Judges Change Tune as Anger Rises Against Banks

Kentucky Judge requires proof of chain of title and ownership.



Pursuant to CR 8.01(1) and CR 17.01, plaintiff in foreclosure
complaints filed in Kenton County, Kentucky, must show that it is the
holder of the note and mortgage at the time the complaint is filed.
Effective with the foreclosure complaints filed November 15, 2010, and
thereafter, the complaint at the time of the filing must be
accompanied by all of the following:
(1)   a copy of the promissory note with all endorsements;
(2)   a copy of the recorded mortgage;
(3)   an affidavit by the plaintiff, it’s representative, it’s
attorney or it’s servicer (a) documenting that the named plaintiff is
the owner of the note and mortgage at the time the complaint is filed,
and (b) identifying plaintiff as either the original note and mortgage
holder, or as an assignee, trustee or successor-in-interest of the
original note and mortgage holder;
(4)   a copy of all the assignments of the note and mortgage, if
plaintiff is not the original mortgage holder, evidencing the complete
chain of assignments. The assignment of the note and mortgage to the
named plaintiff must be executed prior to the filing of the
foreclosure complaint;
(5)   documentation establishing plaintiff as a successor-in-interest
if plaintiff is a successor-in-interest.
Date Oct 14, 2010

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  1. Okay, folks. NEED TO KEEP CALLING the White House. I have called twice today and the second call they are really worried that the homeowners believe Obama’s comments are “akin to declaration of war on the Homeowners.” They need to hear more from us. KEEP CALLING!!!

  2. I’d like to reiterate that this is a ‘contrived chaos’!!

    Check out ‘Crisis by Design’

    This is why you DO NOT see the President nor much of the federal government really stepping up to the plate to help main street americans.

    Also, check out the Bilderberg Group. A highly secretive elite group of world monied folks who are pushing us toward a world bank.

    I do not have any financial interest in the book or documentary. I merely would like all the bloggers on this site to realize what is truly happening to us.

  3. President Obama is more concerned with what is happening to the illegal aliens that are in this country. The Amercian people are suffering and it seems that all the resources available are going to the illegals. An American citizen cannot get the help they need because the focus is elsewhere. He has no intention of helping the American people especially those of us who are deadbeats. He has made that clear. It’s time that we the American people take back our country. Vote on Tuesday.

  4. Send the Message – Very thought provoking !
    The cover up continues


  5. Here is the deal Obama. You justify the self indulgence of Wall Street and the banking entities to my life savings, all my property improvements and every payment put forth into my home over the last 7 years. Further, you have turned my neighborhood into one of your ghettos that will never recover in value. You have participated in stealing from the poor, you have fleeced the middle class and now you continue to steal our homes. You are not my president nor my next door neighbor’s president nor their next door neighbor’s president and so on. Your lack of integrity and dishonor has become the foot print across this nation. Get lost dead beat !

  6. pelucheven

    I will be sending a copy your posting to Arizona’s dead beat Senator and Governor.

  7. pelucheven,
    “Do not fear your enemies. The worst they can do is kill you. Do not fear friends. At worst, they may betray you. Fear those who do not care; they neither kill nor betray, but betrayal and murder exists because of their silent consent.”

  8. I propose we call the White House on monday and let him know we are not deadbeats

  9. just watch out for our state legislatures, the bankers are heavily lobbying to change property conveyance statutes

  10. Dear Mr. President,

    Ufortunatelly for many of us we were lied to when we bought our homes, we were lied to when we refinanced our home, we were lied to when we tried to modify our loan, we were lied to when we tried to short sell our home, and the last thing I wanted to hear from you was that you lied to all of us who belived and trusted in you and your CHANGE AND HOPE MESSAGE.

    Neither my wife nor I are deadbeats and my kids are not either. You insulted all of us who are dealing with allthe fraud and illegallity that you aparently are very eager to cover up and protect the thieves and crminals that paid for your election. You will not get our vote, nor any of the democrats or republicans running until we see some one with testes.

    Very dispointing indeed.

  11. Indio007, I do not believe that Obama was the one duped. I think he knew who he planned to have as a ‘bed-fellow’.

    Voters just don’t want to admit that THEY were duped by him.

    Again, go back and look at what Obama did as a brash young attorney (during the Clinton years) who was backed by interests that wanted to force the banks to loosen the lending standards. Obama bullied first Citigroup to lend to people that otherwise were not able to borrow for a home. With that success, he then took additional lenders to task in the same way.

    The banks cranked this into their own scheme.

    Both political parties played into the grand scheme desired by Wall Street. And the voters were lied to. I do not believe that Obama ever intended to deliver on his own campaign promises regarding mortgages.

  12. Inexperience dealing with evil people is what did Obama in.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  13. @Mercadocarmen…….You got that right, it would be a waste of time for him to run again. What and such a disappointment.

  14. e-nail the white and let the pres know that we are not deadbeats that most of the people in foreclosure are his kin but now that he is in the white house he for get from where he came from. and that not to waste his time running again because he tricked us once but not twice !!!!!

