I love Elizabeth Warren, but we don’t need modifications, we need justice and restitution!

Here are the reasons we all need to start suing the lenders and all their cronies.
They are bold, coldhearted criminals, that make Al Capone look like purse snatcher.
We need to focus on the crimes committed because even President Obama believes that this is merely a bad case of deadbeat borrowers and if enough people can get a modification everything will be just peachy.



To embezzle means to take another’s money and property through abuse of an official job or position of trust. Embezzlement can take many forms. An accountant might use sophisticated methods to falsify records and skim profits. A bank teller might walk home with an extra $20 from his or her drawer. Both of these actions constitute embezzlement.
False Statements

The crime of making false statements is not specific to white collar criminals, but this crime is broad enough to encompass activities that might not be unlawful if not for associated false statements. To convict someone of false statements requires proof of a statement made willfully and knowingly that contains a false material fact or conceals a material fact.

Fraud is intentionally lying in order to induce someone into relying upon the lie to part with something of value. Like embezzlement, fraud can be either complex or simple. The federal government has three general anti-fraud statutes for mail fraud, bank fraud, and wire fraud. Mail fraud has two elements: (1) a scheme devised or intending to defraud or for obtaining property or money by fraudulent means, and (2) using the mails in furtherance of that fraudulent scheme. The “scheme to defraud” element of mail fraud is deliberately broad. It encompasses a wide variety of criminal activity, including credit card fraud, securities fraud, medical drug fraud, and frauds based on political malfeasance. Because the mail fraud statute uses such broad language and because it is relatively easy to prove, mail fraud is one of the most common charges brought by federal prosecutors. Charges of mail fraud frequently are made even in cases in which more specific crimes have been charged.

The federal wire fraud statute is similar to the mail fraud statute, but requires an interstate or foreign transmittal of a communication by wire, radio, or television. The federal bank fraud statute criminalizes the conduct of any party who “knowingly executes, or attempts to execute, a scheme or artifice to defraud a financial institution, by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises.”
Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of justice is interference in one of the three branches of government. Obstruction of justice can take many forms, including assaulting a process server, improperly influencing a juror, stealing or altering a record of process, and obstructing a criminal investigation by officers of a financial institution. Picketing, parading, or using sound amplification devices in front of a courthouse, building or residence occupied by a judge, juror, witness, or court officer may be prosecuted as obstruction of justice.

Federal perjury laws penalize anyone who willfully or knowingly makes false statements under oath. The sworn statements may be written or oral and need not be made in court; a person may perjure himself or herself in deposition or written testimony. A related law against subornation of perjury makes it illegal for anyone to procure another person to commit perjury.
Tax Crimes

Often, a person charged with other white collar crimes is accused of committing a tax crime also. Failing to file a tax return or filing a false tax return is a crime, as is interfering with the administration of the internal revenue laws. Specific laws prohibit obstruction, extortion, or bribery with regard to a tax official.
Defenses and Punishment

In some criminal trials, the prosecutor proves all the elements of a crime but the person accused is not punished because he or she has a valid defense.

Self-defense sometimes is used as a defense. The general rule for self-defense is that a person may use any amount of force except deadly force that he or she reasonably believes is necessary to prevent immediate unlawful harm to a person. Using deadly force is permissible only when it reasonably appears to be necessary to avoid immediate death or serious injury to a person, or to prevent the commission of a felony in the actor’s dwelling. If a person claims that he or she acted in self-defense, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that self-defense was not the reason for the crime.

By itself, intoxication is not a defense to a crime. In rare cases, intoxication works like a defense, if there is proof that the person accused of the crime was unable to form the necessary intent to commit a crime. Someone who is intoxicated may not be found guilty of a crime that requires he or she acted intentionally, but the intoxicated person may be guilty of another crime that does not require intentional actions.

