AZ AG Intervening in Fraudulent Foreclosures

From one of our readers
which is a letter from the AZ AGs office put out this past week.
It has been suggested that anyone with a foreclosure issue call or visit their office and explain to them the fraud that has been perpetrated through their mortgage documents.
Below is a paragraph that I received this morning from someone here in AZ who did just that with very positive results:

This has been on the AGs website for at least a week.  It is a DEMAND for all servicers in AZ to provide the AGs office by the 21st of comfirmation that all mortgage AND trustee sales docs to be verified before any sale goes through. Those of you who have found the fraudulent docs/notarizations and are facing a sale go to the AGs office immediately with a report. Be sure to report to local law enforcement first as a formality. I just got my 9th sale postponed in 10 months by walking in the AGs office and asking them to call the law firm regarding my 70 page report and the AGs demand in case they “didn’t get the memo”. The AG made the call to the law firm regarding my sale and assured me there would be no upcoming sale. Now the law firm knows that the AG knows that THEIR sale of MY property is fraudulent. This is a huge blow to them. Send this notice to the law firms and try to get the AG to make a call to the firm personally about your personal case, so they cannot claim they didnt know. Also ask the firm if they have completed the investigation of YOUR docs and tell them to be sure to send that to AGs office by the 21st. (just a friendly reminder!) Good luck! p.s.-make sure to tell the AG you do not want to be part of a class action lawsuit (cover-up scam) you just want to make a report of violations of the law and could they make a phone call on your behalf.

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  1. servicer produced the first page of the actual note and last now what? american home mortgage linda green paperwork victim and everything ahmsi came up with the copy of the note now what

  2. i asked the servicer to produce the note and they did first page and last now what?

  3. The attorney general in AZ is NOT phoning on behalf of people.. Someone may have gotten lucky but it will take WEEKS to sift through the reports they have already received.. They don’t have the manpower nor funding… I’d like to know what has happened to all the foreclosure funding they’ve already received. At any rate the people there are nice but it has to go through their channels. My additionally opinion is that the news media is picking and choosing and are fairly IMPOTENT as well.

  4. Thanks Lucy for good post.

    Take responsibility for what? – the bank’s fraud? Cantor has got to be kidding.

    Just do not get this take responsibility chatter. Loans are being given to people at great discounts to what other people are “being held responsible”. And, for only 3% down with incomes that do not qualify. That is responsible??? Come on.

    All is to cover-up derivative obligations that would further shatter bank stock price.

    “Roll-back” in market coming. You can only fool the people for so long – eventually – all goes south!

  5. Hey “Zoe” I want to know the same thing! Heard anything?

  6. 10/18/2010

    Bill McCollum
    Florida Attorney General
    State of Florida
    The Capitol PL-01
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050

    New House Title LLC (a FDLC company)
    9119 Corporate Lake Dr
    Ste 300
    Tampa, FL 33634

    Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
    1410 N. West shore Blvd.
    Suite 800
    Tampa, FL 33607-4547

    Fidelity National Title Company
    150 S Pine Island, Suite 130
    Plantation, FL 33324

    First American Financial Corporation
    1 First American Way
    Santa Ana, California 92707

    America’s Servicing Criminals
    P.O. Box 10388
    Des Moines IA 50306

    Property address:

    Dear Title Insurer:

    This letter is to inform you that if you shall grant title insurance to above said property, a claim will be made under such policy in the amount of $495.000. As evidence shows, that Florida Default Law Group (Criminals), the law firm, , representing both the pretender-lender, Deutsche Bank and pretender-servicer America’s Servicing Criminals, criminally FABRICATED the documents necessary in order to fraudulently foreclose on above said property thus causing an irreparable cloud on the title.


  7. So now they are admitting to wrong doing?
    I am speechless?

    If any Judge buys this? I dont know?

    I am speechless.

    But they have been getting away with it for along time.

  8. The bank is trying to take this issue off the table. It hopes the announcement Monday and more detail expected Tuesday as it releases earnings will help restore confidence in the foreclosure process.

    Why would we believe the banks will push the agenda of the people having confidence in a process called fraud closure it keeps getting so “FUBAR”
    they are so Fu**** and they know that we know…………..

  9. Just heard Bank of America is resuming foreclosures – and Wall Street is cheering – market up – and so is BOA. Read THE A MAN’s post.

    This was never just about – changing signatures on affidavits – IT is about the contents of the affidavits – the fraud in conveyance – (or non- conveyance) of the loans.

  10. News
    The bank is trying to take this issue off the table. It hopes the announcement Monday and more detail expected Tuesday as it releases earnings will help restore confidence in the foreclosure process.

    “This is an important first step in debunking speculation that the mortgage market is severely flawed,” a Bank of America spokesman said.

    :It’s too late” the “BROOM THAT THEY RIDE” well it’s their lie so they can tell it the way they want. “The wicked Witch from the west” so fitting, it’s still October and Halloween is just around the corner, “Sweep it up in a hurry so as a Nation we the people watch” the continuing saga…

  11. Well I wrote a 3 page letter last year describing everything including the fdics role in my case. Well it fell on deaf ears bit I will ask them to recall that letter which u ccd to Barack Obsma with a cover note. I did not expect a reply.

