How I’m Voting in November

Politics is such a touchy subject so I figure I should offend just about everyone to be fair. The state of our economy is bad and our prospects are getting worse no matter what anyone tells you. Take a look at Japan for a sneak preview of where we could end up if you think this election isn’t important enough for you to cast your vote. So consider it a life priority for you, your family and generations to come that you get out there and vote no matter what your political ideology might be.

The jobs prospects couldn’t look worse than right now because we have an ever widening gap between the shrinking number of high income people and then the rest of the people whose income is shrinking before their eyes. At the end of each month, the vast majority of American families are in worse shape than they were the month before, whether they are working or not. The easy answer is to blame Obama or Bush or Democrats or the Republicans and then just vote the other way. That isn’t going to change anything. If you are going to vote then force a change. Here are some of my guidelines in how I am voting in November:

  1. FACTS: Any candidates who does not know the facts or who refuses to answer factual questions that are relevant should not get a vote from anyone and certainly won’t get mine.
  2. BANKS AND FORECLOSURES: Anyone who refers to borrowers that bought homes they couldn’t afford does not get my vote. That isn’t what happened.
  3. When the Democrats controlled congress they lacked the courage to actually do anything that would correct the systemic societal and economic problems in our economy. When the Republicans were in control they had courage, but they used it to promote the interests of individuals and companies whose outsourcing of jobs and massive manipulation of money in our country hastened our own demise. So an automatic vote for a candidate based upon party affiliation is probably a vote for status quo. I won’t do it.
  4. When a candidate is backed by anonymous donations, you can bet they are anonymous because the agenda is horrendous. A little research on any candidates or action groups that are backed by anonymous donors will help you to avoid horrendous agendas and add-ons to bills that nobody reads and everyone votes on in congress. I won’t vote for these candidates.
  5. The Tea Party concept is good but it contains a defect that should make anyone wary. The good part is that they want to throw the bums out and they want to  change the spending habits in Washington or so they say. The bad thing is that they backed by anonymous donors or when confronted with their massive support of the Tea Party deny it as well as the “leaders” of the Tea Party. That’s a lie and I don’t like it. But that said, there are a number of candidates that deserve closer scrutiny despite their association with the Tea Party. The biggest problem is that nearly all candidates who identity themselves with the Tea Party are in fact registered Republicans. So to me that looks like a stalking horse for Republicans. They capture the anger of voters and then send people to congress who will caucus exclusively with the Republicans. For me the tipping point is I like that the Tea Party exists but I wouldn’t vote for anyone just because they Say they are associated.
  6. I know, so far it seems like there is no reason to vote and no candidates to vote for.
  7. Incumbency: Somebody who is already in office has already failed us, for the most part. So I’m voting for people who are long shots, because those are the people NOT getting big money from the groups of big business anonymous interests. In some cases that could mean voting for an incumbent like Blanche Lincoln, whose politics I mostly disagree with, but her party and the Washington establishment don’t like her. That makes me like her but I can’t vote in Arkansas.
  8. Women: Just because a candidate is a woman doesn’t mean she won’t vote like a man, so they is no automatic button here. But that said, since women are in the majority of those graduating with degrees in higher education, it is inevitable that they will evolve into he controlling force in American politics. I figure it will take a while before the women get as corrupt as the male dominated government we have had since the revolution. So I’m voting for the female candidate if she is palatable or tolerable.
  9. Age: This is a tricky one. By and large the white haired people have a very closed agenda, but they have their good and bad points. The younger candidates are not saddled with many of the biases and prejudices the older people have on race, religion and politics, but they are more susceptible to some “mentor” or who will bankroll their ambitions. On balance I think the tipping point is with the younger ones but I am being careful about that.
  10. Race: I don’t have any problem with this. I think racial bias has deprived us of what could have been the finest minds and contributions of the century in the last 100 years and is a continuing impediment to the growth and innovation in our country. Besides we now have more minority babies being born that white babies anyway so, like the women, the outcome is already predetermined. Voting against it is like voting against water when it’s raining. That said, the deprivation of education in minority districts has produced some very poorly educated candidates. So just because they are black or Latino doesn’t mean that we owe them a vote. But experience tells me that racial minorities are more likely to address income inequality than the usual white candidate. So unless they are spouting the white agenda of big business and continuing taxpayer subsidies for big business, they MIGHT be someone to watch.
  11. Ideology: Anyone who clings to an ideology as a substitute for rational thought should be banned from public office. They are dangerous, two-faced, and will lie about anything in order to pander to people who are too lazy to think and just want an easy pick.
  12. Humor: Any candidate with a good sense of humor has an inquiring mind and a way of looking at the world from different angles. I like these people and especially when their humor is self-deprecating — showing they don’t take themselves too seriously. So in the rare instances when I see good humor, I’ll vote for them even if I disagree with with them on some issues.

