Some telephone numbers that are not easy to find

Property Preservation Servicer Contacts

Company Names Mailing Information Key Contacts Title/Department Phone
Amtrust Bank 1111 Chester Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44144
Jaques Hawkins 

Stephen Murphy

Property Preservation Specialist, Foreclosure Dept.
Property Preservation Specialist, Foreclosure Dept.


American Home Mortgage 1525 S. Beltline Road
Coppell, TX 75067
Christine Morse 

Renena Summerfield

Property Preservation Specialist 

Property Preservation Specialist

469-645-3000, Ext 50229 

469-645-3000, Ext. 50304

Aurora Loan Services 10350 Park Meadows Drive
Littleton, CO 80124
Brandon McGill AVP, Property Services 720-945-4775
Bank of America 400 National Way, Simi
Valley, CA 93065 

301 E. Vanderbilt Way
San Bernardino, CA 92408

301 E. Vanderbilt Way
San Bernardino, CA 92408

Brian Zamani 

Tiaquanda S. Turner

Martha (Marta) Fulgham Sanchez

Brendan Gail

AVP, FHA Conveyance/Claims 

AVP, FHA Conveyance/Claims

VP, Control Tower/Field Services

VP, Operations/Field Services





BB&T 301 College Street
6th Floor
Greenville, SC 29601 800-827-3700
Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC 1610 E St. Andrew
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Sharif Touny 

Chris Castruita

Victor Revis

Director of Default 


REO Manager




Capital One P.O. Box 259330
Plano, TX 75025-9330
Jeremy Atkinson 

Elaine Parker

Derrick Weber

Default Control 

Default Control

Default Control




Central Mortgage Company 801 John Barrow Road
Ste. 1
Little Rock, AR 72205
Shelia Roeling 

Chellie Stewart

Jan Davis

Asset Preservation Specialist-Default Asset Management Department
REO Supervisor-Default Asset Management Department
Default Asset Manager, Default Asset Management Department



Chase 800 Brooksedge Blvd.
Westerville, OH 43081
Attn: MC OH1-8020
Michelle R. Stevens-Schultz 

Vicky Beever

Officer – Property Preservation & Hazard Claims
Officer – Property Preservation


Citi Mortgage 1000 Technology Drive
O’Fallon, MO 63368
MS 323

David Mazanek

Code Violations Department
Property Preservation Department
Field Service Contact
877-290-3997, Option 2 

877-290-3997, Option 1

800-852-8306, Ext 1261

Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc. 1 Corporate Drive
Suite 360
Lake Zurich, IL 60047
Paula Borshell 

Rachel Deuser

Property Preservation Department Manager 

Property Preservation Department Supervisor



Everhome Mortgage 8100 Nations Way
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Shannon Hudson
Supervisor, Property Preservation 866-918-4507
Fannie Mae 14221 Dallas Parkway
Ste. 1000
Dallas, TX 75254
Elonda Crockett 

Michael Lawler

Paul Hayes

Vice President, REO Fulfillment 

Director, Loss Mitigation-Credit
Manager, REO Foreclsoure-Credit




Fifth Third Bank 5001 Kingsley Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45227
Jennifer Lewis 

Jill Cannon

Supervisor. Property Preservation 

Director, MCS



First Bank Mortgage 1 First Missouri Center
St. Louis, MO 63141
Karen Hanawinkel 

Lou Sanders

Autumn Kingsbury-Buck

Foreclosure Manager 

Loss Mitigation Manager

Collection Manager




First Niagara Bank 6950 S. Transit Rd.
PO Box 514
Lockport, NY 14095-0514
Trish Harris 

Christina Palmer


Recovery Services



Franklin Credit 101 Hudson Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Glenn Murphy
Vice President 201-604-1800
Freddie Mac 8000 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22102
Joe Moschetto 

Deloise Browne-Miller

Mahad Ali

Senior Manager-FC/Bankruptcy Operations 

Unit Mnaager-FC/Bankruptcy

FC/Bankruptcy Associate




GMAC Mortgage Corporation 3451 Hammond Ave.
Waterloo, IA 50702-5345
Patric F. McCool
Key Partner Manager Analyst 319-236-4733
HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc. Mortgage Services
636 Grand Regency Blvd.
Brandon, FL 33510
Property Preservation Department Team
Property Preservation Department 866-411-3810, Option 3
HSBC Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Corporation
2929 Walden ave., Depew
NY 14073
Code Violations Department
Safeguard Properties/Field Service Contact 800-852-8306, Ext 2173
HUD Prior To Conveyance: See MCB Below

