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Tennessee Lawyer needed in Eastern Tennessee: I have more details. Send your email to if you are interested in representing this client.

Filed injunction “pro se” to stop foreclosure sale of property in Gatlinburg, TN by Bank of America (Countrywide), BNYM, MERS, et al. Defendants were sent QWR’s. Attorney for the defendants has filed a Motion to Dismiss. I am seeking an aggressive and knowledgeable foreclosure defense attorney to help asap. Have already contacted several nationwide as well as TN attorneys from your list but have not found anyone yet.

Phoenix East Valley Lawyer Needed: BKR in progress but it doesn’t need to stay there. This is a newsworthy case that is extreme in its facts — 60% loss of value in the last 12 months! And the Borrowers are newsworthy themselves. I have more details. Send your email to if you are interested in representing this client.

Orange County Lawyer Needed: I have more details. Send your email to if you are interested in representing this client.

Southern California Lawyer Needed: I have more details. Send your email to if you are interested in representing this client.

I am also looking for an attorney in southern California.
Wrongful foreclosure, no 3-day notice yet, foreclosed on 2nd
that has no right of rescission, that can be rescinded.
Both with Wachovia.


We have been trying to find someone that can represent a homeowner that was foreclosed on in West Virginia and he would like to explore legal options though the 4 attorneys on your list for West Virginia are for low income homeowners only and would not explore this clients case.

Can you recommend someone or any alternatives so we can explore options for Mr. Monroy?

Mr. Jim Fernandez

Loss Mitigation & Settlements Manager

Ph.  (703) 444-3380
Fax (703) 444-3884

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  1. Laurie
    I just found this site


  2. Laurie
    Look at the time they served you. Who was the plaintiff?
    The Plaintiff can not change once they start. The plaintiff gets a judgement. Everything is simple if you do one thing at a time. send or email me copies.
    The other file you want is defendant you Look at when you bought the house. In the loan paperwork there is a borrower and lender.
    Racine WI

  3. hello to all,
    i am here in california. sacramento, california. m home has foreclosed. i fought the best i could in unlawful detainer court and lost. the judge and lawyer had a beatiful working relationship. on september 8th , this month 6 sheriff moved me out of my home. a home that my father built in 1959. my grandchildren were 4th generation to that house.
    what i am loofking for is an attorney who understands this whole illegal process. i know m case is a solid case. my loan documents were reviewed by the sacramento sheriff real estate fraud division and the irregularities that were found were due to the lender, world savings. when wachovia merged with world savings wachovia did not record in sacramento county recorders office any assignment or successor or interest. when the notice of default was recorded wells fargo was the moving force to forclose my home. i had no idea wells fargo was involved till the notice of default. the substitution of trustee was recorded 29 days after the notice of default was recorded. in unlawful detainer court i explained to the commissioner that i was not a tenant, had no rental agreement with wells fargo. it made no difference. i lost nay pleading i filed. i have never seen the endorsed note from world savings, wachovia, or wells fargo. i have done alot of research and world be able to help any attorney who is willing to take my case. i do not want a pro bono attorney but would need an attorney on contingency base.
    as it stands now my credit is ruined. im 59 years old disabled due to this stress and live in my care on the streets. i have a disabled son who i put in a room and board before the unlawful detainer proceedings started. he left the room and board because he was stabbed and was forced from the home he grew up in and now lives on the streets with me.
    this is the most devistating thing i have ever experienced.
    if there is an attorney willing to fight for me and willing to go up against wells fargo i will promise to help the attorney as much as i can. i cant live on the streets and i simple can not let wells fargo get away with this. to take a person and put them on the streets i ask why. what does the bank gain.
    thank you for your time and i hope someone is out there
    laurie mendoza

  4. The famous Jeff Barnes who never seems to cite case forwarded our request for help to someone in NJ who is listed but never responded to the email or phone call to them

  5. I am forced to do an action against Wells Fargo. Also the answer to summary judgement. In the Banks move for summary judgement you have to deny what you can in their affidavit in support of summary of summary judgement. You sound as an agitator stick to one or two sentence ansers. Did you file a QWR? You sound much like a counter claim that is good. I can email you some answers to summary judgement.

  6. I do not know if we did good or bad but so far we opposed the motion for Summary Judgment/ The other side got an adjournment without our consent, till 9-17 now they get another date to do oral arguments on 9-27 sure wish we had an attorney. We posted our response to the motion for summary judgment on scribed not the exhibits yet maybe someone can give some guidance. Spent time going for pro bono help they all seem to be only by referral only. The legal aid sad with budget cuts we are not eligible for help. Last year they only were interested in doing a modification (no help). Any media interested in what we have maybe? What we put on paper must have been good enough to not loose the case based on what we presented but now we know the rules of the court are against us since we do not have the knowledge. We are against Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Goldman Sachs, and other from GSR Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-oa1. If anyone wants to see the scribed docs here is the link, maybe Final Response Pro SE to Motion for Summary Judgement Response 8-11

  7. Hey Neil, you changed your email…. no wonder i could not reach you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great articles and informaiton as always.

