IndyMac-OneWest-Deutsch bank: 30 seconds per document

OneWest Bank employee: ‘Not more than 30 seconds’ to sign each foreclosure document

The recent announcements by J.P. Morgan Chase and Ally Financial that they were freezing some foreclosures because of paperwork irregularities raises a key question: How many more mortgage companies employed “robo-signers?”

In a sworn deposition in July, Erica Johnson-Seck, an Austin, Tex.,-based vice president for bankruptcy and foreclosure for OneWest Bank, said she and her team of seven others sign 6,000 documents a week or about 24,000 a month without reading all of them.

Johnson-Seck estimated that she spends 30 seconds to sign every document.
She explained that while she does not check everything, she does check some information, “which is why I said 30 seconds instead of two seconds.”

In the past, the company had a quality control process that required signatories to check 100 percent of the debts and any figures for loans and bankruptcy, Johnson-Seck said. But the error rate was low, so now they only check about 10 percent of the documents.

She said OneWest Bank’s “outsourcing vendor,” Lender Processing Services, “checks the documents completely.”

A subsidiary of Lender Processing Services is the subject of a criminal investigation by the U.S. attorney’s office in the middle district of Florida. LPS has acknowledged problems with its foreclosure paperwork, saying there was an error in how the company handled notarization.

Johnson-Seck also said in the deposition that she had signing authority for Deutsche Bank, Bank of New York and U.S. Bank, among others.

A spokesman for the company did not immediately have a comment.

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  1. tamara
    The modification is just a scam.Hid them hard. As I said in some other post on June 2010, Deutsche Bank cannot be investor, it is fraud, biggest fraud on the earth, “DEUTSCHE BANK cannot be a Trustee or investor or own the note, less, it becomes a partnership with the certificate holders”
    Deutsche Bank is also acting under the various layers 424(b) (5) Prospectus, Pooling & Servicing Agreement (PSA) filed by the THIEVES with the SEC.of Trustees, without any specific description, where One Trustee ends and other Trustee Begins. It is classic obfuscation and musical chairs Note that Deutsche Bank is identified “as trustee” but the usual language of “under the terms of that certain trust dated….etc” are absent. This is because there usually is NO TRUST AGREEMENT designated as such and NO TRUST. In fact, as stated here it is merely an agreement between the co-issuers and Deutsche Bank, which it means that far from being a trust it is more like the operating agreement of an LLC)

  2. I got a letter and a postcard about a class action suit against Indymac because of fraud. Did any of you get involved with a class action suit? I need help because, I just learned that my loan with Indymac was never a Indymac loan even thought all the documents said Indymac. Thay made me write in to ask who the investor was on my loan. the letter came back as Deutsche bank. No one ever told me about this. What do I do? Any suggestions. I need to modify my loan. Raja, Deb, Jerry, can you all contact me back. What info do you have on what they are doing?

  3. Jerry
    Indy Mac Family and Deutsche Bank et al are “BIGGEST FRAUD” on the earth. I am also fighting with these thieves since 2007.

  4. I wonder if anybody out there gotten a Modification from Indy Mac? I being dealing with them since 2007 and they are not willing even after I hire an attorney and even Naca, they are still not wanting even though they always act like they are doing something…the only something they ever do is look for ways to trough it out

  5. I think Neil called it a ” wild deed” at the end of the day meaning if your home is sold some nit wit will insure the loan. Until they find out they were duped and the new homeowner can’t get insurance anywhere and so on and so forth. I mean from mers which was a mechanism to hide what the banks were doing I believe then from fraud which we all know is a bugger to proove with the burden of proof on the pro se green as grass litigant that the court hates I digress. But from fraud nothing else can be achieved without ” dirty hands” do I understand that part. It’s sad it’s alll very sad

  6. So what does this mean for those of us who she signed for MERS, Indymac, and One West? Does it help our case against them?

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  9. Raja need your help. All these guys I’m up against too. Also trustee Corp ca foreclosure mill kevin Hahn atty for onewest but working for a firm retained by Fannie Mae. Lps is involved talk about ganging up on a gal lol. Is it possible to PDF and send or the links. Ill hopefully have stuff to share and it may shine a light on these criminals

  10. I have a lot of Stuff against Indy Mac, Deutsche Bank, one West and allies including the ROBO Signers, ERICA JOHNSON, CHRISTINA ALLEN and many more

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