Shame on Bill Maher and Joe Klein

Anyone watching REAL TIME on HBO Friday night would come to the conclusion that at the core of the mortgage crisis was an immorality and “rot” in the hearts of the borrowers who were raped by the wretches of Wall Street. “Would our parents have done that?” They asked as if the answer was obvious. Nobody with an ounce of moral fiber would walk away from a home, leaving the debts and debris of falling housing prices behind them. The arrogance of these “Liberals” who liberate nothing and the “Conservatives” who conserve nothing is outrageous and immoral.

At the core lies an innocence of the buyers of mortgage products that were sold to them under false pretenses with the intention of creating profits for others. The lie was that the property was worth more than the loan and would be worth still more later. The truth was that the property was worth less than the loan and would be worth still less later. So these defrauded victims walking away from the deal are expressing not their contempt of morality but their disgust at the lack of morality in a system that encouraged fraud, rewarded it and stuck the homeowners with the bill twice over — once for the real loss on the house and once for the taxes they paid that went to the perpetrators of the fraud.

“Would our parents have done that?” Our parents and any other reasonable person would take whatever steps were necessary to be free of an illegitimate debt that could never be paid in two generations. They would have protected future generations using whatever means were at their disposal. Our parents and grandparents earned enough money to pay for their lifestyle without going into debt. They looked at the end of the month to determine if they could afford something rather than looking at the beginning, before all the expenses were taken out. They paid cash. They were not slowly deprived of earning a living and then thrown a false lifeline of credit to make up the difference between the declining value of their wages and the increasing costs of their living and raising a family.

Our parents were committed to saving for the future rather than spending it before the future was even known. Our parents were not bombarded with “knowledge” from media, government and peer pressure that debt was good and that extending oneself on credit was something called “leverage.” Our parents were protected from fraud by courts and governments that had not yet sold out to the financial services industry. Morality was a precious commodity rather than a slogan used to beat down people already oppressed. Justice was assumed when there was a rising, thriving middle class.

Somehow we have arrived at a point where the people with the most money get to say what is moral and what isn’t, even as they lie and cheat their way to obtain the wealth that allows them to assume those powers. “Would our parents have done that?” No, they wouldn’t have lied and cheated like that. They would not have taken advantage of the ignorance and innocence of working people unschooled in financial jargon. And if they screwed up, and caused damage to a person or society, they would fix it.

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  1. This “immorality” is the product of liberalism hijacking the education system in this country and taking GOD out of the schools. Yes, “freedom of religion” has become “exclusion of religion” from pressure to remove “right and wrong” from the conversation. It’s funny that liberalism takes us to NOT making a judgment; whether it’s pass OR fail (no grades) or not keeping score in kids’ sports game (don’t want the losers to FEEL bad). There is no shame in abortion, there is no shame in infidelity: it’s just the way it is.

    When a country that is founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and law, and then has it’s founding principles (THE TEN COMMANDMENTS) taken out of societal evolution, what more can we expect? If the illegal immigrants can come and go as they please, if the politicians are allowed to rob the public coffers (due to the apathy and ignorance of the governed), and the moral fabric of the country has deteriorated to the point that there is no reason to do anything right (since the elite can skirt the law and prosper), why should ANYONE DO ANYTHING MORAL?

    Let’s take Mr. Maher, a godless son-of-a-bitch who thinks anyone who believes in a “GOD” of any sort is, in no uncertain terms, stupid. This pompous ass has no moral compass, yet he is the one to pass judgment? I couldn’t give a flying-f**k about what any of these people have to say! Neither should YOU! They are all part of the problem, don’t give them the time of day! And when some show puts him on, CHANGE THE CHANNEL! Then go to your computer and send a scathing e-mail. Remember when Rosie O’Donnel started shooting her mouth off?
    ABC-Disney took her off the air, FAST! Even BabwaWawa didn’t see that one coming!

    I don’t know how many people realize that “we” the people, who have taken the time to learn, understand, and then defend their homes and families from the havoc created by the national and international banking concerns that perpetrated this fraud, “we” are the ones that are getting this in front of the public eye. WE are turning the tide! Remember, only about 2% of the foreclosures that have occurred thus far have been contested. TWO PERCENT! “We” ARE the TWO PERCENT! BE PROUD! NEIL, BE PROUD! Everyone who has undertaken this fight, all 2% of them, have started a battle that will change the course of the history of this country.

    The drive-by, opportunistic media, who feeds at the trough of the national bank and international bank advertisers, will work very hard to keep this quiet. Nothing on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PMSNBC; you won’t see it. Not for awhile. But it IS coming to a TV station near you. Believe me. People are angry. The media wants to paint a picture that TEA PARTY people are a bunch of racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes. Glenn Back tells us about the history of liberal progressivism, and how the 60’s anarchists are now in the White House, and how they seek to destroy capitalism and personal freedom, and he’s called a RELIGIOUS ZEALOT INSURRECTIONIST. Sorry, the labels don’t work anymore.

