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We’re all in a tough spot right now.  Individually, as a country, as a world.  We are all facing major struggles going forward that are going to require real sacrifices.  Having said that, do any of us really know what real sacrifice is?  Do we individually or collectively as a country have the guts and the backbone that we demonstrated during World War II?

Right now we’re soft, we’re lazy, we’re not even in the game.  Don’t agree?  Well compare whatever struggle you have with what any soldier whose ever served in our armed forces has gone through.  I think particularly about those grizzled World War II veterans, those kids who strapped on their cans and shipped out to fight in the most unimaginable conditions.  You think you got it tough brother?  Take a long hard look out the back end of this landing vehicle staring straight into the German guns pointed directly at you

Put your self in the boots of these boys at Saipan

Or these boys somewhere pounding away in central europe

Or today’s heroes

These men and women fought and continued to fight today, to give us the gift of the privileges we all take for granted.  For all you activists and consumers out there, I want you to commit to get more engaged in this national dialogue.  Do not just scan through and passively read news stories.  If you’re taking the time to read them, if those reports mean anything to you, take the time to leave your comments, to share your stories.  You have a voice….USE IT.  The only way we will change things in this country is if all you who are affected start speaking out and start getting involved. GET OFF YOUR BUTTS, SUCK IT UP AND START USING THOSE PRIVLEDGES OF FREE SPEECH AND OPEN ASSEMBLY THAT OUR SOLDIERS FOUGHT FOR.…You don’t even have to leave your home…today’s public square, this generation’s lunch counter is the internet, blogs, chatrooms, newspaper sites…get on those sites and make your voices heard.

And for all you attorneys out there, please join me in a pledge to LEAVE NO SOLDIER BEHIND. We must commit that no soldier, active duty or retired will go through foreclosure undefended.  They served for us without question or compromise and now it’s our turn to serve them.  I’ve already saved one soldier’s home from a grossly improper sale while he is serving in Afghanistan and it makes me want to puke to think that any soldier has to worry about his home while he’s in the line of fire.

Please pass this post around to the AMVET/AMLEGION Community and forward me any stories of soldier that needs help…..finally, take a look at this link for information about an event I’ll be participating in in a few short weeks….theTampa Bay Frogman Open Water Challenge


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  1. Thanks , I have recently been searching for info approximately this topic for a while and yours is the greatest I have discovered so far. However, what about the conclusion? Are you sure about the supply?


    “. . . .We don’t have a free country, what we have is a police state. The housing crisis was an attack on our wealth by a collusion of our Government and the Financial Industry.”

    Wake up people. 100% of the complaints I review are so off based and attorneys and pro se’s are guessing.

    You call the Judges corrupt. I call the litigants inept.

    MERS is the beneficiary
    Trustee does represent the beneficiary
    MERS forecloses on behalf of the beneficial interest .

    So, why the claims of corrupt Judges and complacent courts? Because in the three items listed above are a volume and a half of unlawful and fraudulent claims. The allegations are so one sided in your favor and . . . .

    Why . . . these arguments are complex and highly convoluted and require a certain element of simplistic analysis.

    This is a chore but these arguments are difficult to grasp and therefore…..folks are going for the lowest hanging fruit…

    It won’t work.

  3. “Two agonizing years for the U.S. economy have been some of the best years on record for Wall Street.

    After first receiving billions in taxpayer aid, and now ultracheap funding from the Federal Reserve, Wall Street banks are on track to wrap up two of their best years ever.

    Even if the current quarter only matches the third in revenue, this year will be the second best ever for Wall Street, capping a two-year winning streak fueled by government dollars, Bloomberg reports. With more than $100 billion in their pockets from the Troubled Asset Relief Program, which offered them hundreds of billions more, the five biggest investment banks — Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley — have seen their revenue this year climb to $93.7 billion.

    “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most of these banks, and I think they’ve recognized it as that,” finance professor Charles Geisst told Bloomberg. ”

  4. We don’t have a free country, what we have is a police state. The housing crisis was an attack on our wealth by a collusion of our Government and the Financial Industry. We are seeing the fallout from vicious, predatory deregulation, we are seeing widespread denial of due process, no Democracy, no freedom, indifference from the press, predation from the legal profession, indifference from our elected sellouts.
    Wave the flag if you must, but this country is filled with people who will never bother to engage in such stupidity when things are so badly arranged. To critcize this country is the greatest act of being an “American”.

