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  1. Alina

    Ah – you are right – the CDOs – and due to deregulation – there is limited information on CDOs – they were just derivatives – not securities.

  2. i am seeing that most of these bad signatures are from back east. is ther any signatures that were fraud here in california that the people in california should be looking for?
    laurie mendoza

  3. Maher Soliman
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    Anyone want to chime in –
    I’m thinking Florida AG has no jurisdiction using FDUPTA to subpoena law firms

    View: It’s the FDIC and they “rouge attorneys” are likely to be found immune –


  4. Controversy surrounds the private label mortgage banking sector whereby MERS is the elixir for all the industry’s errors and omission and now it appears for criminal activity.

    Grossly misstated financial statements of FDIC members that exchange loans for agency guaranteed securities and that transfer loans in residential mortgage private-label securitization transactions.

    Grossly misstated financials result from triggering the prohibition against transferors entering into financial guarantees with SPEs [special-purpose entities] would render the SPEs used in those securitizations, as ‘non-qualifying.

    Securities backed by a pool of mortgage loans make it difficult to comprehend how banks are garnering this ability to manipulate the accounting rules and violate the terms reps and warranties of these registrations without the Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement. In addition there are additional prohibitions on the types of assets a QSPE may hold.

    It makes no sense to carry on their books loans that are collateral for agency-guaranteed and private-label securities Mortgage-backed securities (MSBs)

    Our focus is still the breach of GAAP and codified FASB pronouncements for accounting rules. You must recreate the genreal ledger to have a fighting chance in a court of law.


  5. Neil,

    Take a look at this report on stop foreclosure’s site

    Here’s That Devastating Report On Bank Of America That Everyone Is Talking About Today


  6. Anyone want to chime in –

    I’m thinking Florida AG has no jurisdiction using FDUPTA to subpoena law firms –

    If we were to assert the injured party is the homeowner there is no client/business relationship between homeowner and law firm, as the client is the lender (who pays the law firm).

    I think the tool here is FCCPA – as the law firms are debt collectors (admittedly so by the Palm Beach Bar) and the homeowners are the debtors.

  7. The state of Florida has started a criminal investigation of DOCX and parent company Lender Processing Services Inc ” LPS”.



    Very interesting reading. I think once they start arresting these robo signers, it is going to be harder for banks to get people to lie, then swear to it.
    My assignment of mortgage was signed by Korrel Harp and Tawana Thomas of DOCX in Alpharetta GA.
    Now if I can only get the Judge to look at it.
    In my case they started out claiming they lost the note, and before the summary judgement hearing on July 14,2009 they dropped count 2 lost note and claimed to have it in there possession, however they did not present it, at the hearing. When the Judge Anthony Rondolino asked about the assignment of mortgage, the attorney for plaintiff asked “Is it not with the papers?” I asked about the note and the Judge says “We have a copy of the note!” He is holding it up, and I extend my hand and take it, and make him wait will I read both sides. I then tell him in a low voice ” I would be happy to give the plaintiffs a copy of some money your Honor”
    He says “hearing postponed, you will have to file the assigns” so fast the plaintiffs attorney had to ask what he said.
    The hearing was reset to Aug 17 2009. When we showed up we found that they had canceled. The reason was that they did not get the DOCX assignment filed at the courthouse, “backdated of course” till 2 days later.
    Now on 10/01/2010 I was again in court on Plaintiffs Motion to Strike Affermintive Defences, and the Judge asked them about a affidavit that was supposed to be with the “wet note’ that was filed with the court in May 2010, that I was not informed of.
    He warned them of the controversy surrounding affidavits, and told them to make sure that the person making the affidavit had direct personal knowledge of it and said he would like to have the person, if possible, appear in court.
    He launched into me asking me if I had made all my payments as alleged in my affirmative defences. He caught me off guard, and I said that I had not. What the affirmative defences said was “in belief that all the payments had been made” then called me a liar. I countered that the papers submitted was from a foreclosure defence group and that I believed the “loan” was paid off the day it was made.
    The Judge made a point about how long I had lived in my house without making a payment “2/01/2008”, I said that they had started a foreclosure with a lost note count, with no assignment filed, filed a fraudulent assignment, dropped the lost note count in May of 09, but did not file the wet note until May 2010, making it suspect. I have not yet been allowed to examine the note for chain of assignment
    The hearing that was scheduled for 15 min lasted over a hour at which time the Judge could not come to a decision about standing.

    I want to thank Neil Garfield for providing me the information to keep me in my home.

  8. What about Martha Stewart? How much time did she get?

  9. I thought forgery was a crime, in fact, a felony. Why hasn’t that been addressed? It looks like the lenders/bankers are running the country and will continue to fleece the American people.

  10. I miss one more link :


  11. How about Pat Kingston? I have two different signatures of him / her personally and copies of others docs with him / her signing along side Korell Harp, Linda Green and Christina Huang. Anybody have paperwork notarized by Dona Hall or Dianne Miskell from Fulerton County GA. Yep, right where Docx is located.

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