & use Green Cash, and prevent them earning their 3% fees; with which to better fund their stealing of your neighbor’s house. Liquidate them ALL!

    I love your picture, Neil. Would make great billboards, and great bumper stickers on the hwys!

    They ALL stink. BOYCOTT Federal Reserve BANKING.

    Whomever claims them will automatically pay up then for banking crimes, regardless of ‘race’ or area!

  18. Bof A bought Countrywide and that is the root of all their problems


    he isnt too jewish

    Osama bin laden is not jewish

    Angelo MOzillo isnt jewish

    LItton servicing is Larry Litton not to jewish

  19. Blame Obama America

  20. Oh yeah, I forgot….


    What other purpose could this post be for? There isn’t even an article…

  21. Did you know that B of A was actually the Bank of Italy? That’s why it’s getting all the (jewish owned) media heat, because it’s the ONLY NON JEWISH OWNED MEGABANK. No offense THE A MAN, but that’s a fact. We all know Goldman Sachs is the worst right behind Bernanke’s FED, so why is only B of A singled out and targeted? I’m not saying they’re innocent, but it’s not like any of the other banks set any kind of a good example. They try to put a PR spin making out B of A to be the only bad servicer, when it’s ALL OF THEM and we all know that they could never even dream to be as evil as Litton Loan (a name you never hear in the MSM). The desired result they seek by coming up with provocative slogans like this is that we will all focus on just B of A and maybe even trigger violence which they would use as justification for taking more of our rights away. Oh need I make mention of Wikileaks apparent ties with israel (the only entity not effected by any of the publications). Not to mention this would not be the 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th time israel has been caught spying on it’s most important ‘ally’ (more like hostage) even though we’re not allies because we are not bound by any treaty, and they have attacked us twice (actually 3 if you count 9/11) militarily in the history of their existence.

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