In the area of white collar crime, the same defenses are available to defendants as those available in crimes generally. Some people accused of white collar crimes also claim entrapment by the government; they argue they were induced to act, and would not have acted unlawfully otherwise. Another common defense by businesses is that a particular businessperson was acting alone, without the authority of the company behind him or her. Businesses further argue that once it was discovered that an officer or employee was acting unlawfully, the business acted immediately to resolve the situation. Sometimes a business avoids criminal liability altogether if it shows that it took proper action to correct a situation as soon as managers were made aware of a problem.

Felonies and white collar crimes carry the strictest punishments, such as lengthy imprisonment, heavy fines, or death. Federal sentencing guidelines contain a method for calculating fines to be paid by organizations that commit crimes. Businesses that are found guilty of operating for a primarily criminal purpose incur fines equal to their total assets.

Texas law also allows courts to forfeit property, dissolve a corporation, cancel or suspend a license or permit, remove a person from office, or impose a citation or civil penalty. For example, a person convicted of a crime involving controlled substances must forfeit the controlled substances as well as any property used to further the crime.

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  1. Thanks Deb. Yes, I do continue the fight. I talked to an attorney today who said: “do you have any equity in the home? then who cares?”

    They don’t get it , either. Anyone well off cannot understand why someone with nothing would fight for a home that has no equity. Sorry, but I got SCREWED by Wells Fargo and I will try to SCREW them right back.

    Filed a grievance with the State Bar today for the attorney filing false affidavits with the court. Let’s see where that goes.

    Also called the County District Attorney. He’s policing the polling places today. Will call back. Okay, I’ll wait.

  2. Use the State Attorney first , and then take it to your
    Attorney , that is the only way to winn in the court , and save you a lot of money.

  3. Used car guy. Go kick it. You have been fightin a long time bravo I wish you great successs

  4. To frankielee,

    Remember how Jerry Brown touted his settlement of that CountryWide case? Remember the ‘CW AG settlement modifications’ that were part of that settlement?

    You don’t want to know how FEW of those SUPPOSEDLY PERMANENT mods are being honored by Shank America on behalf of CW. Their own employees refer to those mods as having ALL ‘canceled’. The correct words are that BofA decided to breach all of them. These were signed, notarized mods, mind you. I have my own if anyone wants proof. While Jerry was bragging about the settlement, his AG-office would do NOTHING to enforce any part of that settlement agreement regarding the modifications that CW had actually offered under it. The way the settlement was written, they did not HAVE to offer them, but once they were offered, it was SUPPOSED to be just up to the borrower, as to whether they wanted what was offered. Instead BofA used deceitful tactics to breach all of them.

    Those mods were used as a ‘set-up’ to foreclose.

    Former governor moon-beam has a sister who was a high muckety-muck with CountryWide and Bank of America during the time-frame of that settlement development. She is now with Goldman-Sachs.

    And we possibly have another tenure of ‘moon-beam’ in office again?!? GAG!

  5. THE A MAN,
    So your against humanity then? “All we are saying”. Who’s we?

    Avoid the question with the old childish “anti semetic”. Yeah that’s original. I have white, mexican, filippino, black and tongan cousins whom I love all equally, so what’s your point? That still doesn’t answer my question now does it.

    What’s the opposite of “LivingLies” (the name of this website)? That’s how I came up with the name “DyingTruth”, but it appears your not bright enough to figure that out on your own. I believe in healthy debate from all perspectives and think things are seen much clearer and people learn a lot more from eachother when speaking their own mind (is that a crime?). I suppose the next name you’ll childishly call me is a terrorist. You obviously have no respect for human life talking about suicide bombers that way. Have you ever wondered what would drive a person to the point of dispare, where they thought that they had no choice other than death? I think it might possibly be the slaughter of someone’s friends, family and neighbors, constant harassment, oppression and tourture, displacement from one’s house, homeland and country and being walled up and caged in being deprived of so many of the basic needs to sustain life.

