Fla. AG: No Cooperation on Issue of Kickbacks in Foreclosures

Foreclosure investigation: AG is looking for evidence of kickbacks


By Harriet Johnson Brackey November 4, 2010 10:46 AM

Follow the money.

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum’s office is looking for it, in its investigation of the foreclosure law firm of David J. Stern. k0611252.jpg

What’s at the bottom of the AG’s investigation was almost a throw-away line in a recent hearing in Fort Lauderdale.

Assistant Attorney General Theresa Edwards, in her very last response to a question from Judge Eileen M. O’Conner, says that yes, the AG’s office did receive thousands of documents from Stern’s firm but not the documents it wanted.

The documents it wanted “may involve kick backs (sic) to the servicers who are hiring them, which surprisingly weren’t included in the documents. So that’s why we want to keep looking.”

Thanks to attorney Matt Weidner, who posted the transcript on his blog today. Here’s a link to it.

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  1. Well said PJ, it’s our tax dollars that Fannie is using to pay the slugs to come get our houses. You just can’t make this nightmare up.

  2. Oh yea………………I may have uncovered part of the DOC fraud

    which was perpetrated by a FL LAW FIRM not previously mentioned on this sight. This fraud involves a scheme of using “electronic signatures” and the Law firms access to those electronic signatures through a “Document Control” number.

    The Law Firms access to these control numbers may have been access to shared software ( servicer to Lawyer firm ).

    By having such access, Law Firms could have fabricated millions of documents by placing the Signature on any number of foreclosure documents including the Law Firms OWN Signatures.

    A classic case in point would be a Affidavit that requires the Banks Signatory, but the Law Firm “inserts ” the Banks signatory on the Document This could include a Notary’s Signature as well.

    WHY would something like this happen? Why would a Law Firm perpetrate a Fraud?

    Just ask DAVID STERN!

    More news on this later.

  3. Unfortuniately, the florida AG BILL MCCOLLUM is a BANKERS BANKER!

    Hes in PRO BANKER, and PRO FORECLOSURE. Until Rick Scott gives him the Boot, asking him to investigate anything id a JOKE!

    Once hes gone, the load is on Pam Bondi to GET IT DONE!

  4. Concerned, – yes – you are right – you write –

    “The BK courts are the route that more people succeed with”

    Why?? Because the creditor has to be identified – or else the BK is false.

  5. It still looks like the AG’s are being kinda wimpy about this. We don’t seem to have rights anymore. If you are a single consumer that has been ripped off by your mortgage servicer, you are going to have to sue to get anywhere. I tried for 18 months to get a loan mod, they just lost all my documents. I had to sue them to get their attention, now AHMSI wants to give me a loan mod. We shall see if they actually do it. There is plenty of fraud in my documents as well along with the ever-present MERS.

  6. The ‘enforcers’ have all been so lulled into treating these guys with kid-gloves. It is time to get a fire in the belly of all the AGs to investigate the fraud perpetrated by the foreclosure industry.

    Currently the CA AG has only been making news when he shuts down companies that were claiming to be able to fight foreclosure. The banking interests have gotten so many pro-banking bills passed in the state government that it is extremely difficult to find resources to help fight a foreclosure. Businesses that might help can not afford to do business in this state.

    Yeah, he did climb on board with the other AGs to investigate the fraudulent foreclosures. That is the only time of late that the actions have been anti-‘bankster’.

    Superior courts typically will not even look at the claims that the offender-pretender-lender does not have standing. They prefer to only ask if the borrower himself has made all the required payments and make their ruling solely on the presumed default. Gavel slam, next case.

    I see a few indications that some of the District courts are starting to break from the pack.

    The BK courts are the route that more people succeed with.

  7. Did you really think these guys would cooperate?

  8. What most blows me away about this story is how they seem to just shrug their shoulders like little kids wishing they had gotten what they wanted. Why in the hell aren’t they furious and throwing people in jail until they get what they want?

    This reminds me of the recent case where an AG busted a debt collection group for dressing up their offices to look just like a courtroom and manufacturing court-like docs to scare people into paying or jailing. The Ag in this case is suing the frim. Suing? Why in the hell would an AG sue when there’s been such an injustice done? Throw the bastards in jail and then ask questions and write motions….slowly.

  9. Told you so, now lets take a look at the “kick back’s” given to the employes’ of Fannie Mae that were deployed to Stern’s firm to check up on things. And whats up with the LOGS network getting a free pass in all of this, ya know Gerald Shapiro the great mentor of Mr.Stern, the grand daddy of foreclosure mills nationwide!

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  11. So, what resulted from the hearing?

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