The common thread is they were lying.

  • They lied when they said these were AAA rated liquid investments based upon industry standard underwriting standards for residential mortgages

  • They lied when they said this property is worth more than the principal that was borrowed.

  • They lied when they said these loans are in default

  • They lied when they said they were giving a complete accounting for the transaction

  • They lied when they said “I have personal knowledge”

  • And they are lying now when they say the contents of the fraudulent documents are true but the person was wrong. If that was true all they would have to do is submit a corrective instrument signed by someone who would swear again under oath that the facts were true. But they don’t have that person because there are no such “true facts.” The whole thing is a myth and now it is starting to unravel. There is a way out of this mess for everyone, but nobody listens to the facts — they (the banks) insist on stepping on rake after rake as they walk off a cliff. Who is advising these people, Daffy Duck?

Crushing their own credibility, GMAC, Ally and Chase and soon other banks and their foreclosure mills will soon be trying to tell us that the information on the affidavit is correct, that the substitution of trustee is valid, that the notice of default is genuine, that they are the holder of the note (even if the obligation inures to the benefit of another party), and that the lien has been perfected. They continue to proceed as though they can fool all the people all of the time.

Memo to Banks: your advantage in procedure is vanishing — there are about 5,000 judges across the country that are questioning themselves and their docket and most of all YOU, whom they trusted. Judges don’t like it when someone uses the system to make a mockery of the rules, and they really don’t like it when they realize that they just rubber stamped 3,000 foreclosures that were fatally defective. RULE #1: Don’t make the Judge angry. Oops, you already did that.

Nobody liked or trusted the banks before the revelations by GMAC and Chase corroborating what I have been saying for three years and teaching in my seminars about evidence, objections and the rules of civil procedure. Your credibility is going down the drain, what was left of it. You can’t use fake affidavits to circumvent the requirements of evidence and substantive law anymore. You can’t submit assignments, endorsements, substitutions of trustee, notices of default, notices of sale and file motions for summary judgment unless you are actually entitled to win on a level playing field. That means you need a live witness who is going to say that the assignment was executed by them on behalf of an entity that had something to assign and with authority from that entity that can be shown within the proffer of other evidence. You need a live person who is willing to perjure themselves. And even if you found one, they will never survive cross examination, discovery and investigation.

It is no longer a secret that there were no assignments, no endorsements, no allonges, no transmittal of the paperwork until you decided to foreclose. It’s no secret that when the new paperwork was signed, the people signing it had no more idea what they were signing than those characters who signed the affidavits. It’s no secret that the auctions were based upon fraudulent “credit bids” and that title was improperly documented and thus not actually transferred — not in the eyes of any competent title examiner. It’s no secret that it was all a sham — not anymore. So you can either continue to strategize with Daffy Duck as your chief adviser or you can choose another path. If you continue down the current path, do the math. It doesn’t work out very well. Do the politics. It doesn’t work out very well.

Congratulations, you just became the loss insurer for millions of American homeowners — and at the same time you have exposed your other activities in student loans, credit cards, auto loans and other debt.

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    From M. Stoppa Esq.

    With the recent news about GMAC and Chase, I’ve been telling everyone who will listen that it’s only a matter of time before title insurance companies start to change their business models (if they can keep writing policies at all). In fact, I blogged about this at length, below, just the other day.

    This morning, word broke that Old Republic has stopped issuing title insurance policies on GMAC properties until further notice:

    I fear this is just the tip of the iceberg and that more fallout is coming. The ramifications could not be more severe. Property values are already depressed. It’s only going to get worse if title insurance companies won’t issue title insurance on foreclosed properties. After all, who wants to buy a property without assurances that title is clear?

    I sincerely hope that everyone, particularly the judiciary, realizes – before it’s too late – that continuing to push through foreclosure cases at the current pace is going to have far-reaching negative consequences for the entire economy.

  8. A Man, it’s not about charges against judges in CA. It’s about charges against the judiciary in 50 states.


  10. Any chance we could see this in the US?

    REYKJAVIK, Iceland — Iceland’s former Prime Minister Geir Haarde has been referred to a special court in a move that could make him the first world leader to be charged in connection with the global financial crisis.
    After a heated debate Tuesday, lawmakers voted 33-30 to refer charges to the court against Haarde for allegedly failing to prevent Iceland’s 2008 financial crash – a crisis that sparked protests, toppled the government and brought the economy to a standstill by collapsing its currency.

  11. Say what you will about this congressman, but he’s the lone voice on the side of right that I’ve seen thus far. (Franken’s pushing too) We need for the rest of them to awaken from their dreamy sleep of untold riches, Hampton vacations, and get back to work rebuilding the American dream which has turned nightmarish of late.

    To the rest of congress, and in the words of a drunken Ted Turner, “Lead, follow, or get the f*** out of the way!”

  12. How will all of this affect those of us who are on the brink of foreclosure, but have not received notice of default? Will future foreclosure have this same problem, or will the banks likely fix this somehow to continue foreclosing?

    I’m just trying to imagine the stimulus our economy may get when so many will have a home to live in, but no mortgage payment. As long as they are still employed, that will leave money to save, pay off debt, and buy a Ford!

  13. Commercial and residential real estate foreclosures via deceptive and fraudulent proceedings enable lenders to repeatedly, illegally flip properties, and enables falsified IRS form 1099-A’s. Foreclosure fraud is the best means by which unscrupulous foreclosure mill lawyers deceptively auction and bid (or insiders bid) and acquire those properties; and some neighborhoods blighted.

    Foreclosure fraud deliberately utilizes defunct mortgage lenders companies or companies which no longer own promissory notes; huge ransom “fees makes it even harder for property owners to regain properties. Two particular companies “which benefit from fraudulent foreclosures are Wells Fargo and Freddie Mac.

    Representations about Freddie Mac billion dollar losses should be weighed against the needless money that Freddie –as well as other lenders– PAY foreclosure mills and debt collectors who utilize courtrooms to outmaneuver and persecute property owners who oppose fraudulent foreclosures. Further, when justified lawsuits for fraud –as well as for OUTRAGEOUS “Unfair Debt Collection Practices,” become filed against lenders and mills, those same lawyers make additional $$$$ from litigating and concealing their own wrongdoing!

    Further, THE SHOCKING fabricated pleadings filed in Bankruptcy courts for FRAUDULENT REPOSSESSION of commercial and residential real estate res ipsa loquitur is demonstration of intentional foreclosure fraud. Foreclosure fraud has many far reaching effects; for example, years later, people UNFAIRLY become answerable for IRS tax bills and unjustified “deficiency judgments.”

    *MORE @

  14. Remember there is not the Great Recession, but only The Great Domestic Deceit. Lies, Lies and more damn Lies.

    Let’s get em !

  15. “they (the banks) insist on stepping on rake after rake as they walk off a cliff. Who is advising these people, Daffy Duck?”

    Now that’s a classic, I don’t care who you are! Cue the cartoon symphony! Thanks Neil, for the info and the laugh.

  16. Hear, hear.

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