    I appreciate the offer, although I would much prefer Jerusalem. It would be more convenient as I plan to assemble as many fellow kindhearted Americans as I can to liberate the Palestinan People and give it back to them for it is they whom it rightfully belongs, as they are the descendants to the Canaanites and Philistines and rightful heirs to the land of Canaan.

    Your right extremism does suck. And it’s extreme for any people to invade and stake a claim to any land that has no directly traceable roots to it. Just look at the banks here most so-called ‘loans’ were refinances, yet they act like they owned our houses before we did and claim to be “re”-possessing them when they never possessed them in the first place.

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  7. Guys, i do this in VA, MD and DC, it was very frustrating at the beginning and still today you deal with lawyers and judges that are something else.

    But being a coach is very rewarding and demanding. You must be careful you are not accused of providing legal advice.

    Right now, I do volunteer my knowledge to others and keep getting more lawyers educated. The radio is very effective, write articles to your local news papers. Give talks at the local libraries.

  8. Dear Looking for case law,

    You are correct on your approach, however, the party providing the funding needs to be disclosed, meaning the the true creditor must be disclosed to the borrower.

    Truth in Lending Act.

    If I am only a conduit and the money is given by aunt Martha, then I must disclose that Aunt Martha is the real and true creditor and fully disclose all the fees and commissions earned and that are still to this date criminally undisclosed to the borrower. If the pretenders disclosed those fees, then all these loans would be recalled for fraud and usury by both parties the true creditor and the borrower.

    Now that the truth is out about the documentation, the next step in the chain of fraud is the accounting of the single transaction. You cannot separate the selling of the bonds from the promissory note at the settlement table, one is strictly reliant on the other. They had to sell the bonds to raise the funds, they used false info to issue the bonds in advance of your settlement and while the money traveled electronically from the sale of the bonds to the investors, meaning you and me (our pension funds, 401K, etc) the thieves and the creators of the pyramid scheme took in some cases up to 90% of the money collected from the investor in fees and only used the remaining 10% at the settlement table. that is why they needed to pledge your notes in multiple transactions and to insure the whole enchilada.

    if they placed as they were required the notes into the pools, they could not use those blank endorsements to defraud other investors and in many situations the same investors bought the same bonds with different names, allegedly secured with the same loans they had bought before.

    The onion is being peeled and it truly stinks.

  9. usedkarguy, I have thought about doing what you’re talking about also–being a foreclosure defense coach. Let us know what kind of response you get. I may follow your lead in the near future!

  10. Lookingforcaselaw,

    You said “The courts, so far, however, do not when it comes to the lender having to be the one who put up the original money for the loan. I do have to admit, if you’re going to argue that Aunt Martha paying your mortgage gets it paid and therefore it’s not in default, then what’s the difference between that and someone else putting up the funding for the loan?”

    Disclosure. Truth in Lending.

  11. Dying Truth

    All we are saying is give peace a chance.

    I condemn all violence. and have no say in the policies of the State of Israel. Believe me they dont listen to me.

    Your prapaganda is classic anti semetic. Not original at all actually boring. For I love my Arab Cousin.

    Dying Truth sounds like a name a father would give to a Suicide Bomber. The suicide bomber is dying to find the truth And truth is not found in this world. And apparently neither is justice.

    Repent Dying Truth.

    Maybe one day we can sit down in a Cafe in Downtown Ramaala or in Gaza City or in Beirut and drink some good Coffee and eat some Humus.

    Extremism Sucks.

    Salam Aleikoom
    Be Strong and Courageous

  12. TRUTH, great to hear you, man. Hey, I understand where you’re coming from. Still don’t know why they keep fighting over the same pile of rocks. THERE ARE ROCKS EVERYWHERE!


    I’m going to have to test the waters with my judge again.

    Can’t wait.