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  1. Mostly good points regardless of Affiliation.

  2. .
    Can someone please publish a list of those who voted for TARP?

  3. Neil,

    I am an independent and I couldn’t agree more with your point # 3. I was disgusted that the Notarization Act passed through the US House of Congress in April and with NO RECORD of the votes… and then just after this whole fiasco with foreclosure really went viral in September in the nation’s media, the Senate voted in late September in favor of this act again WITHOUT RECORD. That’s enough to tell me, it doesn’t matter, Republican or Democrat, politicians are doing what they need to do to look out for number 1–themselves. DO NOT VOTE on party lines… it is harder, it takes research but vote for the candidate, that is the only way. The American people are being left out… I was relieved the president vetoed the bill but angered when I saw the blatant NO RECORD next to votes in both houses… it is sad when I am grateful just to be back on fair ground.

  4. Excellent stuff Neil. We know we are screwed for a long time qe2 is a dead certainty

  5. That was my point, Collene. We have no idea just what and how much they can get as career politicians. Has to be much more than we know about or they wouldn’t spend millions out of their own pocket to get the job.

  6. Fight organized crime. Re-elect no one.

  7. At least you guys can say something about your senators and congress people. every time we raise the issue of foreclosures, the Virginia and MD people running for election look at you as if you have some highly infectious incurable disease.

    I have tried to get them to talk about but they dodge the ball, they are really good at that.

    So sad, the land of the free?

  8. My rule is no incumbents and no Dems or Reps.

  9. Any candidate, that supports the Federal Reserve counterfeit money-creation system, which resulted in the counterfeit mortgages, needs to go.

    Ask them if they do!

    We cannot live free in a society that permits politicians to counterfeit and spend money, then make the rest of us make those ‘notes good’ with the endless taxes and interest on this phony debt.

    ‘None of the above’ on every ballot would have saved us many lesser of evils during the history of this falling country…

    …. and quit believing these people have the right to make any law they want to control your life. They constitutionally do not have this power. We mentally give into this obedience fraud year after year, taught by the phony media and the government ‘schools’.

    95% of all laws today are special interest; and the country doesn’t work anymore, from the favoritism and moral hazards, which comes from trying to ‘obey them, which favors arbitrary government-picked ‘winners’ and ‘losers’.

    Banish the Federal Reserve fake money system.

    Let 95% of all the so-called ‘laws’ sunset. We can do this by voting out almost all incumbents – that means voting for independents and libertarians – whether they can ‘win’ or not.

    We need to be a 5+ party nation. We will never get there by voting for more of the same. “Throwing away your vote’ fears perpetually came from the two incumbent parties, the Reps & Dems, to stay permanently in power.

    It’s probably time to just start over. Freedom for individuals in the bill of rights works. Counterfeit money and the corporations it supports, does not.

    Vote Independent! Vote Freedom. Live Freedom.

  10. I would like to look at Libertarians but thus far the vote is considered a “throw away” To bad maybe it’s time for real change.

  11. The big question here is: are there any candidates to vote for? This election cycle is one of the most troubling I have ever seen. Candidates who want to repeal civil rights laws. How can someone even stand up and say that? Candidates that are trying to put women back to the stone age. Candidates that are sending pornographic E-mails to (lots of) people. Candidates that are receiving aid from the government who want to get rid of Social Security? Right now, 58 million people (or there abouts) receive some kind of assistance from Social Security. Wars w/o evidence of WMD’s–when did it happen that the US attacks countries that did not attack it? These are some of my issues about voting.
    I agree with Neil that candidates that can’t or won’t answer questions should not even be running in the race. A political platform is necessary to voting. If you can’t or won’t answer any questions, you’re a waste of time!
    Another pet peeve are the candidates trying to impose religion into our government. What about separation of church and state does anybody not get?
    Now I am ranting. Love this blog!