Post Conveyance: Follow Link For State Coverages & Contacts

Key Bank 4910 Tiedeman Road
Brooklyn, OH 44114
Lori Tierney
Liberty Bank 2251 Rombach Ave.
Wilmington, OH 45177
JB Stamper
Litton Loan Servicing 4828 Loop Cebtral Drive
Houston, TX 77081
Terrell Phearse 

Sharon Graham

Amy West

Linda Milan

Property Preservation Processor 

Property Preservation Processor

Property Preservation Team Lead

Property Preservation Supervisor





M&T Bank One Fountain Plaza
6th Floor
Buffalo, NY 14203
Preservation Manager 

David Mazanek

Preservation Department 

Field Service Contact


800-852-8306, Ext. 1261

Michaelson, Connor & Boul, Inc. (MCB) 4400 Will Rogers Parkway
Ste. 300
Oklahoma City, OK 73108
Ryan McDoulett 

Greg Nelson

Sheree McClure

Donna Telles

Kimberly Bell

Goeff Grafford

Damon Kornele

Overallowables & Extensions 

Occupied Conveyance Requests

Claims Department

Claims Department

Title Department

Appeals Department

Reconveyance Department








Midland Mortgage/MidFirst Bank 999 NW Grand Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
Midfirst Property Preservation 

Safeguard Code Violations

MCS Code Violations

Mortgage Contracting Services One Urban Centre – Suite 950
4830 West Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33609 Field Service Provider 813-387-1100
Ocwen Financial Corporation 2300 M Street, NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20037
Tara Williams 

Jasbir Chawdhary

Vice President
Field Services 

Senior Manager
Property Preservation and Inspection

(713) 647-8990
(800) 280-3863
Ex  296191
One West Bank 2900 Esperanza Crossing
Austin, TX 78758
Kim Magel 

Leah Collins

Supervisor, Property Preservation (Pre-sale) 

Supervisor, Property Preservation (REO)



PA Housing Finance Agency 211 North Front Street
PO Box8029
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8029
Tom Gouker 

Bonita Russell

Jennifer Smallwood

Dave Mazanek

Foreclosure Manager 

Conventional REO Manager

FHA REO Manager

Field Services Provider




800-852-8306, 1261

PHH Mortgage 2001 Bishops Gate Blvd
Mount Laurel, NJ 08002
Bieu T. Corl 

Dana Young

Kelly Smyth

Safeguard Code Violations

MCS Code Violations

P&P Rep II/Claims-REO 

Claims Supervisor, REO Dept.

Claims Assistant Supervisor




800-852-8306, Ext 2173


PNC Mortgage (formally National City), dba Commonwealth United Mortgage, Accubank Mortgage and MidAmerica Bank 3232 Newmark Drive
Miamisburg, OH 45342
Property Preservation Team: 

Gail Klein

Julie Kick

Dave Mazanek

Process Leader 

Process Manager

Field Services Contact/Safeguard Properties




800-852-8306, Ext. 1261

Regions Mortgage 215 Forrest St.
PO Box 18001
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
Denise McLaurin 

Paula Gilliland

Legal Claims Processor 601-554-2386 


Residential Credit Solutions 4282 North Freeway
Ft. Worth, TX 76137
Susan Jorgensen 

Jeff Gideon

Alicia Wood

Property Coordinator (REO) 


VP, Loan Administration




RRR 92 W 3900 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84107
Joe Arico
VP 801-293-2658
Safeguard Properties code.enforcement.violations@safeguard
Field Service Provider 800-852-8306, 2173
Saxon Mortgage Services 4708 Mercantile Drive, North, Fort Worth, TX 76137 Renee Tello 

Peter Gilkey

Code Violations

Senior Manager, Property Preservation 

Senior Manager, Property Preservation

Distribution Desk



SC State Housing 300C Outlet Pointe Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29210
Lisa E. Rivers
Director, Mortgage Servicing 803-896-9384
Sovereign Bank Mail Code 10-6438-MD4
601 Penn Street
Reading, PA 19601
Connie Cocroft

