Nobody Ever Thought It Could Happen Here

Editor’s Comment: As long as we believe that we are included in the aristocracy we will never see them as the source of our own oppression and we will even vote for them. So it LOOKS like a democracy but it isn’t. It looks like the rule of law but it is the rule of men. We have allowed it, promoted it and even created it. If we don’t put aside our fictitious differences and realize that we are all under attack and the aristocracy is winning easily, the game will be over. The result, like all other societies before us will be repression, oppression and eventually a breakout of chaos and violence because members of the aristocracy cannot conceive of the day when their heads would be chopped off just because of who they are and what they did. Just look back to the day before the French revolution started. You have to know that nearly everyone thought that the fix was in and could never be changed. LESSON FROM HISTORY: It doesn’t work that way.

Winning the Class War


The class war that no one wants to talk about continues unabated.

Even as millions of out-of-work and otherwise struggling Americans are tightening their belts for the holidays, the nation’s elite are lacing up their dancing shoes and partying like royalty as the millions and billions keep rolling in.

Recessions are for the little people, not for the corporate chiefs and the titans of Wall Street who are at the heart of the American aristocracy. They have waged economic warfare against everybody else and are winning big time.

The ranks of the poor may be swelling and families forced out of their foreclosed homes may be enduring a nightmarish holiday season, but American companies have just experienced their most profitable quarter ever. As The Times reported this week, U.S. firms earned profits at an annual rate of $1.659 trillion in the third quarter — the highest total since the government began keeping track more than six decades ago.

The corporate fat cats are becoming alarmingly rotund. Their profits have surged over the past seven quarters at a pace that is among the fastest ever seen, and they can barely contain their glee. On the same day that The Times ran its article about the third-quarter surge in profits, it ran a piece on the front page that carried the headline: “With a Swagger, Wallets Out, Wall Street Dares to Celebrate.”

Anyone who thinks there is something beneficial in this vast disconnect between the fortunes of the American elite and those of the struggling masses is just silly. It’s not even good for the elite.

There is no way to bring America’s consumer economy back to robust health if unemployment is chronically high, wages remain stagnant and the jobs that are created are poor ones. Without ordinary Americans spending their earnings from good jobs, any hope of a meaningful, long-term recovery is doomed.

Beyond that, extreme economic inequality is a recipe for social instability. Families on the wrong side of the divide find themselves under increasing pressure to just hold things together: to find the money to pay rent or the mortgage, to fend off bill collectors, to cope with illness and emergencies, and deal with the daily doses of extreme anxiety.

Societal conflicts metastasize as resentments fester and scapegoats are sought. Demagogues inevitably emerge to feast on the poisonous stew of such an environment. The rich may think that the public won’t ever turn against them. But to hold that belief, you have to ignore the turbulent history of the 1930s.

A stark example of the potential for real conflict is being played out in New York City, where the multibillionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has selected a glittering example of the American aristocracy to be the city’s schools chancellor. Cathleen Black, chairwoman of Hearst Magazines, has a reputation as a crackerjack corporate executive but absolutely no background in education.

Ms. Black travels in the rarefied environs of the very rich. Her own children went to private boarding schools. She owns a penthouse on Park Avenue and a $4 million home in Southampton. She was able to loan a $47,600 Bulgari bracelet to a museum for an exhibit showing off the baubles of the city’s most successful women.

Ms. Black will be peering across an almost unbridgeable gap between her and the largely poor and working-class parents and students she will be expected to serve. Worse, Mr. Bloomberg, heralding Ms. Black as a “superstar manager,” has made it clear that because of budget shortfalls she will be focused on managing cutbacks to the school system.

So here we have the billionaire and the millionaire telling the poor and the struggling — the little people — that they will just have to make do with less. You can almost feel the bitterness rising.

Extreme inequality is already contributing mightily to political and other forms of polarization in the U.S. And it is a major force undermining the idea that as citizens we should try to face the nation’s problems, economic and otherwise, in a reasonably united fashion. When so many people are tumbling toward the bottom, the tendency is to fight among each other for increasingly scarce resources.

What’s really needed is for working Americans to form alliances and try, in a spirit of good will, to work out equitable solutions to the myriad problems facing so many ordinary individuals and families. Strong leaders are needed to develop such alliances and fight back against the forces that nearly destroyed the economy and have left working Americans in the lurch.

