Neil, I’m afraid we need another Action Alert on the Fed trying to do away with TILA protection. Here is an article about what the big banksters are up to.

At the end of the article is a link to electronically comment to the Fed Reserve about what you think about their $hitty proposals. My thoughts were pretty scorching and I let them have it – no holds barred. Everyone, please let them know what YOU THINK! We wiped out HR 3808. We can force our wishes down the throats of the Fed Reserve too.

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  1. Carrie, it’s only partially correct,the buyer’s of the loan are responsible for items that are apparent on the face of the docs, which is most everything.Like the 3 day right to rescind is dated wrong or the 1003 isn’t signed and exaggerated beyond belief. However, most is out of the SOL. Lot’s of ways the lender can circumvent the law. Look for a good attorney. Our real hope now is the faulty foreclosure methods that include a broken chain of title.Fraud in Ca is 3 years from the time you should have known. Sooo, if you had the fraudulent docs since closing and it’s been 3 years the court might rule you should have read the papers sooner. Most courts are harsh unless you get a good judge but then the decision can be appealed by the lender however you would be living in the house in the mean time.

  2. Anonymous:
    You are correct, we are making great strides as it relates to this current crisis in light of the fact that just a year ago the present progress was unheard of and everyone who participates on this site and others like it must be commended. You deserve special thanks also, you have contributed much. And people like Neil, mere words cannot express the gratitude I have for him. Thanks to a friend of mine who turned me on to this site I must say that I gleaned a wealth of knowledge from everyone here. I had a half-baked idea as to what was transpiring in the mortgage industry, but it was put into prospective here.

    My focus was elsewhere however, everything is relative and there is an axis of evil and it is the largest of the financial institutions and the major corporation. And I know that the enemy reads the post here, so to them, I do not condemn all the financial institutions or all of corporate America, because there are many that are honorable and trustworthy and they are as frustrated by the corruption as we are.

    I am afraid of what will happen next, perhaps I read too much. As an example of how upside down things are; the United States Dept. of Labor has a program for displaced workers and acknowledges the reason for the program is because so many jobs have been lost to outsourcing to foreign Nations. That just stabs me in the heart.
    The political machine is broken, there aren’t any statesmen left, albeit, what we have are the self-serving puppets of corporate America.
    To fight this entire battle by bits and pieces would take a life time and in the end you would be chasing your tale because they always find a way to circumvent most laws and exploit the ambiguity which is purposely imbedded within those laws.

    Your ally


  3. Bob M

    I am certainly not capitulating to the notion that we are doomed — to the contrary – I believe we making great headway in exposing the fraud that has caused such devastation to homeowners and this country.

    While I state that we have lost our say in the “process” – I – along with most others here – intend to take in back. I am well aware of the power – but the power is getting weaker and weaker. As THE A MAN says — “Never Again.”

  4. Gregory Bryl, Esq.

    Unless you are putting ALL defects in the original loan documents into the category of ‘technical’, then you need to have a fourth category which is contract law mistakes.

    CountryWide loans in the name of “America’s Wholesale Lender” have some sizeable problems in the original loan documents. I do not see certain of these errors as just ‘technical’, not when the documents are written incorrectly.

  5. Thank you, TMT, for the sample letter from Amy. I copied that & sent it to the orange man, but couldn’t resist asking him to do us all a favor and resign now and then he can spend all of his time in his precious tanning booth. Unprofessional of me, I know, but I am SO FREAKING fed up, I couldn’t resist the childish insult.

  6. We have to stand for our rights no matter the outcome or we shall go down, I am not ready to give in , and I may never be, what is the use of a human being if we are not free as we were intended to be.