    All you progressive Democrats, you liberal anti-Bush global warming whack-jobs, all of you Republicans that vote and toe the party line to maintain the status-quo by honoring and supporting the special-interests of your ethanol pushing, farm-subsidy loving, big-bank buddies, your days are numbered! The people will be speaking this November.

    And all you lazy sons-of-bitches that are worried about getting a jury-duty summons, GO REGISTER AND VOTE! Take a part in your country, state, and local government. Go to a school board meeting and tell them you pay enough in taxes that you shouldn’t be sending paper-towels, dry-erase markers and hand soap to school while administrators outnumber teachers 2 to 1!. Tell your local representative that YOU’RE MAD AS HELL AND YOU’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!

    They ARE getting the message. Make sure it’s YOUR MESSAGE!


  3. BTW I too watched Maher last nite – and I love Arianna’s articles – but she was so hard to understand a word she said; and she should have pushed more on the issue of the day with the foreclosure freezes, etc., nada was said about the events of the day – then again very few papers/networks had it in news – 360, cnn, all worthless because they are too afraid to fluster the financial entities financing their operations; should be totally put to shame not a single word about what went down the last few days – I wake up with coffee and 1st thing I do is head for Neil’s website – then foreclosureblues., etc., that’s the only way I know what’s going on – the others are f-in useless – afraid to spread the word of what went down last few days. We need to boycott those that don’t want to put the news in the news….

  4. One thing to also remember with our parents only the males – usually white males were able to have loans and own homes; this is the first decade in American history that women, minorities were even allowed to finally have an opportunity to buy a home. And you are absolutely right they would never have allowed all this unknown crap involving their home mortgage – no paying strangers who haven’t a shred of provable connection to one’s home – that’s what we need to fight – who the hell are these people trying to claim an ownership to our homes or are part of a contract we entered with one entity; and yet they get to hide behind the “its proprietary information” bit – hell with that – our signatures and names are the only ones on the loans – we are stuck with these invisible entities who will not exist in 30 years for us to get our reconveyances from after paying for 30 long years; that is why we need to demand that it is totally 100% clear and convincing who these assholes are that claim to be involved with our contracts – OUR PARENTS WHOULD HAVE SAID HELL NO – YOU NEED TO IDENTIFY YOURSELF BEFORE WE PAY YOU ANY MONEY.. . .

    By the way I brought up Notice of Privacy issues in AD and today I get a notice of privacy in the mail – so that must have been a sore spot for the lender; but it may be too late; they’ve already broken the laws under the Patriot Act – I say that too is an affirmative defense.

  5. Bill Maher is an entertainer. Nothing else. Whatever he has to say isn’t worth listening to or to be taken seriously. He’s got a job and is paid very well. It’s obvious he doesn’t have any problems paying for his fancy lifestyle. He is as clueless as the rest of Hollywood; insular, cynical, condescending and judgemental. Kind of reminds me of the French Aristocracy just before the Revolution. His opinions, as well as others like him, demonstrate the depth of his character and compassion…empty, soulless, shallow. What need have we for him? We have none.

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain; the one behind the mask…turn off your TV, blow them off and keep fighting. They are scared now…we are winning.

  6. We have only a corporation for a government. One that plans only for itself and ignores the people. Oil is gone, yet everything our nation does is based on it.
    Funny how truly blind we are as a culture, or a world, to not try to create a life not dependent on oil. The suburbs will become farms, again.
    As long as a profit can be attained with the status quo, no plan for any alternative future will be dreamt. Representative government is a myth and a legend of the past. We must become legend in our own day.

  7. Well said Neil!

    Why is any court allowing the halt of foreclosures in Judicial States only. It seems to me non-judical states are in for the biggest trouble in the next 90 days as the banks go for a grab of everything they can get through the system. If the paperwork is Fraudulent in a judical proceeding can you imagine what it looks like in a non-judical where they can just take the home with no discovery at all!

    As the banks try to figure out a way around this mess they have created I expect we will be seeing wonderful offers to sell by Short Sales .T hey will make the process speed lined and easy for the homeowner. No hardhip no problem.They will they by pass the foreclosure route and get the houses anyway. Don’t be fooled.

    BEWARE they are modifing FRAUD.

    You cannot modify what you do not own!

    How about a home owner moratorium where all home owners STOP making their payments to their servicer starting Nov 1st ! Put your payments in a credit union account and save them to pay the proper party when This way you are not paying the wrong party of interest

  8. judge

    I agree with you 100%.

  9. It is now time for every home owner to be a Patriot.
    Fight these financial terrorist with their own weapons.
    Time to Shut off their money an put it back into the pockets of the honest home owner.

  10. on the other hand JON STEWART RULES

  11. bill maher is a bitter man.

  12. I agree Neil!!! Our parents would have never stood for this. I feel bad for my 85 year old father who fought in WWII for the freedom we once had. He is watching this daily in the news unfold before his eyes. They are making a mochery of all that generation stood for!!!

  13. I am teaching my kids to never watch TV! And few do today, thank God!

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