Title and Escrow complaint to the California Department of Insurance

Title and Escrow complaint to the California Department of Insurance. Lennar the lender, the builder, the title and escrow. the insurance and many more controlled the whole process.
They made many mistakes and covered themself.



Guess who happened to call me to help him in a class action against the banksters–BRIANT HUMPHREY.


He worked for them and acted as though he was on my side. Maybe he is.

He set me up with a meeting with Arthur Silverberg who wants me to sign an nda or non disclosure agreement to work on a class action law suit. Arthur is best friends with the partner of K & L Gates who represents Lennar in my case. See emails.


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  1. http://www.scribd.com/doc/38755799/Kentucky-LPS-Class-Action-Complaint-NICK-WOOTEN-STOCK-LPS-DROPS-TO-NEW-LOW

    lps default and title are taken to the woodshed for a thrashing.

  2. The WSJ is far from getting it:

    “To be sure, no one expects lenders and investors to throw in the towel and systematically write-down millions of mortgages.”

    Oh really? Even though that’s exactly what every expert in the field has been recommending since the beginning of this fraud? Even though both sides of the aisle agreed that cramdown legislation was the appropriate and effective solution to the problem, that is, until FIRE lobbyists threw buckets-0-cash at the Fools On the Hill.

    “For the small percentage of homes occupied by owners who fight foreclosure, the documents issue “will delay the foreclosure, but won’t change the outcome,” said Jay Brinkmann, chief economist with Mortgage Bankers.”

    We’ll see about that Mr. Bankster. And I hope to be able to point you out when you do the perp walk in your blaze orange jumpsuit, arms behind your back. You and Jamie and Lloyd and all of your ilk.

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  5. http://showmetheloan.net/ has some great Seminar videos on fraud and how to proceed in court.
    U-tube, search: “show me the loan”. Hours of video but well worth it.

  6. angry & NOT TAKING IT

    Agree. It is very frightening that there are few out there to be trusted. Many of the problems we have seen stem from law firms themselves – who have no fear of submitting false assignments, documents, and affidavits in courts.

    See article today by Abigail Field –


    Many thanks to this blog – and to Neil.

  7. “Brian Davies”

    WOW…thanks for the heads up.
    the vermin law firms will now be coming out of the woodwork to get in line before the welfare runs out.
    I smell a mole and a rat . NOONE can be trusted , They will infiltrate every effective offense ie.. ““Brian Davies” you need someone YOU TRUST to cover your back!!

  8. Here are 2 more good ones:
    Plaintiff’s opposition to MERS Demurrer.


    MERS reply: read page 7. I guess MERS can do anything in California. This is criminal that Judge Randall White doesn’t understand these complex issues in Riverside Superior Court. I will continue to fight.

    Brian Davies—

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