Aristocrats were supposed to be anathema to Americans. Now, while much of the rest of the nation is suffering, they are the only ones who can afford to smile.

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  1. Mr. Jefferson said it best: “When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny.”
    -Thomas Jefferson
    It is time for the government to fear us, the people. We need to do something as soon as possible. Civil disobedience could start it. We must talk to our family members in the military. We will need the military on our side.

  2. DyingTruth, you make a good point. We are seen as weak by others and that is dangerous.

    To quote the bible: Why sit we here and die?”
    Have we forgotten that this is a nation founded by rebels? That it was the injustices and evil actions, the suppression of rights and law that caused the original rebels to rise up and fight back? That it was the abuse of power that was the last straw!
    Do we sit because we have forgotten how to stand up and fight back because we have been forced to work so hard just to survive? Forgotten how to just stand up, that we can stand up without being told to, that we are capable of thinking for ourselves and that we don’t have to OBEY OTHERS.
    You’re, right the line has been crossed, it is the disbelief that things have gotten this bad, that somehow it must be a mistake, a bad dream, and we will soon wake.
    And when we wake, all hell will break loose!
    The free ride is over, we are reluctant but we will stop them.
    Too big to fail, too important to allow the banks to suffer the fate of bad judgments and loans. What a crock! The banks must be protected at all costs and the ones paying the costs is us.
    Not anymore!
    Nobody is protecting us from them, they schemed and planned, they controlled and coerced, they lied, cheated, committed outright fraud and deception, blatantly stealing our homes, lives and lifetime of hard work with no more concern than kid stepping on an ant.
    The worst part is that they knew from the beginning that they would never get caught, even if they were “caught”. no jail time, no penalties, no remorse, no restitution. They already had the new bill absolving them of all crimes in place and passed in congress!
    They aren’t above the law, the bought off the law and now own it too!
    We, the innocent, must now fear the courts and penalties for daring to confront them and fight back.
    We are right, we have been wronged, we have suffered, will continue to suffer as long as we accept this situation.
    There can be no law, no civilized society as long as the banksters are not punished, not taken down, not stopped from continuing on this course of destruction of our lives. The longer they are allowed to keep foreclosing on homes and businesses, the anger and rage will continue to build until it boils over.
    The banksters have taught us well not to fear the law, how to manipulate the law, how to avoid taking responsibility for our actions.
    In fact it is only our respect for the law that is keeping the lid on, for now. But we are fast approaching the breaking point.
    It ain’t gonna be pretty, and it won’t be civilized.
    After all, we are still Americans, the original rebels!

  3. I Fleet from Cuba about 20 years ago , i was 15 at the time, i fleet from a county that did not let anyone be richer than anyone else , where equality and equal share among citizens is your daily doctrine, they reapeat it saying it out loud in the streets and in schools, Perhaps if the Comunism was not so opresive and would have the basic needs that any person would require to live , it would be your ideal “UTOPIA” , im not 15 anymore and i have a family of my own, i have lived the 2 extremes sides of the World System, Capitalism and Comunism, as soon as you set foot in this country what it hits you is the abundance of everything , Waaaoooo everything so colorfull, shelves fully stocked , cars overwhelming parking lots in dealerships. waaaaaoooo i’m in heaven, not so fast my friend , now im older and wiser and after i have fully lived in a country that i called my own and understand how it works, i can tell you one thing, nothing is going to be done until there are no food on those shelves , and running water, electricity, and all those basic needs that WE americans take for granted, you see, most of you guys have never lived in a Country where they give you 4 eggs for person in the house hold to live thru the whole month among other humiliating amounts of rice 5LBS, beans 2lbs sugar 1bl no fish of meat only once every 3 months and all these for a famly of five , i was in shame to live in Country where only babies 2 years and under and also 70 years + Elderly are “allowed ” to drink milk,

    Do WE need to get to those humilliating levels to ACT and do somethig about it , you see……….,most of you dont realize that all i have said could happen to you too, want hints ?, middle class is getting wipeout !, prices on food and other items are rising to incredible numbers, the only classes will be left will be the high class and us the lower class, that is it , it all goes down hill from here. Take it from me Guys , YOU CAN NEVER GIVE TO MUCH POWER TO A GOV, everything that i have stated today it happend to me because back in1959 i failed and the cubans failed and gave the gov to much power. Take a hard look back at history people, The Rich are not doing anything New in history ,THEY ARE JUST GETTING CREATIVE ON HOW TO TAKE YOUR MONEY, but the outcome will be the same , we will complain and whine until you wake up one day and you will open the fridge and voala ! there is nothing to give your kids to eat , now you are ready to take action dont you, why wait to get to that level of poverty when we can act NOW.

