Chicago Sheriff stops foreclosures until banks get their paperwork in order

1. Chicago Sheriff stops foreclosures until banks get their paperwork in order (which will never happen):

2. Could I please be added to your referral list as someone who gets it? I was a securitization lawyer for a couple of years (1999-2001 for Chapman and Cutler LLC in Chicago, a 100+ year old finance/banking firm.
Never did I dream that my past experience could prove helpful. I am defending a couple of foreclosures at the moment and have room for more work.

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Thank you,

Jeffrey C. Torres, Esq.

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  1. Thoughtful comments – For what it’s worth , people are searching for a Acord 25 , my business partner filled out and esigned a fillable document here
  2. I think we must go viral with the info we have and share our knowledge of these frauds at every level with friends, family and co workers.

    Let us ask for their help to call and write to government officials, court clerks, sheriffs, etc. This fraud has been going on for over 10 years.

    It has happened to over 7,000,000 home owners, so we need to take a stand on this it is either us or them. either our attorneys start to talk to each other to establish and organized, coordinated, coherent and efficient legal front, where they all share in knowledge, strategies and to set the stage for the victory of the people over the banksters.

    The Wall Street Talking heads are demanding for the real estate market need to get rid of all foreclosures, as if it is just homes, and they just do not even mention the people and the tragedy they have inflicted on the American Family and the economy. Sure they have the money to survive a financial crisis, we on the other hand have had our biggest investment and in some cases the foundation of our nest egg. Our kids college education, our retirements, our savings, our futures have been stolen. And our government just wants this madness to continue. They are kissing Wall Street’s rear end.

    We are the only ones who will stop this. The banksters have already calculated that they will steal an additional 9,000,000 and what is it that our brilliant Government does, they fold againg and give more money to the thieves.

    I am not much of an economist, however, I can see that just pushing this ponzi scheme under the carpet and giving more money to the thieves is not going to solve anything.

    if they had paid all those trillions of dollars to the American people and cut in half ALL THE MORTGAGES the economy would be booming.

    I am so disappointed.

  3. This is from Karl Denninger.

    If This Is True…… KaBOOM

  4. Judges may also summon lawyers and notaries public into court when the authenticity of a signature or the veracity of an attestation to the accuracy of a document’s contents is in question.

    While the changes may seem far-reaching, retired Judge Alan M. Wilner, head of the committee that drafted the new rule and presented it to the Court of Appeals, said the rule simply consolidates existing powers.

    Judges have “the inherent authority” to require attorneys to answer questions regarding their affidavits and to “show cause” why a case, including a foreclosure action, should not be dismissed, he told the court.

  5. Wednesday 20 October 2010

    Per Market-Ticker, Ransom and Melisa Davis filed a RICO lawsuit in Inianapolis, yesterday. Anyone in that area that could get a copy of the suit for posting?

  6. @Bill,
    Get on WaMu Homeowner’s site and “friend” Nancy Koerber, she is a fighter in OR and has a web of attorneys.

  7. The funny thing……our former sheriff, DAVE REICHERT, now a Congressional Rep, has filed TWO Sheriff’s sales in King County with NO NOTARY STAMP ON ONE AND ABSOLUTELY NO NOTARY ON THE OTHER!!!

    Congress? You paying attention to this? I have already submitted this information to the person running opposite him. I hope they understand the knowledge and the damning information that they have been given.

  8. In Chicago 14,000.00 evictions per year do the math,
    that’s 38 Homes, Family’s, people every day. This Country needs more Sheriff’s, Like Cooks County Sheriff Dart!

  9. lawyers who get it in Atlanta, Georgia?

  10. Excellent!

    Now, are there any lawyers who “get it” in MN, MT, or OR?

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