  7. Anonymous:
    In the words of the Great Patrick Henry, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me death”.
    I am not looking to any government official for assistance in any way shape or form. What I am trying to do is make them submit to our will. I am looking to the people for support. I want to put the corrupt government on notice that we the people will not tolerate, inter alia, the equitable stripping of our Nation. That while millions of Americans languish in poverty the FED is giving Trillions of dollars to foreign banks and countries; that the very vermin which has destroyed this country has been bailed out with my tax dollars and even as we languish in poverty are still expected to pay those F**king taxes to pay their debt. This is outrageous and must be stopped. We will steal you house, your prosperity, your freedom, but you will pay your tax or we will put you in prison. Does that sit well with everyone here?
    It is never too late to fight back; unless of course you are dead; I’m not. Don’t forget that in the end the MOB rules. The citizens of the United States are not like most. For one, this nation has never been disarmed like many others; therefore, we have a means to defend ourselves and resist oppression. However, the disarmament of the populous is not for want of trying. There are many who would abolish the Second Amendment, and they would be the same people who would oppress us.
    The people in this country better wake up and wake up soon. Futility is knocking at our door and the longer we sit idly by, the more futile the restoration of this country will be.
    I am 52 years old and in all my life I have never seen such despair or utter chaos as it relates to the populous. Every time I pick up the newspaper or turn on the news I see that another person has committed suicide, or that a husband has murdered all his children, his wife and then himself in the face of losing a job or his home. The Aristocracy sits high atop its Gilded Throne while the minions toil in despair as a result of their actions. The quality of life in America is in the toilet and pretty soon someone is going to pull the handle and flush us all down the sewer.
    What has transpired in this country has been allowed to transpire by the people of this country because we have lost our way, wrapped up in our own little bubbles, led around by a Carrot. It is only a matter of time before we have civil unrest and as usual, in any society in which this happens, the people do not target the true enemy, because they do not understand who the true enemy is; it is and always has been the money grabbers of the world. The Rothschild’s and their Ilk, The Rockefeller’s the J.P. Morgan’s, the Goldman & Sachs, etc. They are the true enemy and they are the target. They have corrupted every aspect of our lives.
    Perhaps I have delusions of grandeur; but there comes a time in history when greatness and strength are required and it only takes a spark to ignite a fire.
    When will the people of this country say enough is enough?
    For me this is not just about the Mortgage Crisis, this is about how we have arrived here. This country and our government are upside down, it is time to right it.
    In every society you will have those who are intent to corrupt, to steal by whatever means necessary, the problem however, is the would be robber carries a pen and superior intelligence instead of a gun.
    Through rhetoric, smoke and mirrors, a nation has been lulled to sleep. Well it is time to wake up America.
    Anonymous, if we capitulate to the notion that we are doomed and there is nothing we as citizen can do then we are doomed. For it is plain to see that the seed of hopelessness has been planted and taken root in a society of 300 Million plus; this is comprehensibly impossible.
    Inner rage MUST be your driving force. I am sure Millions are outraged at how powerless we have all become.
    I am a humble candid man and I am going to address a candid world.
    Tell Me what you think Anonymous, from you heart.

  8. Fisking the American Securitization Forum’s Congressional Testimony
    posted by Adam Levitin

  9. ALERT – Make This Go Viral – Fight The Banksters – Ron Paul MUST NOT Be Blocked – Raise Hell With John Boehner – Flood His Office With Phone Calls

    ACTION REQUIRED – Contact John Boehner

    Washington, D.C. Office
    1011 Longworth H.O.B.
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-6205
    (202) 225-0704 fax

    Raise Holy Hell – Make Sure He Hears Your Voice

    Here is a sample emil sent by Amy:

    Rep. John Boehner

    ‘We the people’ are fed up. We want accountability and transparency. We want the banksters and fraudsters responsible for the economic crisis to be held responsible – arrest them and throw them in jail! Stop protecting them. Stop representing only corporate and Wall Street interests. ‘We the people’ deserve better. Ron Paul is currently the ranking member of the House Subcommittee for Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology and is, therefore, in line to become chairman of the subcommittee. Stop trying to block Ron Paul. Get out of his way and let him take his rightful place as Chairman. ‘We the People’ want to be heard and we are screaming for Ron Paul to be chairman.

    If you don’t get out of his way, Mr. Boehner, we’ll vote you out of the way.

  10. Credit Union securitization plans quietly moving forward

    Barclays Capital, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo are all involved in this deal.

  11. ASF Testimony for Congressional Hearings re RMBS Chain of Title on December 1st & 8th, 2010

  12. The problem is as my grandfather explained it, if you found a honest man and got him elected, the system would corrupt him in six months.
    What it will take to save our republic, is simple and now possible. We have to allow the people to vote for representives who represent us, and vote on the issues and bills that they vote on, in every level of government.
    The way it would work is simple, a voter using his/her social security number logs into the county voter registration website, enters their password, and views the upcomming votes for his/her Town/City Counsel, County Commission, State House, State Senate, House of Represenatives and Senate.

    The rules would be that if a set percentage number “60 to 65 %” voted against a proposal, that measure would not pass and could not be voted on the second time for 30 days. This would give the proponants of the legislation time to make their case to the voters, but if it does not pass the second time, the matter can not be voted on again for 180 days.
    This would take a lot of power away from our elected representives.
    People have told me that this would not work because of the ignorance and apathy of the American people, and that to few people would vote this way. But my way of thinking is that even if only a thousand people voted on a federal matter and 600 or 650 of that thousand voted against it, it should be set aside.
    How many things has government done, inasmuch as trade agreements, favorable banking/insurance legislation, that never would have happened, if the people had a vote on the issues.
    Somebody pass this on to Ron Paul and the tea party folks.

  13. Maybe this explains why BAC notified me in my QWR response that it is not responsible for any acts of the “originating lender.” Is that true?