  4. My level headed friend

    You’re like so many others…sharp, hyper focused and mentally fatigued challenging Wall Street lender magic.

    Re-engineer this thing and you will see there was no fraud. Or how about this…there was no fraud.

    By their own admission the lender is a seller and also the Master Servicer. FAS 140 and GAAP rules for Derecognition prohibit any controlling interest in assets sold. So whats up here?

    I’m tired of telling this story but respect the fact people want to discover things themselves. . . .Even at the expense of losing their home.

    We are Americans and are stubborn.

    10 Points for creating your defense:

    1) The loans are sold whole – no servicng rights

    The collateral for you loan is substitution of a CD for a note brilliant!

    2) Investors are called depositors

    3) Depositors receive certificates and

    5) The member bank receives the deposits

    6) Certificates —–> of —–> Deposits

    7) Deposits are FILO capital or “capitalization” for the REMIC (Held by management in a TRS)

    8) Loans are sold by Lender to SPE for cash
    Done! Final; [Whole Loans Transfers and sale.]

    9) Lender takes cash and buys certificate (of deposits) in his own bank Hmmmmm

    10) CD’s are used to ……..BUY BACK LOANS in the name of the accredited investors.

    Brilliant I tell you ….Brilliant!

    So that’s why the master servicer can over ride GAAP and avoid the controlling interest provision for assets sold.

    Bank keeps the loans (in an isolated QSPE)
    Bank keeps the deposits meaning the
    Bank keeps the money used to buy loans
    Bank issues class “A” certs thereafter in multiples of the original Depositor contribution ….got it?

    The more they make bad loans the more they grew their deposits….Hmmm Washingtons love hate with Keynesian econ


    There are better ways to prevail….


  5. One lion leading armys of sheep will overcome an army of lion’s led by a single sheep.

    If an ocean line were to capsize . . . your only way out is to get to the bottom of the sinking ship….while the others wait a top for help …and then drown!

    Paris peace talks – While Nixon pounds SE Asia with enough bombs to take mankind into the stone age – the American negotiators arrive in Paris. We rent the entire Ritz Carlton for a month

    The Vietnamise leased a city block of villas for one year.

    If a violent rip tide could talk it would say….”stop fighting and hang on . . . .while I take you back to shore.

    Ever see a litttle furry mongose . . .nothing in lfe turns it on more than the site of a 10 + ft Cobra….upright and when ready to strike.

    All that strength and leathel power . . . .and the little guy wins .. . each and everytime.

    By M Soliman

    A borrower under the terms and provisions of the original note in securitization reminds me of the judicial notion of privity of estate (leasehold) with the holder in due course as the Landlord or here – beneficiary lender.

    A mortgage loan is an obligation for indebtedness owed to a lender as the beneficial interest. The interest is in favor or the holder in due course.

    Defendants share characteristics of industry peers, large financial institutions’ insuring the depositor base placed into each account held therein.

    Depositors are subject to member banks soundness N O T MORTGAGE D E F A U L T and reasonable presumption of stability and regulatory guidance of the Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation, the “FDIC”.

    The main distinction between income Recognition of all or part of the note and collateral and Derecognition or assignment of the note and collateral is that

  7. By M.Soliman

    These Defendants I am asked to testify against believe it prudent, proper and in line to avoid recording the transfers of its assets, specifically in the Plaintiff’s loan, whcih is subject to this controversy.

    The basic concept of horizontal privity can be express by the aphorism: “If it’s going to run with the land, it must be born with the land,” signifying that a real covenant must, in some sense, be part of the conveyance of the burdened property interest rather than being independent from it.

