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  1. I have blamed Mr. Henry Paulson for the foreclosures for quite some time.

    I was well aware that the financial crisis was going to it long before it was ever publicized. Tried to warn Congress and so many government officials of what was going on.

    When the crisis finally hit, I listened every day to see what Mr. Henry Paulson would do – he was the one who had the most control. Mr. Henry Paulson begged Congress (on his knees) for the bail-out. And, Mr. Henry Paulson determined himself – that the home owners should take the blame and the fall. I could not believe this was happening – and there was nothing we could do to stop it.

    I recall that one day CNBC was thrilled that Mr. Henry Paulson was in the network lobby. Waited for Mr. Henry Paulson to speak – but he never did. However, it was that day that CNBC began to publicize that the home owners were “deadbeats” – that they had bought “too much house” and that they would have to take the fall. Mr. Henry Paulson had been in the lobby to direct the media on how to present the “mess” to the public. Even though he never spoke that day – Mr. Henry Paulson was the catalyst to begin the campaign to blame the home owners. And, since that day, it has been a struggle to shake the label Mr. Henry Paulson gave to the home owners – which now resonates in courts across the country and continues in the media.

    Mr. Henry Paulson sacrificed the truth and home owner victims for his own agenda that bailed out his own former association and their peers.

    I blame Mr. Henry Paulson, foremost, for setting the policies that would force home owner victims into foreclosure after foreclosure. And, Mr. Henry Paulson actually pats himself on the back for “saving the financial system.” Mr. Henry Paulson – you just saved your buddies – that is all. Our financial system is not fixed and millions of Americans continue to be victims of the fraud your buddies perpetrated.

  2. It never set well with me when Paulson testified to congress in his (1 or 2 page) proposal that (sonething to the effct of) “The Secretary will never have any liability and shall not be help accountable for any actions take as the Secretary as part of the bailout”….or words to that effect. Negotion’s 101 through up a huge flag but no one in congress seemed to question it. “Hey, I want to help you but if I screw up, you can’t do anything because I am not responsible” The blind leading the blind. Do you think, maybe Hanky boy knew something? I think in the world of Private Investagations his statment would have been classified as a “clue.”

    You can take the boy out of Golden Slacks but….well… we all know the rest of that saying.

  3. Look under State Legislative Branches for your AG & Senators & Congressman.You got to this blog you can find out this information.Come on folks lets not worry about this one or that one being connected.We know their is a den of thieves! Its enough noise and Media that will make the difference, not this will take a little effort for our & our childrens future.What is that worth.If you watch 1 hour of TV a week you can accomplish this task.

  4. Well, tell that to my CURRENT debt-collector masquerading as my servicer. BofA TRANSFERRED my servicing to LITTON after the loan was in default, as they created additional supposed cause for not honoring the ‘CA AG Mod” that I had already signed, with a Notary witness, to the PERMANENT mod contract with CountryWIde.

    They did this with a segment of the ‘AG mods’ that they immediately attempted to scuttle – after each of them had been accepted and returned to CW/BofA per the agreement.

    Other ‘AG Mod’ contract-holders made many months of modified payments under their PERMANENT modification contracts only to be told later that the modification was ‘canceled’. The correct word is BREACH.

  5. Concerned one ray of hope is that BOA still doesnt foreclose in CA

  6. Hummm… Where can we locate more info? How about OK’s AG, Senators, attorney’s and judges.

  7. Where are the pitch forks?

    if we do not raise the volume of our plight we are doomed

  8. Robert Khuzami is a direct conflict of interest that I believe.

    Since 2004, Mr. Khuzami, 52, has been General Counsel for the Americas at Deutsche Bank. In that role, he has supervised more than 100 lawyers supporting the bank’s various businesses in the Americas, and has overseen Americas-based litigation and regulatory enforcement actions. From 2002 to 2004, he served as Global Head of Litigation and Regulatory Investigations for the bank.


  9. And just HOW many other of the elected or appointed officials in the federal or state governments have significant conflicts of interest? How many JUDGES have a conflict of interest in their pension or retirement funds?

    I know that I’ve seen references to one US Representative whose wife works in the finance sector.

    Then there is Jerry Brown, governor-elect for CA, and current AG who worked out the settlement with CountryWide that was WORTHLESS. Look at where sister Kathleen was while that deal was made: CountryWide and then Bank of America (where she may STILL be on a board). Her CURRENT POSITION: Goldman-Sachs.

    Can you see why the ‘CountryWide CA AG mods’ were not enforced by the AG’s office???

    Jerry made a BIG deal out of that stipulated settlement. His office does nothing to get BofA to HONOR the modifications that were generated to supposedly comply with the agreement..

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