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  1. WORLD SAVINGS BANK: Yes we know the whole story with Wachovia, Wells, “60 minutes” etc. from our October 11, 2009 post. But we have not been able to penetrate to the real facts here since the quality of the loans appears almost certainly to have been funded with OPM (other people’s money) which means it was securitized in some way but the published facts seem to indicate the reverse. Send your info to

  • ANSWER FROM DAN EDSTROM ON OUR STAFF: The answer is YES World Savings Bank was involved in securitizations.  I have found 14 of them but there are probably at least 25.  The first 15 were from 1999 to 2004.  The peak was 2005-2006 so you could well imagine that number could be much higher.  These were all private placements (Rule 144/A) so they were not registered with the SEC.  Have a look at the attachments.  As far as I know the only way to peak inside any of them would be through discovery.  However, I have found some of the certificateholder statements for World Savings Remic 14 (also attached).  No loan level data is available that I could find (which would connect a borrowers loan with a REMIC). Known World Savings Bank Securitizations
  • Hi Neil, Hope you will be OK and best of your health. The address shown below on various trusts is the same as of DEUTSCHE BANK National Trust Company (DBNTC)

1761 E. St. Andrew Place

Santa Ana, CA 92705

  • ANSWER FROM READER: I have an original ‘World Savings Loan’ on an 8-unit apartment building. The loan is now in the paws of Fannie Mae. We are CURRENT on the blasted loan but we are being HARRASSED no END! We had been behind but brought the mortgage current. Now they admit the loan has been ‘reinstated’. HOWEVER: they want an agreement signed that would basically have us give up any and all rights. It would hold the lender harmless for not only PAST deeds, but also for anything they might do in the FUTURE!
  1. RESIDENTIAL FINANCE: We are positive that with the these loans now in the hands of Citi and knowing that the originator was not a bank, that these loans were securitized. But we can’t come up with anything on it and we have some people who have a common problem here.

  2. FIRST UNION: In Charleston and other cities, this Bank was subsequently acquired by Wachovia and the of course Wells. It looks and smells securitized but we can’t find the actual evidence.

It’s true that it OUGHT to be the other side that proves up the information to show they own the loan, and it is also true that it OUGHT to be the available through discovery in litigation. But the pretender lenders and lenders stonewall and the Judges let them do so. Thus if you want to make your point, you need to go deeper than making an allegation and actually show as many facts as possible to support your position at the beginning of the case. Yes this is contrary to what I think is due process but it’s reality.

Anyone with information on these entities please write in to

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  1. I don’t see any Vondran cases against Wachovia / World, I only see a last call for loan modifications!
    I will look a little deeper.

    I would appreciate some LEGAL assistance.
    We are in Los Angeles.
    We just got a UD notice in the mail today. I have done everything I can think of to fend off these thieves, to no avail. They keep plowing forward. Thanks.

  2. Please help me find any recent information on US BANCORP, US BANK NA, US BANK HOME MORTGAGE, Key Financial Corporation, and Douglas C. Zahm P.A. (US BANKs’ attorney (self proclaimed debt collector) in this foreclosure scandal. I am fighting for my home pro per and US BANK is staying under the radar of the national news. I have already had a forensic exam done, and there is notary fraud, stamped signatures, improper allonge, misleading calculations of interest etc. but I need some insight into the corporation and their attitude towards this fiasco. US BANK NA is the assignee (assignment is fraudulant). I am sure there are other smaller banks, and law firms that have victimized thousands and are avoiding the negative publicity. US BANK has been on the losing end of several big foreclosure cases due to fraud yet they get no exposure.Can someone with the ability and resources please shine the light on the smaller minnions. Any help is appreciated. GOD Bless! Rachel

  3. Here’s link to the report on my situation as aired on my local news

  4. Foreclosure mill filed false affidavits by submitting assignment of substitute Trustee using Forged Attorney signatures and forged Notary…

    The filed “Corrective Assignment” and that’s supposed to fix everything so they can continue like nothing happened..?

    I was told today by the Forensic Handwriting Expert that “our” signatures on the NOTE (Promise to Pay) are NOT Genuine… We sent the NOTE to analyzed because neither my wife or I remembered seeing that document at settlement. The closer we looked at those 3-pages the more we questioned. OUR signatures just did NOT look like right at all. Today that was confirmed by the forensic expert…

    Any suggestions of what to do now? We were beginning to file a Quiet Title – then drop the bomb of the FORGED NOTE if necessary… but any suggestions..? Any how can a damn attorney that filed forged docs – turn around and file a freaking “Corrective Affidavit” have ANY credibility doing it? What’s wrong with that picture…?

  5. I’m being interviewed by a local TV station tomorrow! My case has become a bit of a conundrum.

    Residential Credit Solutions acquired my loan while it was in default, therefore they fall under FDCPA. In Colorado, that means they must be licensed as a debt collector.

