by Neil F Garfield

With the midterm elections over and the mixed results virtually a guarantee of more Washington gridlock, the celebrations of victory can only be regarded as personal victories for winning politicians whose only objective is to get elected again. Reviewing the slate of candidates across the board — those who won and those who lost — I see mediocrity. They can celebrate but the rest of us must trudge on, trying to make sense out an increasingly Orwellian world of lies, deception, sound bites and intimidation. The only people of vision and dynamic ability are neither in government nor in business. Those people must be coaxed out of their privacy into making a difference for all of us.

There is a positive lesson in all of this election stuff. Things can change a lot in two years. If we as taxpayers, homeowners, consumers and yes, borrowers, stand our ground and help each other we can make a vast difference. That’s why I do this. I believe I can make a difference because I believe you can make a difference. I started out on an improbable journey to convince our society that it had been co-opted by banks and big business who were draining the life out of us and then blaming us for the negative consequences brought about by their outright fraud, criminality and a failure of government to protect us.

I said the mortgages were neither viable nor legal nor enforceable. I said things about forgery and fabrication and deceit in court and I was one of only a few voices barely heard above the wind of rhetoric coming from politicians and businessmen with their hands in each others pockets. Now we know these things are true or at least probable in nearly all instances of nearly all securitized loans, whether they are for real property financing or any other kind of financing. The proper legal outcome of the mortgage crisis is the evisceration of the mortgage encumbrances and corrections of mortgage terms, and other loans to represent what was originally promised. This alone will lead to improving employment and restoring dynamism to the American economy.

A great effort is starting on all levels of government with lobbyists pouring the other 51% of the money they got into “issues” advertising. It is in this context that bills will be slipped into packages and made to look like simple advances and fine tuning that the Wall Street crowd will attempt to defeat justice. We must be vigilant but we must be more than that. Whether you have a loan that is current or you are behind 30 months, the assumption that “you must be liable” or “you should do the right thing” must be offset by the immorality of the banks and companies that were responsible for putting us in this position.Take the plunge. Go for making your life better and your finances back in your own control.

If you want your children and grandchildren to have that better life you dreamed they would have you are going to be required to model behavior that they can follow: to stand and fight for your rights, whatever they are and to get the best possible deal you can. THAT is the American way — and when individual consumers do it there is no more issue of immorality than when businesses do it.

Winning takes time and perseverance and relentless pursuit of justice and truth take their toll on our time and our resources but they also produce results. Winning means getting a just result and not giving up just because the other guy looks bigger to you. Winning is the answer to those who exercise power entrusted to them to enhance a few of their friends instead of improving the prospects of our nation. Winning means getting ahead not getting even. Who wants to be in the same position we are in now in 10 years? You want it different? Then focus on making your stand and winning. Don’t settle for deals that leave you entrapped in economic slavery. Don’t accept the notion that you must be wrong. Reject losing as an option. Win your rights back in every way you can.

In this democratic experiment we often have chaotic moments of confusion. Slogans replace thinking and fear replaces judgment. Crowds of people are sometimes swayed to vote or act against their own interests. We have a dynamic adversarial society that was planned that way by people smarter than us, who understood that we would never agree on anything, but that if the mechanism was there in staggered terms and basic human rights, we would work it out and make it through to another day, another era of the best of times and the worst of times. Demonizing our opponents is basic human nature and our founding fathers knew that and experienced it while the Federalist Papers were written and countered. Capitulation to power is also in our nature with the old expression “you can’t fight city hall.”

And yet, in our American history we have periodically endured hardship and unity, sloppiness and chicanery, lofty speeches and hateful dialogue, only to come out the other end with something a little better. I believe in that better life and a finer future and I define winning as making one more small step to a better world. The better we work at it, the faster it will come. In our society the ultimate boss is the people without whose consent on a daily basis, there could be no government or commerce. Mostly people will endure great hardships and suffering before they are moved to take action and reclaim their basic human rights. We now approach a turning point, one of many, in our American history. Whether this ends up right or reduces the power and dignity of our country is up to the boss (that’s you I’m talking about). I think that time is now. What do you think?

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  1. Cheryl, per your question about lawyers helping out at a more reasonable fee. Please check out,

  2. Neil, you are the greatest!!! You are there to help us do the right thing, to help us see what we can do. I so look forward each night, to get on line and read all your new posts. I have learned so much in such a short time, and like you I try every day to help others see all of what is really happening and arm them by forwarding your posts. I have hundreds of people emailing me daily, that make me wish every day that I was in the positon to just travel around the country and stand beside them to help them out of this mess and their potential foreclosures. But I guess I need to help myself and my family first. And that I will do with the help of your devoted, outstanding knowledge and posts that you offer to us daily!!! Great job! Thank you

  3. they don’t call me “Clunker” for nuthin’!

  4. Thanks, A-MAN. Glad you didn’t take offense. I wish I could have all you folks over for dinner.

  5. Sherry H

    May the video serve as an ANTHEM FOR OUR CAUSE!

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  6. The frustration with elections is both parties are tainted. Big business buys both sides. What I see is I am voting for the leaser of two evils, if I don’t vote for the lesser evil, the eviler one gets the vote! It is so frustrating.

