FIRST MERS THEN MARS and PHOENIX: Systematic Destruction of Original Notes


EDITOR’S NOTE: Discovery should include inquiries about MARS and Phoenix. See below. Inch by inch we get closer and closer.

From a reader in litigation:
I worked for Wells Fargo as an contractor. I was a computer programmer in the Frederick, md office. I also worked in the Columbia, md office where Wells operated as the Master Servicer for most of these securitized pools.
I helped program the software that selected loans to pool. The system was tied into their origination system (A mainframe system called MARS). The investment side would feed it the criteria of the types of loans it needed to fill the pools. Terms, int rate, etc. This would in turn feed into the origination system and “magically” tell all of wells fargo what type of loans to originate. This was about 5 yrs ago. I remember asking questions as to where the originals where and know one could answer. They scanned the note and mortgage. Some went to a storage facility allegedly in the mountains. As that cost increased, they just simply started scanning and then destroying.

When I worked for the master servicer headquarters in Columbia, MD. That place was like Fort Knox. It rivaled any DOD top secret facility here in the DC area. I worked on a system called Phoenix that housed all the information of who where the investors. I almost got fired for accidentally bringing in a usb drive one time.

The Wells Fargo Columbia, MD office is where all the magic happened behind closed doors. The master servicer as you know controls the flow of money, advance payments, etc. One side of the building was completely off limits. The investment brokers and execs sat on this side with guards.

If you find some addl people from that office we can depose individuals from that office and piece together more facts.

Ironically, I have a federal case in MD court against Wells Fargo, HSBC and Mers. I know they don’t have my note, but my case has just sat for months. These latest news revelations will give me more ammunition to move forward.

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    Dear xxx

    As if there weren’t enough issues surrounding residential defaults and the foreclosure process, the moratoriums and effective staying of foreclosures by Bank of America, PNC Financial, Ally Financial and JP Morgan Chase (and other lenders who are sure to follow) are causing “major headaches” for institutional holders of these assets.

    To state the obvious, these delays are going to create tremendous burdens for financial institutions, based on significantly delayed foreclosure timelines, and the significant increase in the cost and resources to properly prosecute these defaults. In addition, carrying costs will now significantly increase as the banks are now in an indefinite holding pattern pending review of documentation and other legal challenges to these loans. Finally, the political atmosphere surrounding this entire process will ultimately delay, complicate and interfere with the banks’ right to pursue appropriate legal remedies that they are entitled to pursue, based on nonpayment. In short, this is a tremendous mess, which is going to cause significant political issues for lenders on top of what is a “financial nightmare”.

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  2. Started destroying them? Well thats not what they promise investors. According to the prospectus for DEUTSCHE ALT-A SECURITIES MORTGAGE LOAN TRUST, SERIES 2007-1 MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH CERTIFICIATES:

    In that capacity, Wells Fargo Bank is responsible for holding and safeguarding the mortgage notes and other contents of the mortgage files on behalf of the trustee, the Class I-A-4A Certificate Insurer and
    the certificateholders. Wells Fargo Bank maintains each mortgage loan file in a separate file folder marked with a unique bar code to assure loan-level file integrity and to assist in inventory management. Files are segregated by transaction or investor. Wells Fargo Bank has been engaged in the mortgage document custody business for more than 25 years. Wells Fargo Bank maintains document custody facilities in its Minneapolis, Minnesota headquarters and in three regional offices located in Richfield, Minnesota, Irvine, California, and Salt Lake City, Utah. As of December 31, 2006, Wells Fargo Bank maintains mortgage custody vaults in each of those locations with an aggregate capacity of over eleven million files.


    Keep up the good work!
    You are helping us all.

  4. AND Again!

    Now I am madder than hell ! I must post this again, and again and again !

    My neighborhood has been deflated by over 60%. I will be God Damn if I continue to pay for crimes committed by the banksters, Wall-Street and allowed by this f&&*king Government. These S.O.B.s sit on Capital Hill have no idea what it is like making two house payments ( the one you live in and the foreclosure down the street). Of course not, they do not live in the real world and not my ghetto that they created. Get every one of these S.O.Bs out of office by November.



  5. What we have here is the Mother of All Battles: The Deadbeats vs. The Crooks. Place your bets.

    Look folks, as long as the crooks are trying to steal the homes and the nation’s wealth, and as long as the law allows us to challenge this theft, just forget about the Dead Beat label for now. Wall Street and the Banks have put the whole country “in play.”

    And as long as it’s gonna be raining porridge, my bowl is gonna be right side up.

  6. Bob W,

    You are right – and we must change this perception. I have been saying this for a long time. And, I blame such people as Mr. Henry Paulson – who first presented this to the media at the onset of the crisis. It was to protect the banks international reputation – blame the people instead.