  13. It’s nice to see some fire out there.

    I’m putting up signs next week all around town:





  14. THE A MAN,
    The religion of humanity. Who exactly am I racist against? I love all human beings of the HUMAN RACE EQUALLY, so how am I racist? Because I reject rascist ideology that all gentiles (humans) are born into and exist only for the purpose of slavery and servitude to to the so-called ‘chosen’ people who think that God or G-d gave them the right to murder, tourture, mutilate and oppress every ethnic and religious culture different from their own? Even very religious believers in Judaism strongly condemn and denounce these atrocities committed and their basis (baseless) justification for them. So how am I racist, because I believe Palestinian men, women and children have the right to life, liberty, property and exist?

    Who’s the racist?

    The bank advertises it loans’ money. The bank says, “Sign here”. However the bank never signs because they know they are not going to lend you theirs, or other depositor’s money. Under the law of bankruptcy of a nation, the mortgage note acts like money. The bank makes it look like a loan but it is not. It is an exchange.
    The bank receives the equity in the home you are buying, for free, in exchange for an unpaid bank liability that the bank cannot pay, without returning the mortgage note. If the bank had fulfilled its end of the contract, the bank could not have received the equity in your home for free.
    The bank receives your mortgage note without investing or risking one-cent.
    The bank sells the mortgage note, receives cash or an asset that can then be converted to cash and still refuses to loan you their or other depositors’ money or pay the liability it owes you. On a $100,000 loan the bank does not give up $100,000. The bank receives $100,000 in cash or an asset and issues a $100,000 liability (check) the bank has no intention of paying. The $100,000 the bank received in the alleged loan is the equity (lien on property) the bank received without investment, and it is the $100,000 the individual lost in equity to the bank. The $100,000 equity the individual lost to the bank, which demands he/she repay plus interest.
    The loan agreement the bank told you to sign said LOAN. The bank broke that agreement. The bank now owns the mortgage note without loaning anything. The bank then deposited the mortgage note in an account they opened under your name without your authorization or knowledge. The bank withdrew the money without your authorization or knowledge using a forged signature. The bank then claimed the money was the banks’ property, which is a fraudulent conversion.
    The mortgage note was deposited or debited (asset) and credited to a Direct Deposit Account, (DDA) (liability). The credit to Direct Deposit Account (liability) was used from which to issue the check. The bank just switched the currency. The bank demands that you cannot use the same currency, which the bank deposited (promissory notes or mortgage notes) to discharge your mortgage note. The bank refuses to loan you other depositors’ money, or pay the liability it owes you for having deposited your mortgage note.
    To pay this liability the bank must return the mortgage note to you. However instead of the bank paying the liability it owes you, the bank demands you use these unpaid bank liabilities, created in the alleged loan process, as the new currency. Now you must labor to earn the bank currency (unpaid liabilities created in the alleged loan process) to pay back the bank. What the bank received for free, the individual lost in equity.
    If you tried to repay the bank in like kind currency, (which the bank deposited without your authorization to create the check they issued you), then the bank claims the promissory note is not money. They want payment to be in legal tender (check book money).
    The mortgage note is the money the bank uses to buy your property in the foreclosure. They get your real property at no cost. If they accept your promissory note to discharge the mortgage note, the bank can use the promissory note to buy your home if you sell it. Their problem is, the promissory note stops the interest and there is no lien on the property. If you sell the home before the bank can find out and use the promissory note to buy the home, the bank lost. The bank claims they have not bought the home at no cost. Question is, what right does the bank have to receive the mortgage note at no cost in direct violation of the contract they wrote and refused to sign or fulfill.
    By demanding that the bank fulfill the contract and not change the currency, the bank must deposit your second promissory note to create check book money to end the fraud, putting everyone back in the same position they were, prior to the fraud, in the first place. Then all the homes, farms, ranches, cars and businesses in this country would be redeemed and the equity returned to the rightful owners (the people). If not, every time the homes are refinanced the banks get the equity for free. You and I must labor 20 to 30 years full time as the bankers sit behind their desks, laughing at us because we are too stupid to figure it out or to force them to fulfill their contract.
    The $100,000 created inflation and this increases the equity value of the homes. On an average homes are refinanced every 7 1/2 years. When the home is refinanced the bank again receives the equity for free. What the bank receives for free the alleged borrower loses to the bank.
    According to the Federal Reserve Banks’ own book of Richmond, Va. titled “YOUR MONEY” page seven, “…demand deposit accounts are not legal tender…” If a promissory note is legal tender, the bank must accept it to discharge the mortgage note. The bank changed the currency from the money deposited, (mortgage note) to check book money (liability the bank owes for the mortgage note deposited) forcing us to labor to pay interest on the equity, in real property (real estate) the bank received for free. This cost was not disclosed in NOTICE TO CUSTOMER REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW, Federal Reserve Regulation Z.
    When a bank says they gave you credit, they mean they credited your transaction account, leaving you with the presumption that they deposited other depositors money in the account. The fact is they deposited your money (mortgage note). The bank cannot claim they own the mortgage note until they loan you their money. If bank deposits your money, they are to credit a Demand Deposit Account under your name, so you can write checks and spend your money. In this case they claim your money is their money. Ask a criminal attorney what happens in a fraudulent conversion of your funds to the bank’s use and benefit, without your signature or authorization.
    What the banks could not win voluntarily, through deception they received for free. Several presidents, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln believed that banker capitalism was more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. U.S. President James A. Garfield said, “Whoever controls the money in any country is absolute master of industry and commerce.”
    The Chicago Federal Reserve Bank’s book,”Modern Money Mechanics”, explains exactly how the banks expand and contract the checkbook money supply forcing people into foreclosure. This could never happen if contracts were not violated and if we received equal protection under the law of Contract.