Shannon Lippert

Heather Solley

Consumer Default VP 

Consumer Default Manager

Consumer Default Manager




Specialized 8742 Lucent Blvd.
Suite 300
Highland Ranch, CO 80129
Susan Beck
VP Consumer Support OP/DS 720-241-7385
Suntrust Mortgage, Inc. Foreclosure Dept. RVW3064
1001 Semmes Ave.
Fourth Florr
Richmond, VA 23224
Lorrie Pond 

Tammi Stubbs

Natish King

AVP, Post Foreclosure & Property Preservation 

Property Preservation Supervisor

Property Preservation Team Lead




Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 1 Home Campus
Des Moines, IA 50328
Andrew Hohensee 

Code Violations

CoreLogic Field Services

LPS Field Services

Mortgage Contracting Services

Violation Specialist 

Field Service Provider

Field Service Provider

Field Service Provider


440-633-4100, Option 3, Option 1


13 Responses

  1. I bought an investment home to help my mom in 2005 it was sopposed to be a HUD home.IT sold on 01/27/2005 to a broker named Botnick Realty.It was by CutlerGMAC .ON 02/07/2005 I put in a bid ,my nightmare begins. on paperwork it says Michaelson,Connor & Boul 5312 bolsa ave. suite 200 Huntington Beach,Ca. 92649 now on my title it says attorney in fact FIRMIN BOUL for secretary of housing and urbin development..state of Ca. county of Orange sadly after looking under my social security number ….theres no record. in my name Lakeside Title and escrow agency,inc 123 west prospert ave. suite 150 Cleveland,ohio 44115 I have been fighting since oct 2015 when my first home I bought in 1999 was sheriff actioned one contacted me lol.anyways after I was scamed by a lawyer in Dublin ohio. who got me in default on my current home sharred my information with the lawyer MR.MANELY from Dublin also.The firm drops me (TROY DOUCET) and refunds me 500.00.At this point after being bullyed by yet a nuther want to be lawyer x state attorney general Mr. Dann …..who wants me to tell him how ive been wronged.I a process finish grinder basicly a great laborer until the Timken company bearing went out of bisness filed chaper after 200 years of being in canton ohio…my current lawer bill is 800.00 morgan who has taken 2 homes already .20,000 in misc. fees on my current home lived here 12 years payed over 95,000.00 and still owe them 90,000.00 I borrowed 100,000.00 I put 12,000.00 cash down from my 401k …..should I just give up ? stark country records change dayly no one cares.

  2. Reblogged this on sandrakblog and commented:

  3. I have a signature of Mark Wooton on a copy of a LPOA from Wells. Does anyone have anything signed by him so I can compare? I can email it directly to you.

  4. when he says “borrowers can’t defend title” he’s saying that YOU are the TITLE HOLDER. That’s why the first thing they do is kindly ask for a “Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure”.

    For instance (this is posted at “Wisconsin Law”):
    Wisconsin is a state which follows the lien theory of mortgages. In other words, the mortgagee does not have legal title in the mortgaged premises Section 708.01 Wis.Stats. See also, Mutual Fed. S. & L Assoc. v. Wisconsin Wire Works., 58, 58 Wis. 2d 99, 104, 205 N.W2d762 (1973). The mortgagor retains full ownership in the property, which consists of equitable and legal title, while the mortgagee’s interest is that of a lien holder. Therefore, the mortgagee’s status is that of a holder of a security interest Osborn, Mortgages, sec. 127 at 208.See also, Bank of Commerce v. Waukesha County, 89 Wis. 2d 7155, 279 N.W.2d 237 (1979).

    YOU are the MORTGAGOR! You are the equity owner in the real property. WAKE UP!

    And Maher, if I show that the M-7, M9 Certificates of the trust are in the TARP 1, and also Goldman CDO, and the NOD was generated in December 07, is that proof of said receivership status?

  5. Maher, somebody hacked yer old e-mail secondarytrade…….but…but…
    THANK YOU! Now THAT was worth a thousand bucks!

    Now kiddies, listen up. That was a mouthful. He missed an “and, maybe a conjunctive adverb, but HE’S RIGHT!

