Every day I am deluged with urgent requests for competent counsel in a variety of states. As a TEMPORARY measure, I have started a social networking site. Please go to that site and make an entry, answer some questions, give your information — where you are, how to get you etc. There is no cost for this service at this time. If our readers know you are there, then they will come to you. Don’t look a  gift horse in the mouth. This is money in your pocket. I do not accept referral fees or co-counsel fees. There is no marketing fee or any cost associated with this. WAKE UP!

New LIVINGLIES Site for Lawyers and Clients to Start Connecting

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  1. Is social sites here to stay or just a passing fad.

  2. They don’t prepare lawyers for this in law school. Don’t forget Layers are officers of the court. What the judge says goes. Just like the sheriff told me the judge is in charge.
    Racine, WI

  3. Hi, Neil. I sure hope that lawyers heed your call. For the life of me, I cannot find a lawyer who will take our case without it costing us $10,000 and upwards. If we had that kind of money, we could have paid our mortgage and we wouldn’t be in this mess! We’re talking US CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS here — violation of DUE PROCESS and yet I can’t find a single lawyer/law firm to take our case. Instead we have one-hour consultations with lawyers so that we can make it from step to step. When I first got into this business in 1981 (as a paralegal), the law meant something and lawyers had a duty to uphold the law and help people who were being taken advantage of. Now it’s all about big business, making money, and ripping off the US citizens, the little guys and small business. I can even get any of the legal aid organizations to help us because they aren’t taking on any more pro bono cases, much less for indigents such as ourselves. I’ve even told several law firms that there are others similarly situated, but that doesn’t seem to phase them either. These law firms are only interested in sure bets, cases that are “winnable” so that they keep their precious track record. These firms are also interested only in class-action type cases where the lawyers get enriched, but the class gets vouchers for groceries or something ridiculous like that. These same law firms will be more than happy to take your business if you have a big fat wallet.

    I think it’s a real disgrace and BTW many of the lawyers that turned me down were on your referral list. Many of them didn’t even both to return my calls or emails. It’s sick, all of it. Regardless, I will fight to my last dying breath. I won’t give up, ever.

  4. How can we help other home owners and victims in our local areas. To coordinate, learn, and hire competent attorneys without running afoul of the law.

    There are lawyers interested to jump in but the learning curve is a little long.

    i have tried my best to convey the knowledge I have acquired through your educational efforts, research and work. Some times i know more than the attorneys I talk to.

    I have had three radio interviews this week alone for the local Hispanic Media. They start by telling me how was i able to get to the truth before the media and the government officials?, I have told them that because i have been a victim of this fraud, I took a personal interest and actually put every penny I had into learning more and teaching others and that I was extremely appreciative of your efforts and your blog as well as others such as http://www.4closurefraud,org , , and others.

    that I was actually upset that most of the media did not care enough and were actually complicit with the banks by spreading their propaganda.

    i intend t continue with my personal fight, but to continue educating others.

    What ever the final outcome is for each one of us. I want to tell you and everyone who has taken the information given freely in this blog and others THANK YOU A BILLION TIMES.

    This blog and its contributors with all their different views and opinions have made this time worth the wait. The friendships that have come out of this blog are heartfelt.

    i also want to give special thanks to Mario Kenny, who has been a great friend and a person with whom one can bounce ideas. Also special thanks to Mr. Kaiser and to the Law firm of Brown, Brown and brown here in Virginia, Also to Mr. Gregory Bryl Esq., and Mr. Emmet Robinson Esq.

    Trail Blazers in Virginia, Md and DC and have paid the price for that effort litigating in a court system that did not give them any breaks and that is completely tilted in favor of the now fallen from grace pretender lenders and their criminal element attorney firms working in the promotion and procuration of the foreclosure fraud.



  5. Never heard of this social network side. Please Mr Garfield FACEBOOK. HERE IS SOME GOOD NEWS FROM HUFFINGTON POST OBAMA WILL NOT SIGN NEW NOTARY LAW.



  6. looked at the new members sign ups and it would sure help if they indicated if they are an attorney or homeowner and what state they’r from

  7. keep up the good work

  8. Thank you, Neil. I have one of your “lawyers who get it” and so far I am very satisfied. He performed a somewhat challenging BK with the foresight to head off at the pass any trustee questions & has recently filed suit against the pretender-lender in an adversary proceeding. I know there are no guarantees, but I could not go down without a FIGHT!

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