    “Neither, as included in its powers not incidental to them, is it a part of a bank’s business to lend its credit. If a bank could lend its credit as well as its money, it might, if it received compensation and was careful to put its name only to solid paper, make a great deal more than any lawful interest on its money would amount to. If not careful, the power would be the mother of panics, . . . Indeed, lending credit is the exact opposite of lending money, which is the real business of a bank, for while the latter creates a liability in favor of the bank, the former gives rise to a liability of the bank to another. I Morse. Banks and Banking 5th Ed. Sec 65; Magee, Banks and Banking, 3rd Ed. Sec 248.” American Express Co. v. Citizens State Bank, 194 NW 429.
    “A national bank has no power to lend its credit to any person or corporation . . . Bowen v. Needles Nat. Bank, 94 F 925 36 CCA 553, certiorari denied in 20 S.Ct 1024, 176 US 682, 44 LED 637.
    Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. v Taylor – Mayer, J., Supreme Court, Suffolk County / 9/07
    -American Brokers Conduit v. ZAMALLOA – Judge SCHACK 28Jan2008 -Aurora Loan Services v. MACPHERSON – Judge FARNETI 1 1Mar2008
    “A bank may not lend its credit to another even though such a transaction turns out to have been of benefit to the bank, and in support of this a list of cases might be cited, which-would look like
    a catalog of ships.” [Emphasis added] Norton Grocery Co. v. Peoples Nat. Bank, 144 SE 505. 151 Va 195.
    “In the federal courts, it is well established that a national bank has not power to lend its credit to another by becoming surety, indorser, or guarantor for him.”’ Farmers and Miners Bank v. Bluefield Nat ‘l Bank, 11 F 2d 83, 271 U.S. 669. Bank of New York v. SINGH – Judge KURTZ 14Dec2007-

  16. @ Bob M.

    “What do you do when a government fails you?”

    I think the more disturbing question is….what does the government try to do to you when it fails? Failed policies….fake tribunals, etc.

    That’s exactly the situation I fear we are about to stretch to the limits. Rome was there once….they always made sure they gave the populace more bread and circuses when they got testy. We know how that turned out.

