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  1. CEA,
    I’M WITH YOU 100% !!!!
    REMIC !!!!!!

  2. Let’s tackle one URGENT item on the agenda FIRST:

    The cunning shift in the debate away from the real issue, to “mistakes”, which must now all be absolved. The core issue is:
    BANKS GOT THE MONEY, multiple times over – THEY HAVE NO CAPACITY – THEY LIED, THEY DECEIVED, THEY CHEATED – and that’s all there is to it!
    There is a disappointing trend of being side-tracked by the cunning diversion that “borrowers stopped paying”.

    It’s double dipping duplicity. It ignores the fact that bankers ran with the TARP tax cash (Cayman), cashed in on non-performing asset insurance (credit default swaps), ruined first world economies and as a RESULT, as a RESULT, sabotaged the jobs/income of borrowers for the purpose of creating a third world environment.
    Culprits preach to victims to have morals?

    May those who have not yet been hypnotized by ‘NEWSPEAK’ please speak up on the 14th!

  3. One more thing, I have yet to thank Neil for all his hard work, and everyone who is a layman knows how hard it is to comprehend some of the thing we must read. His efforts have helped thousands upon thousands of home owners with his invaluable insight and his invaluable knowledge into the workings of the machine, the octopus with millions of tentacles. I do not know where he summons up the energy.
    So Neil Garfield, thank you ever-so-much for your unwavering dedication to this cause, and I appreciate all you have done and the hours you have sacrificed for our cause. The next time you are in the Boston area, there will be no hotel for you; we have a warm place in our home for you. I mean that Neil, you let me know. You can kick back in front of the fireplace with your feet on the coffee table.

  4. I would like to throw something out here in regards to any loan. And I do not know if Neil has addressed this anywhere on this cite. However, it is a fact that you must uncover all you can as it relates to your loan process. For example, I have found that all warehouse funded loans were all funded by banks not license or registered in any state or this country. Moreover, all the money comes from foreign banks. I have been reading these documents for months; Wet loans, dry loans, swing loans, and the contracts that relate to all parties, very disturbing. The contracts are very specific as it relates to the borrower, the pretender lender, not us, however the language is more specific about our loans, very specific and if you thought the pooling & servicing agreements hold a wealth of knowledge, these contracts are a must read, however daunting. What they prove unequivocally is that third parties were involved in your loan prior to and after you signed that contract, your note And mortgage; a material fact that should have been disclosed. These third parties made profits from your loan which was not disclosed to you, and if you read these doc’s many more contractual violation thereby breaching, your contract, the pretender lenders contract and ultimately, the pooling and servicing contract. The most important claim is that the contracts we signed were fraudulent on their face due to the fact that undisclosed third parties were profiting from our loans under that false and fraudulent contract. Under contract law, any contact would be null and void for a lot less. That’s the way I see it anyway. What do you think Neil?

  5. What about HELOCS? How are they securitized? Can they be beat?

  6. I’ll be there! (from CA)

  7. GREAT IDEA…cannot wait. Thank you.

  8. Neil:

    I’ll be on the road (driving)…will it be recorded? Pls say “YES”!!

    Much thanks,

  9. Re. Annual Meeting. The phone number given shows “Midwest” – is that the same number for all regions? I am in California.

  10. I am in for sure. I posted this on Facebook and Twitter. Are there ANY attorneys in Sacramento, CA?

  11. I’LL BE THERE! FYI, we dodged a bullet on our UD case (continued to Oct 27) and received our Standing Order from the USDC with respect to the removal from CA Superior Court to US District Court based on the Federal Question that nonjudicial foreclosures are unconstitutional because it violates our 5th and 14th amendment rights to due process. If any of you out there have any advice for me, please shoot me an email. I’m getting ready to file some more pleadings with USDC. Thus far no Remand has been issued — please keep your fingers and toes crossed, folks!

  12. I’M IN.

  13. I’m In.

  14. Guys, check out 4closurefraud.org
    Exclusive Bombshell of Foreclosure Fraud – Full Deposition of TAMMIE LOU KAPUSTA Law Office of David J Stern


  15. Me too !

  16. Hello NEIL, last time we got together was in San Diego. Things are moving fast in the last 2 weeks.
    Call me if you get a chance 909 910-4043. Are you guys coming to California?

  17. count me in

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