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EDITOR’S NOTE: The readers of this blog will find themselves in agreement with most everything Jose says. The question is when will we say “enough!” There was nothing radical about restoring stolen property and money to their rightful owner  — until this mortgage mess. I would add that when people write to their newspapers they should pointedly question the editorial decisions and to conform to the real news on their front page. The fact that joblessness, underemployment, and homelessness are rising to third world levels should be the lead story every day until it stops. Instead we find most of these articles revealing bits and pieces of the submission of fraudulent documents in furtherance of fraudulent schemes buried in the newspaper where most people won’t even find it.

The portrayal of our plight as homeowners as a few radicals raising conspiracy theories is unjust, unreal and a surrender to the corporate interests that own and advertise in “mainstream” media. The shock being felt every day by an increasing number of people who discover that they are trapped beneath a mountain of debris that they were tricked into buying is the real story. The issue is whether and when the court system and the rest of government will be forced to make the perpetrators accountable and to fulfill the purpose of government — to govern and regulate an orderly society. There is nothing orderly or ordinary about the mass extinction of of the middle class in our society and nothing orderly about it either. The bedrock of our economy and our society is cracking under the pressure.

Most observers and government officials simply want to wait until the foreclosures are over and the market is cleaned out. Their premise is silly, based upon non-existent facts. Even if foreclosures were going to simply play themselves out, which is unlikely, the result will be a polarized society of a handful of have’s and a huge proportion that are have-not’s. Look in the history books and see if you can find ANY example where such a polar condition persisted. It isn’t there. Human beings will tolerate a lot of abuse and regard it as normal and in increasing doses — but only up to a point. The further we go down the path of “waiting” for something to end, the further we are from justice and stability in our society.

And history gives us one more lesson. The founding fathers knew and learned this lesson first hand when they wrote the Constitution and formed a new government. The new government was intended to create peaceful transitions of power, but that is not where we are headed. When the government “waits” it is failing to act. We are functioning under the myth of some illusion that current policy maintains the “status quo” when in fact there is an ongoing process of injustice spreading throughout our society. There is a point of no return where the people, previously believed to be lethargic and apathetic, suddenly rise up and in their anger the results are profound, unpleasant, unsafe and leading to thousands of unintended consequences to the detriment of the society that preceded it. Anyone relying on the status quo is relying on a misconception that an equilibrium point can be reached or has been reached. There is no such point in the current process. There is no stability in the current process.

From Jose Semidey

The way to win is to attack from different front, the legal front, the public opinion front, the political front and the financial front.

On the legal front the battle lines are drawn, we have our strategies, the enemy has theirs. we base our arguments on the single transaction theorem they base theirs in the fact that we allegedly stop making payments, We present facts as to how the procured documents, signatures and so called evidence via fraud, forgeries and deceit. There are other arguments that jointly with our clear victimization are pushing forward and slowly the trenches are being over run by the roper and smart application of foreclosure defense pro se litigants and smart attorneys.

On the political side we need to start making sure our voices are heard in unison, Yes, we are all fighting our individual battles, however, we must realize that we all depend on each other for the success of our own survival, if we atomize our struggle, they will. We will be a bunch of uncoordinated trolls. However, if we continue sharing knowledge, experiences, victories and defeats we will in short term have a solid and insurmountable obstacle for the unethical lawyers that have sold out to the other side.

We must remember to call and write daily to the white house, the congress, and all the state and local legislators to take notice that their inaction borders on complicity, collusion and corruption if not treason of the highest order. Our communities are being robbed blind of taxes, fees, etc. Our neighbors are being evicted and are being emotionally scarred. This is an election season, let us have our voices heard loud enough. TEA party move over, we do need stronger enforcement and regulation. We need stronger protections under the law, While we sit alone to fill out a loan application the other side has spent millions of dollars in designing the system that will make us go broke.
If 68 million mortgages in danger of foreclosure are not a big number for those who have their money in secret bank account, then the politician who pretend to represent us do not deserve to be in congress regardless of which party the belong.

The public opinion front, every time news come out about foreclosure defense wins we need to push the local media to report the news fairly and with proper perspective. We are not looking for loopholes we are looking for justice.

We need to write opinion articles and send them to the news papers every week, every day. send the register mail return receipt requested. That way they will not be able to say their dogs ate the letters.

Lets get into the news cycle. Protests in from to the steps of the court houses. Putting pressure on the courts and the foreclosure mills by publicizing their activities and lack of judgment will bring our effort to hit home.

We should make it financially impossible for foreclosure mills to do their evil deed, They should all be confronting ethics complaints. Can you imagine the effect that is going to have that 1,000,000 American families that will be foreclosed this year file grievances and complaints with their local BAR.

And the financial front, if we patronize the big banks that have stolen our wealth and have inflicted pain on all of us, then we are promoting the same people that are evicting our families and neighbors.