    The more restrictive covenant rule requires that the benefited and burdened landowners have a continuing relationship; a fee simple conveyance from A to B would not satisfy the requirement.

    So to meet the restrictive rule, a real covenant is unenforceable as such unless the original covenantor and covenantee had a leasehold relationship, or unless their properties were servant and dominant tenements for an easement.

    The more flexible interpretation permits the horizontal privity requirement to be satisfied if the covenant is part of a conveyance in fee.

    Defendant’s interpretation of the CA CC 2924 ( h) ( g) for transfers and assignments of a covenant are by its own admission, a real covenant that if it were unenforceable it remains inconsequential to the matter of precedent and ownership.See also In re Figearo, 79 B.R. 914 (Banker. D.Nev. 1987) (creditor who held properly perfected security interest in debtor’s . . . inventory prior to debtor’s bankruptcy filing. . . held a security interest pursuant to §552 in the funds held by the trustee as a result of a compromise of a fraudulent conveyance action).

    A borrower under the terms and provisions of the original note in securitization reminds me of the judicial notion of privity of estate (leasehold) with the holder in due course as the Landlord or here – beneficiary lender.

    A mortgage loan is an obligation for indebtedness owed to a lender as the beneficial interest. The interest is in favor or the holder in due course.

    Defendants share characteristics of industry peers, large financial institutions’ insuring the depositor base placed into each account held therein.

    Depositors are subject to member banks soundness N O T MORTGAGE D E F A U L T and reasonable presumption of stability and regulatory guidance of the Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation, the “FDIC”.

    The main distinction between income Recognition of all or part of the note and collateral and Derecognition or assignment of the note and collateral is that

    Assignment of Payments –
    Borrowing against the note by pledging it as collateral is simply construed as debt. The notes are used to borrower money and create indebtedness on behalf of the primary beneficiary and note holder. The primary beneficial interest becomes a subordinate beneficial interest. The primary beneficiary has a reversionary interest, placing Defendants it in a position between the Plaintiffs as the borrower and the secondary beneficiary as indispensible parties to the action.Borrowing against closed loans or receivables, the primary lender has a “reversion” in that it has not divested itself of its interest in the asset, a whole loan mortgage receivable. The beneficial interest is a right to the risks and rewards as holder in due course for the entire remaining duration of the term of the note. The primary lender will again resume possession when the term of the secondary loan ends, for example 120 days as in a warehouse line.The primary borrower does not have any direct liability to the secondary debt or warehouse lender for the primary lenders payment of interest or performance of other covenants;

    Assignment of Asset:
    Upon lawful assignment, however, the new lender replaces the original primary lender. The transferee acquires the entire benefit and risk subject to all terms and conditions shown on the promissory note.The transferor releases the whole loan upon its assignment of the beneficial interest to transferee. The transferee is a “bona-fide purchaser for value” or “BPV” for cash and lawful recorded assignment.The primary lender will release its possession of the physical note and collateral file consisting of the borrower’s obligation to lender and or its successors and assigns.Where the primary borrower cited above is not responsible for any direct liability to the secondary debt or warehouse lender, herein the transfer by assignment requires the borrower to send its remaining payments to the new lender.

    The assignment transfers the primary lenders rights to the beneficial interest which are borrower payments, timely performance and any other settled covenants; “A bona fide purchaser is one who has purchased property for value without notice of any defects in the title of the seller.” United States v. Hunter (In re Walter) [93-2 USTC ¶50,604 ], 158 B.R. 984, 985 n. 3 (N.D. Ohio 1993) (citing Black’s Law Dictionary 177 (6th ed. 1990)).

    Upon assignment of the receivable due it from a borrower who is maker of the note does the beneficial interest transfer away from the assignor who will divest itself of all of its right, title, and interest under the borrowers executed note.

    For this purpose, the assignment of the asset and not the payments is the severing the RIGHTS OR FAS 140 CONTROLLING INTERESTS or personal property.

    Under an assignment of payments, the original lender is an obligor or borrower who is indebted to another lender the obligee who takes the assignment of payments and will always require it hold the note as collateral.

    The lender as obligor cannot grant any rights or entitle the obligee to the beneficial interest it retains ownership in which is the note was sold at commencement.