    Every single time TPTB over reach, the end result is mayhem, read your history, there is no mistaking this fact. And I’m not aware of a single incident of over reach that could even be slightly compared to the abuses of this current theft. They’ve taken everything that’s not nailed down.

    This was, is, and shall prove to be the nastiest con-job of all time. We’ve already seen that our highest elected officials don’t care about the laws that were broken. As a matter of fact, from the top down they’ve all accepted the fact that this way of doing business is the new norm. Screw that!

    I didn’t sign on to this, did you? I don’t remember ever being told that the lender sitting in front of me was not really the lender. I don’t remember being told that my income that I supplied along with my application for funding would be multiplied by a factor of ten. I had no idea that the loan officer sitting across the table from me selling me this loan concept was being paid a much higher fee if in fact he could screw me to the rafters with a higher rate.

    The CA AG paper I referred to earlier shows that there was never any concern whatsoever for the loan recipient or the product. That was never a concern in the least. What was a major concern was higher fees, even if it meant thousands of families losing their dens, their living rooms, their places to do their homework.

    Screw them all. I’m ready for the reading of felony counts, over and over and over. Ad infinitum. I’m ready for some payback.

  17. Dying Truth Which Religion did you want me to convert?

    You are a rascist. So end of conversation.

  18. STOP YOUR MORTAGE PAYMENT, It has now become your only self defense.

  19. Neil: I am a great fan and agree with most of what you preach. The courts, so far, however, do not when it comes to the lender having to be the one who put up the original money for the loan. I do have to admit, if you’re going to argue that Aunt Martha paying your mortgage gets it paid and therefore it’s not in default, then what’s the difference between that and someone else putting up the funding for the loan?
    A recent example:
    From In re Weisband, 427 BR 13 – Bankr. Court, D. Arizona (March 10, 2010)
    The Debtor argues that, in an asset securitization scheme, only the securities investors have standing to seek stay relief because they are the only parties with a financial interest in the securitized notes. However, because the Debtor executed the Note and received consideration (which he used to purchase the house), the contract is enforceable regardless of who provided the funding. In other words, the fact that the funds for a borrower’s loan are supplied by someone other than the loan originator, does not invalidate the loan or restrict enforcement of the loan contract to the parties who funded the loan. A number of cases and treatises recognize that consideration for a contract, including a promissory note, can be provided by a third party. See, e.g., DCM Ltd. P’ship v. Wang, 555 F.Supp.2d 808, 817 (E.D.Mich.2008); Buffalo County v. Richards, 212 Neb. 826, 828-29, 326 N.W.2d 179 (Neb.1982); 3 WILLISTON ON CONTRACTS § 7:20 (Richard A. Lord, 4th ed.2009); RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF CONTRACTS § 71(4) (2009).

  20. THE A MAN,
    There’s nothing funny about the mass murder of innocent women and children and I doubt you will think it’s so funny when it starts to happen all over America, which will be inevitable unless We the People pull together (emergency style) to put an end to the Zionist Occupation in OUR Government who will expend every American life for the benefit of ‘isreal’.

  21. A Man:
    You are more than correct; so what next? Angelo Mozilo stole 635 million dollars; the SEC failed to bring him to trial and settled for 67.5 million. More or less 10% of what he stole. Are you kidding me? I wanted that trial to go forward because we all needed that case to be vetted. This is a joke and once and a while the court throws us a bone. Keep the native happy. Give them their delusions. I have no illusions about what is transpiring in this morass, the skullduggery runs so deep, there is no solution in sight. What do you do when a government fails you?

  22. Bob m 7 the A Man

    Strength & Honor. I admire you both.
    Keep the powder dry….and let me know when we need reload.

  23. Bob M

    Be Strong and Courageous.

