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From Davie Krieger, Quiet Title Titan

To Bill et al …

Maricopa County seems to have a County Recorder that has been in office way too long and it’s time you ousted her. Helen Purcell has got to go! Now you have a reason you can tell the taxpayers WHY your county is so broke!

These recorders wonder why their county is so broke? Because they let MERS record anything it wants to and MERS and its agents starve them for fees! Start working against your own county recorders and ramp up the comment to them and the AG and tell them (and the county commission) to ban MERS (by ordinance) from ever recording anything in their courthouse again. That will put an end to this nonsense and get more revenue for Maricopa County.
Sorry, but I can’t do anything about multicultural issues. Foreclosure and clouded titles affects all of us.


THIS MONDAY … I will be appearing on Noon Edition on KVUE-TV in Austin (ABC) …

That’s how you get the word out …

A national seminar tour is anticipated at some point. I have been invited to participate in some CLE classes for attorneys … yes, there is hope. I get to explain to them the importance of clouds on title and defuse their consciences … the passionate ones will step out because the E&O carriers will be the next entities to take it on the chin for this foreclosure mess. Good litigators smell money. I actually have attorneys that laugh every time they get a case … it puts them one step closer to victory.

I do not advocate class actions as a means of PR. People can assist by doing their own PR …

Warn others that if they buy a foreclosed home, they face title problems … especially investors. Stay away from properties where the bank makes you sign a waiver indemnifying them from all legal liability for condition of title. WF has been reportedly doing this. This is one way you can get the title companies on board. It’s obvious that not enough of them understand this mess …

Go to for updates. Then keep your eye on the courthouses, because the suits will be there. If you see a posted case # on my site, it will mean there is something active that you should be paying attention to.

I may not be able to give legal advice, but I can share research and take it to the media. That is what I did for a number of years … as a News Director. I saw this coming down in October 2006 when the first wave of subprimes reset themselves and sold out of all of my properties. By 2008, I was mortgage free.

To those of you who bit off more than you could chew? You will hear it from the judges more than anyone else, because the banks you’re going up against have your financial information and will make it available. Your argument then becomes … well, if my information was so bad, how come you loaned me the money? And how come you shared my social security number with a bankruptcy remote entity?

I can’t wait to be at the MERS deposition wherein they get to explain how much “VALUE” they received when they wrote up and filed a reconveyance deed. Hey Brochin! See ya in depo! Don’t keep objecting to form either Bobby … “form” comes in many shapes and sizes and you and your klan have done enough damage for one decade. There is a movement afoot to take you all down and the writing is on the wall. I know MERS’s attorneys are reading this blog … so

Visit for more information.

In the meantime, remember to name your property as a defendant too and be sure to list the legal description … I do that for all my legal pleadings I write for attorneys …


Two suits filed in Seattle to quiet title.
Two more suits to be filed in Seattle next week.
One suit in Phoenix next week.
Two unlawful detainer actions resulted in 2 trials de novo in Kansas City last week.
One case in Kansas is headed for the appeals court when JUDGE KEVIN MORIARTY stated that it’s okay to separate the deed from the note! He uses the MERS statute a lot, considering there is Kesler … the case I’m talking about now needs to go to the KS Supreme Court and they will probably review the MERS statute for constitutionality. Ya know, it’s really tough foreclosing on a minister and his family and getting away with it.

MERSCORP has insurance coverage. MERS does not. MERS agents do not either. They need to be taken down individually … let them hire their own counsel and see how long they keep up robosigning when they have 20 lawsuits to defend. The legal fees alone will crush them like cockroaches.


Tips … go to the courthouse and get a copy of it. You’ll get the case # shortly on my site.

That way … I’m not giving you legal advice. You can read what attorneys are filing.

Attorneys are hard to come by because there is a part of their upbringing called “moral conscience”. This is reflected when they ask you whether you want a house for free. This is missing the whole point. If attorneys become seated judges … then this conscience carries forward onto the bench. Then your work becomes twice as hard with no formidable arguments and no formidable case law.

Since your AG has joined the fight, why not write them a letter encouraging them to do the right thing and not cave in to the banks. They can do their investigations into robosignors … help them. Go dig up exhibits at the courthouse, online if you have it … send them the files. This tells them they have a problem. Your county recorder is an elected official. Maricopa County … Tell Helen Purcell to do her job! Otherwise, you’ll disgrace her out of office! No old lady likes to hear that! You have a false recording statute! Use it!

I think we all may be including County Recorders in our pleadings as defendants at some point if we discover fraud and the County Recorder did nothing to stop it. If it results in a wrongful foreclosure and fraud can be proven, don’t you think the County Recorder could be held as an accessory to the fact? Ponder that for awhile. Our elected officials are obviously NOT doing their job. If they were, we would not be in a tax-starved situation. Read BOTH Peterson white papers. SHARE THEM WITH THE RECORDERS!

