FILED TODAY: 11.10.10 -Maryland-Class-Action-Bgww[1]

Action alleges robosigning and intentionally falsified documents screwing up the court and property title system.

Great Line: “…the Defendants assembly line foreclosure prosecution became to foreclosure misconduct what Henry Ford was to automobile production.”

Editor’s Comment: Now I am not given to investment advice, especially in this uncertain environment ….. BUT I can’t help thinking of my Wall Street days when I would have been shorting, buying puts and otherwise betting the farm on the demise of these Mills and the investment banks that funded the “boutique” investment banking firms that provided the money to get these mills going and maintained. Plausible deniability just became implausible deniability or to put it more simply, a damn lie. In my not-so-humble opinion this will keep exploding in the face of the bankers until the decks are cleared. Their strategy is borne on arrogance. That arrogance is based upon assumptions of power that are, in my opinion, misplaced. They are ALL going down. The people in these Mills are not going to protect the people at the top of the chain. Neither the control nor the incentive is present. Bernie Ebbers is probably looking forward to the company.

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  1. what a awesome informational site! I thank you and commend you for bringing all this knowledge to everyone in all the states.Hats off to you for all your dedication and knowledge.Here in Maryland lots of distressed homeowners have been enlightened and empowered as the reality of the nations financial crisis has definitley hit too close to home. this is a GODSEND

  2. Class action against Samuel I White? When? Where? How?

  3. In The United States of America We The People Rule.
    ‘”THANKS GIVING 2010″

    “I am a Sovereign American”
    This Years 2010 “Thanksgiving Celebration”, what will We as American’s be most Thankful for ? I for one, will be glad that I am not a “TURKEY” (banker). If
    (you or someone you know) in fact you are a “turkey” you will have a very likelihood that you will be slaughtered, gutted out, hanged off of a “hook” once your head is sliced from your neck and prepared for the feeding of “America’s best” the “We the People feast” to celebrate the things we are “thankful for”. We don’t like the few number of Oligarchs that feed off of the people. We are not slaves we are American’s. I for one believe your Monetary policy’s and Confiscation of homes, pensions, and God knows what else you ripped off of people’s across the planet.
    Happy you better watch your ass and keep looking over your shoulder because you and your smart buddys are done! The people in high places with no lower place to go, you can’t hide in the Tall Buildings in all of our great cities because you will be found, day or night, yes it is out and you are being sought after for your crimes. You have stepped over a line that should never have been crossed, and the penalty will be great. For as sure as ‘Thanksgiving will take place’ the down fall of the greedy
    Bastards will be right on the heals of our National Celebration. To Hell with you, you are on the endangered occupations list of the wrath …Did you not remember one of the first thing’s you where taught before 1st grade, was to share, not to be a “bully or a thief” and do not take what does not belong to you? Happy look over your shoulder until you are caught and prosecuted season. Happy hunting season to you and welcome to the “New America” you have created” When is the first day of bow season?
    Maybe all their little Jewish lawyer buddy’s with their lil dicks and their accountants can sweep a little more under the rug, Hmmm but the broom and dust pan where made in china and, just broke. So the Wicked Witch from the West and her Broom is, not “they average” choice of transportation? All ya got to do is watch them squirm come time when after the “Holiday Season” they will be hiding? Pitch Forks…Indictments, pay back, cram downs and Court case’s for the fine criminals and their cronies.
    “This is an abstract and is not advice or is it meant to be the opinion of the unknown author, or legal advice, seek the advice of a hungry Attorney ASAP”

  4. The Rolling Stone article is fabulous. We need more investigative journalism of this quality. Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC is also doing a great job. It is getting out there. Ride the big bankers out on a rail. Don’t give up.

  5. Dear The A Man,

    The rolling Stones article is great and very direct.

    “In America there is more shame in owing money than stealing it”

    These banksters are brilliant, if we all stole from the banksters could we also foreclose on them?

  6. Dear David,

    These are just a part of the many criminal element foreclosure mill lawyers and minions we have been subjected to here in the Washington DC Metro area, We have Samuel White, Recontrust, Nectar Properties, and more.

    Some of the act in court when one of the few courageous lawyers take to task in court with such arrogance. You have to see them how they smile in front of the court house steps.

    Home owners everywhere, this may be the way to go up the food chain. They will definitely prefer to give up their employers than to risk being put in jail, some of these guys drop the soap from time to time.

  7. We have far more of these ‘assembly lines’ to get depositions from.

    Litton is another one. They also use Promiss Solutions and other additional sources for document production.

  8. Courts Helping Banks Screw over Homeowners.
    It is time to put the Judges in jail.

    The RollingStones article gets it. Mr Garfield I assume (dont like to assume) would be proud of this article


    When Broken Chains Become Attorney Nooses… man, I like the sound of that…

    Audacious Arrogance – Fraudsters were Defrauded…

    My oh-my – looks like these foreclosure mills will be seeking to turn evidence – cop-a-plea – do a little “dirt-trading” to wiggle out of JAIL time…

    They fired 6 Notaries attempting to claim they took care of the FORGERY problem… Oh, but wait – do I have signatures of the LAWYERS signing for the NOTARY..? sniff-sniff – what’s that smell..? Smells like big-fat-discrmination lawsuit churning… FIRE 6 NOTARIES – hoping to blow the smoke elsewhere…? Someone get these idiots a backhoe – they can’t dig a hole DEEP or FAST enough to get out of this… Jake & Howie will be getting new bunkbeds…

  10. One of the ways we can put these pretender/lender/debtcollectors out of business is by litigating them til the cows come home. Lots and lots of lawsuits with lots and lots of legal fees. The more the merrier. Imagine having ten or 12 lawsuits against you in just one state and even more in another state. They will go belly up, because they can’t pay the legal fees. Keep on suing!!

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