Memo to Attorney General — all 50 States — WE CAN HELP WITH AN ARMY OF THOUSANDS

It’s in your hands now. The fate of the nation’s economic system, the budgetary crisis in your own state and justice for victims of fraud with accountability for those who participated in a scheme that was intentionally and negligently conceived and executed. Your state, and the counties, cities and towns that are now all suffering from lack of revenue and costs that were budgeted based upon the false projections from the illusory housing boom, are all depending upon you to do the right thing. Your job is judicial, law enforcement, not politics. Your future and the future of the people who depend upon you in your public and private roles is entirely dependent upon how well you build your cases against those who were indifferent to the societal impact of their schemes.

What you need to do, and what every homeowner needs to do is get the facts before the evidence disappears. Subpoenas issued to the most visible faces only give time to those who were the puppeteers in this mess. You need to focus your inquiries on MERS, the investment banks, the servicers, the Master Servicers, the “Trusts”, the “Trustees”, the “depositors,”, the aggregators, the originators, the appraisers and the rating agencies. You need to coordinate with your Treasury department to determine which of these hidden transactions were taxable events requiring tax returns, fees, taxes, interest, penalties. You need to determine and quantify the damages to government and its citizens so you can prove to any court what really happened and who was hurt by the actions of the hidden pretender lenders starting with the sale of the mortgage bond to investors through the sale of the financial loan product sold to homeowners and the ending, so far, with the wholesale foreclosure of millions of homes. This job is almost as large as the mortgage industry itself. I offer you the means to do it.

This blog has been devoted to revealing these facts piece by piece. We have devoted ourselves to analyzing real data and coming to real conclusions and accurate predictions for years. It was accomplished only because of an army of readers, lawyers (real litigators), appraisers, accountants, mortgage brokers, title examiners, real estate agents and entrepreneurs who saw the validity of what I was writing here. You need to understand the infrastructure of securitization, how it was planned and how it was executed — they are two different things. We have an army of thousands who are willing to help, who have specific knowledge that will aid you and who are available if you call upon them.

I hereby volunteer to provide a seminar to all available and willing parties in your offices who are assigned to this matter from all 50 states. You must pay the costs of the broadcast but there will be no fees. I cannot tour for health reasons, but I can appear, along with a panel of experts from across the country, in a WEBEX seminar that can be called together in a matter of a week or two. We don’t need much time for preparation because we already know what you are asking and we already know what to tell you about how to proceed. What you do with the information and how you proceed is of course within your own and sole discretion without any obligation to the panel that presents material and answers questions. You will never have the time or resources that have already been spent privately by people supporting this site and other people who were leading the fight when I entered the picture in October, 2007 with this site.

On factual questions, you need only ask, and it will be published here with answers pouring into either your offices or a central office that will cull out the various responses. For title and securitization searches, reports, copies of documentation, and specific answers to specific questions, we already have the infrastructure in place. You have the tools. The question is whether you are willing to “pull the trigger” as one attorney general said in a recent interview.

We can provide you with experts from the legal and other professions that already know how to help you on-site or off-site. The advantage you have with the powers of law enforcement are only as good as the information, understanding and strategies you employ. The complexity of this process has been mastered now by many people in the private sector. Use them — they will save you and enable you to collect, collectively, tens of billions of dollars. This is like the tobacco litigation on steroids. Coordinate with the other offices of attorney general in as many states as will cooperate. You’ve taken the first steps. Now start the momentum and close this out. It won’t be weeks or months before you bring this to a close. It will be years. Without the help of a private sector that has been on the trail for more than 3 years, it could take decades. With your help the chaos in title chains will be cleared, the damages to victims of fraud will be rectified as much as possible and the the people who are accountable under the criminal and civil laws of your state will be brought to justice.

If you want this to happen, you know how to reach me. We’ll set up a telephone conference before the seminar for all designated government officials who are interested.

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  1. AGs could be ploy to shut us up for awhile. Well, that is not going to happen – so will not work.

    They are going to have to come out and say – all was valid – everything was great – no wrongdoing- any problems are fixable. Problem is – others (investors and other countries) are saying the same as us. Going to pretty hard to say everything was and is – okey-dokey.

    This is an international embarrassment..

  2. keep kicking ——and keep ever one posted as usual larry


  4. I have practiced corporate/commercial/real estate law for 33 years. I have represented, at various times, mane of these “zombi” banks. Before that, as a CPA, I have seen these “basic” real estate issues.

