MO Attorney General gives homeowners tool kit to fight foreclosure

MO Attorney General gives homeowners “tool kit” to fight foreclosure

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Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is offering consumers facing foreclosure a way to fight back.

Koster has compiled a “tool kit” of information on his website — including a form letter consumers can send to their bank demanding proof of proper paperwork for the foreclosure to proceed.

“I’m very interested to see how the banking community deals with this written request,” Koster said, “because it is not an insubstantial document. It is making some serious requests for them to prove up what has become the central question of this mortgage crisis, as to who owns the mortgages that have been subdivided and sold at a pell mell pace through the bubble of the last decade.”

In the midst of a 50-state foreclosure investigation by attorneys general, Koster says after one month he has uncovered about a hundred complaints from Missouri consumers saying banks are giving them the run around, and claiming to have “lost” paperwork related to foreclosure actions.

Koster’s advice for anyone wanting to increase their chances of staying in their home — get a lawyer and make sure your bank is playing by the rules.

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  1. Great job MO’s AG!

    A second ‘tool-kit” is still needed: A state moratorium on all securitized bank foreclosures, until each file can be reviewed one by one by all parties, for truthfulness and a real party in interest.

    or…. complete cancellation of the mortgages for fraud and nullity!

    Cheaper than the bailouts of the banks.

  2. My last loan was with Countrywide and now it’s with BofA! I too thought that i would qualify for a loan modification or refinance to lower my payments. However, all you get from Bank of America is a run-around, delays, lies and now they want to charge me outrageous default fees! Please…add me to the class action lawsuit! I was on “Family Medical Leave” for 2yrs working reduced hours to care for my aging and sick mother! When i had used up all of my medical leave…and still could not return to work, i was let go by my employer! I called BofA a month before i could not make my mortgage payment and asked for assistance in August of 2009. I was told that the only option for me at that time was to try a refinance. But i was turned down!…Then the following month i was unable to make a full payment. When i spoke to them again..i was told that they didnt have the information yet on the “new” loan modification programs. Three months into default…they still had not even sent out a default letter or even a late notice. In December of 2009 i had to call them to try and get a late notification to receive funds from my 401k. They didnt have one to send me. Unbelievable….But they requested once again for my financial information so that they could see if i qualify for the “HOPE” program to help me save my home! I have been in my house for nearly twenty yrs…and now i am going to lose my home because some Mega Giant Bank who received 25 billion of our tax dollars in “BAILOUT MONEY”, and who agreed to help homeowners in hardship, found every way they could to not help…not provide me with any assistance whatsoever!!!! And for the HOPE program….I didn’t qualify because i was out of work by then! Shame on them and shame on our President who must now know that these banks and mortgage lenders are doing this and hasn’t done a thing to put a stop to it! Not even the Attorney General. I don’t care if i get one dime out of this lawsuit…I just want to see this bank own up to what they have done or at least….PAY BACK THE 25 BILLION TAX DOLLARS they stole from us…! My Ph# is 770-306-2534

  3. forget any help fro jerry brown.. you would get more help from goldman suks!
    If memory serves me correct; brown already sold out the ca consumers with loans from countrywide via settlement w “skank of amerika”..he’s a complete pawn … boooooooooooooo

    I was told today that the office of Rhode Islands Attorney General will not be investigating Allegation of Mortgage Fraud by Robo-Signers in which they told the press they were on board and we have proof of wrongdoing on Mortgage Assignments and Affadavits that will prove that these recordings have robo wriiten all over them yet now the Attorney Generals office Heather McLaughlin Director of Consumer Unit announces that they are to busy to investigate fraud committed on our citizens of Rhode Island! Shame on all of you as you are lucky to be that busy as thousands of Rhode Islanders would be willing to take your jobs that are losing their homes daily in a state that is non-judicial and can take peoples homes without even a court hearing.

    KimThomas, on October 24, 2010 at 2:58 pm Said:

  5. Move out of the way Obama, it is time for Chris Koster to
    run for President.

  6. @concerned, as to QWR requests in BK, several cases have shown this strategy to be effective….list creditors as unsecured with a debt owing of $10. Then see if they come out of the dark to protest and prove up.

    Not legal advise, just a thought.

  7. BTW, if you are in BK, the lenders/servicers don’t have to respond to the QWR type of requests.

  8. We have a better chance with whoever the NEXT AG is in CA.

    Look at the possible banking ties of the candidates.

    Jerry Brown has a sister (Kathleen) who is a very VISIBLE cause for conflict of interest on Jerry’s part. That is because during Jerry’s time as AG, Kathleen was first with CountryWide then BofA and now Goldman-Sachs, Actually, she may still be on the board of BofA.

    Do you REALLY expect anything from Jerry’s AG office? He ballyhooed enough about the CountryWIde settlement. Yeah, it got a bit of money into the STATE coffers, but no where near enough. And the main claim he made about getting CW to OFFER mortgage modifications led to permanent modifications that BofA BREACHED with IMPUNITY. NOTHING was done by the AG’s office to enforce the agreement. More was done in that effort by AG’s from OTHER STATES (the settlement applied to ALL states)!

  9. BRAVO for the AG in MO !

    Yes, I hope all AG’s follow suit.

    I also contacted Brown’s office in CA.
    No response.

    Too busy with the campaign, I guess. Did not see anything on foreclosures or bank fraud on his CA web site, though he claims to want a moratorium. We shall soon see…on this fair day of November 2nd.

  10. Would be nice to see the other 49 AG’S so proactive.
    Here in California nothing from Old Jerry since that slap on the wrist fine settlement with Countrywide. This guy want to lead the state, then do by actions not promises.

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