    In my case, BAC/fka/CW Loan Servicing claims to own the note and mortgage now. If what BAC stated is true, at which point of the loan processing or foreclosure would it become liable?

  14. Neil,
    Your comments are not posted.

    Could they be calling your comments a form letter? That would be odd.

    * The Board has received more than 400 form letters on this proposal that are not being posted. The attached file (5.8 MB PDF) contains examples of the content of three different form letters.

    Furthemore, wouldn’t this change violate the constitutional restriction on ex post facto laws?

  15. …………..WE SAY!!

  16. Conduct is key. Ive decided to let it be known that i have the power in court and they must do as they are sworn to. Let the court know that they are privilaged to do as the people demand. I HAVE TAKEN NO OATH, THEY HAVE, AND THEY WILL UPHOLD THAT OATH OR FACE THE PEOPLE. iAM NO bENIDICT aRNOLD . My history will not show appeasement to actions contrary to the rule of law. For my childrens sake……

  17. Abby in CA is right – the power we face is huge. We have lost our say – in anything – including the courts.

    We are controlled.

  18. Bob M,

    Would not hold breath – Warren will not respond to individual comments/or complaints. But, believe she takes it all in.

  19. Well WFB motion to Withdraw Bankruptcy Adversary reference will be ruled on without oral argument?'<!
    WHATS MY ODDS??? I hope they take my declaration to heart, they were noticed.

  20. Looks like the gear up for the Fed Takeover of The Market. Fits their MO for all their great work?

  21. Eule,
    you can reach E. Warren at the Congressional Oversight Panel:

  22. Abby, I have put a clause in the Bill and provisions for a Body of Middle Class Citizens who are like minded and steadfast in their convictions which will allow them a voice in the House and Congress.

    Section 14) If our Representatives and Senators wish to advocate for the Aristocracy, so be it, however, all Statutes and regulations as it relates to the Financial Industry and this includes American Corporations, are hereby abolished forthwith; a contingent of Middle Class Citizen shall sit with the House and Congress and create new laws in which the United States Citizen has an equal footing, the new investment will have its focus on America, not the Globe. No longer will any law tilt against the American Citizen. The title for the group of citizens shall be called, “The American Citizens Coalition in Congress”. No law will be enacted without the consent of the “Coalition”.

  23. May be Ms Warren solve the problem again . Who has her e-mail ?

  24. to Bob M
    well..once we rid ourselves of these parasites…a new set comes along……

    the new ones can and often times are worse!!

  25. HUD is soliciting public input regarding possible changes in their Regulations regarding warehouse lending and such. I am not knowledgeable enough to provide a comment on my own, and would certainly appreciate Neil or others’ suggestions.

    The period for comment is 30 days, but the date this was posted was November 16th.

  26. Actually, in my opinion, TILA and RESPA are kind of wimpy. We should seek to beef them up not just keep them. There needs to be more punch in them by virtue of criminal penalties and fines.

  27. That is only a portion of the Bill. They want to strip our protections, how about we rid ourselves of these parasites’? We need to rise up like a storm and put an end to this nightmarish Hell.

  28. Below is what needs to be done, soon I am going to post this proposed bill on every web site I can with an attached petition for supporting signatures. I have already called a few Senators and have given them a quick synopsis.
    I am going on the war path before it is too late.
    Once I post this Bill I suggest everyone who visits here with Neil, sign it and give it a populous support.
    Someone has to fight the true beast and that is the FED. We are at serious crossroad in our Nation’s history and if we the people do not act, our children will be doomed to servitude for all time. We are prisoners to a monetary system we have absolutely no control over and neither does Congress.
    The time to act is nearing, and I hope this Bill will get a show of support.


  29. Bill No: Delegation:

    Title of Bill:
    The Reclaiming of America


    THIS a Bill to Abolish the Criminal Enterprise that is the Federal Reserve System in the United States and Other Measures to Correct and Return America to Prosperity;

    We are a Self Sufficient Nation:

    Our Country is in dire straits and steeped in corruption, as the disparity between the rich and the poor rapidly multiplies, a sixth of the population languishes in poverty, and the dynasty of the Rothschild Family continues through deception, to pilfer all the money they can around the globe, it leaves us no choice but to rebel, therefore, we need to ratify emergency legislation to stop the equitable divesting of our Country and to correct the cesspool that is America.
    “Let us/me control the money of a nation, and we care not who makes its laws” was said to be a “maxim” of the House of Rothschild’s, or, even more vaguely, of the “money lenders of the Old World”.

    Stauncher words have never been coined, no pun intended.

