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  1. No Neil, not your piece at all. That’s satire (and quite funny).

    I’m specifically referring to frequent commenter “DyingTruth,” and his constant references to ZOG (the Zionist Occupied Government), the shadow government, the jewish/israeli root of all these problems (controlling the banks as they do, according to him), bittberg group, rothschilds, etc..

    All straight out of the protocols. and quite a number of neo-nazi web communities as well.

    I did not mean to imply antisemitism on your part. not in the least. I apologize if I was misunderstood.

  2. Louis B: I’m Jewish and I don’t think this was an antisemitic piece or antizionist or anything like that. Maybe I’m wrong. To me this piece was comparing the the “masters of the Universe” on Wall Street to a dictator whose absence of conscience and lust for power completely obscures their perception: they committed fraud, and their attempts at hiding it are failing. If anyone was offended by this piece, I apologize. But unless someone can show a part that encourages antisemitism, I won’t take it down. It is just a point of view expressed in satire as I see it.

  3. Wow, DyingTruth. I’ve been reading this blog for months and months, and your disturbing antisemitism never ceases to amaze, and disgust, me. Almost as shocking as the fact that Neil keeps letting you use his blog as a forum for pushing that crap.

    Neil? What do these repeated accusations of a Zionist conspiracy have to do with what is ultimately a blog discussing legal advice?

  4. Did you know Hitler was half jewish, the name Nazi comes from AshkeNazi one of the 3 types of jewish ancestry (ashkenazi sephardi and misrahi), that jewish/israeli campaign contributors control BOTH major parties? Who won the elections this year? Israel.

  5. The parody is great, but it uses the wrong ethnic
    group and the wrong foreign nation!

  6. So the DEAL is you get say 100 bucks AFTER you lose your home to illegal foreclouser and fraudulent documents per the AG’s? What sort of rope are these people smoking? ALL the AG’s will be replaced next election. DO NOT SELL OUT!!!

  7. Lol!

    The truth sucks!

  8. Neil,

    I could watch this over and over again. It’s funny how when I opened up my email this was the first thing I saw. It’s also funny too because I just came back from district court this morning for a fraudclosure case with Deutsche Bank National Trust. I’ve already been granted a TRO in Supreme Court with loads of exibits of fraudulent paperwork. The lawyer had the audacity to ask me if I was there to proceed with the case. I didn’t acknowledge her and kept my conversation with the court clerk and told her that a determination had not been rendered from Supreme Court as of yet.

    I know exactly what the lawyer wanted me to do but guess what, it didn’t work. I’m going to keep going back and forth to court until the sole of my shoes burn out because I’m not giving them a house nor making any negiotiations with fraudsters that don’t lawfully own the house.

    I tell everyone to fight these banks and trustees back because they’re counting on us not to fight back.

    Be Blessed

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