  24. A Man:
    I just watch the vid and I love that Guy Fine. It took a lot of courage to do what he did and he stuck to his guns, just like we have to. They do not have enough prisons for millions of us.
    Imagine he was a DOJ prosecutor and he stood his ground and did not waver. I would love to shake his hand.
    I understand we are not all programed the same, me, I have been a warrior all my life; I fear nothing and no one. I’d rather die than be taken advantage of. I completely understand Richard Fine, a principled man such as I am.
    That is why I feel we cannot go at this halfheartedly; our convictions must be stronger than theirs.
    A judge once locked me up for contempt, I cannot repeat here what I said to the judge to be given that dubious distinction, however, I can say this, every day they came to my cell and asked if I was willing to apologize to the court, the answer was the same every day, F**k You. The judge relented and I never apologized.
    I look at life through an orb different than most. When something is repugnant to my senses I take a stand. We all have that basic instinct of right and wrong, some just chose to ignore that basic instinct.
    However, you cannot be put in jail for filing a complaint for judicial misconduct.

  25. Wow! What a bunch of rabble rousers.

    Look folks, here’s the problem. While all that you say and feel is well and good, or should be the way that things go, they don’t typically go that way. Why? Money. Power. Greed. Connections. Just like the A Man said, his attorney faces sanctions…for what? Seeking justice? Seeking justice should never fall into such catagories. It should be rewarded, plain and simple.

    We the people have been usurped. Our ways, our quaint idealogies, have been stripped apart from our reality, just like the deed has been stripped from the note. We aren’t really that necessary anymore, except to continue to fuel the engine underneath it all, just like the coal shovelers on the Titanic. We’re necessary, but only while we’re deep at sea. Otherwise, we’re deadweight….3rd class. Expendable.

    Case in point….read the California AG’s suit against Countrywide and Mozilo from 2008. I’m not a lawyer, but this thing reads like a Gresham novel making one believe that there are a million and one reasons to throw the whole lot of them in the graybar hotel for eternity. We all now know that instead, a fine was paid and Mozilo is sitting infront of a fire that was lit by his underlings as we speak, in his home in the Hamptons. Millions wondered where the relief was. Millions still do.

    Getting relief from these atrocities feels closer and within reach these days. However, to see that these same atrocious and felonious behaviors we’re seeing today, the table funding way forward selling the loans to the pools, the yield spread premiums paid to brokers if a loan was made at a higher interest than the borrower would qualify for, or be able to afford, in higher and higher degrees of compensation to risk…. were allowed to continue after a suit like this gives one pause.

    Did anything change after this suit? Not a thing that I can see.

  26. I’ve lost all faith in this country.

  27. to Bob M

    Here is an Attorney who dared to go up against the Judges in Los angeles, CA

    Richard Fine

  28. Dying Truth you so funny

  29. A Man:
    If the judge is doing something improper in your case, file a complaint for judicial misconduct. This is war and anyone who sides with the banks are as much a criminal as the banks. Go to the DOJ and the FBI. Go to the Media. If your lawyer had any balls, that is what he would do, to hell with the good old boys club; and the hell with these judges. Do you honestly believe the judges do not know what is going on, you bet your ass they do; are they that incompetent, that dumb, if we had to adhere to that notion, then why in the hell would we need jurist in the first place. We could just revert back to folk law, put on our guns and have at it. Is everyone so blind they do not understand that the laws are for their protection not ours? Protect the monarchy. I won’t get into all the quotes from our founding fathers, the frames of our constitution, the greatest piece of laws ever coined in the annals of the world history, of which the sacrifices made were unimaginable. These people are shitting on our founding fathers graves and have made our constitution a nullity.
    Just look at some of the half-baked decisions the courts have made. They won’t even allow you your fundamental rights at due process of law, which is secured to you by the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution. I believe you have the RIGHT to demand an evidentiary hearing, have interrogatories answered, and documents produced in order to determine whether or not these lying bastards are steeling your home legally!! This is a basic tenant of law. Yet these banker judges, yes that is what they are and they have been around forever, deny you every right you have under the laws of the many states statutes, federal statutes, state and federal regulations, state and federal constitutions. These select judges circumvent your rights at every turn through bullshit rulings. Look at the cases they have applied estoppel to, that’s pure crap; no layman can be expected to know the law and its procedures and to bar a claim based on that premise is absurd where the home owner is concerned. You have the Right to have the merits of your case heard.
    I am not saying all the judges are corrupt, because they are not, however, many are and when someone encounters one in this morass, they have an obligation to the rest of us to bring them up on charges of judicial misconduct. Do not think for a second your lawyer doesn’t know when the judge is stepping over the line. Read the rules for judicial misconduct and the rules of professional conduct. Do you think you will be worse for it, no; more than likely you will get a new judge, a more receptive judge and just perhaps a legitimate ruling in your case, one you can live with. And the prior judge just may be given his walking papers which would be a favor to all.
    Unless we start to hold the judges accountable for their actions, especially when they create bad law from the bench, we will continue to fight an uphill battle in what should be a relatively normal litigation. Did A, B, C, and D; do this to X, Y, And Z. Why won’t most courts allow most people to connect the dots, its simple, they do not want to upset the apple cart, their apple carts.
    The problem here is that they think they are gods and above all else. It is time to shatter the illusion.
    Just thinking out loud.