    All my best,





  9. In FL or CA and need help from a good attorney that
    “gets it” — see;

  10. larry call me and i can give ya 2 names from st louis

  11. i would like a good and honest lawyer to assist me with my note which was with american home mortgage acceptance group, and american brokers conduit, american title solutions, and premier funding. all of the above firms were on the paperwork that we signed in 2006, however they all have since either quit, failed, or stopped duing business. American brokers conduit, and american home mortgage acceptance group filed bankruptcy. since then a new compa ny (we think was part of the above company’s) has took over the service of the note, and was bought out of bankruptcy by a rich person in texas named wilber ross, the new company is called AHMSI or american home mortgage servicing inc) and this company is also known as a (debt collecting company) with the main office in texas, and the country of INDIA. none of the companies has copies of our note, and paperwork that was signed in 2006, however the new company has took it upon themselves to change our note, and most of the contents of the mortgage. and cannot./or will not show, or tell us how/why they could do this, i/we live in the ozarks of missouri, town of springfield, and would like a compent lawyer, or lawyer to help with options. thanks, larry and lena walker

  12. Kind of sad that is it so hard to find an attorney in all states. Especially ones who get it. I have started a group that get out information in how homeowners can help themselves. We are also collecting names for a class action suit against Wells Fargo. Robert 860-599-5557

  13. Niel Garfield is an excellent attorney . His works relating to Foreclosure Defense tactics and his Lawyer Work Book are a great contribution in the field. I read your Lawyer Workbook although I am not a lawyer and I learn so much. Your website provides many people a forum to discuss and share their knowlege. I learn a lot from your site and many lawyers I know read your posts to keep themselves on the cutting edge.

    Thank you very much Niel for helping many Homeowners and Lawyers to build greater knowlege about Foreclosure Defense i.e mortgage fraud, loan securization. Your website gives people a forum to discuss and share their knowlege.

  14. Vigilante:

    Although I religiously visit the Blog no less than three times a day I seldom post, so most people here will not recognize my name. I’ve been a regular visitor for about 18 months.

    Is Neil a front to the banks? I guess that he “could” be, but if indeed he is I’ll take my life.

    No friend, absolutely not, rest assured, Neil is no impostor.

  15. Tha previous post was taken from

  16. It is the Mortgages, Stupid!

    It is always welcome to see a commentator come on side and explain what is really wrong and also point out that the solution must be through rewriting the mortgage rules to empower the consumer to do the actual heavy lifting needed to bail out the economy. I said exactly all this back in the middle of the collapse back in 2008 and early 2009. We have wasted two years and are likely to waste a full decade considering quality of political leadership currently available.
    The original article is here:
    Googling this blog using ‘mortgages’ (see widget to right) will get you over thirty separate posts on the economy in this blog which should show you that I at least have never taken my eye of the ball.
    In late 2008 we strapped on a life preserver to the US economy then we paddled off hoping the patient could paddle to shore. Last time I checked, that takes a long time, if not forever, and like FD Roosevelt we are living in a perpetual recession while the patient dog paddles back to shore and for exactly the same reason.
    Roosevelt focused on the unemployed naturally enough and forgot to put the middle class back on its spending feet. Today we have plenty of unemployed and no longer spending and they need access to fresh credit and a job producing economy driven by fresh consumption. Unwinding the mortgage contraction does all this.

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    He is the lawyer who “Gets It” . He knows Neil Garfield, April Charney’s foreclosure defense concepts. He is an experienced trial lawyer.
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  18. Neil, I know for a fact that some attorneys think this site is a bank-front. They are afraid to reveal their names. Can you comment?

  19. Some one forgot to call the Doctor?

    Homebuyer tax credit: 950,000 must repay
    By Les Christie, staff writerSeptember 9, 2010: 2:40 PM ET

    NEW YORK ( — Nearly half of all Americans who claimed the first-time homebuyer tax credit on their 2009 tax returns will have to repay the government.

    According to a report from the Inspector General for Tax Administration, released to the public Thursday, about 950,000 of the nearly 1.8 million Americans who claimed the tax credit on their 2009 tax returns will have to return the money.

    * 851
    * 6diggsdigg

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    The confusion comes because homebuyers were eligible for two different credits, depending on when their homes were purchased.

    Those who bought properties during 2008 were to deduct, dollar for dollar, up to 10% of the home’s purchase price or $7,500, whichever was less. The catch: The money was a no-interest loan that had to be repaid within 15 years.

    Had they waited to buy until 2009, they could have gotten a much sweeter deal. Congress extended the credit and made it a refund rather than a loan.

    Now, the IRS is developing a strategy for separating the 2009 taxpayers who are required to repay the credit from those who are not.

    A review by the Inspector General earlier this year found that the IRS could not easily distinguish between home purchases made in 2008 and 2009. That heightened concerns that some claims could be erroneous or even fraudulent, that buyers could, for example, claim their purchase came later than it actually occurred.
    0:00 /1:40Tips for buying your first home

    Thursday’s release reported that 73,000 claims, more than 4% of the 1.8 million homebuyers who received the credit, had incorrect purchase dates recorded by the IRS.

    Some of the inaccuracies counted against the taxpayers, Nearly 60,000 were listed as purchasing in 2008 (meaning they had to repay the credit) or had no purchase dates at all, rather than their correct 2009 purchase dates, which would free them of the obligation to pay it back.

    It is also taking a look at all those deceased taxpayers who received credits.

    The inspector general reported that 1,326 single people listed as dead by the Social Security Administration claimed more than $10 million in credits. The IRS threw out 528 of those 1,326 claims, saving $4 million. To top of page

  20. Thanks Mr. Garfield for this effort. This is actually a great idea. I know that you do not have time for this. But nevertheless thanks.

  21. I want to form a group in Wis.
    Tacine Wi.

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