    A loan to a trust plus insurance plus fees then sold, partial retained value (svcg rights). Loan to pool to bond plus insurance plus forced default (more fees) less extinguishment means the debt is lost to the bondholder and the insurer. The only thing left standing IS THE MORAL OBLIGATION, AKA UNSECURED DEBT. That is why the mortgages MUST go unrecorded; and to provide cover under “holder in due course” for the predatory lending/false underwriting/blatant fraud.

    Let me see, the accounting fraud is the collection of the real estate without any right to the property nor any place to account for the dough without 100% taxation. The credit bid extinguishes the carry value and VIOLA: shit turned to gold, with the help of the substitute trustees (lawyers and unlicensed real estate brokers). Now, where did the money go? To those Cayman Island accounts with all the Goldman guys names’ on them.

  6. Thank you, Steve, for the info on Mark Wooton.

  7. HAMP Modification and B65 Modification for home retention workout options

    How can Servicers consider Borrowers for a HAMP Modification if servicing violates FAS 140 under GAAP? Wake the fun up! Home retention workout options are offered only upon a title holder’s concession – you still do not get it? Lenders continue to foreclose under the veil of an FDIC receivership enforced by the Dept of Treasury. By serendipitously foreclosing on a bad investment we get side tracked by HAMP smokers hope for Hemp (?) And …ONLY A BENEFICIAL INTEREST CAN FORECLOSE AND MERS IS THE MEANS AND METHOD FOR THE LOSS OF THAT ORGINAL INTEREST . . . I told you so…embrace MERS (we are).

    These delinquent “loans” are divested under GAAP accounting rules and prohibit a lender who must commit an accounting fraud in a recovery.

    Borrowers can’t defend title under the complicated and difficult accounting rules that attorneys no less understand. A mortgage is HELD as an investment and not SOLD. Loans SOLD for STOCK compounds the problem. STOCKS charged off to ZERO are case shut. Therefore, the arguments favor fee simple interest in realty and demand the right to defend title and fight back.

    Look, the mortgage is an encumbrance on title rights to the property. It cannot be enforceable under TARP if tendered for stock offered used as tender and for securing the investment in a “certificate versus a loan on real property.

    Dual consideration, multiple of capital stock offerings, additional paid in capital, divestment, codified FAS 140 and on and on. One web enthusiast called our findings conjecture – “can he add?” In other words “do the general ledger and lose the case law”. Or will case law circumvent “add and subtraction” shortfalls?

    Look, a lenders mortgage is an “ECONOMIC” interest where lenders claims fail and question subrogation by state for failed investments. Why consumers cannot see the wrongful foreclosure under GAAP and FAS 140 violations prohibiting all controlling interests in assets sold is unfortunate?

    First the parties foreclosing seem to always overemphasize a borrower’s obligation for repayment under the terms of the note and deed. Then consumer title holders must fight back the stigma of a moral obligation for the same argument. You cannot foreclose on a moral obligation.

    The terms and conditions are no longer in effect as the lender fights to win back your home.

    In foreclosure, lenders are highest bidder against consumer’s rights for claiming back the deed. The mortgage is lost to the same TARP program used to enforce a foreclosure.

    Remember a year or so from now when eating dinner and “60 Minutes” announces “How America’s home were stolen!”

    Mail to:

    Only a licensed attorney can offer to provide legal advice. The parties herein accepts no responsibility for written material, general opinions, comments, open answers and non binding responses to questions when providing information. Only an attorney licensed in the state can offer or provide legal advice. The content herein and found online and part of website content is for reading and educational purposes only. Consult an attorney whenever your rights are in question and you or someone you know requires the expertise of legal counsel.

  8. Neil:

    There is no rest for the wicked on your site! : )

  9. the list of shame!!!!!

    let us keep bringing them out into the open. their names must be known and their activities prosecuted

  10. You left out the FBI, the SEC, and the IRS. I believe the bankers will need to be talking quite a bit with them before all is said and done.

  11. Anyone know anything about Mark Wooton at Wells? I have a copy of a POA that has his signature rubber-stamped; title of “Assistant Vice-President”. (Of what, it doesn’t say.) He seems to be in Iowa, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.


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