    Jade Brown, I like your You Tube video, is there a way for a non-tech to share this with others through email or facebook?

    Neil, I have been reading your site for over a year since being hit with Mortgage Servicing Fraud in 2008 on a property that has managed to wipe out our family by destroying our credit on purpose. We are still in our home and fighting for it. We now have our 3rd Attorney. Another frustration I have found is many Attorneys say they are foreclosure defense, but the only part of ‘getting it” is how many fees can they get, without assisting us with any real foreclosure defense in the legal system.

    I too am a freedom fighter, how do we bring this all together? Together we are better!

    Thanks for your great support and information. If you have a way of us standing up to this incredible fraud in force I would like to know about it.

  7. UsedKarGuy I agree with your comments. But I am against Greed. And the oil companies are greedy and have exaggerated So I dont drive a Diesel but I dont like it when I am pissed on and when I complain they say it was only rain.

    I touched a nerve with you, because UsedKars are not energy efficient and they would have to scrap you (just a joke)

    Be Strong and Courageous

  8. Well said Neil. I don’t think there’s a shortage of folks willing to fight. I beleive the main issue is having the financial fortitude to battle from start to finish!!!! Unless you’re an awesome Pro se, you’ll have to hire a lawyer and as all of us are well aware, lawyers don’t come cheap I heard a friend of mine say that she spoke with a lawyer and stated the she wanted to fight to the
    very end in which the lawyer responded “how much justice can you afford”? Another lawyer stated “establishing case law is expensive” I just filed Chapter 13 to stop the foreclosure sale. I hired a lawyer and I expext this lawyer to challenge ALL the so called creditors especially the mortgage servicer. I just gave the attorney $3500.00 and that is for the basic bankruptcy, I’ll need to pay the lawyer $300.00 an hour for any ensuing litagation. So in conclusion I would say there are many folks that would fight to keep their homes Are there any lawyers willing to step up and lower or waive their fee (pro bono) to give these homeowners a voice because it’s not just a individual homeowner skirmish, it is dragging our nation into the gutter!! The fraud must cease forever!!!!.

  9. A-MAN, let me know when you get your diesel Rabbit converted to a veggie-mobile. Or maybe that solar-powered car. That will KILL the oil business! But what are you going to do to heat your house? Charcoal? Wood stove? Wise up.

    Guys, it’s not Boehner, it’s not Obama. (BY THE WAY, LARRY, THEY ALL GET FREE HEALTH INSURANCE) It’s the “ruling class”. Last night the people said “we’re not going to take it anymore”. When the incumbent party loses 60 house seats (Not since Roosevelt has that happened), THERE IS YOUR GROUNDSWELL, GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT. Keep it going!

    In Illinois, Obama’s old senate seat is going to Mark Kirk. Republican, yes. A machine politician, to be sure! But, he will listen. He has to. The Illinois governership is in the process of being stolen from Brady as we speak, due to the inherent CORRUPTION OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS AND THE CITY OF CHICAGO. This, too, will come to an end.

    I’m in Wisconsin. Talk about a BLOWOUT. Feingold, GONE! Doyle, GONE! Johnson, IN! Walker, IN! All the House seats that were up for re-election went RED! The times they are a-changin’! But it won’t be that simple. The R or the D after their name doesn’t make them bad until they vote against YOUR interests. Obama went on TV (he’s still talking) and his position hasn’t changed, but his tone of voice is markedly different. He might be getting the message. But don’t count on HIM! COUNT ON YOURSELF!

    I have been busy lately calling District attorneys, States’ Attorneys, The STATE BAR. If you have robo-signed affidavits in your court records…FILE A GRIEVANCE WITH THE STATE BAR. Next call is to the Sheriff (a Republican, who is a STAND-UP guy I’ve met personally) who ran UNOPPOSED in Kenosha County. Make some noise. Pound your representatives to take a stand to protect the citizens of the state. THAT’S THEIR JOB!!!! Hold them accountable. THAT’S OUR JOB!

    And Florida: HAT’S OFF TO YOU! I’t nice to know that the people are smart enough to see through the rhetoric of wing-nuts like Grayson. Yeah, he made a few good points, but generally HE”S NUTS. Guys like that don’t lend any creedence to our cause. And then I watched MARCO RUBIO! WOW! There isn’t any one politician I’ve seen in the last 25 years that spoke like that man did last night. And all that WITHOUT A TELEPROMPTER! He spoke from his heart and his mind. His humility in the face of such a stunning victory is a testament to the character of this man. There are far too few Marco Rubios in this country. If you are like him, THEN STEP UP! The people NEED YOU!

    And, a few more like NEIL GARFIELD wouldn’t hurt, either!

    P.S. You can’t fix stupid. But you CAN SHUT THEM UP!

