Blackrock and Maiden Lane Entities in Trouble?

Editor’s Note: TELL THE TRUTH! And thanks for this submission. That message is directed to government, banks and big business. Avoiding it is getting us deeper and deeper in the hole. Confronting it and doing what is RIGHT will restore equilibrium to our economy. These entities are riddled with toxic waste, non-existent mortgages, non-existence loans and non-existent receivables. The reason Obama crashed and burned last week at G-20 and Korea is precisely because he lacked credibility. For in his own country under his administration, we keep side-stepping the truth. AND the really stupid thing about it, is that everyone knows already. Why do we insult them by continuing to pretend we can get over this mess without taking bold steps?


Thanks for the great post!!!

By the way, heard Friday that Bank of America – which has huge investment in and affiliation with Blackrock – wants to pull out. Congress questioned Bank of America about Blackrock during TARP hearings. Nothing came of it.

For those that are interested – check out 2007 article about Third Point hedge fund – distressed debt buyers – and subprime mortgages

Many many many more like this – including Blackrock. – manager for US Government’s Maiden Lane
See 2008 article on Blackrock

Point is this – these distressed debt hedge funds (debt buyers) have proprietary relationships with hedge fund and distressed debt buyers. This was also an issue during TARP hearing. Nothing came of it.

The SPVs only questionably held securities because they were not properly conveyed. The trust DID NOT hold derivatives – derivatives are not securities and are only contracts derived from securities. Therefore, the derivative holders have their issue with the security underwriters that manufactured the derived contracts – – and the trustee to trust cannot foreclose on behalf of unnamed derivative contract holders – that are not part of the trust.

This is a high court issue – and nearly every court across America has prevented path to highest court – by either denying discovery, summary judgment, or toss out on technicalities.

This is why the assignments/endorsements/affidavits are all bogus – they are manufactured. But, equally important – the derivative contracts are never disclosed as part of the chain. The derivative contract holders ACCOUNT for foreclosure proceeds – not income pass-through security holders.

Every foreclosure case should be tossed out of court with restitution provided for those cases that have already proceeded.

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  1. Abby

    Since Blackrock manages Maiden Lane for government, and likely has investments in Maiden Lane itself, and since judges pensions – as you point out – are also managed by Blackrock – believe every judge should recuse himself/herself from deciding foreclosures!!!!

    Where would that then leave us??

    Very little attention is given to distressed debt buyers – foreclosure proceeds do not go to current income pass-through trusts MBS security investors – they go elsewhere. TARP Oversight report clearly corroborates much of what I have been saying – including banks purchased mortgages before they securitized the receivables. If banks used fraud in funding the derived securities – this should be investigated NOW.

    It is the distressed debt buyers “investors” that are now profiting from the foreclosures – it was always intended this way – and their identity is concealed in courts. TARP also reports that legal “standing” in foreclosure cases is – questionable.

    Abby – the fact that only you and I are posting here – means others are just not paying attention to any of this.

  2. Blackrock goes from 295.5 billion in assets under management to 3.446 TRILLION in a single quarter.

    Check it out…..

  3. Again–if you believe you are not getting due process in federal court—-perhaps your federal judge has an investment in your ABS or MBS, as most federal employees DO and that would include the FBI and congress.

    Blackrock provides the ABS & MBS selections into which the federal judges can invest their retirement monies,


  4. Correction to above – Meant to say that BANKS have – “proprietary relationships with hedge fund and distressed debt buyers.”


  5. Blackrock handles all the federal judges’ retirement plans

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