  30. “Obstruction of justice… Picketing, parading, or using sound amplification devices in front of a courthouse, building or residence occupied by a judge, juror, witness, or court officer may be prosecuted as obstruction of justice.”

    Violation of the 1st Amendment and unconstitutional.

    Also in Southern California (I think most of us are), already HAD A CALIFORNIA SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE AT WESTCOURT JOHN ADAMS GRANT POSSESSION OF MY HOUSE TO A FAKE PARTNERSHIP FOR FREE. Literally, in the trustee’s deed and declaration submitted in the UD it even stated that $0 was owed and the fake partnership paid $0 in security.

    If you think I’m making it up just look at the trustee’s deed upon sale that wasn’t even recorded until after the UD had been filed, that I submitted with the 9th Circuit Appeals in a request for judicial notice > at page 95. Like ANONYMOUS said, the illegally gained proceeds the judges thought they would get from the Fraudcloures was the bait for the rat trap and THEY ALL FELL FOR IT.

    THE A MAN,
    Convert to God, Judaism’s G-d isn’t the way. Innocent Palestinian’s, women and children have been and are being brutally murdered for the crime of existing and living in their homeland of Palestine, not being Jew-ish and face possible extinction by extermination because of this religion’s racist ideology. And history has shown that they will expend any (even their own they) and as many lives deem necessary to advance their agenda. It’s not only unAmerican it’s also inHumane.

  31. I fail to see how modifying a loan even with prin. reduction will help those who have had to move, relocate, lost jobs or had family split apart.

    Modification will work for many who don’t want to fight and it is stressful. I bear no ill will towards those that need more peace in life. BUT for those that are fighting already, or have lost homes. bail them out and stop playing pat a cake.. We already bailed out banks over and over.. in fact just last week.

    The states get moneys by pursuing those they neglected to pursue before. Our state received 2.some million last month plus an additional 1. some million in judgements against wells fargo and another bank.. those funds do NOT go back to the people that were victims. sad to say.

  32. Maybe we the people need to resort to arresting judge’s bonds. I used to think that was corny patriot stuff, but we are getting trampled on here. They’ll just keep at it if we don’t stop them. I am in Southern California also. It’s horrible.

  33. AGREE totally!
    Justice and Restitution are in order.

    Loans mods are water under the bridge.

    Get some backbone and do the right thing. It will reap far more rewards down the road than playing footsie with the criminals.



  35. Even Brian Davies has had to from what I understand go through Bankruptcy court and not superior court.

  36. The judges have threatened to sanction my attorney.
    Superior court judges in Southern California.

  37. I tried it but the judges in Southern California are making me and my attorney look like the criminals.

    What should I do. The Superior court judges.

    Either that or my attorney is a real idiot (which I doubt)

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