    All that said, I expect little – if anything – to come of all this. The “attitude” of judges [state and federal] is simply: “you borrowed-if the payments were current, we would not be here- all the rest are “technicalities”. As we speak, I have a federal Judge, in Michigan, trying to sanction me for raising these issues against CHASE.

    Bottom Line: The system is broken and corrupt. The state AGs will rattle the saber until the press moves on. Then, cut sweet heart deals to claim “victory” and move on.

  5. i do not think the missouri ag will do anything, i have been requesting the very thing that you send me daily in your emails, this email hits the nail on the head, however if some of the attorney generals( in some states) will read your blog, and then call and talk to the other ag then maybe, some one will start to listen, look, see and do something about all of the so call server-lenders- or what ever you call them, i cannot wait to see if our missouri attorney general and his staff will even take the time to read any thing. thanks and keep up the good work. larry and lena

  6. we need to copy, paste it and send it as an open letter to all the nations newspapers, magazzines, internet news sites, let us take it viral.

    let us each one of us do a video demnding justice reading this note and post it in youtube, let as twetter it, and post it in face book.

  7. tobacco litigation on steroids…haha NOT
    yes so the consumer was saddled with the burden of future payments of the
    oh sooooooooo effective litigation . Hence my caution of think or “asking for ”
    WTF kind of help from these AG’s ?
    just s the Taylor’s found out first hand… we’ll get NO protection nor real assistance from the very GOV that has sold us out [ total treason ].As for
    Mr Brown, he is a old hippie gone terribly wrong. Maybe he should have smoked more herb!
    i say if you GOV clowns want your OVER BLOWN pension for your lifetime of inept MILKING then you MUST earn it NOW by expelling these banking & political vermin from our bankrupt country TODAY. you f@#kers

  8. Count me in.

  9. Neil

    Why are you removing my posts about canceling all Bank Mortgages for Fraud and Nullity, per Carpenter v. Longan?

    This is a simple solution state by state that will save retirees and families in their homes. The banks have bankrupted the country and the government.

    Please let me promote my solutions too. The Deeds of Trust are null and the bankers know it. Let’s quit pretending otherwise.

  10. CANCEL ALL $9.5 Trillion in Bank Residential Mortgages for FRAUD.

    The Government has been COVERING-UP these illegalities for two+ years now.

    If the states really ‘cared’, each governor upon advisement by the AGs, could simply issue an executive order that all $9.5 Trillion in bank Residential Mortgages in their states, are canceled for fraud and nullity voidness. Corporations are a creation of the state and owe a duty to the state – Hale v. Henkel, 201 U.S. 43 at 47 (1906).

    The Deeds of Trusts are all null, since they were separated from the ‘notes’ in violation of Carpenter v. Longan, 83 U.S. 271, at 274, (1872).

    “The note and mortgage are inseparable; the former as essential, the latter as an incident. An assignment of the note carries the mortgage with it, while an assignment of the latter alone is a nullity”.

    Until these bank Deed of Trusts are canceled state by state for NULLITY, Obama, congress, all federal agencies, and most states have been and will continue to be a big part of the gigantic $24.5 Trillion governmental/Federal Reserve ‘Bailout’ COVER-UP of the illegal activities, and obscene profiteering.

    Cancel the mortgages, cancel the fraudulent swindling banks and Ponzi Federal Reserve – and let’s get back to America and real Freedom again, from which we left a long time ago.

    Until these mortgages are cancelled for unenforceable fraud and note-deed of trust nullity, generations of us including our grandchildren will live in perpetual debt-interest slavery.

    $700 Trillion in their related Ponzi Credit Default Swaps (CDS) are unpayable and we all well know it.

    Therefore, to save America

    CANCEL ALL $9.5 Trillion in Bank Residential Mortgages for FRAUD.


  11. Beautiful

  12. Let my this be the poster litigation, you must see this smoking gun ;Corruption, Extreme Egregious Abuse Of Discretion By Judge Tom Parker, An Attorney KevinL.Williams,(0061656), Robin M. Wilson (#0066604) You Will Ever Find In A Court Room. White Collar Crime. Fraud, Forgery.
    Kenneth S. Taylor 8610 Hadden Road Twinsburg Ohio 44087-2116