    So what’s my point…MERS! Its the curall for avoiding GAAP


  8. Cheryl,
    That’s the only logically viable solution at this point, the line drawn in the sand has been crossed. If we do nothing, then foreigners will see this as the ultimate green light to plunder with no threat of retaliation.

    Every American has a duty, at this point, we must all enter to fight the war that they provoked.

  9. Clouded Titles author Dave Krieger will be on The Power Hour live at 8 a.m. CST Monday, November 29th. You can hear this two-hour segment streaming live on

    Dave Krieger will be in Florida conducting seminar workshops on quiet title actions specific to Florida starting Saturday, December 4th in Tampa; followed by a workshop December 6th in Stuart and a potential December 10th workshop in Destin.

    We will be posting more details as they become available on

  10. 10,000 Criminal Indictments for the Aristocracy that are involved in the mortgage and Ponzi plundering, by an actual People’s Court .

    That is the new American Revolution.

    Here is where many of them hang out and do mock human sacrifice….

    Would men ‘into’ human sacrifice, sacrifice your home as well?

  11. Amen Neil!

  12. Bob,


    Have long said – we need to do more.

  13. There is nothing left in our country – jobs have been sent overseas – and the financial industry that once supported a 70% consumption oriented GDP – is is in serious jeopardy. Neil is correct – the elite will prevail and oppression will continue.

    Eule posts a very good article. I will say it over and over again – there is no support of trustee’s claims until trust/trustee ledgers for cash payments are provided to courts. And, BK trustees must start to understand this. If a loan is not properly acknowledged with the proper creditor identified, it is not acknowledged at all. Ledgers MUST be produced.

    If these ledgers can be produced in courts – our battle is more difficult. But, it highly improbable that such ledgers can be produced – at least not without perjury..

    Servicers have obstructed trust distribution reports by reporting whatever they like. But, these reports are not the same as what is reported to the IRS. Further, the distribution reports cannot be “backtracked” to demonstrate that any loan continued to remain in a particular mortgage trust – and to date. Servicers report a loan in distribution reports in order to support a fraudulent foreclosure. NO ONE can trace back that distribution report. This is fraud to the max.

    This should be a simple accounting investigation by AGs and other government authorities. I am not hearing that trustee ledgers are being investigated. Further, trustees to trusts are backing off from affidavits submitted in courts – why?? they know it is perjury..

    It is time for an accounting investigation. But – did we not have some superficial accounting stress tests – that were utterly meaningless as to foreclosure standing??? They will try to shoot down standing – as they know this is a seriously flawed area in foreclosure actions.

    It is all about accounting – and accounting is being concealed in courts across the the U.S.
    Neil is right – “it only looks like a democracy.” And, spillover is great – JUSTICE – has left the building.

  14. Cheryl wrote:

    ~~We are running out of time to act, to take back control of our lives and futures. We must look to ourselves for the answers and stop waiting to be rescued by those who could care less if we lived or died.~~

    Actually, answers are out there. There are different economic and social systems that have been formulated over the years that are not only well thought out, they prohibit the usury that we find ourselves in at present.

    Number one in my mind is Frederick Soddy, a true genius. A Nobeler. Soddy believed in a system in which people would work together to create wealth, not debt, and that wealth would be used to better mankind. Slightly different from the Goldman Sacs and JP Morgan Chase gameplan. Soddy suggested that:

    …..the answer can be found in the ideas of John Ruskin, a 19th century British art critic and social thinker:
    Ruskin appears to have had a very much clearer conception of the real nature of wealth than either earlier or later economists. He pointed out, … that the art of becoming rich was to get more relatively than other people, so that those with less may be available as the servants and employees of those with more. In this acute and original analysis of the real nature of the individual’s wealth-power over the lives and the labour of others-Ruskin disclosed probably the most important difference between the interests of the individual and the interest of the State, and the main reason why the mastery of man over nature has hitherto resulted in so meager a contribution to the perfection of human life. For this reason the community in its struggle with nature resembles an army officered almost entirely by the enemy. Of what use are the discoveries of scientific men into new modes and more ample way of living so long as the laws of human nature turn all the difficultly won wealth into increased power of the few over the lives and labours of the many!