    I filed complaint with Attorney General and – wow! my forged assignments didn’t get any action, but this did! The attorney general’s office actually sent out a Cease and Desist letter! “Cease and desist ANY collection activity.”

    Happy day that was, I must admit 🙂 Someone listened and actually did something.

    So what does Residential Credit Solutions do? They have a lawyer file foreclosure. Claim that the lawyer, a debt collector lawyer (Aronowitz & Mecklenburg in Denver) can collect the debt for them.

    Here’s the kick, the conundrum: If I pay the lawyer to cure my loan, I’m knowingly paying an UNlicensed debt collector. What happens if I do cure the alleged default? They can’t service the loan because they are unlicensed (and apparently have no intention of becoming licensed). The lawyer’s can’t service my loan for the next 20 years because they are not a loan servicer.

    How’s that for a kick?

    I can NOT knowingly pay an UNlicensed debt collector, so they take my house? UNlicensed debt collector circumvents an order of the Attorney General by hiring a lawyer? Using a claim based on obviously FORGED paperwork?

    So I decided, it’s time to get noisy. Contacted KRDO Channel 13 in Colorado Springs, and they are coming out to interview me and see my documents tomorrow morning. I’ll post link to video when available.

    When you think about it, it’s a great story 🙂

  6. I send this flow chart describing a transaction structure where Citibank N.A. is “Trustee, represents Investor Interests” which can be found at the link below:

    I do realize many, many securitized pools have the same structure, but I thought if it could be of help to anyone it would be worth sending.

    Kelly L. Hansen
    shared with me by
    Mary Cochrane
    Save America One Mortgage At A Time

  7. Here is a problem. Although many may have fraudulent title documents – they may not be in foreclosure.

    But – going into a court to foreclose – to take your home – with fraudulent documents – and not being the real party – is a very different thing. There is clearly harm – and immediate damage to you.

  8. The irony that people cannot even find out WHO OWNS the damn debt flies in the face of everything common-sense…

    What’s the purpose of having disclosure laws – if the damn documents disappear into the abyss at the earliest convenience of the liars & theives…

    Keep the Powder Dry – we will be needing it before too long

  9. So Ineffect. Bank Of America cannot conduct a short sale or a loan modification on the grounds that they do not have the authority to okay the defficiency.

  10. We are a small law firm out of Ohio that will sell you a customized document: Motion to Dismiss in Judicial foreclosure states and Quiet Title in NonJudicial foreclosure states. You will represent yourself or take our document to a lawyer of your choosing. Pls visit the website. I will be happy to answer any and all questions. Our price is very reasonable: $600. The original documents required many hours of research and composition and would be worth about $5,000 to $7,000 to a new client. Norman Sirak is the attorney who designed the documents. He has over 37 years of experience in litigation and federal court practice.

  11. As always, great material Mr. Garfield et al.

    I am interested in purchasing the Title Search and Securitization research services, however I am a bit reluctant to do so until I hear back from a representative of Mr. Garfield or even the folks that are responsible for order fulfillment.

    If possible, please provide a good contact email or phone.

    Many thanks,
    John Houston

  12. Let us add to the list of culprit Securirtizer/Originators that imploded and destroyed their files, as it appeared on the news

    First Magnus Financial

    Now their affairs are being run by the first Magnus Financial liquidating Trust.

    And a horde of foreclosure attorneys that well know they have a bunch of fraudulent docs.

  13. I am researching my nieces mortgage instruments and as this transaction took place in 2006, MERS in the nominee just as it is in millions of others. What I want to do is begin a process that will cause the lender to reveal itself. It is important to know that my niece is not in foreclosure and is current on all payments, My stance on this is that if the chain of assignments, etc are not in place then the indtruments being used to collect on are fraudulent/counterfeit and even forged. With this and other ideas in mind, my approach is to (1) Send in Qualified Written Request, sent certified mail, to MERS, the current servicer and the original “lender” i.e. the first financial instuttion listed on the original note or rather copy of same. They will, probably not choose to answer the QWR and then been in default an operating contrary to applicable law, I will then (2) record quiet title using the unanswered QWR to support standing to file and record the QT.
    We live in Atlanta Georgia, and Georgia is a non-judicial/judicial foreclosure state. I feel that if the above is done, and the real party does not come forward to make a claim, then the QT will stand and the real estate will then become my niece’s, does this make sense?
    Any suggestions, or advice?? Any one out there filing the same or similar documents? Any one that has filed the above???
    Please send me a detailed email on your thoughts, experience, etc. Thank you all for you help in this matter

  14. Oh, Lucy, you are SO right! What about the poor poor Friends of Angelo? Tee-hee.

  15. We should look into all the senators, congressman, representative,judges….What are the chance that their mortgage papers are as fraudulent as ours?

  16. Steve Vondran, LA/Phoenix atty was taking cases against World/Wachovia on contingency. Maybe he knows more?

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