  12. More important loose their jobs. Enron was defeated once Gray Davis a democrat was recalled and Arnold the Republican was put into power. The politicians on both sides got rid of Enron.

  13. Vote the incumbents out. Does not matter republican or democrats. That will piss the politicians off and they will finally get rid of the banksters for making them look bad.

  14. Trust me they make more than $200,000 when you consider the percs they get. Imagine having a job that you can get all your friends a high paying job and then they are all indebted to you. Don’t be fooled politicians are the most corrupt people in America.

  15. Well, I don’t agree with all of this, but I do take notice of candidates who spend millions of their own dollars trying to get a job that pays less than $200K per year. Hmmm….makes me wonder who is behind their candidacy.

  16. collene collins,

    “don’t trust, verify, verify, verify”
    Please take the time to read this article, then re- read what Neil has posted.

  17. Leapfrog
    I am an independant and I agree that the choices are not that great but you still have to vote for the best of the worst. If I had my way Hillary Clinton would be Pres

  18. I’m voting for anything BUT repukes or dumbocrats – both of these malignant entities have thrown us all under the bus. I know that means I have “thrown away” my vote as normally I would lean more toward the Dems, but I don’t give a damn! I’m fed up and disgusted with both & the I have nothing but abject scorn for tea-baggers. I wonder how many others will vote for an underdog?

  19. Lucy Bush wasn’t my favorite! Think back to Clintons term how great the economy was that wasn’t because of him it was because we had a republican senate. My son just returned from 2 tours in Iraq and it is disguisting how the veterans get treated. We will be like Japan if Obama thinks it is right fro the government to control everything. Great job on the bailout plan! What the hell was he thinking. He is no longer cleaning up after Bush it is time he takes responsibility for the trillions he spent that did nothing except increase unemployment and foreclosures. All those CEO’s are still making millions. If you get a bailout there should be rules and stipulations. Ever here the proof of future behavior is based on past behavior. These co’s got bailed out and nothing has changed. Senator Brown from MA is proof that we are in for a big change which is needed and welcomed. The people voted for change and look where it got us deeper in debt

  20. Collene Collins,
    Would you mind listing all the grat things that the Repulicans have done?
    You can start with Bush and go down the list.

  21. I do not agree with Neils Post at all! It sounds like something that would come out of Joy Behars mouth!

  22. Lucy pres Obama inherited a defecit but he has spent over a trillion dollars and the economy is worse. Great leader. Deval Patrick has done the same in MA everyone of his cronies is on his payroll and Cahill is a plant. He is running to split the votes in MA and might caubut never follow thruse Devall to win. I guarentee he was promised a position and I believe that Obama is behind it. Republicans are taken over in Nov

  23. Collene Collins,

    What a rubbish !!!
    I can’t believe you are asking people to vote for Republicans.
    You are out of your mind !!
    Re-read Neil’s post again. and again and again….
    Will you ever learn?

  24. Things were great when Clinton was in office because we had a Republican Senate. Vote republican in November. MA has had the worst Governor in years and he is great pals with Obama. Deval Patrick ruined our state. No matter who you vote for please just get out and vote. You should not complain if you don’t take the time to cast a vote!

  25. Neil said:

    Blanche Lincoln, whose politics I mostly disagree with, but her party and the Washington establishment don’t like her. That makes me like her but I can’t vote in Arkansas.

    Neil, you must have been out of your mind and in a state of insanity when you made the above statement. You surely did not do your research on this person.

    I live in Arkansas and I will state for the record that she is not what Arkansas is all about. She votes entirely for the Party and supports every spending bill and does not know her Constitutions (U.S and Arkansas).

    If you continue to make assertions based on idiocy I will have to drop out of your group. Come on give me a break Neil ….

    You like someone because the Party doesn’t like her…foot…they love her….


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  26. …and Libertarians?

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