Taxation of Securitized Trusts


For those litigators advanced enough in their knowledge of accounting and taxation, you will uncover here and upon closer search of this blog and other resources that a rich store of materials can be used to great effect in attacking the pretender lenders, but you really must know what you are talking about and you must pick your choice of strategy very carefully. Since our friends are not the only ones reading this blog, I will reserve further comment for those who retain expert services.


Pinnacle, Indymac, Wells, Cendant through PHH, with head quarters in PA, First Magnus Financial, J.P. Morgan Chase, all used this detour to make trillions of dollars and then come back to us the TAX payers through or Corrupt Congress people for a bail out. Come on.

Yes there is gold, but most lawyer I have talked to, are for some reason freaked at the idea of going into Federal Court.
That is where TILA has teeth

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