In response to a request this weekend by U.S. Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Dist. 7) of Baltimore, Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) has a signed joint letter with Cummings and Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler calling on “Maryland mortgage servicers to halt current and future foreclosure proceedings until Maryland homeowners can be assured they’re being treated fairly.”

The joint letter, a copy of which was contained in a press release from the governor’s office, was dated Oct. 4 and addressed to several companies, including Wells Fargo/Wachovia, PNC Financial Services Group, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Bank of America and CitiMortgage. A spokesman for the governor said the letters will actually be mailed Tuesday morning.

O’Malley said in the press release, “In recent days, several servicers, including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and GMAC/Ally Finance, have acknowledged that they have failed to follow proper procedures by filing affidavits in foreclosure cases without adequate personal knowledge of the underlying cases, trampling laws that were designed specifically to protect homeowners in default. They have recently announced suspension of foreclosures in 23 states.”

Cummings, a senior member of the House Joint Economic Committee, sent a letter Saturday to O’Malley and Gansler, according to information on Cummings’ website, calling for a 60-day moratorium on foreclosures.

Cummings said in his letter, “Numerous new reports from multiple states suggest major lending institutions may have committed deceptive and fraudulent actions to initiate foreclosure proceedings against potentially hundreds of thousands of homeowners, including signing affidavits and other legal documents in bulk without confirming the accuracy of the information alleged in those documents …”

Cummings said on his website, “As a result of practices such as these, families may have been wrongly evicted from properties based on inaccurate or incomplete information. Foreclosed properties may have even been sold to new owners following such proceedings.”

Calls to mortgage servicers addressed in the joint letter calling signed by O’Malley, Cummings and Gansler were not immediately returned Monday evening.

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  1. The halt to foreclosures is on the second page of the letter sent to servicers in Texas. (of course my earlier post is awaiting modification since it contained links to other web pages)

  2. Copy of the letter Texas attorney general sent to servicers.

    list of servicers that received the letter

    There must have been a notice somewhere else to indicate the moratorium. I don’t see it mentioned in the letter.

    Light and Love

  3. About time the big banks are stopped from throwing folks in the street…there has to be a better way…

  4. I have written the POST and Baltimore Sun – both are interested. I sent them docs exposing the forgeries – false affidavits – etc…

    Hopefully, there will someone with public access that will finally start connecting the dots. However, I am told that probably will not happen because the big-money we are attacking OWN the media and control coverage.

    I sent emails to the MD Gov & AG again to see if they are doing anything about it. I also have a grievance filed with the MD Attorney Grievance Commission for ethical violations against the foreclosure mills. They responded and agreed to investigate the matter.

    I still believe the big hoopla regarding the states is merely a voting related tactic. My hope is that maybe something will catch their attention enough to get serious – but I doubt it. They already know this is going-on and deliberately ignore it.

    Gansler is the AG for Maryland but his wife is a big-time securities lawyer. There is no freaking way he doesn’t already know these bastards are dirty. He has done very little about it but make noise & rattle cages. O’Malley & Gansler are liberal democrats – it doesn’t matter if these cronies are democrat or republican – THEY KNOW what is happening. THEY KNOW it is morally-ethical wrong and THEY KNOW it is illegal.

    The only thing these putrid punks did NOT realize is the HOW FREAKING BIG the problem truly is… They were counting on this thing going away by now. They had already written-off the homeowners a long time ago. That is the issue we’re facing now. They seriously screwed up and believed the lies the lenders fed them. They went along with their scheme and now are learning it is 100-times worse than anticipated.

    There is no-way any gov official at the AG & Governor’s level could NOT know the extent of the problem their citizens are facing. If they do not know, they should be impeached and tossed from the job. It is not possible to ignore something so vast & devastating. These people do NOT have the balls or integrity to do the RIGHT thing for the people and that includes both republican & democrat – NONE of them have what it takes to even enforce the damn laws already on the books.

    Keep the Powder Dry

  5. they want my vote, they have to dance my tune!

  6. I am doing just that, on the air and on the Post and local media. But we need more pressure!!!

    Today I called and send a fax to the White House, and to all our congress representatives. I sent a fax to each one of our Virginia legislators. But it is not easy with a Republican Governor elected with the bankers money.