  12. Did Tarp funds expire 2 weeks ago? Anyone care to comment? Is that why foreclosures are frozen? No $$ going from Gov to Banks in those Shared Loss Agreements….????

  13. Also participating in this obfuscation is the first (and, to date, only) congressional Republican leader who is ready to speak out nationally on the foreclosure controversy: Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., the House Minority Whip. In an Oct. 11 appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Cantor tried to change the subject by blaming the financially troubled homeowners for causing all of the problems – while blithely ignoring the toxic dimensions of fraud and incompetence surrounding the controversy.

    “If you impose a moratorium on foreclosures,” Cantor said, “what you are telling people and institutions that lend money is they do not have the protection to take the risk they need to, to extend credit for people will get a mortgage. You’ll shut down the housing industry if that is the case.”

    Cantor added insult to injury with an astonishing post-script sound bite. “Now, come on, people have to take responsibility for themselves,” he said. “We need to get the housing industry going again. We don’t need government intervening in every step of every aspect of this economy.”

    Read the rest at

  14. Dear friends:

    I am of the opinion, that every teacher, leader, or politician should greatly prove themselves and their motivations first by many consistent concrete provable examples.

    The states, except Ohio, and perhaps Kansas, & Arkansas, have done NOTHING, until WE all brought this to critical mass in the cover-up MSM media this month!

    State AG’s could have done an amicus curie brief in each of our files, during all this time. The governor’s could have created a simple executive order. They could have also prosecuted the fraudulent documents, notaries, and false claims by the ‘licensed’ lawyers of the other side, before the media did. Even Arizona’s untouchable, Tiffany & Bosco escaped sanctions once again in Federal BK Court last week for red-handed fraud.

    “You shall know them by their fruits”.

    Or is it? – “you shall know them by their talk”?

    That being in mind. Let’s see quite a few more substantive concrete actions against banks and more immediately pressing, the faker FORECLOSURE TRUSTEE MILLS *.

    If we see a thoroughly consistent real visible, effort, then help out. Aid & abet the effort. It’s past time to cancel all these null deeds of trust (& notes) for nullity & fraud. That is what the US Supreme Court in Carpenter v. Longan demands. Simple and absolute. All the upcoming complexity and sideshows, are to cover-up this plain core achille’s heel in your mind.

    Otherwise, these ‘investigation’ carrots could be election pandering…. And putting you on yet another dissenter list. Remember John Kennedy’s murder was ‘investigated’ too. So was the recent tax election fraud in Tucson. Nothing.

    Politicians 99.9% of the time will never prosecute their cronies and funders. This is the absolute perpetual core weakness of so-called ‘government’, and has cost the innocent lives of 100,000,000 million people during the last 100 years, from the bloody hands of their very OWN so-called ‘governments’.

    With all the proof on Neil’s Livinglies, all of our letters, and civil complaints, court decisions like In re: Walker & In re Tarantola, et al. filed over the last long 30 months – the two+ long years of horrible unbelievable silence, is way too strange to accept on its face.

    A corrupt mafia machine has run Arizona at least 50 years called the ‘Phoenix 40’ *. I see nothing in our 100’s of court experiences and the deafening silence from its so-called leaders, to believe anything contrary at this point. They don’t care and you might want to get used to that fact. Otherwise, you will be both disillusioned and homeless (and then even more-powerless to do anything about it). The Federal Reserve/gov’t will make sure you eventually are, since remember they claim ‘ownership’ in all the unenforceable toxic null MBS, in exchange for their counterfeit ‘bailouts’, which are the core of this mess.

    This is how a New World Order is financed.

    Wake up & be alert!

    1 Tiffany & Bosco
    Folks & O’Connor
    Perry & Shapiro
    McCarthy Holthus & Levine (Quality Loan Services)
    Pite Duncan (California Reconveyance)

    2 Read former Arizona governor Evan Mecham’s books called Wrongful Impeachment, 1999, Come Back America, 1982 and Impeachment – The Arizona Conspiracy, 1989 (in used bookstores). RIP. These are the best real Arizona History books ever printed, and everything here at least in Arizona strangely makes complete sense when you are finished reading, including Mr. sold-out McCain. You will recognize ALL the ‘big’ names in here… still! Pass it around when your done.

  15. in Virginia, they are still using the robosigners, and the foreclosure attorneys are getting nastier.

    i just reviewed a file from EMC, MARIX, WAMU, the foreclosure in VA, the notary from Arizona, The vice president from EMC, claims they own the note and deed, the vice president was in such a hurry to sign his 10,000 affidavit that he forgot to date it

  16. Neil, should none of us agree to participate in class action suits?

    Is it wise to file a suit now for quiet title, even if in preforeclosure? If our post-election congress circumvents the hammerlock attorneys seem to have on banks right now and it passes a law to let the banks go free (albeit, unconstitutional in doing so, but still years to fight it in court), would any suit already filed be allowed to go forward?

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