50 State AG’s and Ass’t AG’s Lack Adequate Knowledge to Prosecute

  • FW: ACTION ALERT: A few moments of your time to help educate the Multi state AG panel of 50 AGs investigating foreclosure “practices”.‏

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Subject: ACTION ALERT: A few moments of your time to help educate the Multi state AG panel of 50 AGs investigating foreclosure “practices”.

As always, feedback on this idea welcomed.

Could you please ask your email groups to go to the FL AG webform and fill it out with a simple but critical request?  The  multi-state panel looking into foreclosure fraud is made up of assistant attorney generals from the 50 states.  Many of the staff in the Attorneys General’s offices have zero knowledge of the issues and have never before heard of a securitized mortgage or MERS.

It is of critical importance that the attorneys and investigators who opened and continue to focus on LPS and the Florida foreclosure mills be given a consulting role with the multi state foreclosure panel.  Those investigators have been working on uncovering the crimes and are gaining more knowledge and evidence every single day.  It is critical that they be allowed to share this with their fellow assistant AG’s around the country.

If hundreds of people from around the country could demand this, I think we will make progress towards averting furthering the foreclosure disaster.  Please click the webform link, fill out your info, and type a short comment similar to:

I strongly urge the Florida Attorney General to appoint the Ft. Lauderdale Economic Crimes Unit assistant AGs who have been working on the investigations into LPS, DocX, and the top foreclosure law firms to an official consulting role and/or a seat on the multi-state panel on foreclosure fraud.  It is of critical importance that the current investigators be able to share the knowledge, information, and evidence they’ve accumulated thus far.  Many other states’ attorneys general lag behind the learning curve.  No need to reinvent the wheel.  Let’s let our investigators lead the way by giving them a role in bringing the other states up to their level of understanding of the fraud and abusive practices that have been revealed by the Ft. Lauderdale Economic Crimes Unit of the Florida AG’s office.

Webform:   http://myfloridalegal.com/contact.nsf/contact?Open&Section=Attorney_General

Press release from FL AG’s office with weak wording   here (you can look up your own AG’s press release on their site)

Why Bill McCollum didn’t do this on his own:  “Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum asked on Oct. 12 to meet with a group of banks, including Bank of America and JPMorgan, about their foreclosure practices. He said in an interview on Oct. 15 that he had met with JPMorgan and had a telephone conference with Bank of America. He said the two were “well on their way” to correcting problems in their foreclosure procedures.” Bloomberg article here

It is also of utmost importance that everyone inform their own state assistant AG who  is on the “multistate panel” (multi-state assistant AGs are in a different dept than economic crimes dept) of the fraud in their own cases.  It is in our hands to educate these enforcers of our laws.  I am very concerned that solutions will be attempted by assistant AGs who do not have a grasp of the complex issues involved or the massive level of deception and fraud.

Thank you!
Lisa Epstein

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  1. With the help of my brilliant attorney I am compiling information and case law to give the az attorney general I already have a file in their possession so they know my history over the past couple if years I have a papertrail to show a conspired effort to deny me dye process and steal my home which they did my goal is to educate and have the truth exposed these big banks must go

  2. Readers from Virginia I just got a response back from our AG’s office they are open to listening. Meet with your local Delegates and eduacate them they will get the message to the AG’s office.Follow up with them and ask what they have done. It has taken some of us two years and we are still trying to understand this mess. Let’s shorten the learning curve now if at all possible for the AG’s and local attorneys.
    Get their emails and send them the infomation they need.
    It is up to we the people to educate them on this site and others.

    Folks in Virginia turn up the volume to the AG’s office now.

  3. we need to keep our plight relevant

  4. we need to give these AG oursupport, however, we need ti ve relentless with our oressure and by insisting in many of us to become part of the advisers and participants in the jn estigations and prisecutions.

    remember most kf these AG until very recently did not wany to bother with foreclosures,remember the deadbeat effect. Still today many if not all of them do not get it, and they for the most part are elected officials and lack the knowledge base to prosecute this cases.

    we need to make sure they remeber who voted them in

  5. Donna s,

    Guess where people have been appointed to jobs they are performing on ‘cruise control’?

    BTW, are you talking about a state level regulator, or the national guys? Nothing happens in the US OCC, that is for sure!

  6. I love this website.

    Great idea Neil. Let’s get to work now.

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