    Reporters and Editors,
    If the judges had only given me ,the homeowner a chance to go to trial the truth would have come out a long time ago, This disaster in the foreclosure gate scandal has only gotten deeper and deeper because many Judges all across the country were acting like collectors for the lenders and servicers. Judge Tom Parker never gave me (Kenneth S. Taylor) an the other homeowners, a fair chance to prove their case, many judges took it personal and just said pay your dam bills and get the hell out of my court room. For example Judge Tom Parker in a legal brief ; The judges deep-rooted bias and unequivocal antagonism is so very evident when he states in one of his orders, his personal opinion not based on any laws or facts, but on erroneous unsubstantiated facts, hearsay and rhetoric as follows: “it appears to the court the Taylor’s suffered severe case of buyer’s remorse after entering into a loan agreement with plaintiff”. The statement is false and misleading and is not the truth. There were some judges who always did the right thing but many hate the poor who are struggling with debt and they hate them tying up their courtrooms. Just look at my case in Akron Ohio Summit County Court Of Common Pleas, (In The Court Of Common Pleas Summit County, Ohio on November 30, 2007 case number CV-2007-11-8364 and the plaintiffs Counsel Rebecca Shrader of Manley Deas Kochalski LLC. Haphazardly filed a second (2) lawsuit against me in the same court, on 12/ 11/ 2007 case no; C V –2007-12 – 8613, and you will see for yourself how they are treating the attorneys and the homeowner. Rocket dockets and retired judges are the rule of the day in akron as this case has saw its 4th forth judge and that may be against the law. They treated lawyers defending homeowners like idiots and banned most the truth from the court room with their maritime old world summary judgments. So let them pay now for the mistakes that were made and why haven’t you exposed them? Talk to any attorney and you will see way they did it. Many attorneys say serious violations of ethics and rules of law may have been broken but most wont say it publicly because they might lose their licence’s. But there are some please find them. Call me directly at home 330) 425-1542 as I am putting a multi- billon dollar federal lawsuit together to halt this in Akron.
    October 14, 2010

    FBI. U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice.

    Dear Sir or Madam:
    Now comes Defendants Kenneth S. Taylor and Alycia Taylor- Driggins from hereinafter the (“ Taylor’s”) and they hereby present this bar complaint to the FBI. U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice for disciplinary action against Judge Tom Parker who is currently residing over the instant case of DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY as Trustee For the Certificateholders of Soundview Home Loan Trust 2006 -OPT2, Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006- OPT2 CASE NO. CV- 2007-11-8364 v. Kenneth S. Taylor and Alycia Taylor- Driggins.

    We implore this F.B.I. Disciplinary Counsel to emergency action to cure and put an immediate halt to the corruption and egregious abuse of judicial discretion, incessant unethical behavior, and misconduct by a sitting judge ever realized in a free society
    The judge should be removed from elected office as his most recent behavior is a complete dereliction of his duty and violation of sworn oath of office and he just refuses to follow the law. . Kevin L. Williams has left the firm and has failed to prosecute the case as a result of his year long disappearance, cannot be reach by phone, his name is being forged for certain. If Kevin L. Williams did not sign these documents himself its forgery, however if he had someone else sign his name the net result is fraud upon the court and all forged documents are invalid, and the judge must dismiss this case .THESE ARE CRIMES OF MATERIAL AND SUBSTANTIAL SUBSTANCE, FRAUD TO DEFRAUD TAYLOR’S OF THEIR REAL PROPERTY And also sanction plaintiffs for extreme ridiculous forgeries, as a bar complaint and disciplinary action is appropriate here. And judge should recuse himself and if he is so embroiled with taking defendants home, and he is so emotionally attached he can’t be fair he should remove himself, as he has loss sight of all justice for defendants. The Plaintiffs have filed and forged Kevin L. Williams signature on five (5) different documents five times, the Summit County Prosecutors Office, and the FBI have reviewed four (4) of the signatures in a interview with Kenneth S. Taylor, Kevin L. Williams is missing, and no longer can be reach at the number submitted to the court, this is fraud and misleading, he no longer works for this law firm, the court, should try calling him, at 1-614-222-4921 or ask his co-counsel Robin Wilson where he is. The plaintiffs have not denied that these signatures are forgeries, no person signs legal documents with (5) variations of their personal signature. The judge should resign from his elected office, for abuse of discretions and for failure to notice and state the obvious illegal fraud by this law firm, which has harmed the Taylor case and has block the administration of justice. This is a total mockery of the judge and the court. The judge is watching a magic trick, the invisible man; this law firm is making a fool out of the court. Not one legal argument can cure the extreme, ridiculous fraud, they have sworn under oath these five (5) differing signatures are Kevin L. Williams, but he has disappeared, vanished into thin air. JUDGE TOM PARKER HAS SEEN ALL THESE FICTICTIOUS SIGNATURES, AN HAS KNOWNIGLY AN WILLING CONDONE THIS FRAUD AND USED INVALID DOCUMENTS AGAINST THE TAYLORS. The signatures are from courts docket filed in this court with clerk’s office, the signatures are attached, below:

