Press Release / November 16, 2010; Los Angeles, Calif – – – As you entered the court you did so as you left. “Ignorant”. Defendants who are Ignorant of the facts cannot rely on the judicial process we love so much. Its not there to give homes away!

Our system does reward those who elect to Think, Think and Think. We did not fight the system but walked in the back door. That’s the door to the Dept of Treasury or “Receiver” or similar appropriate agency approach. The system was liquidating homes that your were eligible to receive. ..And while you talked to a boiler room.

These foreclosure claims in Superior court were deceiving you while an earlier Federal Circuit Court ruling allowed for a judgment to remain in place.

Case law . . . you asked me time and again for case law. Case law – Enron; Tyco; Adelphia; World Com; Nigerian Barge Case (Wall Street criminal prosecution).Philadelphia newspaper; Lehman Bros. Fed. Trustee Investigation; Craig Electronics

The Horror of Audits, QWR and MERS
The Horror of guessing….Audits, QWR and MERS added up equals nothing! You were our cases and over 20 wins! You write them off as “whatever” and then talk about things that are not relevant. Then you contemplate and consider more irrelevant things.

As of late these web Mortgage Relief Chit Chat Clubs continued discussions have little meaning or effect on the cause. People attack the messenger again and again; maybe I am closer to the other side than you think! And maybe I am still here because my cause was never to save a home. It was to expose and punish Wall Street for crimes that caused me to leave the industry as the right thing to do.

I said i was going to fight back and have and will continue. There and then you get you home and maybe…maybe even more.

Our data was accurate like a surgeon or purveyor of the real and hard hitting evidentiary needed to overcome the real lenders who are MERS and the FDIC. A Trustee or agent is not a debt collector. They are FDIC subrogation claims agents and government contractors.

I believe you gradually win back a home. Spoon feed the court the truth in all this garbled and ambiguous language. You may win ten times the award if you let go of possession.

If my message was too hard to understand and too difficult to comprehend, i get nailed ot the tree. I mean the things people say ….wow! Am I lecturing you? No not at all. Look, there are a series of dominos dropping here and now they shall fall faster and faster. Are your remedies and rights done with? No way.

If your clueless or do not have the time to learn things i have spoke of in past when publishing – i.e. Derecognition, sop fas140, 1122AB, derivatives and beneficial interests, MERS, basis accounting in assets held, mark to marketability, Contribution of Loans as Capital , FIRRA violations, financial versus beneficial interests….

If you don’t know by now . . . Then you’re in trouble. This is a sector of finance way too broad and difficult to understand. And many people tried to learn and profit from this mess by taking advantage of others. They were not equipped to do what they did.

These audits, i never believed were worth anything and the government told you this. QWR?

_ S*T*O*P_please let it go! Like they say in maritime law journals “Sail”! That’s the sucker play. That’s the rip off “Mas ma”.

Robo signatures, pretender benders, fender lenders, protest and molest to digest, cream of wheat…. There is nothing there. And know this – You will never prosecute the culprits (sorry raja). You will never prosecute a Robo Hobo signature.

Karl Kop is an attorney who took a lot of heat fighting the good fight. We both never relinquished our storylines…and now look where we all are. It’s just too late in the game for many to get up to speed.

As Kop said today, “…do they (government) really think they can immunize the culprits here for criminal acts and allow the criminal conduct to stand in to affirm all these wrong decisions? Judge after judge and court after court across this nation failed us. They did not want to hear us. Wow. What a judicial mess i see coming on the state court level with appeals and claims of lost due process.

And yes, time to let some judges go home.

I have at least a dozen affirmative defenses for the preemptive strike coming January 1st 2011. Obama will announce MERS is federalized and now on par with Fannie and Freddie. These foreclosures were a smoke and mirror procedure to rob you of quieting title. (Robo signatures— who cares. The local courts never had any jurisdiction as you entered the court with a FEDERAL CIRCUIT COURT ruling and judgment in place.

And you kept calling ‘them” asking for relief and modifications. They lost your seventh file? What’s that…, Yes? Send them another, and another and another . . . . Oh lord…why?

But that’s okay.

There are still a landslide of opportunity and hope for saving homes and receiving settlements for these acts. It’s no longer about civil torts or tortuous interference, Mis joinder of parties, estoppels and laches. Now it’s about exposing the process for what it really is.

First – securitization rewards borrowers who do not make the payments – it’s a fact! Second – on the “reverse side” they must repurchase the loan which violates FAS 140. Third – the process ends with no condition precedent using a Credit Bid

It’s a sham…Let’s get to work!


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  1. I have personal experience with attorney Steven Kop and he is a nightmare. Won’t respond to inquiries, won’t return calls, and misses court appearences. Beware!

  2. ROFL

    I am NOT surprised !

    Mr. Soliman’s intentions are in the right place and I gather he knows his stuff.
    BUT, he lacks clarity. He then makes us appear as if we are dense for trying our cases based on what we know.
    His “I-told-you-so” attitude is like a defense mechanism he uses to thwart criticism for his inability to communicate on a rational level.

    His metaphors titillate, yet they make no references for us to connect to. Perhaps he is the Stephen Hawkings of the mortgage moraine.

    I have a feeling he’s really onto something. If he could just develop his argument by explaining the facts, we could all benefit, I’m sure.

    And, I am also sure no one wants to take on the task of trying to interpret his urgent message.

    First of all, what is a “Federal Subrogation Claim” ? Is he saying that the FDIC stepped in and replaced the servicer, then foreclosed on our homes? That would make the substitution of trustee a federal agent masquerading as a local bank attorney. Now if there is a loss-share agreement between the banks and the FDIC, that would mean that the the federal agent/trustee is also an insurance claims adjuster / liquidator. Ok. So what?

    Our homes are essentially not being foreclosed upon they are being liquidated in order to satisfy debts or get them off the books or make a profit ?? I just don’t know.

    Or, the staging of foreclosures is just a quasi-legal way of laundering “their” “assets,” e.g.: our homes. Getting the government to buy up our homes at reduced prices…maybe sell them back to us in the form of principal corrections / loan mods ?

    I guess we have to become CPAs and research these accounting practices on our own to unravel these enigmas.

    How does securitization “reward borrowers” ? You’ve got me there.
    Perhaps he is saying that it rewards borrowers in the end because their mortgages are unsecured.

  3. Can someone please clarify what this article means or is trying to state? I’ve read the article 3 times and still do not understand. John

  4. The is a misspelling on your link to:

    Thank you!

  5. the link to Maher’s webpage is incorrect, it should be;

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