    The media is focused on continuing this propaganda. This is because the media that reports on these issues is business/investor focused. Their view – the “deadbeats” have destroyed their fat profits.

  7. in virginia, specially Fairfax county, the judges are still ruling in favor of the pretenders, Onewest came in on friday with their lawyers and presented three “originals”. they claimed they were all issued and signed at settlement, all the parties were different, signatures were different, but the judge said that in virginia you do not need the note to foreclose and that it is perfectly legal to use shell companies to use on a note for a home loan, that it is perfectly legal and proper to come into court and a servicer can foreclose in their name, assign the note to their name, all three fakes, and foreclose.

    Even though it is tough it is better than three weeks ago.

    I am looking forward to the conference call.

    If any one has any info on First Magnus Financial (bankrupt), and its liquidating trust, i will ge eternally appreciative.

  8. One huge problem we victims all have is that those people who aren’t upside down, or in default, think this is our fault and they don’t think its fair that we might get a principle reduction or our house for free when they won’t.
    Fox news had a guess just yesterday talking about this mess and he called people in default “dead beats”. Many of our law makers think the same way. They still don’t get it!
    The media STILL doesn’t think of us as VICTIMS and that needs to change asap.

  9. Bottom Line America is Broke, and broken. Without getting into the basic human rights issues.

    The only way to heal the US Economy.
    1. Keep the people in their houses (we already paid for it with TARP. That way instead of giving money to the banksters landlords can adjust rent so people can afford and the luck homeowners can start spending in the malls Taxes etc…instead of giving the money to criminal enterprises like the Banksters. The US Gov’t is Broke so this is money already spent.

    2. Government Jobs (To all you right wing hipochrites who is awarded the big contracts in the wars and Oil rigs Dick Cheney and friends etc….)

  10. MERS…here’s how you have to think about it and how you have to pitch it to the judge:

    MERS is the equivalent of the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. DMV registers your vehicles, nothing more. Imagine what would happen if you defaulted on your car loan and DMV tried to repo it and sell it at auction. The lender owns your note, and the lien against your title is in effect your mortgage. DMV does not have the right to seize your vehicle. They have the right to cancel your registration so that you can’t drive your vehicle. Nothing more. Get it, Judge?

  11. I have been all of the posts here for a very long time. We were foreclosed on about 1 year ago (and are finally getting evicted on Nov. 1st).

    Is there an attorney in Bucks County, PA that would be willing to help us fight our mortgage company. There are so many ins and outs and if we told the attorney our entire story they might be more than willing to help. When I asked the last attorney we dealt with that I want the mortgage company to go through all the paperwork and itemized everything he asked me why? I told him because we were entitled to that. I want to know who really owns the house, and who really took it away. We need help with this. PLEASE. We have run out of time with no place to go and are one of millions who have been abused by the mortgage companies that made millions off of us.

    Thank you

  12. Deutsche- alt a securities AR3 2007. Go to EDGAR online put n your trust details and pull up the pooling and servicing agreement and there’s the buyback agreement info parties are deutsche depositor wells master servicer hsbc trustee and goid ol indymac sub servicer. Mers is ofcourse where they hide what they do this fraud is so deep and so wide we may never know all of it or just how much money they laundered but when it looks like a duck n it walks like a duck well you know the rest.

  13. I am asking these questions because they echo the same questions I am hearing from homeowners being foreclosed upon and evicted from their homes. “So if we can’t find the note, can’t prove a thing…then how do we really, truly fight this? What about those of us whose homes already sold to or reverted back to the supposed Trustees? What do we do now? Who do we go after? Who will listen? Will the law be followed? Who cares? Will we just end up joining the “homeless homeowners” in tent parks and tent cities around the nation? We need some real answers and some real justice!”

  14. I swear all this crap is like chasing ghosts. Didn’t we elect and hire a government to do all this work and not just get paid from us and profit from not working? I say after the Nov. elections (which will be a sham) we re-initiate our own elections. After all they only exist for us so why should we have to follow their desired schedule?

  15. Perfect example of what I’m talking about.

    This post is very fascinating…but totally useless if you are attempting to quiet title or stop your home from being foreclosed upon.

    Reread the post. There is not one useful bit of info in any paragraph, useful in terms of helping defeat the foreclosing entity. Not one bit. They don’t have the original note, and they used computers to manufacture these securitized portfolios, and they had a lot of security surrounding the process.

    Yawn. This is yesterday’s news. Unless you’ve been living on the far side of Mars, you know they don’t have the original note. And you know that they are using computers and that they would be doing this from a very secure site. So what are you gonna tell the judge? “Your honor, they used computers and they had guards at the front door !!!”


  16. I know why they called it Phoenix I live here. It’s because like s Phoenix rising from the ashes the docs did the same thing rose from the ashes how about that

  17. Who ever wrote this my defendants are same perhaps we can help each other leave a blog if interested.

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