    Judge lacked jurisdiction to sign final decree order filed on February 01, 2010. The judge’s extreme bias and deep-rooted prejudice and inability to be fair has harmed defendants. The judge has become so personally involved and embroiled with helping plaintiffs win at all cost, (See document # 4 filed 1/29/10 on clerks pleading text,) he has compromised the integrity of the court, and he has loss sight of any justice for the defendants and has interfered with the administration of justice and short-circuited the rights of defendants to a fair trial. Statement of the case: Filed November 30, 2007and Final appleable order sign on February 01, 2010. Statement of facts: The judge Tom Parker conspired with the plaintiff’s attorney Robin Wilson of Thompson Hine LLP in a joint effort to destroy defendants counterclaim. The judge directed her to draft a false and misleading statement in a previous Final decree of foreclosure. Robin Wilson did so knowingly and willingly by inserting false claims of judge Tom Parker that he had considered defendants counterclaim is his motion granting plaintiff summary judgement in their favor. Robin Wilson drafted and sent a letter dated September 28,2009 to Judge Tom Parker confirming the act of conspiracy and her participation as such. The letter states per verbatim “ Enclosed, in response to your telephone request, is a revised Judgment Entry and Decree in Foreclosure so as to include Defendants’ Counterclaim and Plaintiffs’ Reply to Counterclaim”. Signed by Robin Wilson. See Exhibit (A). The judge never once mentioned defendants counterclaim, prior to this directive, nor is there any evidence the judge has reviewed the counterclaim. This was a wicked scheme perpetrated against defendants; the judge lied in effort to deprive defendants of their rights to homeownership. Judge Tom Parker and Robin Wilson have given false and material declarations to the trial court violating federal laws under 18 U.S.C. 1623 which is a both a criminal and civil act of conspiracy against defendants. The judge has violated the courts own Decree and order Misc No 325,Rule 11.01, 11.02 (Certificate of Readiness). The judge denied the defendants rights to a trial by jury without explanation after defendant stated to judge while in his chambers in a status hearing held on July 22, 2009 that he had a jury demand on both answer to complaint and counterclaim and the judge knew or should have known he was violating defendants rights to due process under the law by ordering a bench trial .See documents # 52 filed on 7/22/2008 judge orders bench trial on 10/1/2009 and defendants request again by motion for jury trial filed on 8/5/ 2009 document # 50/ 51 . “Standard of Review”; “clearly erroneous, arbitrary and capricious,” “De Novo” reviews necessary the judge has displayed through out this entire case a deep-rooted prejudice and bias and an inability to be fair and impartial and honest and has violated his sworn oath of office. Prima facia evidence is before the court on these facts. See Defendants Motion Opposing Notice Of Filing Revised Judgement Entry And Decree In Foreclosure filed on October 30,2009 document #32 on clerks docket/pleading text. Also view Judges order granting summary judgment in favor of Plaintiffs filed on October 10,2009 document # 35 on clerks docket / pleading text. The judges deep-rooted bias and unequivocal antagonism is so very evident when he states in that order his personal opinion not based on any laws or facts, but on erroneous unsubstantiated facts, hearsay and rhetoric as follows: “it appears to the court the Taylor’s suffered severe case of buyer’s remorse after entering into a loan agreement with plaintiff”. The statement is false and misleading and is not the truth. The Taylor’s did not enter into an agreement with this plaintiff .The judge has form his opinion which is based on fraud, and ruled in favor of plaintiffs a summary judgment base on his personal opinion See page 5 prg.2 of the above order. The judge lied on page 5 prg. 3 when he stated “ On June 2,2008 the parties entered into a settlement agreement after mediation, this is not a true statement, its false and misleading and the judge has relied heavily on this lie in his ruling and order, it was impossible to reach such a conclusion as the plaintiffs have never had anyone with settlement authority present at any mediation hearings the judge cannot be trusted and the judge violated the rules under Mediation Confidentiality (O.R.C. 22.6) See document #75 7/15/2008 and # 76 7/22/2008 of clerks file. The judge’s statements in this order are mind-boggling and “shock the conscience” See page 6 prg. 2 judge states; “the Taylor’s borrowed money in February 2006” (there is no substance to this statement, it ambiguous, and goes no where, the date is suppress because plaintiff has not establish a true current accurate date of execution of loan and is a genuine material fact in dispute which make granting of summary judgement void, as date of execution is not established by the plaintiffs), the judge then states without any supporting accounting documents attached or witness; “the Taylor’s have not made a payment on loan since its inception” this is ambiguous hearsay constitute false and misleading deceptive testimony and is not the truth . The judge just simply made this statement up. The judge has allowed both lawyers to continue to litigate matters after violating Rule 8.01 (B), (C), (D 1-20), (F), and Civil Rule 37 Pre – Trial and Procedure which state attorneys who will actually handle case must attend pre- trial and both Robin Wilson or Kevin L. Williams have not done so and both have illegally intruded into this case and this tag team from two law firms has harmed defendants and judge has been put on notice by defendants motion and has refused to remove them, there is a motion filed on; 9/02/2009 doc # 40. The testimony of Cynthia Stevens absolutely and unequivocally disputes this statement by judge. She is the only witness and her affidavit is new and her personal knowledge is limited as the firm she works for American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc.was founded in April of 2008, the defendants loan closed in March of 2006 which makes it impossible for her to have competency to testify at trial, she has not reveal what her scope of employment is or her job description, however she swears and deposes under oath that the defendants made a payment of 679.50 on March 30,2007 and in the same sentence says they have not made payment. See page 3 prg 1, of Affidavit Regarding Account And Competency And Military Status, document #32 clerks/text pleading. The judge used these convoluted oxymoronic, ambiguities, and perjured testimony to rule in favor of summary judgement and relied heavily on it to make his ruling. The Final Judgement Entry And Decree In Foreclosure submitted to this court and filed and signed by judge Eis a completely fraudulent and forgery as the attorneys for plaintiffs both in a joint effort of equal participation submitted these documents to the court and constitute fraud upon the courts and judge Tom Parker has willing and wittingly and knowingly sign this order that is fake and fraudulent as the law firm has forged attorney Kevin L.Williams signature on that order filed with court. And the title search is a counterfeit and forgery and no title search was performed by Chicago Title Company and title work is copied and pasted together by the law firm Manley Deas Kochlaski. This is more fully explained with proof of forgery at Defendants Opposition To Plaintiffs Notice of filing Of Final Judicial Report Fraud Upon The Courts, document #10 clerks/ pleading text. Filed 1/19/2010.
    Argument and law:
    “Justice must give the appearance of justice” Levine v. United States 362 U. S. 610, 80 S. Ct 1038 (1960). The judge has never explained to defendants what a summary judgment is, the judge has refused all request and motions by defendants to hold a hearing on the record including denying defendants evidentiary hearing motion. The defendants filed its first motion to recuse Judge Tom Parker on January 12, 2010. The judge failed to hold hearing in front of another judge pursuant to both federal and state rules under Cannon (4), 3 (d). The judge’s impartiality was reasonable questioned in this case by defendants. The Second, Rule 2 Cannon C 3 (1) sets forth a circumstances in which a judge should disqualify himself. When one of these causes to recuse appears a judge must do so, and he is without jurisdiction and prohibition lies. These are the controlling cases: State ex rel. Raack v. Kohn, 720 S.W.2d 941, 943 (Mo.Banc 1986). State ex rel. Wesolich v. Goeke, 794 S.W. 2d 692, 698 Mo.App.1990). Berry, 654 S. W. 2d at 163 (Dixion, J., concurrig). See Grant v. State, 700 S. W. 2d 170, 171, (Mo. App.1985). . Conclusion and precise relief: judge errs in refusing to recuse himself, denying defendants motion without plausible explanation, judge lacked jurisdiction to sign final Judgement order. We now ask this court to reverse the trial court ruling and remand case back to trial court for hearing in front of another judge and sanction plaintiffs attorneys by ordering there removal for fraud.

