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  1. We are in a non judicial state and the Rule 120 hearing was today, which we lost, because the judge allowed HSBC to have standing when they are not our lender, and allowed their evidence of our debt which is a forgery. We were told in the first thirty seconds of this robbery that this decision had been made, we did not even get to challenge it, the judge told us he would only hear on the issue of default, when we argued that we were not in default because that was not our note, it was a fraudulent note, we have a copy of the real note and those terms were changed on us, he ignored the fact that we said we were not in default, and ordered the sale of our farm owned for 30 years. Prior to this we had been trying to straighten out this loan mess with our lender WElls Fargo for almost 18 months to no avail. How can we be in default of a loan that is not ours? How can a judge, seeing our copy of the Note and what HSBC presented as evidence of debt and noting the obvious fraudulent nature of the Note presented as evidence, allow a sale to go through? Why are homeonwers not being given the benefit of the doubt here? How do we save our home when we cannot afford high dollar attorneys and expensive legal fees? Is this all designed to make the lenders and the justice system rich? We, along with millions of other Americans are going to be evicted simply because we are not lawyers. Everything I filed objecting to the rule 120 hearing and asking for dismissal up to this point, backed by case law, lack of standing, no default, agricultural property, lack of due process, violation of FDCRA, was ignored by this judge. What are we as American’s supposed to do in the face of judges that refuse to respect property rights? I’m discouraged and heartsick and confused.

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