Now for those of you wanting that “letter” that live in Maricopa County … the one I talk about in my YouTube Video … Chicago Title is having a hard time understanding that MERS can’t convey something it doesn’t own. If you go there, make sure to give them an earful before paying them a dime!


Your E&O carriers are going to find themselves wondering just how come it is that you played into the fraud in your local courthouses. When enough of you get sued, that might change.

FIRST AMERICAN TITLE COMPANY is listed on most DOT’s and Mortgages. My feeling here is they are just catering to the GOB Network and need to be taught a lesson first. Since they want to be a trustee … in Arizona … there is a statute in Chapter 33 … force them to use it. Go backward and kick them off your page, because they can’t guarantee title and be a trustee too, can they? That would make them biased. The trustee is supposed to be a neutral party to the deed of trust. Holding title insurance AND being a trustee? Hmmm.
Ponder that too.

None of the above is legal advice. It’s my own take on this situation … I’m humoring myself here. Watch out for the banks attorneys because they’ll rat you out to the UPL committees. That’s how they stop our fight.
The AG needs to know that too. Information sharing is one thing. Holding yourself out as a lawyer when you’re not, is a felony in most states.

I’ll save the escapades of the 73rd Texas Legislature for another day. This bunch clearly violated their own state constition passing two pieces of legislation and Lord only knows how many other laws were passed as a result of conflict of interest.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

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  1. Dave, any cases filed yet in CA?

    I think QT is more difficult in CA because under California law, a plaintiff seeking to quiet title in the face of a foreclosure must allege tender or an offer of tender of the amount borrowed. See Arnolds Management Corp v. Eischen, 158 Cal.App.3d 575, 578, 205 Cal.Rptr. 15 (1984).

  2. Here’s the link to KVUE-TV, Austin …

    In today’s news segment.

  3. Order the Orange Jump Suits

  4. Dave,

    Let us not forget that gem where FATCO (First American Title Company) executes the loan as the notary, writes the title policy, makes themselves a trustee, and has the dangling bag of beans to make MERS the Beneficiary of the Title Insurance Policy! I think you call that a nexus??


  5. Please let me know the AZ QUIET TITLE case number ASAP!


  6. Dave, you are a powerhouse! A wealth of knowledge! Glad you are on our side! 🙂

  7. It is very obvious that MERS is a very bad player in all foreclosure mess. I would love to know who came up with MERS in the first place. Who was the actual mastermind in creating MERS. Now, I see from another post that MERS is owned by Chase–a big, bad bank. I think we will see more parties added to the lawsuits as we go along.
    If you need legal help at a reasonable price with foreclosure, preforeclosure or mortgage servicing problems:, 864-241-8602

  8. Dave,
    Great Job and keep up the good work.

  9. Go Dave Go.

    Dave, thank you much for getting ‘on the air’ this upcoming Oct 30.

    You may wish to a post a link directly to Dr. Kevin Skipper’s podcast. I couldn’t find it when I repeatedly tried.

    We EACH are now the ‘new media’. Daily infecting every place: TV, Talk Radio, Newspapers, Flyers, Political Events, ‘Tea Parties’, Synagogues, Churches, Social Groups, etc. etc. Let’s help Neil get the message out way bigger than we have already. There is no turning back now. It’s all or nothing.

    America’s freedom cannot survive this gross moral hazard. This has become like the 1920’s Weimar Republic economically & ethically.

    Do you have any links or .pdf’s that we can review these latest lawsuits.

    As you well noted, Helen Purcell is a self-serving disaster. Violates the law with absolute impunity in Arizona. Panders to the self-named “Phoenix 40”, the business mafia (that killed investigative reporter Don Bolles in 1977 and runs Arizona). Name recognition, and ‘friends’ keeps her illegalities well covered up there. AZ foreclosure mill Tiffany & Bosco is tied in as well. Someone should do a major complete investigation into their personal transfers of property, and self-dealings. McCain’s family is tied to the bankrupt Silver State Bank & Tiffany & Bosco.

    Arizona voters are very lost, and don’t know. Both R & D are involved.

    We live in a world of lies…

    Let’s refute them as the new media everyday.

    Since you are media experienced, give us some more tips on getting on the air, etc. CNBC and others should have Neil, you, & others knowledgeable on as well. I get tired of ex-Goldman Sachs ‘experts’.


  10. Banks decoupled the note from the Deed of Trust = Null = Quiet Title.

    Carpenter v. Longan, 83 U.S. 271, at 274 – “…while an assignment of the latter alone is a nullity”.

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