    We implore this FBI. U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice Disciplinary Counsel to emergency action to cure and put an immediate halt to the corruption and egregious abuse of judicial discretion, incessant unethical behavior, and misconduct by a sitting judge ever realized in a free society
    The judge should be removed from elected office as his most recent behavior is a complete dereliction of his duty and violation of sworn oath of office and he just refuses to follow the law.
    Respectfully yours,

    Defendants Kenneth S. Taylor and Alycia Taylor- Driggins
    Pro se


  13. We’re behind you all the way.

  14. OLYMPIA, Wash. — Washington state Attorney General Rob McKenna Wednesday asked all mortgage trustees in the state to immediately stop what he called questionable foreclosures.

    The attorney general’s office has received at least a dozen complaints and investigations have revealed that many foreclosure trustees are not following the law, McKenna said. Investigators have found faulty chains of title, failure to provide required disclosures, and inaccurate — if not forged — documents.

    “We’re seeing the same name being signed with very different handwriting from document to document, which of course suggests that some of the foreclosure trustee employees are signing documents on behalf of other people instead of those individuals signing the documents themselves,” McKenna said.

    The problems are not limited to big lenders, but include small trustees as well, said McKenna, along with investigators from the Department of Financial Institutions and Washington State Housing Finance Commission.

    KIRO 7 Consumer Investigators contacted many of the trustees named by the attorney general’s office Wednesday. Those willing to comment said they were in full compliance, welcomed the added scrutiny and said it’s the other trustees being investigated, not them.

    McKenna contradicted that, though, when asked if all trustees doing foreclosure business in Washington state are currently under investigation.

    KIRO Reporter Amy Clancy: “Do you believe that all of them are guilty of some wrongdoing?”

    McKenna: “We believe that it is likely that most of them, if not all of them, have been cutting corners.”

  15. Dear Neil,

    Could you possibly put this letter on letterhead with your contact info and post it on the site as a MS Word document. Then I can download and print or email to my AG’s office. I want them to know how to reach you. It would look better on letterhead. Thanks so much!

    I contacted my AG nearly a year ago about unlawful foreclosures and faulty paperwork. They wrote back the oddest letter. Now that it has become national news, two reporters here are very interested in my conversations with the AG last year.

    I will watch for a Word document. Thanks.


  16. Gee, can we count on California’s AG Jerry Brown to again generate a WORTHLESS stipulated settlement agreement just like he was crowing about just last year with CountryWide?

    Must I remind people of how WORTHLESS that settlement was? Not only was the settlement worthless, but Jerry Brown’s office would not cooperate with borrowers who received a PERMANENT modification under that settlement only to have BofA RENEGE on the agreement! The BoA personnel even claim that ‘all those AG modifications canceled’. The REALITY : the agreements were all BREACHED, forcing borrowers to try to litigate since there was no help from Jerry or his office.

    Oh, yeah, Jerry’s sister was then a director with none other than COUNTRYWIDE! Whoa, now we can see why Jerry did not have his office do a better job!

    So, where do you suppose sister Kathleen works NOW? Why, just little ole Goldman, Sachs & Co. So, Jerry Brown has a SERIOUS conflict of interest, to say the least!

    I hope that Jerry does not manage to slam something into court, with the agreement from all the other AGs once again, that is just a sham in favor of the banks his sister works for.

    For those who doubt by facts, I quote frm the FORBES website: “Ms. Brown, age 64, currently serves as Senior Advisor, Goldman, Sachs & Co., where she heads the Western Region of the Public Sector and Infrastructure Group. She joined Goldman, Sachs & Co in 2001. Ms. Brown served as Treasurer of the State of California from 1991 through 1994. Her private sector experience includes work as an attorney with the law firm of O?Melveny & Myers and service as President of the Private Bank at Bank of America. Ms. Brown was the Democratic Party nominee for Governor of California in 1994, co-chair of the Presidential Commission on Capital Budgeting, and a board member of the Los Angeles Unified School District. She currently serves on the board of the Climate Action Reserve and the Advisory Board of the Keston Institute and the Public Policy Institute of California. Ms. Brown formerly served as a director of Countrywide Bank, N.A.”

  17. Neil Have you sent this letter to the AG’S. I have just tried to forward it to ours in MASS, however, no e-mail communications allowed. I am hand del. Let me know what to do.

    Bob M

  18. Morning news reported on this SEIU website this morning.. .. what to think , what to think?

    After entering all your info, told viewers to contact their state AG’s if the response back comes with a different owner of the note, then what their mortgage says.

    Must say, GREAT WORK NEIL and THANK YOU!!!

  19. I am a HOMEOWNER…now lets kick butt!!!!

  20. A real American steps forward. Thanks Neil.

  21. I’m meeting with my AG’s office this afternoon and will print this out and hand deliver. However, I DO NOT know how to tell them to reach you.

  22. Great opportunity to display to the nation the difference between LAW and POLITICS. This is IT.

    I know the Washington Attorney General will make us proud!


  23. I’m forwarding this post to my DOJ contacts in WI and DC. Hope they will read it. Thanks Neil!

  24. Love it – Neil.

  25. Awe-some!!!

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