  5. Well said. I started reading this and thought to myself: “People still believe we’re bombing and killing for some kind of freedom” That’s the oldest lie. the terrorists, as I would think most who visit this site would agree, are the parasitical loan sharks. My heros are absolutely not soldiers in illegal wars, they are people who are living on the street, perhaps losing their homes, and have to struggle every single day to survive. I don’t recall any worthless politician mentioning we are in Afghanistan to help people have housing in this country.

  6. In 1942 the Congress passed the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act that prevents any creditor from taking an action adverse to the interests of an active-duty or reserve personnel, without first notifying the Court and receiving permission. The Court must, if it does not stay the action, appoint counsel to represent the serviceman.

    Unfortunately, creditor counsel are callous in their obtaining of certificates of no service and today most judges have no clue that the Act actually exists. I recommend all volunteer counsel facing such situation to file suit against both the creditor and the adverse law firm and ask for some very hefty sum. What’s wrong with a claim for $50 MM? Should shake them. And then take it to the jury.

    Remember one truth about jury trials: with a jury, you do not have to prove anything; all you have to do is convince the jury. There is a difference.

  7. Hey Matt…..

    This is a Foreclosure Blog, not a Support you pet project Blog. There are thousands of Blogs for Military support of which I support.

    Please, NO random post here.

  8. Who are you asking, Obama? He’s not going to tell you.

  9. We are not being taught in our schools on what it means to be an “American.” No pledge of allegiance. No prayer. Phony history books. What do you expect? The younger generations especially don’t know what it is to be an “American,”
    moreover, what it’s like to be a “human being?”

    You can’t forget something you don’t know, something you don’t have a connection with. That is where the harsh criticism comes in. We all have to succumb to being treated like terrorists in our own country and around the world so we can be SAFE?? They monitor our bank accounts and scan our bodies, they keep us in debt and sell our jobs to foreigners, they make us dependent oil, depending on pill pushers and poison our foods, they steal our farms and homes? And, they seem to want to take away our right to bear arms. My friend just got pulled over the other day for buying some ammo for his rifle. He’s a skeet shooter. Give me a break! What’s the next thing…microchips in our bodies?

    I know instances right NOW where people are sitting behind bars for trying to help their fellow citizens. They spoke up and they were smart and they used the laws of our nation to defend our rights. Now we have to fight to get them out of our own jails. Yet, their are criminals everywhere who are walking the streets. So, is being “free” simply mean now that we are not locked up or being shot at?

    Do we think these terrorists are going to announce their actions to the world? I doubt it. It seems to me if they wanted to blow the place up or gas us they could do it whenever they wanted to.

    Frankly, I’m not seeing all the freedoms you are talking about. Sure, we are not being bombed. I am thankful for that. But we are slowly being invaded. We are being kept in fear by the news media..Iran building a nuclear bomb, North Korea building missiles, and on and on. More than ever in our country we are buying emergency supplies, gas masks and all sorts of weird survival stuff. The young kids I know want to get out of Dodge and away from all of the chaos. I don’t blame them.

    Tell me, after America FREES everyone in the world over the next 100 years, how many people will have sacrificed themselves, how much money will have been made, how much devastation? Will we be any better off? Or, will we keep fighting just so we can have the right to breathe or not be taxed on every breath we take?

    No one can explain to me what “freedoms” we are protecting by going overseas and fighting wars on other people’s shores. Is that a stupid question that I asked or just too long to explain?

    Now I am being sarcastic, but honest—Should we feel lucky we are not lowly contractors in Iraq? Did your spouses volunteer for that? If they did, then they left their families behind and are risking their lives for a few bucks to build things for other people, while our own schools are in degradation and they are leaving their own children fatherless and homeless. That reminds me of that lady that went to the moon while her kids sat and watched the missile blow up. I’m sorry, she’s not my hero.

    Just doesn’t make a heap of sense to me. Sorry.
    I guess I’m with Bruce McDonald.