    Then there’s the Progressive Utilization Theory, or PROUT. PROUT aims to:

    …..make the world into a comfortable place for everyone, without hurting anyone. It synthesizes the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of human nature, making efficient use of them in productive, environmentally friendly actions.

    The theory is not concerned solely with economics but encompasses the whole of the human individual and collective existence – physical, educational, social, political, mental, cultural and spiritual. It believes that each of these aspects must be developed in order to support a balanced, healthy human being.

    Dr. Ravi Battra, U of Southern Methodist prof of economics and well repected author sat at the feet of the “creator” behind this system. And for those who would claim these systems to be lacking in upwardly mobile grab more than your neighbor has, stay where you are. Invest in more Sacs offerings.

    For the rest, there’s going to be a need to re-invent communities and society post collapse. Educate yourselves in these and other philosophic and societal systems that work for the betterment of the whole, instead of the enrichment of the few, and we might just be able to sustain aourselves as a people. Otherwise, it’s very iffy. If not moot.

  15. Just a flea on the tail of an elephant .

    NY TIMES :

  16. In 1968, Congress abandoned lawful money and
    began the experiment with counterfeit, fiat currency.
    Banks were given carte blanche to monetize the value
    of real estate with no gold reserve required.
    Those with ready access to the counterfeit currency
    could steal the wealth of those who had less or no
    access to the counterfeit money. This resulted in a
    concentration of wealth in the hands of a few well
    connected investors and banks.
    The culmination of the greed and the fraud came about when the mega banks realized they
    could sell the same Note multiple times to gullible
    investors. To avoid direct blame, they set up correspondent lenders to do the actual dirty work
    of creating the subprime Notes and the criminal
    counterfeiting operation so that the same Note could be sold multiple times. They used servicers
    who would go along with the scam and set up
    reserves so the Notes would not default right away.
    It was all a Ponzi scheme which lasted until
    2008, when the investors finally got wind of the scam and stopped buying into the pyramid. Then
    it collapsed. The mega banks could use “plausible
    denial” and point the finger of blame at the defunct
    correspondent lenders which they had created.
    The final insult was when they got Congress to
    bail them out at taxpayer expense while continuing
    full speed ahead with foreclosures using fabricated
    counterfeit color copies and passing them off as the “original Note”. Many corrupt Judges played
    along with this game, even though they knew better.
    It’s clear, many were on the take. The only solution

  17. There is another element to this story that is overlooked.
    We have always been free, but we have been bound by ignorance and fear of change.
    This is a co-dependent world. The poor work to enable the rich to live good. The rich don’t do the jobs that maintain their businesses or money, we do. We are the ones that handle the cash, stock the shelves and keep the stores open and running. We drive the trucks and run the utilities, the courts, the schools, the mail, the factories, the hospitals, the jails, everything that makes this world run.
    All we have to is stop. Why do you protect the store, the factory? Why do you teach what is not important, day after day? Why do pretend that what we do is important to society?
    It’s only important to the rich, it keeps the money flowing into their pockets, maintains the businesses running, the ones they are too busy to bother with!
    We can do these things for ourselves, why do we guard money in a bank that isn’t ours, and the money isn’t ours either? What would happen if people up and walked off all the jobs? How long do you think things will go on until it bogs down under it’s own weight?
    We, the non-rich don’t matter to the rich until we fail to do our jobs. If we aren’t out there making them money!
    Better still what would happen if no one paid taxes, if no business turned in W2’s or sent in the tax money every week? Just left the money in the paycheck?
    That’s all it takes to shut down the govt.
    Take out all the money in the banks.
    If stores sold things but didn’t turn in the money?
    Or gave everything away for free?
    If the cops are on strike too, whose gonna arrest anybody?
    Anarchy can be good, sure will get their attention.
    They are so spoiled but smart, make us think the way they want us to think.
    They give the orders and we obediently follow them.
    We make it possible for the rich to keep us enslaved and obedient. We think we are equal to them because we can now buy the same designer things, but the rich don’t spend like we do. All their needs are taken care of, we spend what we need to live on and go into debt to pay for it all. We live paycheck to paycheck, they don’t.
    But when the day comes, and it will soon, that we stop working for them, they will find out who has the real power, we do.
    We have been trained from birth to work, to be “productive” and not be a “burden” on society. But the rich are a burden and are the most unproductive group ever. But WE accept that as life.
    You can control an elephant with a thin rope, if you train it from birth that it can’t break the rope, that it never knows it has the power to break free and go where it desires.
    All it takes is to keep the elephant ignorant of its true power.
    The elephant will stay tied in a burning barn believing it can’t break free.
    And so we stay in this burning barn, waiting and hoping to be saved by those that set it on fire.
    We don’t have to work, don’t have to do their dirty jobs, toss out families, arrest those who speak out, punish our neighbors and friends because it’s our job and duty to obey our masters!
    There is always a choice, always.
    The Rockefellers and the Fords never get their hands dirty, they pay us for that. They never fight a war, they send our sons and daughters to die instead. They start the wars, make the threats and then chicken out and send in the poor soldiers, who can’t find a job, to do all the fighting.
    and nothing will change as long as we keep lining up to do their bidding for a paycheck. We believe we can’t live without money and things, we have forgotten how to live the simple life and it acts just like a gun to our heads, we fear what our lives will be like without all these things and frills. Our children are consumed by having the best, the newest, the fanciest and most unnecessary Things.
    We have been stretched to the breaking point with no relief in sight, sold out and betrayed by all those with money, left to drift helplessly and abandoned like trash.
    We are running out of time to act, to take back control of our lives and futures. We must look to ourselves for the answers and stop waiting to be rescued by those who could care less if we lived or died.
    Thin ropes are easy to break if we but try.
    Overcoming the fear of failing to break free is the hard part.

