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  1. […] “Servicers” are NOT the Secured Creditor of the Debt. They lack standing to foreclose. […]

  2. Re; Linda,
    I am also in Georgia and going back to court on Jan 26. My case involves Wells Fargo, Freddie Mac and McCalla Raymer. I found some intersting, hopefully helpful info from Georgia State code, Title 44, Chapter 14, Section 161 and maybe 162. Have not looked thru it all yet. Try http://www.lawskills.com/code/ga/44/14/161/
    Maybe you and I can add our info to help us both.
    Mark = onibiru1@tds.net

  3. I am fighting illegal foreclosure of my daughter’s home in Fayetteville, Georgia on October 5, 2010, in two cases, one an Answer and Counterclaim to the GMAC Summons to Dispossess through McCurdy and Candler in the Fayette Magistrate court, and the other a law suit I filed in USDC NDGa. I am going to win both, but I’m alone and would love to work with others here in Georgia.

    Is anyone aware of groups of homeowners who are working together on their law suits.

  4. A-man, you forget, or maybe you never knew, Georgia is a non-judicial foreclosure state.

    Judges, unless the homeowner sues (and most don’t) never see any foreclosure papers. At all.

  5. This is to The A Man,

    In all respect, I do hope you are not painting with one brush all Judges. I don’t believe it helps any of us to speak so radically. I want all citizens to be able to come to this site and find out the truth without thinking that people here are a bunch of crazy radicals. What I find with the general public is they don’t want to know what is happening and if they feel our conversations are going over the line, they will not stay to read the real information.

    I know people are upset, I have personally been fighting this fight due to mortgage servicing fraud for nearly 3 years. It has cost my family our assets and our credit. But, I think most Judges are still doing what they have known to be true over these many years on the bench. What is happening here is new because it isn’t a regular foreclosure due to the fraud of MERS, Securitization and the many other crazy things that are happening.

    I don’t think we can expect the Judges to understand these complex problems quickly, as it continues to come to light more law will be put in the people’s favor. Certainly some of the Judges are not corrupt and I am certainly hoping that we win the Judges to our way of thinking with good evidence and Attorneys “who get it”.

    Let’s not threaten and anger them please. This is my opinion.

  6. Keep in mind that these firms are involved in property actions in other states.

    McCalla-Rymer is used by Litton for BK cases.

    Litton is in turn used by CountryWide/BofA, especially if CW had been the servicer and Master Servicer.

    I’m in CA but have this multi-state mix of companies that robo-sign.

  7. Here’s the link for the facebook page mentioned in the news clip.


  8. I guess we can say that there are these “foreclosure mill law firms” all over the country. I have heard of the infamous DJS in Florida and some others in NY that were outed by Judge Schack. There are plenty more for the AG’s to go after. Let’s hope they have the b$%#
    to go after them. Here in SC, they will not even talk to you at the AG’s office. I have tried by phone several times and been told that they cannot and will not do anything. What??? I have sent letters, too. Not so much as a $%^& u. I guess they forgot who voted for them in the first place. The AG’s had better do something about the fraud in our courts, our loans, our titles, our lives. http://www.challengingforeclosure.com Sirak@challengingforeclosure.com

  9. I still prefer a guilotine for the judges after a fair trial where the twin towers used to be. or in the shadows of the Statue of Liberty

    These Judges are licensed criminals.


  10. A sad day in America They are increasing the threats against Judges and their families over alleged injustice regarding Social Security. To the Judges I am against violence but as this is what happens.


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