EDITOR’S NOTE: EX POST FACTO RESTRICTION REFERS TO THE PROVISION IN OUR CONSTITUTION THAT IS CONSIDERED BY MOST PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD TO BE AT THE CORE OF OUR INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES. The Constitution is the Law of the Land, something which agitators and politicians seem to forget. It says that NOBODY can pass ANY LAW AFTER SOMETHING HAS ALREADY HAPPENED and either make it legal or illegal. There is also a prohibition against bills that would apply to specific parties rather than all the people. Both provisions of the Constitution would need to be ignored for any legislative relief to be passed for the megabanks and other pretender lenders. But as you, the readers, are pointing out we have lost our way and are now a nation governed by men instead of laws.

We’ve lost our high-ground on everything except military strength. AND that is doing us much good, because the real action is in economics, politics, social policy. We gave up our prosperity, our leadership position in the world and now our dignity to protect financial deviants on Wall Street. How much more are we going to take before we rise up and restore the rule of law, restore the prosperity, restore patriotism and loyalty, and rid ourselves of those who seek power and wealth at any cost to us or our perhaps still-great nation?


Don’t you folks get it?


1. because the Rule of Law has been supplanted by the rule of men. What Constitution?

2. because with Federal Registry of chain of title for nay property with mortgage under MERS, that means that the feds can “lose” the title document and chain of title, conveniently, superceding country records and jurisdiction, and they want that chain of title broken for a reason.

3.The United States owes China and others how much? Considering the US is broke and has to repay with something, some assets, now they have a convenient way to transfer ALL mortgaged titles to new title holders, such as China, and repay the debts that way.

4. Research the UNs “Agenda 21″ and that little codicile wherein known as “Land for Debt Swaps.”

THAT is why the Federal Govt. NEEDS the titles to your properties! And don’t think they won’t try to grab land that is already paid off (such as senior citizens who dutifully paid off their mortgage every month until they finally paid it off, or ranches held by the same families for generations.)

In other words, the US govt. (I refuse to write out the word “government”…they are LOST the right to govern us!) is run by criminals and psychopaths. It is up to We the People to do something about it!

I just hope we don’t have to resort to violence, but violence is the only thing criminals and psychopaths understand, unfortunately.

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  1. They are doing to us what they did to Germany (Russia before them) and China is their new host from which they will launch their assault on us after having sabotaged and destabilized our nation from within.

    There is a way in the Constitution that can be used to void all that debt, 14th Amendment section 4.
    “neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.”
    We will have to obtain large public consensus that mostly all government officials have comitted treasoness acts of rebellion because of our refusal to abandon our Republic (yes we are a republic, educate yourself. No individual could ever be free in a democratic elected gov.) and reject their offer to join their democratic/communist 1 world gov. but after that the Constitution should rewritten from scratch by us in convening a convention. People also wrongly think that the Constitution was our ‘birth’, ‘founding document’, ‘the greatest thing the world had ever seen’ etc… WRONG, for one thing take a quick look at the old articles of Confederation (our pre-constitution) you’ll see that they are very much alike (so not very original) and the actual document that moved the world when it was written, founded our great nation, placed the highest of all laws that rule over all in the hands of a higher power beyond the reach of man’s corruption, setting an unprecedented universal law by the right of any nation’s people to break off all political bounds abolishing all current law and government to start anew which we led by example and celebrate as a national holiday evey year and it’s not the writing of the constitution but the Declaration of Independence.

    That is the true Soul of our Great Nation, it doesn’t grant any power beyond the individual self of persons, it places no restrictions, expectations or obligations on people and in fact liberated not only America from Britain but also every American individual from all political chains of society. That was truely the one time in history that there ever existed a Free Nation of Free People.

    And we can make it exist again, but we must reject, oppose and turn OUR direction against the grain that chose to go against us.

  2. So utterly well-written Neil!

    Actuality, there is only one unwritten ‘Law’, one ‘Public Policy’ in this country. Pay Pay Pay, for all their bad accounting, drunk spending, and King-of-the-Hill games. Then let your children and grandchildren Pay Pay Pay where you left off.

    This is their unseen ‘Law’ that controls EVERYTHING ELSE…..


    NO! Go to H— banks and politically-connected. That IS our new (and historical) American LAW – on & off since 1776!

    Rebuild America. Free her from Ponzi debt like Andrew Jackson & JFK* did.

    * http://www.apfn.net/Doc-100_bankruptcy31.htm

    It’s our turn, and what great company we have here, in our hour!

  3. I was abhorred myself when I thought (and wrote) “Could the Gov’t. actually be trying to take over home ownership”? But….Here it is. I would talk more about arming ourselves, but I’d rather not post it for ‘everyone” to see. Trust in God; We’re going to need Him.

  4. Thank you, Bob

    We need to be more vocal locally, and spread the words to everyone. We need to wake up everyone from this slumber, denial. Keep talking to your family members and your friends and neighbors……don’t give up!!

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  6. Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! [repeat several times]

    With the negative publicity that MERS is getting right now, with all of the lawsuits that are naming it as a Defendant … there is no feasible way to create a law and pass it to give a Defendant legitimacy in an already screwed-up, well-publicized mortgage loan foreclosure debacle … not without consequence.