    There are three major problems facing this Nation:

    a) The criminal enterprise that is the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) and all its Members are toxic and repugnant to our freedom, prosperity and our Constitution and have corrupted our political process far too long. Once again the FED has brought this Great Nation to its knees; The Federal Reserve Has robbed and run rough shot over the populous of this Country since 1913 and the time to shed ourselves of these parasites is now. Hundreds of Thousands of Men and Woman of these United States gave their lives so we could be free from tyranny that was the King of England. A far worse evil still exist and controls the United States through the control of our Currency and forthwith shall cease. No non-America entity shall influence the United States or its laws.

    b) The out-sourcing of jobs to foreign Nations by Corporate America while American Citizens are starving in the Streets;

    c) The Outrageous invasion by illegal aliens who are killing our citizens, raping our women and are a crime spree in and of themselves; the other illegal aliens who are not actively involved in violent crimes but that are stealing our jobs and sucking up our recourses where American Citizens are being denied those same recourses;

    This Bill will correct and restore America; it will open and create many employment opportunities, it will place the average citizen in a position they have never known, and most importantly, it will remove the bonds of slavery to a monetary system created by private entities of which we have absolutely no control over.

    What follows is however harsh, the necessary steps to correct the Ills of this Nation and return America back to the American People (the legal Citizens) and return us to Prosperity and Safety.

    Section 1: Notwithstanding any other Federal Statute or Regulation promulgated thereunder, this Bill is intended to restore America within and under the United States Constitution and supersedes any and all statutes. Effective immediately in accord with the United States Constitution, Article I. §§ 8 and 10, the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) and its Board shall be abolished forthwith in the United States. No affiliate of the FED shall lend money of any kind, nor shall they be allowed to trade or sell securities, bonds, MBS, commodities, of any kind, as such that it may adversely affect the American people and this Nation. All Federal Reserve Notes are hereby deemed counterfeit and illegal. The American tax payer nor the United States Government or any agency thereof, shall no longer pay any interest on any debt owed the FED nor shall any debt be paid.

    a) No private entity shall ever coin money as prescribed by the United States Constitution in the United States; No citizen shall be made to pay a debt that is not secured by Gold or Silver coined by the United States past or present. Banks and Lending institutions in America shall when needed, borrow its money from the United Sates Government, The Treasury, at a nominal interest rate which will be determined not to be exorbitant; said interest shall be used for the sole purpose for the infra-structure of the United States. New regulations shall be set forth for all lending institutions in United States.

    b) It is hereby ordered, the United States Treasury shall mint notes backed by gold, silver or other commodities this nation has at its resources. There shall be a credit slip exchange for all goods and services until such time as the Treasury has circulated an appropriate amount of money to each and every United States Citizen holding Federal Reserve Notes. All such notes shall be swapped out for and equal amount of new Treasury Notes. When our monetary transition is complete, all citizens shall within thirty days pay their Creditors. No foreign person or entity whatsoever shall be allowed to redeem a Federal Reserve Note. No member Bank of the FED shall be allowed to redeem a Federal Reserve Note nor shall any corporate officer of said member Banks be allowed to redeem a Federal Reserve Note. Your wealth shall be stripped as you have stripped ours for the past 200 years.

    Section 2) It is hereby ordered that no corporation which is incorporated within the United States shall except or trade in foreign money; nor shall any corporation outsource, work, jobs, employment or services outside of the United States.

    a) No entity such as the likes of the Rothschild’s, Bilderberg Group, or any affiliations of such stature and demeanor shall have influence over the United States. Neither rules nor any authority as it relates to the United Nations shall have any effect on the Citizens of the United States that is repugnant to our Constitution, our way of life or our independence.

    i) Corporate Lobbying is hereby illegal; No American corporation shall make political contributions whatsoever to any political campaign. Any person or entity which attempts to circumvent this clause by any means whatsoever shall be imprisoned for life without parole.

    b) No product shall be sold in the United States that is not produced in the United States. The new country slogan shall be, “If It Is Not Made Here, It is Not Sold Here” Until Further Notice.

    i) NAFTA is hereby abolished. The Free Trade Agreement shall not continue until such time as an equal footing for America can be established. No foreign entity shall bid or partake in any work under contract or otherwise within the United States.

    ii) Any American Corporation, Company, or Entity operating factories, manufacturing plants, or any other facility outside the United States which produces anything tangible whatsoever shall be closed forthwith; if any Corporation, company or entity operates any such facility outside the United States, which still maintains an entity in the United States, the responsible parties shall be punished by mandatory imprisonment for 100 years.

  30. TILA and other consumer protection statutes are an important category of available foreclosure defenses. I like to break up almost all foreclosure defenses into 3 broad categories: consumer law violations (TILA, RESPA, etc.), technical defenses (standing, improper securitization, etc.), and estoppel defenses based on banks’ conduct during loan modification negotiations. For more detail, you can read this post:

  31. we need to swarm them with calls, letters and emails like african bees.

    How even we all must remember they do work for the benefit of the banks.

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