by Neil F Garfield

Simple proposition: The further ahead a candidate is in the polls, the more money he or she is getting from the banks and credit industries, the oil industry, and the drug and medical industry. That is because these lobbyists bet on winners — not on ideology. They want to claim their contributions made the difference and then put pressure on the winner to affect policy and legislation for decades to come. They do it because it works. And now, with the latest rules being that anonymous donations are permitted, the only way to figure out who is getting bag money is indirectly.

If you don’t like what banks have been doing, if you don’t like what oil companies are doing, and if you don’t like what the medical industry is doing to our economy and our society then find another candidate, even if in Nevada it is “none of the above.”

To simplify your search just look at the polls. Finding the long shot candidates is easy. They are the ones getting no money or very little from credit, oil and drug money sources. The long shot candidates may have some awkward ideas or lack oratory skills but they are trying to do what the other candidates are not doing — using common sense.  They are the ones who see no sense in expanding our prison system to accommodate the ever increasing number of laws that fill the prisons — which incidentally are private owned or operated now. They make sure those prisons are filled, at $40,000 per year per inmate. BIG BUSINESS. Just ask Jan Brewer in Arizona of any number of other candidates who avoid this issue like the plague.

Let’s get some unlikely new blood in the game. Weighing two or more candidates? Vote for the one less likely to win — they are sure to be getting less money than the front runner from people, banks and companies whose business plan is wrapped around a single proposition: draining the last cent out of you.

Think about it. How much worse could it be?

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  2. it is really too bad that the federal judges are appointed,. We need to get rid of some, but not all, of these too.

    We should be sure to back the judges that are giving the ‘little guy’ an even chance in their courts.

  3. Well Said,
    Some of the best advice this year.

  4. I just voted on Sat here in Fla. On the ballot, you will see reelection of judges. Nobody’s ever heard of these judges so why vote to keep them in office. They might be same imbeciles throwing people out, so do your part and vote them ALL out…

  5. Neil:

    Very perceptive. Great Idea! Same with the judges elections.

    I’m tired of a government that is bought and paid for like ‘ours’ is.

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