Let us chose local banks and promote their business over large national brands. Let us move our IRA’s, our CD’s, etc to those who will better appreciate our efforts. As we have all heard many times MONEY TALKS S*&^T walks.

this are just thoughts and are not meant to be sermons.

Let us get organized. Let us hit them hard.

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  1. i wish we could do more than just agree with Jose.
    he is inspirational

    Goldman Sach’s Trustee Deutsche Bank National Trust Company is given a by pass.
    See the documents make your decision.


    Banks approved mortgage loans to qualified buyers.

    Banks saw a great way to re-sell that loan by turning it into a product, but needed more product to sell.

    Banks begin approving loans to Fair – Poor credit buyers, to create more product. (note: it’s not so much the dollar amount coming in here from consumers paying the mortgages, they just needed more product.)
    To sell MBS to investors, the banks just needed a large amount of product they can show investors they currently have on the books. Example: Is it better to say I have 1 million bars of gold for you to invest in, or just say I only have 500,000 ? The more the better, and more to sell to investors.

    Banks now need to push this product through the system quickly and easily to gain maximum profits from investors. Investments, Fees, etc. (MERS)

    Banks now foreclose to clean out bad mortgage payers instead of helping them modify the loans that they easily approved for them.

    Bank sells the home to new buyers and the circle goes on.

    If this were a murder case, would this fall under premeditated murder? / Me? I think so…!

  4. My mortgage was also transfered through MERS. After reading and researching the whole MERS situation, I came up with an analogy that might be of some use if arguing in court;

    So the banks developed MERS and use it as a bridge to bypass the county recorders office which streamlines the process of buying and selling MBS, saving them from paying county recording fees also!

    Lets say the Big Automobile Companies were to do the same thing for all the auto dealerships. Create a company called “Automobile Electronic Registration System” (AERS) Now the dealer registers the new car with motorvehicle just once at the very 1st sale of the car, and when the car is returned at the end of a lease or traded in back to the dealer, the dealer bypasses motorvehicle and just simply makes all the transactions of buying and selling the car go through “AERS”. With that said, would motorvehicle be able to keep track of who the owner of the car is? Cars can be bought and sold many times over. This also would create the same loss of revenue for motorvehicle, no Registration Fees, etc. Would motorvehicle like losing Fees? How accurate would AERS records be?

    Why not let any type of business that has to register something on a continual basis with our government, develop there own registration system…? Why would the government even, ever, allow MERS to be developed? Oh, that’s right, the banks needed a quick way to process transfers, assignments etc. to gain the huge profits they’ve received. (I’m not saying kickback to the Gov.? – maybe that’s why banks are bailed out and not consumers?)

    Win / Win / Win / Win – for the Banks

    * Banks are receiving money from consumers paying a mortgage, even with good payers or bad payers, cash is coming in. $$$$

    * Banks are turning around and selling that mortgage as a product to investors… Receiving Investments, Fees….etc. $$$$

    * Banks have taken Bail Out Money from the government, (tax dollars) paid again! For Loses! $$$$

    * Banks finally are reluctant to greatly help with modifications or to adjust loans to seriously help the consumer, so they foreclose on your home and get paid again…!!!! $$$$

    Contact me immediately if you can come up with a product where you can get paid 4 Times for the same product. (Win Win Win Win)

  5. I sent emails to my senators and I said on them, I need a lawyer to fight these mortgage companies. I was so angry that every lawyer I called gave me a hard time. I did finally find one and all he is asking me for right now is, filing fees. which is understandable. If anyone is in mass and wants some help with an attorney, you can email me and I can give you his number.
    As far as the politics, I would love it if we would all vote for the INDEPENDENTS, I am sick of hearing them say, this did not go through because of the Republicans or the Democratic. I am sick of it.
    Fox news had bob massi on today and he was talking Fannie Mae and all the illegal foreclosures that have been done and now they are going to investigate.

  6. Zinger,

    My first thought about your question: Is the attorney giving testimony? Is he sworn in? When in doubt, object.

  7. awesome post … and I am in total agreement that there needs to be more political.. In one of the groups (the lawyer/auditor group) there was a person that is organizing an even to draw more public awareness. I think if all groups all over the country were to draw attention by special events and blitz media and even rally near state capitol steps that more could be done.

    I am planning on writing complaints to judges when I see the bank lawyers committing unethical acts in the courtroom – start holding these guys accountable.

    QUESTION>>>> non judicial state forcible detainer – how can ONE attorney represent 4 different banks as substitute lawyer and answer question about the case when they did not draw up the case, or witness any supporting documents etc. ??????

  8. This requires centralization. Not that I have crawled this site entirely, but your post will just become one more feather in the wind, if a portion of this site, or an extension is not created to collect a small army’s efforts to do, and go beyond some of the things you have said. The same problem exists on the americansunitedforjustice web site. It is as if many designing webs, have never actually used one. It has a very poor user interface, with no planned purpose to it’s navigation structure. It contains the same headings Microsoft FrontPage used 13 years ago.