  10. Thank you for your very special words. My husband who was a fighter pilot in theViet Nam war thanks you also as will many others. Let me assure, your message is going out today to hundreds if not literally thousands . No one likes war as he has said many times and its weight is heavy on those who have served, not because they had to, but because they wanted to protect those freedoms that we truly still do have in America. Now we are all on the home front waging our own war against the financial players of our society. We can do this. Thank you.

  11. I am standing and applauding!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
    I can say for certain that I am actively involved as best I can to help others and working on own situation to help my family keep our home. After reading this article, it has inspired me to do more.

    My husband has been in Iraq since 2005. The kids and I see him only twice a year. He is not a soldier but a low paying contractor. He works a hard
    17 hrs/7 days a week mandatory! The soldiers, my husband and many of the other contractors have a mutual respect for each other as far as why they are there and what they do as well as all of the politics involved. When they return home, some, like my husband they are not the same…yet they forge on! If they can continue on, I know that I can find that extra strength to fight on also, and not complain so much about being alone, overwhelmed and scared. Imagine what they are going through! I get self absorbed in my immediate stuff, and sometimes forget to appreciate the freedoms that I have.
    Thanks for the “in your face reminder”.

  12. How about this :

  13. 59 states atty generals ruse to the challenge put the pressure on get the money back for your state the taxes the recording fees and anything else you can bloody well think of

  14. Break them up. Neil is right on

  15. Neil


    Let’s get off our American Asses and Use Our Voices without silence.

    Pass out fliers, raise a billboard, boycott the cheaters. Give a presentation to your religious & social groups.

    This great Livinglies community along with other activists on the other foreclosure sites, and on sites like,, etc. etc. – can completely expose and correct this….

    IF we take the get-to-work attitude we did in WWII.

    Neil Thanks for this outstanding very inspirational pics & post as usual!!!!!!!

    It’s OUR TURN!

    We won’t get a 2nd chance……

  16. Understanding a Disaster

    We know the Plaintiff in an action is a title holder seeking to defend title to realty placed into foreclosure by Power of Sale in a one action state. The controversy is a violation of Trustors constitutional rights.

    Defendant’s Aurora Home Loans encumber title to real property held by the plaintiff having recorded a a lien in favor of outstanding obligations totaling $ 00.00; alleged in default and subjecting the title holders estate to a wrongful conveyance and transfer st trustees sale.

    Debt collectors woefully err as they operate under color and badge of authority for The United State Government.

    A Plaintiffs is seeking an equitable relief decree for declaratory relief and all other injunctive remedies for breach of the state’s civil code and rules violations governing a power of sale foreclosure.

    Defendant’s slander of title is a material fraud brought by muniment recorded with various material misrepresentations by lawyers for a failed bank held receivership who act under badge and color of authority.

    Debt collectors are attorney engaged by the FDIC operating under the Federal Debt Collections Practices Act and State civil code set forth by and in a one-action state, under the powers are granted to the lender, acting as a private party in a non-recourse mortgage foreclosure.

    A lack any government role and for having no state or federal actor present, has caused the majority of state and federal courts to rule constitutional rights violations against a title holder as frivolous litigation.

    Defendants, the FDIC and OTS are foreclosing on title by title holders real property located at 1302 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica CA 98898.

    Lacking the right to foreclose on real property the debt collectors will act under the FDIC Repudiatory powers willfully and intentionally fabricate, forge and create false documents “Robo” signatures under the belief of immunity from fraudulent practices.

    These deposits held by investors are used to offset the certificates of stock issued for the right to participation the earnings generated by a failed FDIC member bank. This takes place while the bank relied on a pool of mortgages that are represented solely by the registration and a filing meaning foreclosure on MERS registered stock.certificates.

    The transfers of loans for stock certificates are judicial divesture by transfer of like value assets and for capitalization purposes.

    Therefore, claims brought against defendants MUST cite a non-transparent means and method to avoid the introduction of the government into the subject title holder’s foreclosure by violation of constitutional rights.

    Herein is yet another fraud perpetrated by a legal practitioner’s sham theory on best use of Repudiatory powers of state alleged to be granted to a debt collector – THESE ACTIONS ARE NOT QUALIFIED UNDER THE STATES POWER OF SALE!