  15. Obama may be a good man but he hurt us instead of helping us bottom

  16. 2 Concerned… all of that is Real Clear Politics and available in the public record… Obama was the twinkle in Clinton’s eye while he was POTUS. And lets not forget the then HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo under Clinton… who saw this vision through. Let’s make sure he is the next Governor of NY… AYA YA!

    If you are uninvolved , you will evolve to a slug with an ATM hooked up to your livleyhood!

  17. Frankielee… let me tell you my family, friends and business are within range of ground zero…on 9/11 F14’s flew over our home so close over that pictures were unhinged from the wall’s…
    Today there were military combat/troop deploying helicopter’s flying overhead, perhaps in route to the various airports… due to the latest terrorist alert and where in our POTUS… stomping across America… with the former POTUS that overlooked the first shot not over the bow but into the bow.

  18. I’m done with the patriotism thing. Americans have been perfectly equity stripped, down to the last item in the pantry. Where have our lawmakers been during this stripping?

    Where were they when everyone, that is, everyone save for the bankers, thought that BK cramdown legislation was necessary, and indeed might have kept this problem from exploding in the first place?

    Oh, and there’s this from our great POTUS, while campaigning for the presidency:

    “In a speech to nearly 3,000 people in Powder Springs, Georgia, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama promised to reform bankruptcy law to make it easier for military families, disaster victims, and homeowners. He acknowledged that Americans have a responsibility to pay their debts, but also recognized that struggling families need more help. In the past, he says, Washington has protected banks instead of American families in trouble.”

    Who is this man? And what exactly happened to those BK laws? They got stricter you say? Here’s a quote from a website about the new BK laws:

    “The main aim of these new laws is to make the process of filing bankruptcy more time consuming, costly and less appealing to the consumers. Consumers have to go through a lot of hassle before and after filing for bankruptcy.” Now isn’t that special?

    Rich people could keep a million bucks in retirement accounts, but poor folks got the shaft? Could file less often? Couldn’t charge off medical bills? But wait, what happened to that part about helping American families in trouble Mr. President? They’re deadbeats you say?

    What a jerk!

  19. @A-Man,
    You are right.

    All of us “deadbeats and those who don’t deserve help” need to call his office on Monday and tell him what a terrible statement that was…..and that each and every “deadbeat and those who don’t deserve help” were the ones that he helped in 2008. Us homeowners are the ones who should have been helped.

    Call Monday!

  20. We need to help Obama not hurt him. We need to help him understand that we mean business.

    It must be done at the local level too. City counsel meetings etc…..

    Regarding Obama I wouldnt be surprised to learn that somebody is putting a gun (not litteraly I pray) to his head and telling him what to do. That is why we must help him. Or maybe he must cater to the international countries that the pretender banks allegedly ripped off.

    So lets do the patriotic thing and help support him with our cause.

    G-d Bless America
    We don’t want to be a Banana Republic.

    Be Strong and Courageous.

  21. @ Bill and don’t forget Deutsche Bank as well host of others. And yes, he is a pathological liar for sure. That’s one of the many reasons why so many people don’t have respect for him.

  22. I recall articles that came out during Obama’s campaign for office that indicated he has been the brash young attorney who spear-headed lawsuits that had the intention of forcing Citigroup to relax their lending standards. Then he went after other banks.

    Does anyone care to dig that information up? It should be thrown right the shyster’s face. If he was actually the one that caused loans to be offered to borrowers who never should have been able to qualify, he should resign rather than lump all homeowners into the class that HE once represented!

  23. “Deadbeats…..and people who don’t deserve help?”

    That obviously means Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, BAC, Indymac first!!!

    You are a pathological liar, Obama.

  24. @ Karen1p OMG…..he sure did say that. I’m so disgusted with him and hope he gets impeached

  25. @ Karen1p – I’m convinced that he’s the antichrist. I’m going to that article right now….

  26. What the judge should of asked for instead of copies, he should had asked for the originals…… Anyone could easily go down to the county clerks office and get copies because it’s public record. I guarantee if all judges in the 50 states would start asking for orihinal documentation, 99.9% of the banks couldn’t produce.

    @ Karen1p – Are you kidding me????? Is that what Obama said? OMG!!!!

    @ The A Man – I agree 1000000%%%%%%

  27. I have problems with the President’s comments as well. I thought he was a constitutional lawyer. He does not seem to be reading the Constitution. Of course, he has several advisers around him that want the rigged system to stay. Do I hear Tim Geither, Ben Bernanke, Warren Buffett? If you need help with your mortgage servicer, title or foreclosure go to http://www.challengingforeclosure.com, Sirak@challengingforeclosure.com 864-241-8602

  28. It might be time to go Richard Nixon on Obama.

    Foreclosuregate = watergate

    impeach the president now.

  29. What about the people who are making payments? Shouldnt they ask where their payments are going?

    Loan Modification? How about we want our money back?

    Broken Chain of Title means comingljng of funds and multiple sale of the same loan.

    Which means I want my money back with compound interest.

  30. Anger is rising…..uh, yeah!?! The President just declared war on the homeowners yesterday.

    What were his comments……”deadbeats and people who don’t deserve help?” Fuck you, Mr. President.

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