    Some how, without design, or with merely the intent of selling books, memoirs and cheesy services, these sites begin to reveal there real intent, generating traffic, and dead ending them where they want them to go, not where the actual issue being touted as the top priority would logically lead to.

    See what I mean. Being a designer, I see the effect of the reality of what is really the priority, when you want to start a social structure to organize a force of numbers, you design it in skeletal structure like some of the best out there, a cheetah weight Facebook, on a simple open source framework, for that purpose. WordPress is a blog that flows like a river, and really is over rated, it is a place where your posts will wash with the digital erosion of just 60 days.

    This is a call to improve or extend some of the goals and facilities this site could evolve to.

  9. Two really eye opening books that point out just who and how “they” manipulated this market. “It Takes a Pillage” by Nomi Prins and “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis. After reading those you’ll know exactly who did it.

    Did anyone who had a fraudulent modification, refinance or short sale offer declined, have Private Mortgage Insurance on their loan?

    I am trying to find others as I would like to charge Bank of America with intent to commit insurance fraud.

    Please respond. Every day I uncover something else that confirms this. It can’t be just me??


  10. Just some thoughts…

    If these foreclosure mills are attempt to foreclose and they do not have standing – why not start flooding the state attorneys office with complaints and the Attorney Grievance Commissions because they are committing unethical acts.

    It is illegal & unethical for an attorney to contribute, aid, or ignore, a clients illegal act. THEY ARE COMPELLED to DISCLOSE their clients illegal acts and prohibited go along…

    That doesn’t sound like much but a flood of complaints will start getting their attention… I intend to place the names & addresses of the foreclosure mill gunning for us on al-Qaeda websites… including Google-maps & directions – I call it Freedom of the Press – I don’t care what they call it…

    Exposing these foreclosure mills for the DIRT SCUM they truly are and making it impossible for them or their family members to go shopping without feeling ASHAMED will do more than talking to some deaf politician that will merely grin – shake your hand – and tell you – “good luck with your battle and you can be sure we will everything we can too”… Folks if you think these lying weasels are going to help – it’s time to check the ole-bong-water – cuz it aint going to happen..

    Just my 2-pense

    Keep the Powder Dry – we’ll probably be needing it… 🙂

  11. Maybe we should take a closer look at who or what these shadowy “bankers” are. What species of creature would orchestrate such a scheme infused with so much venom? This is way beyond greed. Get over the “shock and awe.” Know thy enemy. They certainly know us.

  12. I can’t even call my Senators and Representatives anymore without sounding like a lunatic. I am so angry and frustrated that there is nothing from their offices. How can anyone look at the C-Span coverage of these financial hearings and actually NOT have a statement? How can these elected officials sit in their offices and think about the devastation within their districts and think to themselves that something has got to be done? HOW???

    And that is why we get angrier and appear loonier every day.

  13. the stolen car theory is conditioned by the fact that you may be paying or the vehicle is lien free. in our cases since the middlemen do not disclose any third party payments making it possible to make everyobe believe you are in default, when in fact your loan may be fully paid off. just as the lenders avoided disclosing all the fees and commissions that were paid before,during and after your closing and that had everything to do with the table funding of your loan, giving the false illusion of having giving you a fully compliant loan when in fact they did conspired to evade compliance with RESPA AND TILA. so do not be surprised that now the same entities will forge documents to finish the crime.








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  17. If an unknown party forecloses and sells your home, can’t you go to the police and report it as stolen?

    My car that I was making payments on was stolen. The first thing I did? Reported it to the police. They subsequently found the car and the theif was put in jail!

  18. We have an uphill struggle still. Obama has been a marxist all his life, so I expect he and his cronies have little concern about the destruction of the middle class. He’s on the golf course and multiple vacations. Michelle likes $400 lobster snacks at the Waldorf.

    The republicans are not the answer since they get bought by lobbyists like the democrats. Look what happened under Bush. Trillion dollar wars to chase goatherds in Afganistan.

    But the coming sweep of rats from the house floor will be effective in the short term. It takes time to corrupt the freshmen. Hopefully the 100 members of the millionaire’s club will be impacted.

  19. sorry for the spelling and diction issues. i was very upset when a local judge in Prince William county decided in favor of a major pretender lender, saying that the borrower a 75 year old lady, that has been living with disability income for the last twenty five years had her signatures forged and over $150,000 cash out that she did not know was a by product of the refi she was a victim of she never saw a penny. by the way the lady does not speak english.

    the judge said that none of the defense argjments could defeat the fact that the lady owed the money and that he was not aboit to give a house to anybody that there would be unjust enrichment if the lady kept the house. he allowed the foreclosure to proceed.

    that is virginia for you all.

    a state for lovers

  20. This posting is really inspirational. Thank you all for the input..Let’s get em’

  21. Jose – Well said.

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