  10. If we could get just a few politicians to take a stand as you are Mr. Garfield, things would improve and be fair much quicker. In the mean time, I to stand with you in believing that it is up to each one of us to continue working for what is fair and just. Best regards to you. You are one of the most brave and courageous men I know. Namaste’ (means the spirit in me, honors the spirit in you)
    PS you can read some of my opinions at

  11. We are here…together…and refuse to stay on our knees! Neil, I found your website about a year ago and became inspired to make this video…which you posted a few months back. Thank you Neil and to each of you who are choosing to organize, fight, & win!

  12. Thank you Neal for your vision, and will. We do need American’s to begin acting like American’s once again and stand up for what is right. The foreclosure fraud issue is one that rocks our country to it’s core, but nothing will change unless WE THE PEOPLE stop acting like sheeple!

  13. Prop. 23 a big oil (just like banksters) lost big in Californa A grass roots effort. This gives me alot of hope if we are also Vigilante. Huffington Post is a big advocate of our cause.

    Never Again

  14. Thank you Neil – I’ve posted this quote before but I think it fits perfectly … right here:
    “Our forefathers were blowing people’s heads off because they put a tax on their breakfast beverage — and it wasn’t even coffee.” — Dennis Miller

  15. Thanks for this post and your hard work. Neil you have made a difference in millions of families across this country. Through this site I found a wonderful attorney who “Gets It” in a state judicial system that “does not”! My attorney truly cares, he has heart and passion and he will do his very best.

    A year and half ago I was lost and feeling beat down and then I found your site. I have a new perspective due to you and others.

    American homeowners did not cause this foreclosure
    Mess it is happening to them!

    I also call myself a Freedom Fighter!

  16. Neil,
    Thank you for your continued encouragement, information , pushing for the truth in the lies. You are and will make a difference.

    We must keep …keeping on! “They” are BANKING on us wearing down and giving up. There has been light put on this dark cover up. We are not alone in this fight , we are individuals fighting together from multiple fronts.
    Keep Pressing On!!!!!!

  17. John Boehner and all the thieves he hangs out with should start paying for the FREE health care insurance they get. What makes them so special? I was foreclosed on just over 1 year ago and getting over not being able to afford health care insurance so I’m lucky that I was drafted into the Army because I get care at my local VA hospital. I bet that John Boehner wants to kiss up to the bankers also. I hope his tanning bed lamps burn extra hot some time. How many people do you know that get free health care for life?

  18. This was a vote against Obama The Democrats and Republicans who supported the banksters and the Bailout.

    Pelosi was fired. She was not up for re-election. Harry Reid was voted in because he went up against a total nut.

  19. Great Article.
    This was a vote against The Banksters big time. And we must be vigilant. The Banksters will try to pull every dirty trick just like Sadam Hussein (up until the last second before being hung he talked).

    Never Again.
    G-d Bless America

  20. Great piece Neil. We fight on!

  21. A revolutio starts with a single thought of inconformity with injustice and corruption.

    Mr. Garfield you definitelly have started a revolution of sorts, many still rather go the easy way, while others are fighting for their rights.

    May god give you health and wisdom, may the almighty bless your every step.

    May god grant us the understanding and the courage we need to fight until victory is at hand.

    May god lift the fog that cloud the eyes and minds of those who are in power and allows them to enforce the law to the fullest.

    May god bless America, may god keep us free.

  22. I am fighting my own foreclosure action here in SC, which is a judicial state. Today, I am writing another pleading to try and save my house by announcing to the Judge in this matter that fraud has been perpetrated against me with an Assignment of Mortgage when it was not recorded for four months after the Lis Pendens was filed. It was created and signed in SC by Robert Hardman, VP of MERS, on January 20, 2006 then dated January 25, 2008. The document was notarized in Texas on January 25, 2008. The witness, Jessica Harris, was located in Greenville and then she appears as the witness in Texas for the notary, Matthew G. Stoner. Fraud, more Fraud on the Court.


  24. I have ceased calling myself a “foreclosure victim.”

    I have been choosing to call myself a “freedom fighter.”

  25. thanks Mr. Garfield you and david K have made a hugh difference in our situtation, so much so that we have talked to a lawyer law firm here in southwest, missouri, however i do not think he gets it. but he said that he would look things over and get back to us asap, if so we may expect some major changes in our plot to get the servicing company to tell us who holds our note, and is the deed of trust and the note in the same location, and where is all of our docuements, who is the trustee, and what part does mers play in our note. thanks, and keep me posted as usually.larry

  26. mr garfield ——–if you only knew how much you have changed our subject with our mortgage server, thanks, you have made a great difference, and again i thank you from the bottom of my heart, now don’t get me wrong, ever thing is not hokie dokie, but between your advise, and david’s book we now have an attorney who is looking in to our paperwork and stated he would file a quiet title action suit seeking who is the holder of our note, and also to produce the note and all of the paperwork, however i do not know if he gets it yet, i went to the missouri bar assocation and they could not or would not refer me to any law firm here in southwest missouri, now that is a bad thing for the legal people here in our area. but at least i have a start maybe to get this mess behind us and maybe now we can sell the home and land and move on, thanks, larry

  27. Eloquently spoken, and correct. Thanks Neil.

  28. I wish I could type on this phone

  29. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a dingle step. Thankyou Neil for walking the walk and doing the do and not just talking the talk . Deb wynn

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