    If such a law were to be passed, it immediately would be challenged, probably in the 9th Circuit in Reno, where the judges there, who already have a hard-on for MERS as it is, will rule the law unconstitutional and it will be appealed to the 9th Circuit and then up to the U.S. Supreme Court, where MERS will meet its maker.

    There are other things to be more concerned about than this pea-brained bit of disinformation and distraction.

    Just remember that if you’re going to name MERS as a Defendant, it is bankruptcy remote, which means it has no assets, no liabilities, no income and no expenses … you need to name MERSCORP, Inc. as well, because it is the parent company with all the money. And remember, if you’re going to name MERS, it’s not …

    Mortgage Electronic Registry System, Inc.


    Mortgage Electronic Registration, Inc.


    … any other derivation of ignorance I’ve seen out there. It’s


    You put the wrong thing down and serve them and they will come back on you for defective service because you got their name wrong. Talk about the simplicity of error?

    Get the inside scoop at http://www.cloudedtitles.com

  7. How does an ex post facto law (admitted unconstitutional) get passed while there are currently quite a few active “false claims” lawsuits in many states around the country on the very subject of MERS and how it deprived states of recording fees? AP wrote about this the other day ( at http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5iQlD2O62AW1_AlTGJ92QYwduLTMQ?docId=e2d5758bdb51421aadc65dbdc8719f80 ).

    How could a bill be even considered while such state lawsuits on this very issue are pending? Wouldn’t that be a most direct and obvious unlawful federal meddling in states’ business?

    Also, CNBC is now warning of a new MERS “Whitewash Bill” in a story last Friday that quotes Neil Garfield (at http://www.cnbc.com/id/40150186 ).

  8. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by kim thomas, Financial Wellness. Financial Wellness said: EDITOR’S NOTE: EX POST FACTO RESTRICTION REFERS TO THE PROVISION IN OUR CONSTITUTION THAT IS CONSIDERED BY MOST … http://bit.ly/a9C4b2 […]

  9. Some might want to see Jesse Ventura on 4closurefraud.com. He is certainly opinionated, but how much of it is true? I suspect most of it. (Warning: The language might be offensive to some in Jesse’s videos, especially in the third one.)

    I never considered myself radical or aggressive, but I am not sure we aren’t going to have to become more aggressive in this fight before it’s over. I think one of the most important things we can do is educate homeowners who think deadbeats are causing this problem. If they don’t know we are fighting for property rights and that we don’t get a free house while they are paying theirs, we will be a divided nation in this. They likely would support an ex post facto law.

    It is no coincidence that eminent domain was in the forefront not too long ago. It stirred us a bit, but then was forgotten. This is looking more and more calculated and planned.

  10. Good points, Bob G.

    I think some of us try to brace ourselves for the worst by speculating on these worse-case scenarios…and they all make sense, don’t get me wrong.

    It is natural now to expect the worst when you’ve seen the way our officials ramrod things down our throats, and ignore our laws and the well being of the people.

    It seems it is okay for everyone else to speak up except U.S. citizens. I just heard something about censoring the Internet…certain websites are going to be blocked now like they do in China. They are putting some kind of chips in our credits cards so they can locate people? Is this true? This is just absurd. I don’t even want a bank account anymore.

    Anyone else heard that?

  11. A lot of truth.
    What can we do to protect our titles and/or the Constitution?
    Do land patents help?

  12. The attempts to “fix” the Wall Street mess by a slew of proposed ex post facto laws to me as a former constitutional lawyer is just mind boggling. Every day there seems to be a new post that Congress will consider putting in place some law as if by waiving a magic wand all this can goaway by exceptng the rich corporations from the laws of our land by tese proposed ex post facto laws. I keep trying to figure out why Congressmen and women seem this is perfectly alright for the big guys under the guise of “too big to fail”. Maybe if they failed we would get back to something “real”. I hope this article continues to get more play and that we spread the word about “ex post facto laws”. It needs to be said and explained.

  13. Folks, you are wigging out unnecessarily. There is plenty of stuff to be concerned about, but this isn’t one of them. Nobody is going to take your land to pay off China, so chill.

    Also, Obama is not going to sign any MERS national registry bill. He’s either going to let Congress know that he won’t beforehand or he will veto like the national notary bill.

    How can I be certain of this? Because it doesn’t advance his goal of fundamentally transforming the U.S. In order to do that, he needs to nationalize the banks, and he can’t do that until they go bust. And this ex post facto MERS bailout bill would make the banks stronger, not weaker.

    He didn’t veto the notary bill because he has a soft spot in his heart for your plight. He did it so it would be more difficult for the banks to survive. That’s also why he says that foreclosures must continue. He needs to keep the people battling against the banks and making sure that the folks have the means and wherewithal to eventually beat the banks into some sort of federal receivership.

  14. This has been my fear all along, how are we gonna pay back china, but wait I did not borrow money from china, but they have a lien on our land, and it could cause a war, I have children, who will have to face this, and I need to support a movement to stop the people who wish us harm by ignorance, they will pay China with our land, money which they borrowed and money they have in their control, I will be working to make money for the wealthy under the guise of land conservation.

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