    By M.Soliman

  17. There was Viet Nam not so many years ago, and that was another one of these BS wars designed to make a small number of people wealthy beyond belief. Bring our soldiers home to help us march on Washington and get something done for the people of the US. Our young men and women do not need to die for somebody else who does not even care about us. Bring them home to help us MAKE the government work the way it is supposed to work UNDER THE CONSTITUTION.

  18. This is exactly the type of comment I am talking about:

    Merlene states: “Were it not for them [our soldiers], we would not have the freedoms we so enjoy and too often take for granted.”

    If there were truly a war, we’d be fighting right here on our own soil. Instead, we have to fight for our freedoms in the courtrooms across this country. That is wrong.

    Explain how it is were it not for our government hiring soldiers to fight for resrouces on foreign shores that we would not have our freedoms here in America.

    EXPLAIN IT, please. Thanks.

  19. One easy thing everyone can do is go to a coin shop & buy at least one silver coin & tell your friends to do the same. By doing so we may be able to bring about the end of one of these current financial terrorist.

    Neil has been doing a great job on this end. Now check the work Max Keiser & others are currently doing.

    Just google search: Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver

    Then research the details on back for yourself.

    Pass this msg around if you agree with me/others.

  20. It makes me want to puke that ANYONE’S home is on the line. If these soldiers are truly fighting for our freedom in America, then no one’s home should be foreclosed on in this day and age.

    However, what do we mean by “freedom?”
    Freedom comes in many forms. Personally, I think we are being oppressed by the banks.

    I question the meaning of “freedom.” We are on foreign soils fighting for resources in the name of freedom. Our young men and woman are sacrificing their lives and the futures of their families to make other countries safe and free. I am confused.

    The age old rhetoric goes that we are fighting for freedom for others just like we did for ourselves.
    I’m not buying that 100% in that people here are in bad shape and it’s getting worse!

    Perhaps our soldiers need to line up around the White House and insist these officials start protecting us at home, balance our own budget, take care of our own people, and secure our own safety before we comb the globe for wars in the name of “freedom.”

  21. Bernie Sanders is an American.

    “In those eight and a half hours Mr. Sanders hit on literally everything. He called a spade a spade. He said we can’t afford to keep spending money we don’t have, and he called out those in the banking and financial industry who have created this crisis. He wasn’t afraid to use the blunt language that has to be used – he laid it all out.

    Banks with 63% of GDP in alleged “assets”, he quoted Simon Johnson, and he gave you a prescription to end this crap – “BREAK THEM UP.”

    Then he added to it: the people who did this on Wall Street “need to go to jail.”

  22. Very well said Matthew! We owe our soldiers respect, gratitude, and support. Were it not for them, we would not have the freedoms we so enjoy and too often take for granted.
    To Bruce, I think you have completely missed the point in your quest to make your opinion on war known. Matthew was not glorifying the wars, he was simply stating a fact that there were and continue to be men and women who put their lives on the line everyday to defend your right to your opinion and your freedom to express it. Many of these men and women have not seen US soil for months, some for years. While they are fighting for our freedom and risking their lives to do so, there are things going on here at home that they have no way to address. Matthew was saying that while they are fighting for us and our freedoms, we need to stand up and fight for them and support them. Soldiers face foreclosure and the fraudulent practices of the big banks and foreclosure mills like everyone else. The difference is, they are not here to fight for themselves. God bless our Soldiers. They did not ASK for a war, they did not CREATE a war, but they will go if called because they love their country, their people and principles.

  23. Very well said.

  24. There are a lot of better ways to convey and reconnect the American people to their courage than to glorify wars that were orchestrated by the exact same global banking cartels that are at work today wreaking havoc all over the planet, pitting one country against another. They sucker us into these wars and while, yes, men and women have to display courage when thrown into war, it’s not helpful in my mind to use these cooked up wars that plunge the entire planet into conflict in order to achieve the goals of a handful of psychopaths. They are trying to do the exact same thing right now, to plunge the world into third world war. It’s not something to glorify in any way shape or form in my mind. The war for our independence may be a more legitimate example, but even that had the bankers and aristocrats involved all over the place.

    What would be the ultimate expression of courage is for us to REFUSE to participate in any more of these wars they cook up. WE are insane if we allow it to go on any longer. The last thing any of us peasants want is war. So why do we keep lining up for them and glorifying them?

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