  18. I just got through reading an interesting article on how Wall Street made communism possible. Here’s a quote from Anthony J. Hilder:

    “Communism is not the creation of the masses to overthrow the Banking establishment … It is a creation of the banking establishment to overthrow and enslave the masses. Communism is not run from Moscow, Beijing or Havana. It is run from London, New York and Washington D. C. ”

    Here is a possible scenario of how the immediate future could play out:

  19. Mark,

    You are so right. I grew up in a farming community where the large farmers actually had more in assets than the richest merchants in the local town. But the town-folk put down all the farmers to make themselves out as the upper-class.

    We did not have any minorities, so our distinctions in that community were based on whether you lived in town or on a farm. The only other distinction was between those who had settled in THAT county when it was first settled. My great-grandparents homesteaded in the neighboring county (that actually was a more properous one). My grandmother bought out the farm I grew up on that was a homestead (of another family) in that first-mentioned county.

    It is really a shame that grand-mother did not invest her money into something else when she bought that farm in the very early 1950’s.

    That small-minded community did not like the unification of the school districts that occurred in 1956. All the country kids were bussed into the city schools.

    Years later, I recalled comments that the math teacher in the high school, when a country girl asked about her score on a test, replied with a question of his own: “Where do you live?” She was flabbergasted and asked what he meant. He indicated it was whether she lived in town or on a farm. That teacher had two jobs. He worked a ‘production-credit’ firm during the summer and the school the rest of the time. I think there was another irony, in that both the student and the teacher had the identical sur-name, although not directly related. Her family had homesteaded, he was a transplant, but a tansplant to the town.

    We consistantly come up with different ways to compare put down some group we somehow distinguish from ourselves.


  21. Mark I work with Indian nurses who came here to do better for themselves my dear Indian freind bought a new build home ofcourse at the height of the bubble she and her lovely fsmily were so excited since even the better if people in her country cannot afford to buy but are forced to rent from wealthy landlords in India. Now you see my point

  22. You know this didn’t just happen. It has always been this way the aristocracy just got greedier where they wanted the only thing we little people had left our roofs I wonder who directed the mafia? Who had more money than the mafia I’m thinking it has been this way for longer than we realise but now it’s too vulgar to ignor.

  23. Neil, yes please note, the US is supposed to be a constitutional Republic, not a democracy.

  24. At the risk of being dismissed as a pendant who doesn’t comprehend the message of these posts and others that discuss the steady increase and imbalance of wealth, property and influence by the “monied”, I wish to offer a suggestion;
    The use of the words “elite”, “aristocracy”, “aristocrat” and others of a similar mien are, implicit supports of the very PTB that we rail against.