    Mr wolf, is more worried about defense contractors than home owners.

    We will continue with the push.

    There were three articles on the Post today and they are posting daily now. I have sent emails to the journalists and will be forwarding Mortgage analysis, court pleadings and court rulings in VA, MD and DC. I am awaiting attorney approval and the borrowers consent since their info may become public.

    Let us see.

  7. I think most of what we’re seeing are desperate politicians’ pulling-out all the stops for re-election. I sent MD Gov & AG evidence of the foreclosure fraud – including FBI Forensic Handwriting Expert Report of Fraud on the Court by MD foreclosure mills and was told by the AG’s office – “…it was not his problem…” and I am NOT KIDDING…! They are well aware of the illegal foreclosures but have decided to ignore the issues because without the foreclosures to refill their investment coffers tied to the MBS investments they know their retirement would evaporate… So, its either their retirement or our homes, guess who loses that one…?

    I gave them verified PROOF of Forgeries by attorneys and Notary and it wasn’t his problem… So, now suddenly when it’s time to bribe everyone on their deathbeds for that final vote – they break open the Christmas packages – promise the freaking world and pretend to actually doing something for a change… did I miss the crack-pipe or something – these freaking leaders have about as much integrity as Saddam Hussein’s sons… O’Malley – Ehrlich – both bought and paid-for by the big-guns regardless how much noise they make… Maybe we write in a vote for Forest Gump or something…

    This is actually becoming clearer by the week… If they allow the borrowers to succeed, then the mortgages are proven unsecured. If unsecured, they cannot be securitized. If they cannot be securitized the investment is a Fraud. No investment means no retirement – no pensions – and a very ugly mess for the upper-crust to deal with… So, the alternative – make an insincere effort to act as though they are catching-on and see the criminal acts but do-so without making too much noise. As time passes more folks will be forced into poverty and no longer afford to even complain… After a few years, it will dissipate and ten years from now the foreclosure fanatics will eventually get over it or not but by then who-cares…?

    I might be wrong – but considering we are less than a month from election – right!

    The week of Nov 8th will begin the next spiral into oblivion – al Qaeda hit – or something will be seeping into the system before the fall. There is hyper-chatter in the ozone and that is not good… I’m no prophet but we’re due and this election and our due are coinciding into one ugly bastard child…

    just thoughts…

    Keep the Powder Dry…


    Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has ordered the halt of ALL foreclosures in the state of Texas, as well as ordered the halt of the sale of any foreclosed property in the state. He has also sent out letters to mortgage servicers ordering them to disclose any “robosigners” working for their companies…

    Here is the news release posted on the Texas Attorney General’s website today:

    “Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    Attorney General Abbott Calls for a Halt on Foreclosures While Loan Services Review Their Business Practices
    Abbott calls for thorough review to determine if “robosigners” were used in foreclosure paperwork processing
    AUSTIN — The Texas Attorney General’s office has called for a halt on all foreclosures, all sales of properties previously foreclosed upon and all evictions of persons residing in previously foreclosed upon properties, until companies have completed a review of their processes, including whether employees or agents “robosigned” affidavits and other documents which were recorded in the State of Texas. The suspension notices were sent to 30 loan servicers doing business in Texas in an effort to determine the full harm Texas homeowners may have suffered or could suffer as a result of these business practices.”

    The Texas Attorney’s website also has a link below the news release that lists mortgage servicers who have been ordered to disclose information. A link is also provided which has a copy of the demand letter sent out to servicers by the A.G.


  9. GREAT! NOW let’s see where VIRGINIA & DC are HALT!
    Come on…”Jose” call the GOV. & AG.. you are the SPOKESMAN for Va. & DC on the radio right?

  10. Andy Barth, a spokesman for Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., the Republican former governor of Maryland who is running against O’Malley, said that instead of telling mortgage servicers to halt proceedings, O’Malley should have “done more about providing good jobs” so residents didn’t fall behind on their loans in the first place.

    “Bob Ehrlich’s priority is to create good jobs so people can pay their mortgages,” Barth said.

    I cannot believe the stupidy of Andy Barth. To imply that if Marylanders had jobs they could pay their mortgages is to imply that there is no fraud going on with foreclosures in the State of Maryland. I cannot wait for election day.

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