    Language and the written word are still ours to use and implement in our attempt to illuminate and inform our brethren. These words, unfortunately, evoke emotional and subliminal recognition of undeserved and unearned respect.

    These individuals and groups that seek to “own” us both materially and emotionally are neither “noble born” or of a better class. Rather, they are, in essence, sociopaths who rather than possessing greater talents, intellect and inherent power, have cheated, lied and manipulated those who entrusted them to manage and administrate our financial, political and domestic systems. Their, by now, overt refusal to observe the rule of law and of man is more than sufficient proof of their lesser state.

    The import of these words are sublime but extremely significant. Words like aristocrat and elite are “memes” that serve the very groups who wish to perpetuate their false position as our betters, an exalted hierarchy that will brook no objection, entertain no attempts to bring them under a fair and just form of societal consciousness.

    Better to employ words like “plutocrat”; the definition of which is “a person whose power derives from their wealth”. Or, less polite but far more appropriate for the times, “bankster” which is specific to but one element of the current pillage of our country but, appropos to this site and conjures the similar and not unfair characterization of gangster.

    Small beans, all in all, but, in our ongoing efforts to strengthen our forces and remain determined in this struggle, words, slogans and rallying cries all play a part in shoring up and coalescing our effect upon the opposition. Let’s call them what they are: thugs, liars and mean-spirited usurpers of a once-noble and promising republic.

  25. “it LOOKS like a democracy but it isn’t. It looks like the rule of law but it is the rule of men.”

    What do you think a Democracy is? It is the majority “rule of men.” He who controls the influences of the majority governs by deception in a Democracy where the actual People don’t wield the the True Power, the influentially elected ‘few’, selected and approved of by he who controls influences of the majority (leaving the majority to suffer the will of a few, while left with no imediate recourse to redress for grievences.

    Need I remind you that We the American People were constitutionally guaranteed a Republic for of Government wherein the Rule of Law and Individual Rights actually exist. A Republic and a Democracy are INCOMPATIBLE AND CONTRADICTORY, but MOST AMERICANS ARE EITHER TOO STUPID TO FIGURE THAT OUT FOR THEMSELVES OR JUST GLEEFULLY ACCEPT WHATEVER LIES ARE FED TO THEM.

    A Massive citizen/civilian militant movement to forcefully take back our country from government/corporations selling us out to china may be the only option left.


  26. Another way of illustrating it, is the culture of profit, formulaically would eventually turn America into a global state, having to compete with other states more prepared psychologically for the coming battles (India, China, etc).

    So they keep us poor idiots looking for Pedro digging tunnels, but most of your pseudo wealth has been stolen by those who tell you to look for Chico as the culprit.

    The cancer of what’s coming, is displayed in presidents who never heard of Alvin Toffler, or James Dale Davidson, or ever read a book by Bill Gates.

    They were talking about what we see, in theory in the late eighties. Marx saw it. If you get past the BS of Rush and Bill Maher, and Obama and Trump, and see the simple math they do not, you realize America is becoming, and has been, Europe’s Mexico, and it has not hit as hard as it is going to.

    Read the writing on the digital wall. It’s much simpler, and ominous, than commercial TV will ever, ever, tell you. We would just change the channel, and that’s why we have Bill OReilly, and the other boxed brains. Even if they did see it, they could not tell anyone, because then Pepperidge Farm’s cookie sales would suffer, LOL.

  27. Well we know that those are generalized classes with their own subcultures.

    Within the overall culture of that “sub” culture, are rich who think they are rich, and those who know why they think that.

    Once the so called middle class is gone so to speak, they will continue to prey upon thier own, sub classes.

    That’s why when i think of my experiences in Beverly Hills, and I look at Phoenix and Tucson rich thinking they are rich, from the standpoint of LA’s rich, I laugh, though poor and not in complete vein of the culture I have parteaken of, I see there are poor rich, and rich rich.

    In elementary terms, it will continue to devour itself until there is nothing left. Unfortunately, since it has backed the power to do what it does with missile science, and what it delivers and beyond, it could get a lot uglier, and desperate, delusional and megolomanical.

    It will. It’s built into the basic character of humans, hand out to the trillionaires, foot doen on the bums. Sad, LOLNOT

    the real shock is yet to come…

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